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  • posted a message on Mono white counters Need help making it sing
    Giant Killer has been a great addition, but I'm still getting killed in platinum, Mono red just shocks any of my threats before I can pump them, and Simic plays golos and gets insane, but every game I'm at like 40 life before they turn the tide against me, how do I take advantage of this?
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  • posted a message on Mono white counters Need help making it sing
    So I've been flirting with platinum with this deck on arena

    The basic idea of the deck is take healers hawk or beloved priness and pump them up and they can't be blocked and then we lifelink into oblivion. The whole deck is about giving those two protection and counters. I've noticed even in games I lose I have a ton of life before the tide overtakes me and I get into a losing position. Is there another color I should add? Are there white cards I'm missing?
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  • posted a message on Do shocklands rotate when Ikoria comes out?
    I am a standard player, and I'm a bit unsure of how the new rotation strategy works. When Ikoria comes out will we still have access to shock lands
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  • posted a message on B/W vampires
    I already own Check, Shock, and fast lands in BW but my ixalan vampires standard deck was a lot of fun. What can I put into the standard BW vampire deck to really make it sing. unfortunately it looks like white vampire support is only in ixalan so what else can I do? worth it to go three colors for red? maybe blue?
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  • posted a message on RG Haste

    Pretty straight forward deck, make Gingerbrute unblockable and pump him, kill threats, bonecrusher and rimrock for additional pressure mid-game, and close out with embercleave or questing beast (NOTE: As they are crazy expensive I am subbing questing beast with Frenzied Arynx currently)

    Could use some tips for sideboard, thanks
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  • posted a message on I'm all in on building around Goldilocks
    "I don't know what it's called, I just know the sound it makes when it takes a man's life"
    - Four leaves, tropic thunder

    So We haven't seen much, but here's my theory on Goldilocks (The girl and the three bears storybook card) you activate it, and kill 3 non-humans and she gets huge. Killing is not typical for green...BUT very high mana cost, and flavor feeds it.

    Shes uncommon, which I'm a little disappointed about because that means shes probably not good enough to center your deck on her. But it seems that the "Page Turn" mechanic may be very mana intensive.

    I really want to play whatever this card is, so I want to play green ramp, but I also want to be competitive against the 20/20 Guilds/Allegiance/Spark meta so I need to pick another color that can combat it. I'm thinking white or black. A green ramp focused strategy with a secondary color to face the meta? what do you guys think?
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  • posted a message on How do I beat control (Any format)
    Mostly modern/standard

    I just, I play something good, they counter it, I have something good going, they kill it, how do you beat control. My meta (Area meta, multiple LGS's) is so freaking heavy in control, I can't side for the control match, I have to main deck for the control match if I want results, How do I beat Control.

    I'm an aggro player, and I'm pretty good. Against any other aggro deck I destroy them, but control, sometimes I get a good hit in and win, but control is so hard to play against. I mean, how do you find the right cards to play when they literally say "No you can't play that" and I don't want to play nothing but control mirrors. I always include indestructible and hex proof trick spells in my deck to try and help me, but it's just not enough. I'm getting to the point where I want to build around the goal of being able to beat control, I just need some tips before I try to brew something up.
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  • posted a message on Living End
    I play a very heavy focus on Land Destruction, I'm thinking of replacing demonic dread with Throes of Chaos ill either hit LE or beast within or fulmination mage and push them back a turn, and I have another chance to trigger in my back pocket. I'm playing a modern event in two weeks and want to know if 1. is this a good idea, and 2. what non-land cards do i need to buy to get ready for the post-horizons meta
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  • posted a message on Feather, the Redeemed
    Wow thank you all so much for responding to my little brew, I got my shell on pre order so I'll give it a try,

    Jeskai is VERY interesting and with a mana base this good why not play three colors will probably drop more money in if I like how the deck feels
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  • posted a message on RW Feather Land Destruction

    I started building around Feather with combat tricks, and came across the combo of feather and seismic shift, reoccurring land destruction every turn, seems pretty legit. Still working out the sideboard and was thinking some of the uncommon planes walkers with good passive abilities and more or less removal/card draw depending on what my match up is. Also some of the life gain combat tricks because I think mono red is going to be a real player in this meta. Is this combo feasible?
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  • posted a message on Orzhov Deathtouch Control
    So the basic idea of this deck is an control deck disguised as a aggro deck. It focuses on death-touching everything the opponent has and then winning by your afterlife flyers or Ill-Gotten Inheritance Here's my rough draft first thought

    So that's 38, I have all the dual lands I could need, so I can do whatever I want to figure out the manabase later.

    Lots of low cost afterlifers to trade or death touch, and to Fuel Pitiless Pontiff to death touch multiple guys. Lots of two for ones to gain advantage. I have a wipe that can give me some one ones and life gain. Teysa can multiply afterlifers and give them lifelink/vigilance to keep me alive for bigger guys, Ill Gotten Inheritance can be a constant drain on someone with a big finisher. I have lots of life link and control so I think I can get to high mana and cast something ridiculous like Knight of last breath, who gives me 3 power in the air if he dies and can create other flyers if I need too. Basilica Bell-haunt keeps pressure on and gets a free hit but I could probably reduce him. Teysa gives my spirits vigilance and lifelink letting me stall out more until I get a bomb. I feel like I need a win con in this deck, Kinght of last breath is ok, but I think I need something bigger. Ill gotten inheritance was what got me to start thinking of this deck, but honestly it feels like it's kind of clunky, i mean...has someone ever won a pro-tour off a common, so maybe I can keep the idea of the deck and replace ill-gotten with s
    ome disgusting bomb.

    I feel like this concept can have enough control for aggro, and enough advantage for control. I think this could be really fun.

    If I was going to put money into this deck would probably replace Marty or dusk with Tithe Taker

    Some other cards im interested in are
    Hired Poisoner to get a 1 cmc guy ,but I may be wrong, I usually play very aggressive and it feels weird not having a turn one play
    Kaya, Orzhov UsurperBecause you got to have a plansewalker, hates graveyards, gains life, kills llanowar eleves, and an easy ultimate to get to do at least four damage
    Isareth the awakener maybe replace revival with that, but then I'll lose a turn and the option to cut the opponents life and double mine
    Ministrant of Obligation it has afterlife 2 for 3 mana, I feel like theres something here, but I'm probably wrong
    Necrotic Wound I'm going to be trading and sacking guys so I might have enough bodies in the yard to make this relevant
    Hunted Witness Has "Afterlife" and can gain me life and 1cmc (Again, I would like some turn one guys)
    Doomed Dissenter Has Afterlife that makes a 2/2, not much other then that
    Ajani, Adversary of tyrants Can protect himself by bringing back and afterlifer, can pump my spirits, possibilites?
    Mentor of the Meek most of my creature base is under 2 + afterlife, get cards, is that worth a spot on the team?
    Remorseful cleric possible sideboard for control to be used in tangent with Kaya
    Kitesail Freebooter Just a solid card, could use against control, I think Kaya is the vs Control win condition (I have a lot of control in my meta)
    Vraska's Contempt Just a solid all purpose removal with life gain, but I think Mortify is better for cost and budget reasons
    Sphinx of the Guildpact Possible finisher

    So that's what I'm working on right now, any tips?

    I haven't been playing lately, what's the meta like? I didn't think about goblin chainwhirler while i was doing this, is that going to be a problem?
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  • posted a message on R/W i want to survive long enough to start doing tricks
    I'm new to commander, i have a mono red deck, i've seen some decks that have crazy commander decks that swing 20+ commander damage pretty early and i want to be able to get around those, and i want to be able to survive long enough to play all those crazy red cards like goblin game warp world and scrambleverse and really mess up the board, i like slivers so i have 1 of every red and white sliver, but i feel like the curve could use some work, so what are some good red and white cards that i could play on curve and get to the 7-8 mana that's needed to play those, i've thought about red rituals to ramp up to get at least one of those cards off a little earlier this deck is not made to win, its made to screw the board up as much as possible and really play politics and white has some good low cost politic cards too, so what is a good white/red shell that i could put the crazy red and white cards in. I just need to survive long enough to start playing the high cost, totally mess up the game cards

    right now I'm looking at tajic, blade of the legion to be my commander any tips? i have the high cost cards i want, but i need a low curve that can play very defensively block flying commanders, and let me start randomizing the game so much i MIGHT come out on top. I really want to stick to having the slivers because if i warp world and get a bunch of slivers that could be really devastating looking for a deck that could win, or change the game at least if i dont i change the game, and i plan on having gamble so if i see the opportunity to screw up the board with something i take it

    I need alot of help with the white part, i have axis of mortality and alliance of arms alms collector arbiter of knowledge archangel of strife balance balancing act benevolent offering,there seems to be a white concurrence in sacraficing all but one of something, but that hurts the sliver strategy, should i drop slivers?

    I want to stay alive long enough to start doing insane tricks, any tips for a deck like this?
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  • posted a message on B/W vampires
    Thread creator here, I just got my order from star city (4 ofs of every decent vampires except for Elena and Twilight Prophet)

    I neglected Forsaken Chapel because an aggro deck just can't work on a tap land, but i might be wrong, the win conditions seem to be black, while the better early game seems to whtie (I'm thinking of switching Gifted with Adanto Vangaurd) But i feel that's too man white two drops, but aetherbrone is BB so that makes it more complicated

    I bumped to three legions landing and 3 duskborne Skymarcher iknstead of 2/4 i had before, landing can cause ascension easier giving you 2 permanents for 1 but skymarcher triggers Mavren better then Skymarcher Aspirant The problem here is twilight prophet I'm running one, but i have 2, is she good enough? Good toughness, flying, could potentaly drain 3 life 1/4 times by that point in the game and gives you a bonus card, would be good in grindy matches

    Martyr of dusk he replaces himself, 2 power, good for ascend to trigger twilight prophet, should I split him with Vangaurd to get that 3 power aggro that i can pay life to keep alive so good for devotion and the hopefully game winning swing with sanctum seeker Liking having ascend doesn't have to totally depend on prophet, it can help seeker, which i belive is the main win condition of this deck

    Dusk Legion Zelot I've heard mixed opinions about this guy, but i think he's ok, running 1 unless someone can make the case that he is a 4 of

    Legion Lieutenant I'm going to try a 4 of him first, he seems really good, good for when you have to go wide, better than Metallic mimic in my opinion because you can drop him on turn 4 and get 3 extra power, he's not restricted to being only really good as a two drop

    Gifted Aetherborne Definitely wanted to keep him, this guy changes the board 50% of the time his BB is a little restrictive but he's really good.

    Mavren Fien, Dusk Apostle Triggers mainly off the Duskborne Skymarcher but can help board stalls, giving you an extra guy

    Queens Commission I perfer this to Call to the feast because i can turn 3 this into sanctum seeker, attack with a potentially 3/2, and three 2/2's and drain for 4

    Front Runner of the Legioni debated this guy alot but, imm thinking I could grab my close be him Seeker, Bishop or Twilight whichever would win me the game, what do you think

    Sanctum Seeker if you don't get wiped, a rarity on turn 4, but you could drain so much with this guy he seems to be the best win condition so I really want to put him at 4 i'm just having trouble finding a store with one but people have told me that you don't need 4 of a card you could draw into too soon

    Twilight Prophet i own 2, is this a card you have to build around, buy 4 of, i opened one at pre release and it just got killed immediately but i feel like blessing can be easy to get with this deck

    1 Cast Out I perfer flash to ixalan, because this deck has such a fast clock maybe that one extra turn could let you get though

    1 bishop of the bloodstained The biggest drop in the deck, I feel like he's the one I have to explain most, I pulled out Vona, Butcher of Magan because she just dies to glorybringer but with bannings could that be less popular? The deck is very heavy aggro so there could be situations where you just resolve him and win with the 3 drain just casting him near the end of the game could get you, and with the ability to both pull him, and pump him, by casting Forerunnner of the legion Puts him as the single 5 drop in my deck

    I don't really have a sideboard yet, my meta is heavy in control and I only beat it with Duresss so I wan to run 4 of those

    I also have 2 whole playsets of both the black and white pain desert Shefet Dunes to go wide and gain a ton of life and Ifnir Deadlands to remove chumps for the big swing, you have some pretty good life gain in this deck so the pain is minimal, so why not run 4 of each

    So that's what i'm running right now, haven't tested it but would like some pointers
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  • posted a message on Building a crazy mono red commander deck...but i'm thinking of going R/W
    Basically the deck is not about winning, it's about nonsense, some of the cards include

    Just a few examples, cards that make the table complicated and crazy, I've only played it a few times, actually won a 1v1 game against a really spikey commander deck, and in multiplayer everyone loved it. To smooth out my curve I also play basically every red sliver as my creature base, hell i even run tibalt, the fiend-blooded just because he's sooooo bad.

    right now my commander is Kamahl, Pit Fighter as my commander purely because he's my favorite magic character, I'm looking though the red/rare filter to find new cards for it, and I came across Avacyn, the purifier shes white but becomes red, so I'm assuming i could use her as my commander in a white red commander deck

    I figured I could get access to all the white slivers, white's great removal, as well as cards like

    What do you think, should i stick to mono red? this deck has a high mana cost so I need a good early game to stay alive long enough to start doing shenanigans but i find people attack eachother more because they're seen as "real threats" so i'm left alone for a while, so i can get to the mana to get those insane cards off, but i'm also thinking of all the red mana acceleration cards to go off faster, if i can just get one scrambleverse or warp world off i'll be happy (also warp world can get me a bunch of slivers who will all power each other up)

    I'll have the slivers early game and look all innocuous and then once the game gets to turn 7-8 as commander games seem to do, the craziness starts to happen, and i think white can make the deck much more viable and actually win, because commander is about fun, and wouldn't it be so funny if the crazy deck that wrecks everyone, ends up winning, that's the ultimate joke. And if I decide not to do crazy stuff, Avacyn protects all my slivers from a wipe so I can go aggro if it looks like i can kill someone that way (though her flipping would probably kill all of them)

    Avacyn put the idea of going W/R in my head but here are some other commanders I thought of

    I kind of want to avoid commander set cards, i know it's stupid, but it's just this aversion i have, i personally hate the idea of commander cards, it's hard to explain, I really like Tajic

    I really like slivers and would love to keep them as part of the deck, I haven't looked but i'm sure white has some crazy cards that mess with the game, think of it as not reverse group hug, but group kurfulffel, get early aggro with the slivers start very innocuous to distract people and get them focused on REAL commander decks, then start warping and ******* up the board/game in insane ways

    again, this is not to win, but winning would be nice, any suggestions?
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  • posted a message on Rivals speculation purchases
    okay ive been interested in speculative magic since i sold my scarab god for 10 bucks and got burned, so if we're going to make cash then the card has to amazing, but not on the face so it's not 20 dollars instantly, right now I'm looking at journey to eternity this card could be sick, great for aggro decks against control. I'm a little biased because the charlotte meta has ALOT of control in it, but what do you guys think?

    Oh wait, i thought it was 1BG return a creature, maybe not so good, but still i want this to be a goldfish speculation thread, what do you guys think
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