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  • posted a message on Soldier Stompy
    Quote from drmarkb »
    I always say keep SF in vs both BR and UB reanimators, taking out the high end stuff for the matches. I have played it a fair chunk, as I own RB reanimator and I have a couple of mates who are a UB reanimator player and mono B respectively, we have jammed the match a few times for hours. SF is often irrelevant post t2, but so are most of the 4cc dudes, and unlike them a T1 SF is very likely to win a game.
    Stopping GB's draw is key, esp if you run a Karakas (which are normally v good in the deck)- you can afford 2 to activate it once, they can't afford to draw the turn it comes in. A T1 SF on the play is lethal, they often have to accept fetch only hands and have to pop a petal to loot. Sometimes it is buying a turn or two that enables the drawing of RIP, which you only have a 40 pc chance of having with 4 copies.

    BTW, why 4 o ring? Due to eching truth a split with BL is normal, surely, since Echoing Truth is played in the format and the cards are nearly functionally identical bar O ring can hit your stuff? Thalia is normally a maindeck card too, especially in any meta with Sneak and Show. Field Marshals used to be in early iterations of the deck, but to see so many combat winning cards and so few "screw your mana" cards is rare. If your meta is super hatebear and midrange heavy then I could understand it, but the Thalia is one of those "Stax" elements that work so well.

    I'm adapting an old decklist and some card choices are remnants of this, particularly the combat theme. I'm used to playing aggro so stax takes some getting used to.
    Maybe I can run Heretic Cathar main and Marshal SB
    What is BL an abbreviation for? Now that you mention it, an O-Ring variant makes sense to avoid cardname shenanigans like Echoing Truth.
    A Karakas wouldn't hurt. I see a lot of lists with 2, what's the rationale for that amount in particular? I tend to avoid running as many legendaries as possible, to avoid dead draws.
    One problem with 4 Cavern of Souls is that it only produces white mana for Soldiers
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  • posted a message on Deafening Clarion
    Might help back up Goblin Chainwhirler with Soul-Scar Mage out of Standard. White has a lot of toughness pump effects that might make your guys big enough to survive this. Trouble with Mentor interacting with this is that triggers on attack and this is a sorcery so you'd have to wait a turn to get the synergy.
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  • posted a message on Ionize
    strictly better cancel in a deck that has red anyway, not bad, but sucks that it takes up a rare slot
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    2-0-1 at the LGS Thursday night.

    Round 1 blew out a green/blue deck
    1-1-1 vs Saprolings. Game 1 I didn't have enough threats, game 2 whirler did what he's supposed to do against a tokens deck. We barely started Game 3 when time was called

    2-1 vs Knights -
    When I won, spot removal was key. Saw History of Benalia a few times but killed 1 or both tokens before it went off.
    Sided in 2 Spit Flame, 3rd Abrade, Glorybringer and Chandra - sided out Kari Zev and Bomat Courier. Bomat is horrible against 2/2s, Kari Zev might've been OK but recurring removal seemed better and was.
    Lost Game 2, Settle the Wreckage got 4 creatures - Hazoret, Whirler and 2 Soul-Scar Mage. in general attacking with unpumped SSM doesn't seem worth it even if it seems like a free 1 damage, I might've been better able to recover if I had kept those on the field. The previous turn he had mana to pump Resplendent Angel but didn't so I knew he had some sort of combat trick - I had suspected spot removal like Cast Out or Seal Away rather than a sweeper.
    Getting a -1/-1 counter on an Angel so it didn't get big enough to make a token amused me.
    Game 3 opening hand had 2 Chandra and I promptly drew a 3rd - didn't seem so excessive when he killed 1 with combat damage and Vraska's Contempted the 2nd

    "I'm sorry, John, I'm afraid I can't let you do that." I said as I killed yet another Knight of Grace.
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  • posted a message on Soldier Stompy
    Yeah the accelerants and stax elements do seem key to this deck as is, but I had been wondering if something different would work.

    There seems to be a lot of consensus on which soldiers to put in, but differences on some of them as well as what quantities. Here's what I'll try playtesting now. I'll consider springing for playsets of Tomb and Cavern, but City? Heck no.

    Edit - played two matches against reanimator. first one I got blown out both games. second match I went 2-1, lost game 1 badly but was very strong after sideboarding.
    Of course Rest in Peace hoses that deck, and 4-of helps find them or play another after Wear. Oblivion Ring and Heretic Cathar were useful if he did get something out. Aegis of the Gods was a deterrent to Collective Brutality or Cabal Therapy.
    I sided out Suppression Field, would only have done good against his fetches and maybe Griselbrand. Also took out Warchief and Marshal, as pump doesn't matter much when he either goes off or doesn't.
    Plains-Mox-any white card- either Chalice for 1 or Rest in Peace was key before he had a chance to get going.
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  • posted a message on Soldier Stompy
    Maybe I was onto something thinking my Soldier white weenie had a shot in Legacy

    I hadn't thought of an artifact lockdown element, but I can't say that's a bad idea. I already own playsets of Chalice and Chrome Mox, plus a couple Trinisphere, so I could do that cheap.

    Thalia, Heretic Cathar sounds great to slow down stuff like Sneak and Show while still being useful by herself; Blind Obedience, Authority of the Consuls and Loxodon Gatekeeper don't do much else. In general I play only 2 or 3 of a legendary to avoid dead draws. I am aware that the legend rule only applies to cards with the exact same name and thus I could have Thalia, Guardian of Thraben on the battlefield at the same time.

    The amount of options for Soldier cards is almost overwhelming IMHO.

    I like an all basic manabase not only for budget but also to avoid nonbasic land hate. Without the artifacts, Tomb/City are less useful, cost reductions mean I need mainly white, don't want 3sphere, and Veteran Swordsmith is less of an advantage over Field Marshal.

    Here's my first attempt at updating it:

    PS I wouldn't call this deck SS because that abbreviation seems so associated with a Nazi organization.
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  • posted a message on Proxies in Vintage
    Quote from Brunnun »
    I have heard about that as well. I think I've heard about tournaments in Chicago where you can have up to 15 proxies - that'd make Dredge less than $200. Wish I could find some now that I play :/

    I would also be interested in proxy Vintage if there were tournaments locally. $200 for 15 proxy Dredge is about right, though $700 with 5 proxies or $400 for 10 proxy would be manageable by tournament Magic standards. Bazaar of Baghdad is about $1200 even played. Chalice of the Void and Leyline of the Void are $40 or $50, Bridge from Below is about $25, Undiscovered Paradise $15, Bloodghast $12, a few $3 or $4 cards, the rest $1 or $2.
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  • posted a message on Narcomoeba - from future-shifted uncommon to rare
    It's a couple bucks at uncommon, maybe reprinting it but at rare is a compromise on supply increase/price drop, a lower scale version of things like making Force of Will a mythic in Eternal Masters
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  • posted a message on adventuresON didn't send check for buylist sale
    Quote from KnickM »
    Quote from KingAlanI »
    When I last played a few years ago, I worked well with the adventuresON buylist so I sent some cards a couple months ago and never got the check.
    I mailed on June 12th, it was marked as received on June 20th, and the check never came.
    I sent 2 emails to [email protected] a few days apart that both bounced because their email server said they were out of disk space

    Has anyone else had problems with them lately?
    Tried a phone call? (916) 973-9064 is their listed contact info on their web site.

    Good idea I'll try to get to that soon after Labor Day
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  • posted a message on Quasiduplicate
    Quote from M00NSIDIAN »

    Quote from KingAlanI »
    too bad it's not in a big token color. Selesyna rather than Izzet would be fun.
    Blue is, however, the color of cloning creatures you already have; this effect would probably not come up in Selesnya. Usually they only get copies of creatures as tokens on stuff like Spawnwrithe, i.e. self-replicating creatures. Basically, it'd look a lot different.

    But I do admire what you're saying; if only populate were in this set.

    Yes, it's on-color for that reason, but if it was in green/white it would be fun with populate, big-token makers like Advent of the Wurm and Doubling Season. In blue it could work with Simic especially since Doubling Season also plays into that guild's +1/+1 counter mechanics.
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  • posted a message on CoolStuffInc - Bolas Hype

    Title refers to how much of Bolas' image is genuine versus inflated by himself in-character or exaggerated by WotC for marketing. It draws a good analogy to storytelling techniques generally or to the behavior of real world powerful people including history being written by the victors
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Masterpieces
    Quote from Dom4419 »
    I'm really curious about the contents of those masterpiece boosters. I'd like to preorder some GRN boxes but i'm waiting to see what those contain. I might get less boxes to get one of these

    Maybe it's like Signature Spellbook Jace where you were guaranteed all the nonfoils but the foil was random
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  • posted a message on Buy-A-Box Promo: Impervious Greatwurm
    Gigantosaurus on even more steroids

    I like the lack of trample to keep it from being too powerful by itself
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  • posted a message on Shocklands in GRN - Pax presentation
    Not a surprise. better than making more crummy duals but could have done a good twist like Graven Cairns. in a way I liked the changed flavortext/art as something different but on the other hand it looks asymmetrical if you have copies of different printings
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  • posted a message on Quasiduplicate
    too bad it's not in a big token color. Selesyna rather than Izzet would be fun.
    the flavor text? Niv Mizzet would be proud of that attitude.
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