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    Furthermore - morals and codes of conduct are absolutist, and black is the most situationist color. What is right for a black-aligned person may not be right for another, or indeed for the same person in a different situation. This is because black operates on goals, not on methods.

    Take pre-walker Liliana and her willingness to do literally anything to reach her goal of curing her brother. And that is also the great failing of heroic black - if white fails, at least it's made friends along the way. If black fails, it has left a trail of bodies and fire with nothing but good intentions to show for it.

    I don't think black would go for democracy - black would probably favor a benevolent dictatorship, which can deal with problems much faster than democracy ever could. Of course, benevolent dictatorships rarely remain benevolent for long.
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    posted a message on Generating Magic cards using deep, recurrent neural networks
    @DeepForger on twitter will combine images on demand.
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    posted a message on Generating Magic cards using deep, recurrent neural networks
    Quote from Sendai45 »

    Yaay! Quality renders are a go!
    I've noticed the NN lacks a proper set symbol, which is something I'm actually up to the task of fixing. (The main project is beyond me, as I'm not fluent in any programming languages.) Attached is a mockup of the symbol at different rarities. The MSE symbol file can be located here. If this doesn't suit your fancy, I'm happy to take another crack at it.

    If I may make a suggestion? Add a fourth circle at the top and separate the middle ones so you have a Magic-style pentagon in the middle.
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    posted a message on The Shifting Mana Cost Game
    Star-Shifter Nephilim
    Creature - Nephilim
    All Sorceries are Instants and vice-versa.
    When it awoke, the constellations warped by its bidding.
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