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    posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) cards for the cube!
    Appreciate the write-up as always - always one of my top resources in my early evaluations. I also really love that this set seems to raise the floor of a a lot of cube staples as opposed to raising the ceiling of cube power level overall.

    A few individual card thoughts:

    Infernal Grasp- I keep seeing this called a terror-variant, but I don't think that is a good descriptor for this one. I think of Terror variants as 1B instant removal spells that kill everything but some subset of creatures. This is a Murder variant that provides a 1 colored mana discount in exchange for 2 life. I think there's a small space for the most efficient creature removal even in smaller cube lists and this is the best option for that slot now.

    Augur of Autumn - I'm going to go on the record as stating this is being underrated already. I can't stress enough what an upgrade it is for only you to have knowledge of your upcoming draws. On top of that this has the potential, and not terribly unattainable, upside of letting you cast not only lands but creatures too directly from the top of your library? Sign me up.

    Tovolar's Huntmaster - This card is just a trample away from making it for me. I think this is going to play like a more efficient Howling Giant as is. Grave Titan gives you 14 power among 5 bodies by the time it first attacks and trades up in the event your opponent should have something huge to block with. In short, Grave Titan is insane. This is no Grave Titan. That doesn't make this card bad though. 10 power for six mana is still very respectable and the 6 drop green slot is still pretty shallow. Green late game threats with large p/t's just need to have trample to get there for me.

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    posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from armando.zuffi »
    some speculations:

    1 - Flay Essence vs Bone Shards? (assuming I don't run deep reaniame any aristocrats package)

    2 - Dancing Sword vs Ancestral Blade vs Maul of the Skyclaves ? What order ?

    3 - Meloku the Clouded Mirror vs God-Eternal Kefnet vs Iymrith, Desert Doom ? What order ?

    4 - Ranger Class vs Duskwatch Recruiter ?

    Bone Shards (but I don't run either)
    Maul > Dancing Sword > Ancestral Blade - Maul is just narrowly outside of my 450 unpowered list, at 540 I would run it
    Meloku > Kefnet > Iymrith (I run Meloku and Kefnet)
    Ranger Class > Dustwatch (I don't/would not run either)
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    posted a message on [KHM][CUBE] - Eradicator Valkyrie
    I usually think of Spawn as a 3CC creature since he usually gets cast for that in my experience. Still comparable since they're similar, but I'm looking at whether Kalitas should go for this....I don't like this better than any of my other 4CC black creatures.
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    posted a message on [KHM] [CUBE]: Canopy Tactician
    This exact card exists for 1 mana less just without the lord bonus. That card is much better than this in my eyes even with the more green intensive cost and is still not even close to making it into my cube.

    Llanowar Tribe
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    posted a message on [[MCD]] Green 4-Drops
    Since I'm bored to tears staying home during the pandemic I decided to do a bit of data compilation from the responses I got to my question about Green 4cc creatures on both Twitter and here.

    I assigned 3 points to any creature people ranked in their top 3, 2 to anything people ranked 4-6, and 1 point for anything 7th or later. Since some responses did not rank, but rather just named cards I assigned a score based on how strong of an endorsement for the card the post was (E.g. The best green 4 drop I know is...got a 3. I like.... got a 2. This card is more fair, but I've enjoyed.... got a 1.

    Below is the link to the data.


    My primary takeaways are as follows.
    1) Questing Beast is the clear front-runner. Along with Nightpack Ambusher and Thrun this makes up the top tier.
    2) There's a big drop off from there - Lots of middling options (Oracle, Polukranos, Magus, and Master of the Wild Hunt)
    3) There's a ton of diversity in this slot - 30 cards were namedropped. Only 14 cards (Renata on up) got at least 4 points.
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    posted a message on [CUBE][CMR] Includes & Testing Thread
    Magus of the Order - Natural Order even a turn later and telegraphed is still quite potent even if not top tier.

    Hullbreacher - Will watch but seems too narrow. Great for control mirrors, but not sure it's going to be much more than a worse Whisper Agent more often than not.
    Wheel of Misfortune - I think this card is there on power level. My hesitation is over the play pattern it seems likely to create. Red decks can bet big and win either way. Opponent outbids you and they are within 1-2 turns of being dead from attacks or burn spells. You outbid your opponent - you reload your hand and have too much gas for them. Not sure this is a dynamic I want in my cube environment.

    Leaning towards not including the monarch mechanic, but if I did include it, I think it would only be in mono-white with Court of Grace, Palace Jailer, and Archon of Coronation. The combat oriented pseudo-symmetrical nature of monarch feels very White to me and this would provide a new source of card advantage to a color sorely in need of it.
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    posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Court > Elspeth > Spectral Procession
    Archon of Coronation > Harmonious Archon
    Jace Beleren > Court of Cunning (unless your cube supports mill)
    Arena over Court of Ambition
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    posted a message on [CUBE] - Wheel of Misfortune
    This card does seem to fit quite well into burn/aggro strategies. Will be interesting to see how the secret bidding plays out and how that is received by playgroups. It's Goblin Game or Thieves' Auction meets a one-sided Wheel of Fortune. I have a feeling this card is undercosted for its effect and could prove problematic for other formats. Mono-red burn with this seems pretty busted. I feel like most red decks will have no problem paying half of their life for a one-sided wheel, many other decks can't afford to be a couple burn spells or aggro creatures from being dead.
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    posted a message on [CUBE]{TWD} Lucille
    I hate what this product represents with a fiery passion...the professor (Tolarian Academy) does a great job covering why this is such a harmful precedent.

    If they made a traditional magic equivalent of this card, I would likely test it, but I'm not going to try this or any other card in this vein otherwise.
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