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  • posted a message on Extra turns and exile? TF?!?!
    I meant Temporal Manipulation, I'm an idiot.

    Thank you though.
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  • posted a message on Extra turns and exile? TF?!?!
    Here's a potato question for the rules gurus.

    The other day I observed a game and watched a player cast Temporal Mastery followed by a Capture of Jingzhou from his hand. After they resolved he placed them into exile, not his graveyard and when I asked him why he did this he stated "That's the way extra turn cards are treated now. They don't go to your graveyard, they go to exile."

    I don't think this is accurate and Google searches are so far confirming it.

    If it is true. TF did I miss?!? I'll go back to my cave.
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  • posted a message on Zur the Enchanter Help.
    I like both of those lists. However, the only problem I am having is that there is a rule in the league which states no infinite combos. I think it's absurd but oh well.

    Two of the decks that I have are Jeleva Storm and Leovold Wheels/Doomsday so adding another Doomsday deck to the pile that essentially plays the same way was something that I was trying to avoid.
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  • posted a message on Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening - whatever
    Hey everyone, my name is Chris and I've been playing this game since 93 (yes, Alpha). I play EDH mostly but also play Vintage, Legacy, and a little Modern. Standard sucks. Fact.

    I'm here for decklist ideas and streamlining the existing ones to make them as competitive as possible. I live in Surprise AZ, right outside Phoenix.

    Take it easy.
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  • posted a message on Zur the Enchanter Help.
    First post, hope this is in the correct place. I am in the process of making and converting my decks to the Tier 1/1.5 range and am currently building Zur. I am using this list as a base and am trying to cut the bad / 'meh' cards out of it. I don't know what to add yet but as of right now, the cuts are:

    1.) Strionic Resonator: this simply does not need to be here.
    2.) Timetwister
    3.) Tezzeret the Seeker: Too slow.
    4.) Jace, the Mind Sculptor: Too slow.
    5.) Snapcaster Mage: Too slow in this deck / sits in hand.
    6.) Mana Leak
    7.) Isochron Scepter: 'Cute' at best.
    8.) Disallow: Just no.

    Any suggestions on replacements.
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