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  • posted a message on x2 lorwyn booster boxes down and...
    So I opened 2 booster boxes and got 1 cryptic command and 1 thoughtseize. Each in different boxes. Whats up with that lol. Thoughtseize is already going for 25+ a card.

    Thoughtseize the new tarmogoyf as far as price goes?

    Other then that I'm happy with what I got. I got all 5 planeswalkers and an extra Ves and the white planeswalker. Some nice rares and uncommon. I have organized them all by color and card type. I built an all elf deck I LOVE. I dont know how well it will do, but I like it.

    So after this headache goes away im going to start some deck building.

    QUESTION: The book that comes in the fatpack that lists all the cards in the lorwyn set. Is there a way of getting one with out buying a fatpack?

    Bold red text is reserved for moderators. Also, we have two separate threads that this could have gone in (here and here).
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  • posted a message on Diets
    Lean meat like skinless chicken for diner (one breast and some veggies), an apple or some veggies as snacks throughout the day. And 30 min of cardio a day will cut you into a lean mean magic playing machine.

    STAY AWAY from soda EVEN DIET SODA, candy and chips. SODA IS RAELLLY BAD!
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  • posted a message on What are you doing for Lorwyn?
    Buying a pack, a few packs a box a few boxes? Or nothing at all?

    I’m getting a booster box today and maybe a turny box this weekend after I go through all the contents of the booster box.

    Are you going to any sanctioned release parties this weekend?
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  • posted a message on Now batting... #1... [NYC Dark Knights]!!!
    Quote from Spliff_Saunders
    are you serious or just trying to be funny? if you are trying to be funny.. u get the thumbs down

    MY 50th post. Killer Sig here I come!

    on no i already blew it in making a new friend with a cool grill. I guess im on the wrong meds.
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  • posted a message on What is the meaning of life?
    To get to the point you no longer need to ask “what’s the meaning of life”, and “what’s out there”. It only holds you back from your potential.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalkers
    More planeswalkers?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Sixth Color Discussion
    yes or no

    This is now the Official Thread for all sixth color discussion. Any new threads on this topic will be merged with this one. -extremeicon
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  • posted a message on Now batting... #1... [NYC Dark Knights]!!!
    I see most of well about all of you are outside the Island. Anyone in this group of bff4ev4 live on the Island? Or go to NG?

    Also where is a good place to play magic and meet people other the NG, that happens to be on the Island? Also somewhere on the island there has to be a place that’s cheaper the NG for buying mtg cards.

    I moved to NY over a year ago and just got put on new meds, so I can leave my house with out thinking I'm going to be kidnapped by a government agency or aliens. So now I can meet people with out wetting myself in fear. Believe it or not that is why I don’t know anyone in the city yet.

    SO who wants to hang out *twitch*
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  • posted a message on Magneto vs. Transformers
    this is a joke right? LOL
    Transformers are made out of (i forget what its called) the stuff Magneto
    can move with his mind... :p

    hands down Magneto.
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  • posted a message on most expensive card ever?
    So do you think MTG "accidentally" puts out a few misprints or mistakes intentionally?
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  • posted a message on Dude...I just saw a Magic commercial on TV.
    Quote from Owlperson2007
    Nice to see WotC uploading something themselves, I'm not a fan of the Pro-Tour because I just play for fun, but it's a shame the previews aren't longer or clearer.

    ya they are in pretty poor quality. But youtube is not the best at keeping the quality of the vids uploaded.
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  • posted a message on Now batting... #1... [NYC Dark Knights]!!!
    I mean, do you guys get together in real life or is it just an online thing?
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  • posted a message on Word Association.
    Word association.

    You can only post ONE word that some how goes with the word above.
    No back to back posts. (You can’t reply to your self)

    Bird… I think you get it.

    (if this is a repost just go ahead and delete this. I looked and did not see one.)

    to start it off the word is

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  • posted a message on Popular vote vs Electoral College.
    Quote from Owlperson2007
    - Al Gore would have been even an worse president than Bush because he would have been unable to resist his own propaganda lies about global warming,

    Your joking right?
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  • posted a message on most expensive card ever?
    Quote from moldgrim
    the most expensive card is Summer Magic (Edgar) version of Serendib Efreet.



    ok maybe someone can explain to me (a noob) why a card for 3 mana thats a 3/4 that does 1 damage to you on your upkeep is worth 13k????
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