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    I don't care for explosives, bomb, or keg personally. Cruiser isn't "uncuttable", but it is really solid. Copter is a staple. I think Rack is good in lists larger than 450 and Ankh didn't perform well for me.
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    Well the definition you found of Sacred Cow: "something people aren't open to taking criticism on" and the 1st definition I found on google "Something that is often unreasonably immune from criticism or opposition" are already a bit different, so yeah, I'd say we can come to different conclusions depending on how we are looking at the term. Your definition implies that people will by default react badly to the suggestion of something being suggested as a sacred cow and my take is that it is an opportunity to engage in a spirited (but again, not hostile or defensive) discussion about cards we may take for granted. We have definitely had some "Sacred Cows" in the past--again Genesis comes to mind--and I don't mind taking the opportunity to question our assumptions on an individual or widespread level. If someone told me Boros Aggro was terrible, I would disagree, but not be offended, and we would be able to present the merits objectively and anecdotally and decide for ourselves as we already do. I don't see why Storm, Gerrard's verdict, or any other card/archetype should be different. Being passionate about the game is great, but maybe a little emotional detachment to our personal cube philosophies might allow for broader discussion.

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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Custom Mechanic - Incompleat

    Also, it's spelled "Incomplete".


    When someone thinks they're giving you a spelling lesson, but actually just doesn't know the reference.

    Kidding aside, adding yet another layer of complexity to the mechanic by being able to cast creatures with incompleat as artifacts or non-artifacts is not what I'm aiming for. Incompleat already makes creatures better in that it gives them a range of different casting windows, being an artifact and by extension being susceptible to more removal helps balance this advantage. Thanks for your feedback. Smile

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  • posted a message on [M20] [Cube} Tale's End
    Tale's End 1U
    Instant (R)
    Counter target activated ability, triggered ability, or Legendary Spell.

    This appears to have quite a few targets in cube given the number of legendaries and PW's and at worst it is a slightly more costly Stifle. Will have to breakdown how many targets this has to see if it is worth cubing.

    Edit: In my 450 this has 71 targets. It probably isn't going to make the cut even with the Stifle fallback option. Still a card to watch as legendary nonland permanents continue to become more prominent in cube.
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  • posted a message on [M20] [Cube} Brought Back
    I don't know that this is going to hold true for this card. Being one sided, hitting any permanent type, and being cost so cheaply puts this card ahead of similar effects by a lot. It may not be enough, but I'm willing to test this.
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  • posted a message on [M20] [CUBE] Includes and Testing Thread
    It's that time! This thread is to list spoiled cards from M20 that you are either including for sure or you are testing/watching. This is also a thread for posting early testing results. Please include the size of your cube, if it is powered/unpowered, and any other considerations that might impact your choices (e.g. you run multiple fetches, commander cube, etc.). As always you can post your list and update as the spoiler is completed or just post when it is done.

    Includes (450 unpowered)

    Brought Back
    Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
    Kykar, Wind's Fury
    Voracious Hydra

    Cavalier of Gales
    Cloudkin Seer
    Rotting Regisaur
    Chandra, Awakened Inferno

    So far, no certain includes but a few tests/watch cards. This is a relief as WAR and MH1 gave us a lot to buy.
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  • posted a message on [M20] [Cube} Brought Back
    Brought Back WW
    Instant (R)
    Choose up to two target permanent cards in your graveyard that were put there from the battlefield this turn. return them to the battlefield tapped.

    It says PERMANENT and I can't help but think that makes for some potentially broken interactions--even in cube. Just off the top of my head I'm thinking about fetch/horizon lands, blocking with two creatures and then bringing them back during their turn to swing for lethal on yours. Returning PW's. Evoke creatures?
    This is miles better than Second Sunrise and there really isn't another effect quite like this pushed to the level of being worthy of cube. Does this get there?
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20] Skyknight Vanguard
    For peasant. In regular cubes this has to jump Tajic, Aurelia, Boros Charm, Lightning Helix, Ajani Vengeant, and Figure. It isn't better than any of them IMO.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    I like verdict over sculler as well.
    I like Serra over Gideon
    Jura and AOI edge out Avacyn, but they are all staples in my opinion.
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  • posted a message on Sacred Cows
    Maybe I define "sacred cow" differently. As cube designers, we should be open to entertaining criticisms even on cards we consider staples--not that it has to mean we will be persuaded. I think we all have looked at someone else's cube list at one time and thought "why are they running this still?" or something similar. There's nothing wrong with having this discussion and pointing out what cards you feel this way about. I invite people to do the same with my cube (http://www.cubetutor.com/viewcube/34371).

    There's nothing wrong with the nature of the thread, it is how people handle criticism that can lead to problems. Assuming the criticisms were constructive to begin with (constructive does not have to mean correct--I mean criticisms given in good faith and without phrasing that is condescending or sarcastic) there's no reason to be defensive or rude in response.

    There are examples of the right way to respond and the wrong way within this very thread. I don't say this to call out anyone, but rather because it is demonstrative of my point.
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  • posted a message on JUNE 24TH, 2019
    V: PhyrexianEditor, DiscardUnearth

    Sword of Serra 3WWW
    Creature - Angel (M)
    Flying, Vigilance
    As Sword of Serra enters the battlefield, choose a color. Sword of Serra has protection from the chosen color.
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  • posted a message on Sacred Cows
    I was pretty clear that I was not saying there is a card that fulfills Verdict's particular function better (at least not an Orzhov card), but that, IMO, the guild has cards that are more desirable in what they do and work better in B/W decks. YMMV.
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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE] Cavalier of Wind
    Brainstorm ETB is cool, but it isn't a ton of value you're getting if this gets killed--especially if it gets exiled. I like Kefnet much more as it comes down faster and has exceptional recursion in a color that can make it even better--also its ability creates a fun minigame of sorts. I agree this is the best of the cycle, but the cycle isn't great to begin with. It has the advantage of being a 5CC blue creature which is a very weak cube slot, but I don't think this is enough for me. I need my Blue Doom Whisperer/Bontu....lol.
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  • posted a message on Sacred Cows
    Please tell me why you are taking my personal opinion on a card's value so seriously. I like Anguished Unmaking over Verdict and if I didn't have PW caps Sorin Solemn Visitor would probably go before it too. If you value it more, than great, I'm glad you have had success with it and I wish you many fun cubing experiences with it.

    Edit: Also want to state my agreement with wtwlf that cubetutor isn't a good metric for evaluating cards for your cube. My personal methodology is to analyze the card myself, then look to some of the opinions I value most and whose cube philosophies and construction are similar to my own, playtest, follow-up on others results, and finally see if the card has lasted in other's cubes (this last one is big, I can't tell you how many cards quietly slip out of favor and when you catch on to this trend for a card you have to take some time to reevaluate the card yourself). A few of the cards that slipped out of lists pretty quietly over the last year include: Waterfront Bouncer, Voice of Resurgence, War-Name Aspirant, and Duskwatch Recruiter.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Torrential Gearhulk
    Consecrated Sphinx = Torrential Gearhulk > Aetherling > Keiga
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