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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    I specifically play green over white as my splash so I can hard cast Vengevine. I've won games through Rest in Peace just playing aggro beats.
    Also I feel that Nature's Claim is much better than Wispmare. Hitting Altar in the mirror match is going to be huge, and also hitting Grafdiggers Cage, Witchbane Orb, Ensnaring Bridge etc
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    I don't think you need to give up W6 for the sake of this new threat. W6 has easily replaced LOTV as the premier PW for this deck. Two CMC is huge and it pings rather than edicts which helps where we need it most (Humans, Spirits, Infect) but my thoughts are that Embodiment could replace Grim Flayer as the additional token creature.
    Most games I feel like my deck wins through the control element of my spells, and my creatures are only for big dumb beats. Can you imagine dropping this for 6 or 7?.. This is likely to get damage through faster than Grim Flayer.
    Let's look at the stats of our deck and consider the potential to drop this creature at 5/5 or higher (the frequency of which will determine its usefulness IMO). For the sake of this exercise I'll exclude Tarmogoyf, TBR and Shadow, because they rarely end up in the graveyard except against certain opponents.
    B 10-12 (incl 2-4 Fatal Push)
    G 4
    BG 1-3 (Trophy, Decay, Flayer)
    R 1-4 (Looting, Bolt, Tarfire)
    0 4
    3BB 4
    1PP 1-2 (Dismember)
    P 0-2 (Surgical)
    RG 0-2 (W6)

    That's a pretty wide variety of mana costs, all of which are dumped into the graveyard rapidly over the first three turns. I would estimate its highly likely to drop as a 4/4 but I'm not sure that's worth it. Maybe with a faster combo-oriented meta game on the horizon, it's time we bring back Manamorphose? Which is another free & different mana cost to power out this guy faster and bigger.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    What do we think of the new card as a 1-of mid game evasive threat? Embodiment of Agonies
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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    That's why I'm saying we should be packing MD hate. I'm trying 3x Leyline of the Void main with 1 additional in the Sideboard. It's a random free win against the many graveyard decks in the meta game and if the mirror match becomes a big deal, it helps there too. The fact that it protects your bridges is just icing on the cake. I'll share my list

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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    What are people doing with their flex slots? I'm building this deck and thinking of including 2-3 Leyline of the Void in the main deck. I'm also trying more fetch lands than normal so I can do more tricks with Bloodghast
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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE] Rotting Regisaur
    Thanks friend! My cube is also a work-in-progress foil and signed project so new cards means more work!
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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE] Rotting Regisaur
    I play a madness and graveyard theme cube so this is perfect. The discard clause is arguably a bonus just because of how many cards it can be favorably paired with in my cube:
    • Basking Rootwalla
    • Arrogant wurm
    • Reckless Wurm
    • Fiery Temper
    • Bloodghast
    • Gravecrawler
    • Asylum Visitor
    • Ichorid
    • Faithless looting
    • Lingering Souls
    • Stromkirk Occultist
    • Flamewake Phoenix
    • Unburial Rites
    • Dreg Mangler
    Plenty of recursion theme in the cube as well so even if it's not discarding something that actively wants to be discarded on its own, tons of reanimator effects so pair with it.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Let me just say that Seasoned Pyromancer is the real deal. There has got to be some play with unearth here as well
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    He seems very good with Mutagenic Growth coupled with Dismember or even TBR. But a two mana creature that doesn't get in for much damage on its own doesn't sound worth it to me. But I am no expert with that version of the deck
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    I really wish I had put a Plague Engineer in my Sideboard. It would've saved me game three against Spirits. I may consider Collector Ouphe as well but as it stands artifacts don't really scare me right now.

    And I'm really attracted to Seasoned Pyromancer.. I know intuitively it doesn't seem to fit along with what we do but it fills a hole in our plan. It can refill your hand if hellbent, it's a great way to pitch late game useless Wraiths or discard spells, and it provides blockers which allows us to swing over and over again without worrying about dying on the crack back. (I understand this last point wouldn't help against spirits or flying in general but it's still good).

    One thing I noticed is that almost all my games went very long. I was arguably the only fair deck at the tournament (along with Esper control). Everyone else played infect, Griselbrand, burn / monored Phoenix, tron, storm, dredge - and in all cases I was able to thwart their plans and win via midrange. This deck is not a fast explosive deck. Playing without blue felt really good. I think 17 land is definitely the right number, as long as you play 4x Traverse. Turn two Traverse for Basic Swamp saved me several times. Faithless looting was great also, but I would never play more than 2. Sometimes it gets stuck in hand for a few turns until I know I have at least 1 card I plan on pitching. But twice looting drew me into TBR for the win. This would be difficult in a 4C list because having two red was hardly an option. But now I reached two red in most games.

    One final note is that I think I will move Abrupt Decay to the main deck. I never cast Trophy when it was better than Decay. And giving them an extra land mattered at least once that I remember. I'll move the spare trophy to the board because it's still useful against Tron and Infect, but against those opponents I bring in all Trophy and Decay anyways. The only match I can think of where I actively don't want Decay but I do need Trophy is Titan Shift.


    Surgical is the MVP of the day (well, maybe a close 2nd behind TBR). In a deck with 8 discards and a format with tons of 4-ofs, it's rather likely to get them on turn 1 and use surgical as a second free Thoughtseize. In one game against Infect he played turn one Noble off a Wooded Foothills then I Thoughtseize and take his infect, but notice his only other land is another Foothills in hand. I surgical the Foothills and Push the Noble to get him stuck on lands. In a later game against Infect I took a Might of Old Krosa, seeing he had a second one. Hold in his draw step after drawing ANOTHER Krosa, and I surgical both from his hand. Mind you these are plays against INFECT - a deck no one is bringing surgical against. But in the main deck you get this kind of sneaking interaction no one is expecting even in game one. I keep surgical in against almost everything. I think I boarded it out only against Spirits. Twice in this tournament alone I used it an instant speed way to save a creature. Tarmogoyf - put an instant in the graveyard for zero mana, or Shadow - just another way to pay life for extra damage. In the final game against Bridge Vine I cast double surgical on nothing important just to reach lethal damage
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Played in a ~35 person Modern championship yesterday, finishing second place losing to Scapeshift in a nail-biter finals match.
    I played the above list, with only these changes:
    MB -1 Tarfire
    MB +1 Surgical
    SB - 1 Surgical
    SB +1 Anger of the Gods

    Round 1 Bant Spirits (1-2)
    Game one I drew all four Street Wraith and only Dismember as my removal. I had him dead on board with a massive Shadow but an end step Coco needed to create 3 power to seal the deal, and he got it. Game two he made a strange play when he attacked with a GOST putting my Shadow at 11/11 and leaving himself at 10 life. He played a blocker and passed which I removed and swung in. Game three was long and drawn out but eventually I got a Shadow online and he got Moorland Haunt. I needed one more attack + TBR (which I had in hand) but once again he end step Cocos me with just enough power for the kill.

    Round 2 Esper Control (2-1)
    Game one I got controlled hard. I scooped to him pulling two Logic Knots off his Narset activations, knowing he also had big Teferi in hand. Game two I ripped his hand apart with 3 discard spells in the first three turns and beat in with a Tarmogoyf. Game three I got 2 Fulminator Mage which kept him off 4 lands since I knew he was holding Jace and Verdict.

    Round 3 Dredge (2-0)
    Game one he mulligans to 5 and I got a pretty aggressive start with double Tarmogoyf. He just couldn't generate enough blockers. Game two he casts turn 1 looting pitching two dredge cards. My opening held Surgical + Faerie and then I turn 1 Thoughtseize to see two more Looting in his hand. I take something else then Surgical the looting and Faerie the Dredge cards. He plays out a few turns but scoops once I get some threats online.

    Round 4 Bridge Vine (2-1)
    This was not the new version with Hogaak and Altar. Just the classic with Viscera Seer. Game 1 he got me good binning two Bridges on turn 1 and then playing two Ballista for zero. It was too many attackers and I just couldn't recover. Game two he opened with Stitcher, Gravecrawler, Gravecrawler by turn 3. I responded with a turn 4 Anger of the gods and killed him with Shadow +TBR shortly after. Game three was a bit of back n forth as we both durdled but eventually I began top decking better than him and killed him with a TBR at 2 health (he had a Ballista on 1 with enough mana to pump once next turn)

    Round 5 Jeskai O's (ID)
    We played a couple matches for fun but there were a few misplays on each side so it was hard to gage. Overall I feel highly favored against the deck

    Quarter Finals, 6th seed - UG infect (2-1)
    This was my teammate so I know his lines of play very well. In practice I'm always heavily favored but he cheesed out a game one win with Dryad Arbor and pump spells. Game two was long and grueling but eventually I got in GCR. I don't remember much about game three but I know he didn't get a Spellskite so I killed him with double Tarmogoyf and TBR

    Semifinals - Monored Phoenix (2-1)
    He snuck in a game one win with a topdeck lightning bolt when I had him dead on board next turn. I felt bad winning games two and three because he got flooded and I had extremely solid opening hands with an aggressive follow through

    Finals - RG Scapeshift (1-2)
    Games one and three were very similar. Tarmogoyf just doesn't grow in this match because they don't dump anything but Sorcery into their bin. Attacking with 3/4 Tarmogoyf just isn't fast enough and even though game three I eventually dropped a Shadow at 7/7, he reached 7 lands and Scapeshift me. Game two I ripped his hand apart and blew him out before he couldn't get anything going. He used Mwonvuli Acid Moss on me in game three which left him at 5 lands on turn three, to my 1 land on turn 3.

    We agreed to split prizes so I walked out with a box of Modern Horizons. Can't complain.. The deck treated me well almost all day. This is my first paper event without blue and while I certainly missed it in the Scapeshift match, it was not needed anywhere else. A great day for Jund Shadow!
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    The deck doesn't even play regular lightning helix, so it definitely wouldn't play this new "Lingering helix" either
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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    Faithless looting has been on the ban radar for years. It's one of the strongest cards in all of modern. Playing without it is definitely a mistake. Even if it's your only red card, the splash would be worth it.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Ransack the Lab has been printed so the point is moot.

    On another note, the new Seasoned Pyromancer seems extremely powerful for this deck.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    I played some interesting matches against Mardu Pyro today. The new card Seasoned Pyromancer is extremely powerful. To the point where I could see including 1-2 in our 75 against grindy decks such as GDS or BGx. It's like a red Lingering Souls that can filter draws or just refill your hand if hellbent. I'm going to a local Modern Championship in a couple weeks. I will try this list but really looking forward to incorporating some new MH1 cards

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