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    I am planning on playing this deck at GP Vancouver this weekend, and am looking for some thoughts on my list. I am currently trying to decide on a couple flex slots MB + tuning the SB.

    Here is my list + sideboard for reference.

    With a relatively uncertain meta that is in flux, I am aiming to have the best match up against the largest number of decks (hoping for lower percentage gains against some decks post-SB, but opting for cards that are more useful against more decks). That being said, I am also hoping to shore up the tougher match ups of Urza-Tron, Valakut, Ad-Nauseum and Goryo's and am finding it hard to balance those two goals. I am entering this GP with 2 byes, so I am hoping that I have a lower chance of getting paired with fringe decks and want to tune my list as best as possible. Due to the nature of playing in a GP instead of a 3 - 5 round tournament, I am curious as to all of your thoughts on how to tweak this list for a longer tournament. I am playing this deck due to its resiliency to a large number of decks, have experience playing it, and feel that it is well-suited to large tournaments.

    I am loving Tireless Tracker, but am thinking about running a single Renegade Rallier in one of the flex slots to help out against Tron and Valakut. It just seems so good to be able to recur a Ghost-Quarter in these match ups. I am worried this might be a bit too much of a corner case, as it would require having both copies of a one-of G1. My plan post-board currently is to board in the counters + Stony Silence + Ghost Quarter vs. Tron (cutting 1 retreat, 4x path and 1x other creature). Against Valakut the plan is to board in counters + Ghost Quarter and cut a mix of 4x path/retreat, but need to see if Worship merits consideration as well. The problem here is that I am adding so many non-creatures, I really don't want to dilute my Coco too much. Any thoughts on how to better prepare for these matchups? I was considering adding 1x Crumble to Dust to the board as it completely hoses both decks, but am not sure if this is the correct use of a SB slot.

    Against Goryo's I was thinking of switching one unified will for a Spell Pierce, but besides this I am mostly just hoping that they don't go off too early. Scooze + Bojuka Bog are great here, so the main worry is preparing for their early combo-kill. As for Ad-Nauseum decks Spell Queller and the Pridemages play a big role here, but do you think Surgical Extraction might be useful against these strategies?
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