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  • posted a message on OTJ Outlaws of Thunder Junction Worldbuilding and Story
    I assume the other dragons are related to Akul. Either he brought a bunch with him or they are his progeny he created with the local dragons (like Terror of the Peaks (however that works)).

    It is noteworthy that the tweet mentions that we will see more folk from Gastal, not that we will see more of Gastal.

    Edit: Something just occured to me: Niv-Mizzet is attempting to turn Ravnica into the nexus of the multiverse (society wise not metaphysics wise) and we are going to return to Tarkir at the culmination of the dragon storm arc. What if a lot of dragons from across the multiverse are going to be there and Tarkir becomes the dragon plane?

    Like, before the omenpaths, each world needed to have a bit of everything, but now, with the omenpaths, they can create much more specialized worlds, lore-wise. Like, even if Tarkir was the only plane with native dragons, they could still migrate outwards and populate the multiverse. This would allow them to turn planes into <thing>-capitals, like Tarkir becomes the dragon capital.
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  • posted a message on Loot already getting a plushie pouch before we even get thunder junction released
    Thanks, I hate it.

    They're really trying to make Loot into some sort of mascot don't they. Even got the scarf and everything. It's like checking a couple boxes without soul put into it.

    And the plushie is ugly af, haha.
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  • posted a message on OTJ Outlaws of Thunder Junction Worldbuilding and Story
    Okay, that was really really good. Consider some of my faith in the writing team restored.

    However, I feel like I missed something because I thought we would finally get to know what Jace needed from Proft, but then it wasn't explained? Or did I miss something?

    Quote from Spaz350 »
    Anyone else getting big "Uh oh" vibes from Jace and Vraska's new mindset? One doesn't exactly start talking about Multiversal rebirth and burning things down while expecting things to be happy and sunny.

    I'm not sure we're supposed to think Jace and Vraska are the good guys here after they ominously said they're going to fix everything.

    Quote from RatsGrin »
    We gonna casual skim over that jace and vraska have had so much unprotected seggs that she should have been pregnant already? Maybe gorgon conception takes longer than a humans? But hey, they adopted a League Of Legends gremlin together, so thats cool~.

    Honestly that part got me a bit confused. If all gorgons are female, then shouldn't they require males of other species to reproduce? Like isn't that supposed to be how it works? Or is Vraska genuinely surprised it didn't work, because normally should, hinting at either of them being infertile?

    Not a big fan of Loot to be honest. I genuinely dislike "aggressively cute" designs. Why does it have to look like a pokemon and can't, you know, look like a real thing?
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Annie Joins Up, Wylie Duke, and Jem Lightfoote — Comicbook.com previews
    Why is her hat floating, lmao.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Hellspur Brute — Duniaku preview
    This is not the first time I see those magma-like forearms. Is that a style from a known plane? Is it particular to Thunder Junction? Could it be something that we might see on a future plane? If Mirrodin was still a thing, I'd guess there.

    AFAIK that's just the style of the hellspurs, which are led by the (presumably black-red) Akul. Their hangout, called Tarnation, has lava flowing through it, so it's just a recurring theme for a black-red faction.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Prairie Dog — Geek Culture preview
    To be fair, lions are cats in Magic, so I'm not entirely sure what you're arguing here.

    Personally I think Wizards could be a bit more bold in splitting creature types (and/or making more one-offs). Not every type needs to be tribally relevant. But this is not really a case of such. Prairie dogs are squirrels, not just ground squirrels, they're literally part of the group "squirrels".
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  • posted a message on [OJT] Riku of Many Paths — ChannelFireball preview
    So, uh, why did they decide to ditch his gimmick?
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Marchesa, Dealer of Death — @aishawakatsuki preview
    Who’s running Fiora while she’s cosplaying here?

    The multiverse doesn't have object permanence. Every plane is frozen in time while the camera is looking elsewhere.
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  • posted a message on [OJT] Mothership 3/27 — Bruse Tarl, Outcaster Greenblade, and Lavaspur Boots
    Hah, spotted the Vigor. Wonder if the red-glowing bull on the left is also a cameo? The horns are reminescent of Ox of Agonas but nothing else matches.

    Oh, almost missed Bartered Cow too.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Marauding Sphinx and Intimidation Campaign — benjithebrewer previews
    Quote from foam_dome »
    Lmao why is the sphinx wearing spurs

    Probably for the same reason the centaurs are.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] "Escape Illusion" — GCores preview
    So... did they spoiled on day 1 of spoilers that Oko beats Akul?

    The story has already concluded that particular plot point. Wizards specifically publishes the stories a couple weeks before previews start specifically so that the cards don't spoil the story.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] "Crafty Coyote" — Xunshuilu preview
    Quote from Pokerkingdave »
    Clearly, this is wiley e coyote. Let’s hope roadrunner gets a card too.

    Actually, looking at the art again, you see feathers on the right side. So the two cards probably form a panorama.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] "Crafty Coyote" — Xunshuilu preview
    What's with the power creep in this set?
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  • posted a message on OTJ Outlaws of Thunder Junction Worldbuilding and Story
    So how did Annie not see through Jace's original illusion? I guess she has to manually activate her sight? Still feels a bit weird that there's specifically a character on the team who can see through illusions and she doesn't. Like, huh? That seems like the reverse of a red herring, making the reader believe something can't be the case by specifically ruling it out only for it then be the case without explanation.

    I just hope Jace and Vraska's plan doesn't unleash a new big baddie on the multiverse. The fomori don't seem like the chillest of guys. Imagine trying to fix stuff and accidentally making matters worse. Oops.

    Quote from 5colors »
    And wow amazing how waiting for the later chapters explained the motivations of the crew, who could have seen that coming.

    Given the track record? Nobody. Have people already forgotten the writing of ONE and MOM? And honestly Caverns of Ixalan too?

    Also they weren't explained for all characters. A tiny bit of faith restored (plus the fact they didn't completely forget about Amalia) but not much, to be honest.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Vraska, the Silencer - Partial Spoiler
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    welp im gonna bring a surprise

    it turns out ashiok....wasn't Ashiok

    it was....JACE!!!

    and Vraska knew that...THE WHOLE TIME!

    So, Wizards specifically posts the stories before spoiler season starts so that the previews don't spoil the story and you find it appropriate to post a story spoiler in a non-story thread without marking it as such?
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