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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    I mean, we saw stuff like that coming from a mile away. Remember the article where they annoucned that Magic will play fast and loose with continuity if it makes for a better story? Here we see the results of such an approach.

    Personally I don't believe it leads to a better story, but whatever.
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    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from Flisch »
    Looking forward to more Regatha. Hopefully they used some of their creative resources they didn't have to spend on the Guilds block to flesh out Regatha a little. From all the new origins planes, it was awfully... nowhere? Like sure the plane has rugged mountain shard thingies and a red-aligned pyromancer monastery, but other than that we know nothing about it.

    Same, it was in a weird spot with barely any world building and yet being the adopted home of a current main character and a last major character. Vryn is similar but it being Jaces home is still new-er info next to Regatha which has been around almost as long as Chandra.

    Vryn also got some world building for it. Jace's entire origins story took place on Vryn with the last couple lines dealing with him ending up on Ravnica, his first planeswalk plane. The same pattern repeats for Gideon and Chandra as well, which is why Ravnica, Bant and Regatha got little more than namedrops in Origins, which isn't so bad for Ravnica and Bant, as we know about them and can fill in the blanks, but it didn't work out for Regatha.
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  • posted a message on M20-Flavor and Story
    Looking forward to more Regatha. Hopefully they used some of their creative resources they didn't have to spend on the Guilds block to flesh out Regatha a little. From all the new origins planes, it was awfully... nowhere? Like sure the plane has rugged mountain shard thingies and a red-aligned pyromancer monastery, but other than that we know nothing about it.
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  • posted a message on Core 2020 Three Chandras
    Okay, I just realized the rarity does not match the chronological order of her backstory. God, this is going to be so confusing to people.
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  • posted a message on Core 2020 Three Chandras
    So I was right, M2020 will revolve around Chandra growing up on Regatha. Kinda like this new approach. Gives the coresets much needed identity while also revealing stuff about Magic's past without having to halt story progress for one set.

    Not entirely sure I'm into multiple cards for a single walker per set thing, but whatever.

    "Chandra, Awakened Inferno deals X damage to target creature or planeswalker. If a permanent dealt damage this way would die this turn, exile it instead."
    Does this mean the second sentence only applies to creatures, or can planeswalkers die as well? I don't think they've ever used die for planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on Mox Tantalite is bad, and we can do better.
    Mox Marble 0 mana
    tap symbol : Add one mana of any colour. Activate this ability only if you cast a nonartifact spell this turn.

    Too broken with storm?
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  • posted a message on Let's talk about MtG's storytelling...
    I'm not sure if surveys are all that problematic (though Magic seems to conflate popularity for power levels and popularity for lore reasons quite a lot.)

    But I do have the feeling that Marketing meddles more with the lore of the game than is good for it. When you treat your characters like brands, rather than characters, it means you can't treat them like characters anymore. They won't have (compelling) arcs, they can't be killed off if the plot calls for it and so on and so forth. We see the same issue with planes. Ever since... New Phyrexia or so, planes have remained fully static. There's no evolution happening, no history, no rise and fall of empires and such. Planes and characters in Magic have become Disney World rides and mascots and the story is off worse for it. You don't need to go full Game of Thrones on your story of course, but a modicum of consistency and consequences would be healthy for the Magic story.

    Of course it doesn't help that many players of Magic aren't even into having a living breathing narrative. How often have you heard a post along the lines of "no, they ruined my favourite plane" or "no, they killed off my favourite character, I'll quit magic forever"? I think people fall into three categories: Those who don't care about the lore at all, those who care about the setting of Magic as a whole and those who latch onto individual characters (and sometimes planes). The second and third category are at odds with one another, because the former want change as the setting as a whole is the actor with their own arc, while the latter don't want change or if they do want change then only for planes and characters they don't care about. I'm personally in the second camp, I care for the setting as a whole the most and don't mind if one of my favourite characters kicks the bucket as long as they served a purpose for the overarching story (unlike Rhonas, who died twice in a really lame way...) but I also understand I'm in the minority here.

    Unfortunately, you can't cater to both people. There's no real compromise to be had. You can't even alternate between the two each set, because the important bit for those who want to see the setting evolve is changes across multiple sets, not internally contained ones, which would affect recurring characters.
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    Sign-ups? A while ago (Tarkir) Wizards switched from books to online stories, to have everything in one place and flavour people didn't have to chase stuff down and juggle multiple sources. And now we have books, online stories and E-Mail sign-ups? Why does Wizards keep repeating the same mistakes all over?
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  • posted a message on Core Set 2020 Box Art (SCG)
    Do we know if they continue showcasing "lost" stories (aka those that never appeared in a product) like with 2019? Because if so, I would hazard a guess this coreset will be themed around Chandra growing up on Regatha (with the occasional trips elsewhere).
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  • posted a message on Multiplayer Siege Cycle
    Sorry Infiltrator, saw your post just now.

    So the Dominarians benefit even if their creatures die, because more token Zombies for their enemies means more chances to draw cards of them? I suggest using nontoken on both abilities.

    Oh yeah, that would make sense. I've already changed the effect, but it's something to keep in mind.

    There are some team formats that are weird with this card since not every format has a clear cut decision maker for each team, but the rules of those formats could be cleared up.

    I'm not sure, isn't this an issue with everything in a team? Like, in 2HG you need to agree to do stuff too. What happens when a single player doesn't reach a decision? I'd argue you could apply the same logic or penalty to the situation.

    If this is a cycle, or even just multiple copies of this are played in a normal 4-player free-for-all, you still intent each player (except maybe the last one if everyone else is on the same team) to make either choice for each copy, right? So I could choose Dominaria for the Invasion of Dominaria, but Phyrexian for Nine Titan Offensive? Due to this, the terminology "Phyrexian player" seems misleading. I suggest to go with a more standard wording as provided by italofoca.

    The idea was to give every mode in the cycle its own name (Invasion of Dominaria would have Phyrexians, while Siege of Mirrodin would have New Phyrexians for example) but I see your point. Technically I would think it's already covered by the card itself? Like, if I have two archangels of strife out and I choose war for one and peace for the other, do my creatures get +6/+6? At any rate, I prefer "Dominarian player" over "player who has chosen Dominaria" for brevity's sake (the cards are wordy enough as is) and because it just feels right. I operate on the assumption that as a card creator I have the same tools at my disposal as WotC, so if this should not be supported by the current rules or terminology, it should be a minor tweak to allow it.

    This plays wildly different in a two-team match than a more-team match. I also wonder whether the "all upside" version where the caster chooses how to distribute allegiances has a benefit.

    I mean, the cards work perfectly fine in a 2-team environment, except that the opposing team can't choose their faction. The cards were made primarily with multi-team (or rather, free-for-all) environments in mind though, so that's where they probably shine the most in terms of fun value.

    I really would like it if the design emphasize the two sides actually having a theme of cooperation/survival vs. proliferation/punishment. Would it be cool to have a card where you still could all choose the same side e. g.

    • Whenever a creature dies, each player on a team that has chosen Dominaria gains 1 life for each player on a team that has chosen Dominaria.
    • At the beginning of each players turn, if that player's team has chosen Phyrexia, they create a 0/0 black Horror artifact creature with a +1/+1 counter on it plus one counter for each player on a team that hasn't chosen Phyrexia.

    So Dominaria players are playing group-hug and Phyrexia players want to be loners. Would that make for more interesting decisions?

    The idea was to make abilities that incentivise the players of one faction to work together, if temporarily. In my latest design, Dominarian players "pool" together their basic land types to get a bonus, while Phyrexian players prioritize attacking Dominarian players to get more creatures. I'm not sure how far I should go with the incentive, because I want to avoid one player being ganged up on in a 5 player F4A because the first four players chose the same faction.

    I DO like the idea of a "loner" faction, but I feel like that's even harder to get right, because it can get frustrating quick. Mmh...

    Now I wonder how this would play in Archenemy.

    Aren't the players opposing the archenemy a team? Like, team is defiend by a shared victory condition, so all the players fighting the archenemy would be part of a team. At least the way I understand it.

    Thanks for your input by the way!
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  • posted a message on Multiplayer Siege Cycle
    Thanks for your feedback!

    I suppose having the bullet points doesn't make a lot of sense, if they apply to all players and the wording could use some rework. I just wanted to make clear that you choose as a team, not as a player.

    Also your criticism about the effects not balanced made me realize that the effects could probably reflect the characteristics of the faction more closely. The Dominarians' theme isn't drawing cards and gaining life, it's about multicolour.

    New version:
    Invasion of Dominaria 2 mana black mana green mana
    Legendary Enchantment
    As ~ enters the battlefield, each team chooses Dominaria or Phyrexia. Each faction needs to be chosen at least once.
    The first spell a Dominarian player casts curing his or her turn costs 1 mana less for each basic land type among lands Dominarian players control.
    Whenever a creature a Dominarian player controls dies, each Phyrexian player creates a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

    How's this? Not entirely sure about the cost reduction, but I want the abilities to make the players of a faction to work together. Maybe buff a creature based on basic land types? (Would also fit green better, I suppose.)

    Furthermore I decided to switch Invasion to Dominaria to Black-Green, because I intend this to be a cycle:
    white mana black mana Siege of Mirrodin
    blue mana red mana Revolt on Kaladesh
    black mana green mana Invasion of Dominaria
    red mana white mana War on Kamigawa
    green mana blue mana Battle for Zendikar
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  • posted a message on Versilix, Neosliver Queen
    Personally I feel like a sliver planeswalker should do something crazier. (In terms of design, not power level.) We already have fetching slivers and buffing and adding keywords is something every sliver can do. Slivers already have a limited design space due to their inherent design restrictions, so I'd really want a planeswalker sliver to do something only a planeswalker can do. I really liked the use of an emblem in the original design, because that's restricted to planeswalkers, but a simple buff felt a little off to me. Hence why I suggested the "preserving sliver abilities." emblem.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Flavor and Story
    They're all 0 mana artifacts.
    Ring of Gix
    Bone Saw
    Paradise Mantle
    Mox Sapphire
    Spidersilk Net
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  • posted a message on MtG MMO - what do we hope to see?
    The main problem with a Magic MMO is that it will either cause a disconnect with the game or with the story. Both treat summoning creatures very differently. In the game, we summon creatures all the time, from rats and squirrels to soldiers and wizards to elementals and phantasms. In the story however, planeswalkers only really summon magical creatures like elementals and such, with the very infrequent exception, see Kiora and Garruk and... *narrows eyes* that's it I think. We've never seen anyone summon sapient beings in the newer stories. (I can't remember a single instance since Odyssey, then again I skipped a couple books like Alara and Theros) At least no humans and humanoids.
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  • posted a message on Versilix, Neosliver Queen
    Minus points for humanoid slivers.

    On a more serious note (though I am kinda serious about it.) I like that you made her into a (part time) sliver in order to solve this "it's a sliver but doesn't get sliver abilities" issue. (If I didn't know better, I'd assume you'd read my post over in speculation. :P)

    At any rate, she's... serviceable, if a bit safe. Her abilities are relevant, but not overly exciting. (I assume her splash is that she's a sliver planeswalker.)

    Personally, as a sliver player myself, I'd like a way to keep sliver abilities, even if the sliver has died. Barring recursion, once a sliver is dead, their ability is gone and recursion is almost always on non-sliver spells. (And Dregscape Sliver is only for a turn.)

    How about her ultimate is something along the lines of "Exile a sliver creature card from your graveyard. Create an emblem with the abilities of the exiled card.". Maybe flavour it that she can extract the essence of slivers to add it to her genetic repertoire (a bit like Zerg I guess). A five coloured card can stand to do something funky like that.
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