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  • posted a message on Hoping to compile a list of Reanimate/Recursion tools that can be used immediately when creatures die.
    You're welcome, I came up with more than I thought I would.

    Reanimation is one of my favourite mechanisms, so the more tech I know the better I can do it. I've checked over decklists and found another few corner cases.

    Prized Amalgam
    Angel of Glory's Rise

    Both very specific. Angel has been really good in my bruna build, the deck that just won't stay down.
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  • posted a message on Hoping to compile a list of Reanimate/Recursion tools that can be used immediately when creatures die.
    Faith's Reward is top notch. It's not just creature recursion, it's everything recursion.

    If it's 'same turn recursion' there's a pretty small list and you've got most of them. Probably top of the list is Saffi Erkisdotter. Crazy good card.

    False Demise and Fool's Demise, Unhallowed Pact, Broken Fall, Lifeline.

    That's all I can think of right now.
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  • posted a message on Nissa's Spanish Inquisition!
    You're probably right. There's not much room in the list for vanilla at any rate, and I have my fair share of beaters, so it's probably not necessary, even early game.
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  • posted a message on Nissa's Spanish Inquisition!
    I thought Indrik was 5. Well, I should read cards properly. At 5 it was a maybe, at 6 a no. Beast Whisperer I’ll definitely try, probably in place of Soul. I’ve found myself deterred by the CMC too often lately.

    Pelt Collector probably does have an upper limit for growth that isn’t fantastic. To be honest I was more just interested in it for its CMC. Early game I can see it being great. Later on maybe not. Entirely possible I’ve overestimated it.
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  • posted a message on Nissa's Spanish Inquisition!
    Guilds of Ravnica Review:

    The set has just been fully spoiled, so let's unpack it! To be fair, I really didn't expect a ton of value from Ravnica, considering the guild setup. Nonetheless, there's value in digging through every set, so I'll run through some considerations for the deck and see what comes up.

    Affectionate Indrik - I...actually kinda like this. It's a mini Polukranos, World Eater, and there's plenty of targets things it could fight for value, especially if I can make it be bigger, recur it, or recur its ability. The CMC is higher than I'd like to see, but it's not without its charms. I may look at where I could squeeze it in.
    Beast Whisperer - This is decent. It competes for a slot with Soul of the Harvest, and it's a dead heat. Lower CMC, but no evasion. Decent stats, but only draws on cast. Not a 'may' ability, but because its only on cast the chances of decking myself are very, very slim. If this is reasonably priced, I'll likely pick up a copy and see how it plays out. Plus its an elf, so Wirewood Symbiote can protect it.
    Generous Stray - As a cat lover and owner, I can confirm that the flavour here is so, so good. Elvish Visionary 2.0, it's probably not quite as good as Skyscanner from M19, which I haven't tried out yet either. It's a consideration, but not a shoe in.
    Pelt Collector - I can see this guy getting big quickly. My creatures die, they bounce, they get cast (obviously), and a reasonable amount of them are bigger than this guy. Synergy with Panharmonicon, too. I may well try him out.
    Impervious Greatwurm - He's big, he's stompy, he can be cast cheap. Classic green rare monster. I'm not really interested. Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar is my current beater, and he is often considerably bigger than this guy. Plus, the chances of me buying a box is pretty rare.

    It really is slim pickings here. There are probably only 2 artifacts that could be considered here, and neither is of any value to us. Silent Dart and Wand of Vertebrae are not for us. It's great for other decks to see shocks printed again, but we're really not interested, obviously.

    So, all in all, a predictably small pile I'd like to playtest. Which my wallet is really happy about.

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  • posted a message on Overinvested
    So I can see where you got the impression that I'm complaining about power discrepancy, but that's not actually the problem either. The core of the problem is that I feel like I can get overanxious about the results of the game, causing me to be a bad sport, in multiple EDH scenarios - one of which is when I play against someone with an uncreative, high-powered deck that wins in a way I feel is unearned, and another is when I'm playing a deck that I have significant attachment to. Power level discrepancies can bring out my anxiety and anger, but I need to solve the anxiety, not the discrepancies.

    I don't really have a fix, but I can relate. It frustrates me because it doesn't seem fair in a format where social contracts are important. If you win a straight up arm wrestle, I'll tell you I had fun. If you combo off, I'll say gg, but it'll be grudging and I'll suggest that next time you bring a deck that scales to the rest of the group instead of handing beatings downwards. That's how it seems to me, a lot of the time - some people just enjoy being bullies. I'll call this sort of person a dick. There are, however, some out there that just....don't get it, and think everyone enjoys having their ass handed to them in an unfair fight. I'll try and illuminate them gently. Either way in both of those situations I think the frustration is justified. I mostly play online, where anyone can build any deck they like, so there's a lot of degeneracy.

    There's one specific card I see a lot of that's really starting to frustrate me - I've been a good sport about it, but it's an immediate kill switch, and I don't like that, so I can see myself ranting at someone eventually; Aetherflux Reservoir. Being able to nullify what my deck can do simply by gaining more than ten life is galling.

    I dunno, I think maybe the fix is to take a step back and see the bigger picture - in these games, anything you can do to fight back you should consider a win, and you definitely shouldn't take it personally - either for your sake of the sake of your build. The fault lies with the person who threw the social aspect of EDH to the wayside.
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  • posted a message on Overinvested
    I've been thinking about the sorts of decks that I might try building to attempt to assuage my inner demons, and right now I'm thinking something along the lines of a proactive control deck. Extremely reactive control decks like Phelddagrif are really cool and unique strategically, and can definitely be fun, but they can also be kind of stressful since you're vulnerable in a lot of ways without a strong board presence, oftentimes I'm effectively policing the entire table, it's very difficult to play well, and also it almost always wins via people scooping because the games goes too long :p So I'm thinking maybe something life Raff Capashen that can play to the board while still keeping up answers to block stupid stuff, and wins on a reasonable time scale.

    Not really a permanent fix, because I still love designing difficult to play, politic-heavy, reactive control builds, but it's still something worth experimenting with.

    It's funny how control is commonly reduced to blue permission. It has many faces and many strategies. I also find passive control to be frustrating sometimes. When an aggro or combo player is fixed on dominating the table there really isn't much you can do, and policing the table is laborious.

    It may not be a permanent fix, but sometimes shifting the way you think temporarily is enough to deter your frustration into the future. I say build Raff - I've seen some strong builds around him, he should be fun.

    Of my decks, I think my athreos actually has an OK chance against cEDH since it can semi-reasonably kill someone as early as turn 3 (theoretical turn 2 with a god hand) with a little help from a co-conspirator (which ought to be easy to get when the other player is pulling some serious BS like that), but that requires a good draw which I didn't have, and cEDH guy had 4 mana on turn 1 because mana crypt is totally a boon to the format Rolleyes Anyway ofc I don't judge my decks based on how they perform in those scenarios, but it's still the sort of conflict that tends to stress me out. In retrospect I should have said "no thanks, I don't like playing against cEDH decks" but oh well. Heat of the moment. (btw it was jhoira not jeleva but who cares)

    These conflicts stress me out, too. Problem is I also like a challenge Grin . I have a couple of decks that potentially could go toe to toe with something competitive but I agree that it's not a good metric; as soon as it is, it changes what you're wanting the deck to be.

    Jhoira, Jeleva, tomayto, tomato: both are known for degeneracy. I'd be aiming to target anyone who sits down to play against me with either one.

    FWIW, the metric for a good game is not necessarily one I win, but one in which all contributors have a great time. The metric for my decks is generally evaluated over a couple of games. How well the cards synergise, how many lines of play I have, how fun it is to pilot and play against....generally synergy is the most crucial. It is also the metric most easily disrupted by interference from other decks, unfortunately. That might be where some of the frustration is coming from, simply because brewing is so far removed from actual play.
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  • posted a message on Overinvested
    I can kind of relate. I love the brewing process and creating a meld of mechanisms that synergise and lead to different lines of play. And it frustrates me when that doesn't work out how I want it to. I feel like maybe it's a disconnect between the brewing process and the way the deck plays outside a vacuum - certainly seems to be, in my case. It's part of the reason I'm more interested in toolbox/quasi-control builds these days; there may not be a specific game plan or a win-con I set up every game, but I run enough answers to have stamina through a reasonable amount of problems.

    This guy you talk about with the Jeleva deck would piss me off too, FWIW. And I would also try to take him down a peg or two, but ultimately it does seem like the best way to deal with him is just to not game with him, and leave pods that he joins, tell your friends how he games and such. That's neither here nor there in relation to the original topic, but his actions do move the goalposts for success with your brews. Certainly, I would try not to judge my decks in relation to his, considering Jeleva is known for being a strong cEDH deck.
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  • posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.
    Had a brutal Dralnu win today.

    Dralnu vs Animar, Kaalia, Mizzix.

    Had some early pitches with Ancient Excavation, putting Consecrated Sphinx and Tidespout Tyrant in yard. Flashbacked Ancient Excavation for 4, got threshold for Stitch Together and reanimated Sphinx. Next turn did the same with Tyrant, with no repercussions. I had permission in hand and mana open anyway. Clocked away a couple of turns keeping threats off the board, and then Kaalia has a big turn, playing Rune-Scarred Demon, searching up Lord of the Void, swings with Kaalia, Lord, Utvara Hellkite and associated tokens and Aegis Angel - some at me, some at Mizzix. I take 22, but I Cyclonic Rift his Lord, and Tyrant his Kaalia to hand. He chooses it to stay there.

    On Mizzix's turn I draw into Archfiend of Ifnir and Whispering Madness, wait the turn out then play Archfiend followed by Madness for 7. It shreds the board, and Kaalia goes to graveyard. I Cipher Madness to Tyrant, go to combat phase, everyone sweeps immediately. It felt mean, but sometimes it all just comes together. I could've kept getting meaner anyway, as it was at the point that Tyrant was going to start bouncing lands, and I also had Tendrils of Agony in hand.

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  • posted a message on The most fun EDH Cards - Version 2
    Quote from DirkGently »
    Been really digging a lot of the flip cards, especially the land ones from ixalan. I like cards that create a sort of minigame around them.

    I also dig some of the high-skill cards like fact or fiction and intuition. Really wish gifts was unbanned (or at least I think I do).

    Agree with flip card assessment. A couple of hoops to jump through isn't the worst thing in the world, and transform is a cool, fun mechanic. Some are better than others, but the Ixalan ones were fantastic, and the flip-walkers from Origins are great, too. Special shout out to Nissa from me.

    I really agree with the 'high-skill' cards, too, although I think 'difficult choice' cards fits better. Fact or Fiction is great because it presents an opportunity for the caster to gain advantage, but also an opportunity for the opponent to deny said advantage, IF he or she chooses well enough. An interesting variant of this that I've known about for a while but only seen in action recently is Choice of Damnations. It wasn't cast on me, but it really took a few minutes of head-scratching for me to assess how I would've answered it, and I'm not sure I had it right. That's what cool about these cards - the best answer is totally open to interpretation.
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  • posted a message on Dralnu, Two Parts Control, One Part Reanimator
    Oh yeah, I’m convinced that both Nezahal and tendrils are good adds that add value. As far as the dinosaur goes I had underestimated how many spells are noncreature. There’s ramp, removal, sweepers (which he can survive), the list goes on. Tendrils is just super easy to go off with, it’s a no-brainer.

    It might be worth looking at options for graveyard exile. Suffer the past does look fun. Otherwise I guess there’s Relic, Bog, Crypt, and the relatively new Crook of Condemnation.

    EDIT: I like Lazav (although I like the earlier iteration more) but I think he’d be an uneasy fit here. That being said, I really like the surveil mechanic, and on the right card there could be some great additions. Worth consideration as spoilers come through.
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  • posted a message on The Return of the Dream EDH Ban List Poll
    Cards I think should be considered:
    Doubling Season - there's no way to use it without degeneracy, in fact it's only gotten worse since superfriends became a major thing.
    Food Chain - While I don't see it that often, again it isn't used outside of a broken context.
    Metalworker - I respect that it isn't on the list, and I can see why it isn't. I can also see how there's plenty of fuel for an argument to put it back on the list.

    Cards I play that I can concede are frustrating or borderline for a questionable ban:
    Consecrated Sphinx
    Paradox Engine
    Cyclonic Rift
    Tooth and Nail

    I can understand why all of the cards from the second list are considerable for banning. They're all strong. 3 of the 4 I play in the same deck, even. I'm just glad that they aren't.

    I can also see and sympathise with an argument for banning of strict tutors - I'm happy to leave that as the individual's choice - it's restrictively expensive enough that I don't see them that often.
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  • posted a message on Archtypes you're NOT yet burned out on
    - Control: That doesn't necessarily mean permission and counter.dec. To me, control is more accurate threat assessment than negating every possible spell that might enter the battlefield. It means having different ways to win, different ways to answer various board states, and more than anything else, I learn more about these sort of decks and the complexities of the game each time I pick up this sort of deck. My three most controlly decks are Nissa, Bruna and Dralnu. I love them all, they all play differently, and they all ask some degree of 'thinking outside the box' to pilot.

    - Reanimator: I don't know why, I'm a necromancer at heart. There's a bit of bleedover (pardon the pun) with control and reanimator in a lot of my decks, these are just two of the elements I really get a kick from every time.

    - Politics: I don't have any particular deck that plays specifically to this theme - my Zedruu build is chaos as much as anything - although several of my decks work better when played in the context of political intrigue rather than a race to the finish line. Again, there's a bit of blurring the lines where control, politics and threat assessment meet. This is the part of EDH I probably struggle most with, but it's where games can be won or lost. More importantly, it's where games get the most fun, if all goes well: the best example I can think of in this respect - Collective Voyage is steadily becoming my favourite card to play. Not because it allows me to combo off, but because every single time I've ever played it, the game has only got more epic, more hilarious, or more fun.
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  • posted a message on Dralnu, Two Parts Control, One Part Reanimator
    Quote from benjameenbear »
    Nezahal, Primal Tide, depending on the decks that you're playing against, is sometimes even better than the SPhinx. The ability to protect itself for free is really quite awesome. There used to be a heavier Storm/Spell-slinger presence in my meta, which has tapered off pretty sharply, but there were times when Nezahal drew me 10+ cards in a turn cycle. When an opponent is chaining together Tutor effects, casting enchantments, and recurring the 'yard in one turn, it was easy to draw an overwhelming number of cards and often win on my next turn.

    And sometimes the 7 power it boasts is not bad either for going down the beat-down route.

    However, it really depends on your meta. If there isn't a high presence of non-creature spells being cast in your meta then the Sphinx is ultimately better. It may not be a bad idea to run both. When I played Tasigur Reanimator, before I switched it to Tasigur Flash Hulk, I found that Jin-Gitaxias drew me too much attention and started affecting my ability to interact. I think that Nezahal might be a more politically palatable Reanimator target that comes with some solid card draw without wiping out your opponents' hands. Otherwise, I think cutting It That Betrays is a good choice.

    Alright. So I did a little playtesting. I just played a game against Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, Muldrotha, the Gravetide and Zedruu the Greathearted. It was a rough game, and I didn't win. Honestly, I really hate playing against Muldrotha, he just does not run out of juice.

    As a result, I have to admit, Nezahal, Primal Tide is a decent draw engine. Noncreature covers a lot of ground. And he's hard to get rid of. I'm going to track down a copy and see what he can do on a regular basis. For my build I can see him causing rage quits if I ever manage to get Tamiyo, the Moon Sage's emblem, too.

    Tendrils of Agony came up, too. It's easy enough to storm for a decent amount. This game I strung a whole lot of mana rocks together after they were bounced for a 7 storm count, but I could easily see it coming off of things like Frantic Search and the windfall variants. It'd be even more disgusting with Leyline of Anticipation, in terms of stealing someone else's storm. So I will definitely look at where it might slot in to my build. I dropped Dismember for it, but I'll give that a bit of thought, as Dismember is strong, cheap spot removal.
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