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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Netdecking vs. creating your own deck
    Ok, so what I believe about netdecking is when people do it, there are only a few reasons for doing so.

    1.You want to win
    2.You are too lazy to make your own deck
    3.You don't know how to make your own deck

    Net decking in my opinion can only cause bad because it harms the diversity of certain formats like modern and such, but even worse is when everyone is copying each others deck, the prices for the cards shoot up and if someone wants to use a card that's used in one of those net decks in one of their brews, guess what. They're paying out the butt just because it happens to be a powerful card and people are sheep that just follow the pros and their strategies because of the 3 reasons I've stated. Now I do understand if someone doesn't know how to build a deck and think that using someone else's deck will help them better understand deck building. Well you know what's a better way to do it, show it to some people who know how to deck build and they can tell you a lot more than playing with a net deck will. I'm seriously sick of people who just think that netdecking is the only way to win because they tend to win, well guess what. The guy who made the eldrazi deck that broke modern had to brew it, everyone else just leeched off his work to win tournaments which in my opinion is lazy and selfish. That's my opinion on netdecking, goodnight
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