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  • posted a message on Is this how you use glorious end?
    I use glorious end at my opponent turn. He skip his turn and it goes to my turn. Then if I don't finish him off my current turn, I lose the game.

    Formal warning issued for repeated omission of card tags. -MadMage
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  • posted a message on Dis-allow Exiling a Graveyard
    I have a really nice deck that uses creatures from my graveyard to power up my creatures.

    I can still get back easily if all creatures from my graveyard gets exiled, because I have a lot of cards that also put cards in the graveyard. However this situation may be life or death for me, that exiling of my graveyards will happen to me one day and I want to prepare for it.

    So I am wondering if you guys know a card or a idea or anything, I'd love to know! Thanks.
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  • posted a message on Spells and countering.
    When I use flashfreeze to counter a opponents sorcerer, does my opponent can still able to cast his guttersnipe creature ability.
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  • posted a message on Using The Negate Card

    So I have a friend who played MTG for a long time. I am confused with both answers. One is simple and makes sense, the other one is very complicated.

    He said that Negate card's description means what it says on the card; It is simple and can counter everything else but it can't counter creature spells.

    However the Chat says it works like this,

    I put Negate on the stack right after opponent puts any card in stack to avoid it from being successfully turn into “creature”, and creature would be everything but land. Noncreature means "it's not a creature" A "spell" is something that is in the process of being cast, while it is on the stack. A card in your hand, or on the battlefield, or anywhere but the stack, is not a "spell", so Cancel cannot target it.
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  • posted a message on White/Red Ally (Budget)
    Hey you guys.

    Here is a budget Ally deck that I found and edit. I was wondering if there was a way to increase the effectiveness of this deck without going money overboard. It is a budget deck, so I expect it to be under $120 or less in total of cards. I just checked this deck out so far and it was about $46.

    You guys can edit the deck any way you want to improve it, but hopefully you do it in low budget.

    The sideboard will look goofy but maybe you can help it!

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  • posted a message on With the new Amonkhet's Planeswalker Decks, Liliana or Gideon?
    With the leakages so far, which of these decks would you choose if you have to and why?
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  • posted a message on What is your favorite Modern deck and why?
    budget mono red burn because it's easy to build and can be very strong.
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  • posted a message on Nintendo Switch or MM17 Booster Box?
    Both are coming out March, the Switch is coming out 2 weeks ahead of MM17's release. Choose a Nintendo Switch or a MM17 Booster Box as if price was not a factor and that both are good?
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  • posted a message on The First Name Thread
    First name is Dave, last name is Le
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  • posted a message on Some of my gold cards don't have that foil icon on the bottom.
    Some of my gold cards don't have that foil icon on the bottom. Is this normal for these cards?

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  • posted a message on First Strike & Blocking
    Quote from Artscrafter »
    Yes, blocking creatures can benefit from first strike. (Wall of Razors wouldn't make much sense otherwise.)

    Creatures don't attack twice, even with double strike, though a creature with double strike will generally deal combat damage twice. What happens is that the combat phase will have two separate combat damage steps if a creature with first strike or double strike is involved.

    First, creatures with first strike or double strike deal damage.

    Then, creatures with double strike and those that didn't deal damage the first time deal damage.

    A creature that just has first strike only deals combat damage once.

    Perfectly understood, thanks!
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  • posted a message on First Strike & Blocking
    When my creature with first strike blocks, does it get first dibs? I know attacking will allow it to attack before the enemy.

    Another question is, is first strike creatures able to do 2 separate attacks during it's attack turn, like double strike?
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  • posted a message on Learning Madness
    Gotcha guys, I totally get it now! Thanks a bunch! This is the hardest "key word action" I've ever had to learn, trying to learn it was madness!
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  • posted a message on Learning Madness
    Quote from willdice »
    When you discard (for whatever reason) a card with Madness, the card goes to the Exile zone rather than the Graveyard. If that was part of a spell or ability, the rest of the effect finishes resolving before anything else.

    Then, you may cast that card from the exile zone. You follow all steps of casting the spell - you move it to the Stack zone, choose targets if needed (like a creature or player for Fiery Temper), and calculate then pay its total cost (using the madness cost as the 'base' cost rather than its regular mana cost).

    From there, it works like regular spell of its type. When it resolves, if it is an instant or sorcery, it has its effect and goes to the graveyard (not exile). If it is a permanent type like a creature, it enters the battlefield.

    I don't know what you mean with "The creature has no spells to cast". The creature is the spell, creatures don't "have" spells.

    Sorry mate, I now know that creatures are also spells. I was intended to say creatures are separate from other spells like enchantments and instants, and that creatures don't contain wordings such as Deal 3 damage to target creature or player.

    Quote from Rezzahan »
    All madness spells work the same. Your understanding is not yet correct. Madness consists of several steps. First, when something makes you discard the madness card, you exile it. This triggers the second part of the madness ability, and that goes on the stack where it has to wait until it gets to resolve (all players can do stuff before this happens). When the trigger resolves, you get to cast the spell, prety much like normal, except that you play the card from exile, the casting cost is the madness cost, and the timing is unusual. when you cast the spell, it goes onto the stack, and from there on it behaves like any other spell. Nothing in the madness ability makes it exile again, the card goes whereever it would normally go when the spell resolves, and stays there. Instants and sorceries go to the graveyard, and any permanent spell is put on the battlefield as a permanent.

    So before resolving, the card goes to a stack, is this stack the exile? And WOW! HOLY...., you mean when I cast a creature spell through madness, it goes to the battlefield instead of being used just once and going to the grave afterward?

    I believe I have a significantly better understanding of the mechanics of madness. Thanks for help Rezzahan and wildice
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  • posted a message on Learning Madness
    I've Google'd and try to read what Madness do, however I am a newbie. I don't understand the Magic language all that much, so I try to translate it to newbie Magic language. I've kind of learned Madness earlier from the Chat room here on MTGSalvation.

    When your opponent cast a spell to make you discard a card in your hand. You exile it and then pay it's madness cost to cast a spell from a card, let's say the card is a instant and it's name is Fiery Temper. You cast that instant and then it goes to exile.

    I think I understand how to use madness on spells. However my question is, what if it is a creature with madness? The creature has no spells to cast, let's say it's a Bloodmad Vampire. When I am able to discard it to exile, I cast it's madness, then what does it do? It has no spells.

    Here's how I think it works? - When I exile it from madness, then do I just use my creature to attack once more before it permanently goes into exile?

    I hope you guys understand where I am coming from, I am kind of bad at writing and may confuse some of you guys, which I hope not too much..
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