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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Hey gang, long time lurker, first time poster (here).

    Been on dredge for almost 2 years now and I think the best way to jam Chill into our lists is to cut some chaff, whilst also maintaining a fair density of enablers, dredgers, threats, and land. That being said, I know for me personally, I'm cutting one Thug, One horn (previously mentioned), and both Driven//Despair AND Scourge Devil. I'm on the fence about cutting Thug, but I think 2 Thugs are fine, and that we wont miss the extra dredger too much. The list looks something like this:

    Threats/value (16)
    4x Ghast
    4x Amalgam
    4x Narc
    4x Chill

    Dredgers (11)
    4x Stinky
    4x Loam
    2x Thug
    1x Darkblast
    (and Dakmor salvage, mentioned in land)

    Spells/Enablers (14)
    3x Conflagrate
    4x Looting
    4x Mom Hug
    3x Shriekhorn

    Lands can include your preferred manabase, but I would make sure to have access to black mana to hardcast potential chills stuck in your hand; not that this should be a problem for us, we need to cast Darkblast and Stinky sometimes. I am currently toying with the idea of switching to 3 Loam 3 Thug, but I am unsure if that is better off.

    I've found that both Scourge devil and Driven//Despair are subject to variance based on our board, a conclusion many experienced dredge players have reached as well I'm sure. By reducing that variance, I feel as if we can perform on a more consistent level, not to mention that running 3 Conflag also puts many decks on an absurd clock, flipping a Chill on turn 2, 3, or 4 makes our conflagrates almost instantly give our Ghasts haste and is mostly the reason I will be jamming 4 into my list. Against control, its 12 (READ: T W E L V E) damage they can't counter, and vs grindier decks it can help us stabilize. But that's just me. Keep spitballin' gang.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    Abbot does seem pretty sick tbh. Any testing?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    Its not about Claim, its more about Fame tbh. Dire fleet gives us some cute interactions, but Fame has been really sick so far. Pitching it off of a reveler and then smashing for 6 has happened more than once, and giving a souls token haste can kill Jace and other PWs out of nowhere. Its fairly untested, but I'll let you know how it goes. It also breaks the mirror in certain instances. Updates to follow
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    Just a quick note: I have been testing a list with 2x Dire Fleet Daredevil in the main, alongside 2x Claim // Fame, and I'm pretty impressed with the results. Not sure if the cards are too cute, but Fame has actually been much better than Claim. I'll add an update in about a week or so to let you all know if this is a fad. (If anyone is wondering, I'm just trying to up the threat density in the list with the 2x Daredevils.)
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    Hey Gang, just got back from the SCG Classic in Worcester, and boy, was there a spicy Mardu list out there today. It actually top 8'd. Here's the list: http://sales.starcitygames.com//deckdatabase/displaydeck.php?DeckID=119303

    I watched this guy play the list and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. He's a little lighter on removal than we normally are, but with Traverse in the deck we kind of get to do what Death's Shadow does and Dump our hand and play discard, then jam a fatty. Luckily for us, Our fatty draws us three cards. I dont know enough about the list (Or about Pyromancer in general, yet) to judge anything, but seeing it in person, and on paper, the list looks very, very spicy.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    I'd like to echo FlyingDelver on the Fulminator plan; Card seems much better because it will usually trade 2-for-1 in our favor. It can also block the odd creature if it has to. Access to Kommand also makes this seem superior, can really let us get into some crazy lines.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    Hey Gang, Finished putting together my list for Pyromancer yesterday. Went 3-1 at FNM. Trying out a one-of Chandra, mostly because I had her, and there are a ton of control decks in my LGS (You will notice based on report). Pretty happy with the deck; I crushed Humans, then lost to Jeskai Breach, and went on to beat two U/W control decks. Here's the gist:

    Round 1 Humans (2-0)
    Game 1 Felt like a bye; he didnt really have anything going on that would have disrupted me, and I was able to keep him off of Mantis Rider with souls and stuff. Reveler got bounced by reflector mage but I just waited a turn and cast it again. All good from there.
    Game 2 was similar. Kinda gave it to em with EE on 2; ripped it off the top to kill two freebooters and got back some spells. I think Pyro wrapped it up from there. Went pretty well. (Side note: If they have Xathrid Necromancer, Try to buy time to kill that first, can make for some awkward spells/blocks)

    Round 2 Jeskai Breach (0-2)
    I dont even know how to describe the absolutely thorough butt-kicking I took both games. Boarded in two Brutalities, Fulminators etc. but It wasn't near enough. Surgicals never showed up either. I don't even know how to approach the matchup. Feels awful; help is appreciated.

    Round 3 U/W Jace Control (2-1)
    Game 1 I got locked out by a turn 6(?) Jace. Not really much to say there; my opponent played very tight and took away all of my outs.
    Game 2 I managed to hit the nut of T1 Seize, T2 Pyro, Surgical extract your Verdicts, T3 Faithless looting, Flashback souls. An easy wrap up from there with close to 8 Power on board.
    Game 3 was a nail biter. In fact, I think I almost punted. I had totally forgotten that Engineered Explosives says NONLAND Permanents, so My opponent swings for 4 with Colonnade, and I crack thinking that I got em. Instead I kill my Pyro tokens, leaving me with just Reveler. My opponent Plays Jace and Fateseals me, leaving it on top. I draw and its....Manamorphose? I chuckle as I Manamorph into faithless looting and flashback another souls, then smash for 6 with Reveler. Opponent untaps, bounces reveler with Jace (HUGE MISTAKE ON HIS PART, Dont think he knew what was what), and attacks with Colonnade. I untap, jam Reveler and Draw into Fulminator and Kommand. It was a wrap after that, I think I blew up his colonnade and killed his Jace, putting him in topdeck mode.

    Round 4 vs U/W Miracles (2-0)
    I'm going to chalk these games up to my opponent trying something new in modern, and although Terminus is definitely strong, He never saw Entreat to finish off most games. His lack of counterspells definitely cost him, as Souls was easily the MVP of the matchup. Couldn't tell you anything specific, next time I'll have to take better notes!

    Only thing I noticed is that Jeskai is absolutely brutal. Maybe its just inexperience or a lack of sequencing, but I couldnt do anything in the face of Snap-Bolt and Snap-Electrolyze. Feels absolutely awful. Tips are appreciated. Cheers![/cards]
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    Hello Mardu Forum!

    I was looking into building this deck (Pyro/Reveler Version) after seeing it play at the PT, and I was only curious if anyone was playing Abrade? Seems like a very versatile card that hits a few things (Chalice, Bridge, Wurmcoil etc.) that might give us some trouble. Not sure if it is worth the slot, or if it is inefficent in this style of list. Along the same lines, Is Arc Trail a card to consider? Flame Jab?

    After reading up on some of the comments (and many, many pages) I'd also like to know why we aren't playing Harsh mentor vs Lantern? Not sure if he popped up earlier in the conversation, but I notice that he wasn't something actively in contention for slots. Just my .02. Let me know what y'all are thinking. Cheers!
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Hey Gang!

    Small Tournament Report, went 3-1-1 in a field of 23, good enough to tie for 4th

    Round 1 vs Jund (2-0)

    Game 1 was kind of a joke, He doesnt play any basics in his deck, so I just Blood Moon him and walk away with the game.

    Game 2 He Inquisitions away a Blood Moon instead of a relic, and never draws a threat other than Goyf. My Batterskull>his Goyf, so I just walk over him in a few clunky turns, dodging Kommand and Liliana to get him to 0.


    Game 1 Nothing really happens until I play a blood Moon, turning off his Temples and Brushland. He draws a plains and has a forest in play already, so he casts Dromoka's command to make me sac an enchantment. Here's the thing: At the time, I didnt double check that Dromoka's command says "Pick Two." He did not have a legal target for any other part of the card, so it cannot be cast. However, at the time We both kind of chuckle as I sac my blood moon and get smashed by the three smashers in his hand.

    Game 2 We hit the grindstone with some hilarious interactions between his Displacer and my Goblin Dark Dwellers. After I blood Moon'd him, he made me sac my topdeck stormbreath dragon to blessed alliance, so I follow up with Goblin Dark Dwellers. He plays smasher to kill my koth, I untap and skred the smasher, pitching Molten rain. He plays displacer and nothing else, so I get in with Dwellers, dropping him to 6. He untaps, plays a random one-of wastes, and passes. I untap, go to combat, he blinks the dwellers, I flashback molten rain on his wastes, and he looks at me and asks "that card ignores timing restrictions?" He promptly concedes and we head to game 3.

    Game 3 I blood moon him on t3, Koth on t4, Ultimate koth two turns later and run away with the game.

    Game 3 vs Revolt Zoo (2-0)

    Not much to say in both games, they ended the same way. He nuts on t2, getting me for 9-11 damage, I untap and kill his dudes, survive the t3, wrath his board, and play a planeswalker to close it out. Not a very interesting matchup, but It is worth noting that I faded him drawing boros charm for a few turns.

    Game 4 vs Grixis Shadow (1-2)

    Ugh. This is a miserable matchup.

    Game 1 I blood Moon him out of the game and kill him with Batterskull.
    Game 2 He plays a tasigur on t2 and I get the beatdown from it, he had mana leak, negate, stubborn denial in his hand. Super rough.
    Game 3 We kind of durdle, knowing that if I resolve blood moon I'm going to win, but if he gets shadow above a 6/6, he is going to win. So we draw go for 4 turns, then he plays tasigur, shadow, shadow, (Shadows at 5/5s). I untap, try to skred his shadows, but he had two street wraiths and I die for the misplay. This matchup is SUPER hard imo.

    Game 5 vs Grixis Control (1-1-1)

    My memory of this is a little hazy, but what I can tell you is that we simply ran out of time...In game 1. Nothing impressive or flashy happened, we just ran out of time in so we took the draw. Crazy long match to have played, I will tell you that. Kind of sucks that we didnt get to play any other matches vs this deck but its fine, there is always next week. Grin
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    I Agree! Although, I feel that it contradicts our control strategy. We want cards in our hand! I'm a little short on time, but what I can say is that I think Hazoret is a one-of.

    It competes with our walkers at 4 mana, Pia and Kiran Nalaar, and other random four drops we want to play. I agree that the indestructible is awesome, but I think the only cards we want to pitch are lands, or maybe excess artifacts. Synergy-wise, we're about 80% of where we want Hazoret to be. HOWEVER, I will say that instant speed "animation" of Hazoret after attackers are declared will probably save a planeswalker or two. After testing some matches I'm sure we can reach a consensus; I also think this is the perfect buddy for Goblin Dark-Dwellers. Wink
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Hey gang.

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. I was wondering what everyone thought about Godo nowadays. I just built the deck and I've been wondering if Godo is actually worth a slot or not? I feel like his power level is insane, most people dont expect him and he can steal games. Just wanted to hear a group consensus on this. Thanks guys, hopefully I'll have a list and a tournament report in a week or two for you all. Grin
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Hey Gang, Quick tournament report and Thoughts on the deck! (Sorry I've been away for so long, life catches up with you!)

    Round 1 vs Mono White Felidar-Resto Combo...Lifegain...Mill?

    Played vs a homebrew. Deck was designed to mill you out with Altar of the Brood plus the interaction between Felidar Guardian and Restoration Angel, but there isn't much time to do that when you have Reality Smashers getting in your face. Clean 2-0

    Round 2 vs Scapeshift Combo

    Only loss of the night, I fee like this matchup is just super bad for us in general, but we played it to our outs. Notably, I did get to T2 Strangler to process his Search for Tomorrow to force his Tribe Elder to go off. Even then, Its hard to beat a deck with Cryptics and Remands when you don't see your Cavern. Close two games, but we fell just short. 0-2

    Round 3 vs Grixis Delver

    Matchup feels like Goldfishing honestly. Having a great play of T2 Reshaper into T3 Thought Knot, then watching him terminate Reshaper and Fetch-Fatal Push Thought Knot Had me worried, but I got to take his Tasigur and he can't beat Lingering Souls plus Liliana Mark V's Ultimate. (WHO IS INSANE MORE ON THAT LATER)In game two He remands my T3 TKS three times, but eventually I get him to stick, eat a Terminate, then Surgical the Terminates from his deck, clearing the way for Daddy Smasher to get em. 2-0 Clean

    Round 4 vs Panharmonicon Elves

    Normally this matchup is a nightmare for me, but I had begun playing Kalitas mainboard over a second Mind Stone, and boy did he do it to em! Game 1 I hit t3 Lili, T4 Kalitas, and its a wrap, nothing more to say. Game 2 he has T3 Panharmonicon, and I die to two Shaman of the Packs off of a Collected Company. Game 3....What a match. I take his Lead the Stampede on T1 With thoughtseize, follow it up with Fatal Push, then Play Lili. He Untaps, Plays a land, passes; representing CoCo. I rip Kalitas off the topdeck like an absolute lucksack.....and watch him get Dismembered. I minus 2 Lili (INSANE I KNOW RIGHT?), Flip two Lingering Souls, and get back Kalitas. Obviously this is EXTREMELY Lucky, but it was awesome nonetheless. The Next turn I play Kalitas and Hold up Path, Plusing Lili to get a Zombie, he Cocos into Heritage Druid and Visionary. Still not attacking into my board, and lacking an Archdruid to protect his dorks from Lili, I make Kalitas into a 7/8 and Attack with him for the rest of the game. 2-1 Close matches.

    ...And all that was good enough for 3rd Place out of 18! Not too shabby.

    In regards to the Lili/Fatal Push topics, I have been finding that I want to run a different Split of the 4-2 Path-Push I am currently Running, and Might actually cut a Relic to play a 3-4 Split. I think something that hasnt been mentioned yet is that Path turns on our processing as well, which although it is a small part of the deck, is still important. I have been playing a maindeck Lili ever Since I realized I could get back Reality Smashers, and I have never once had it be a dead Draw(except vs Ad Nauseum). I still think Playing a one-of Sorin is correct, because we are still relatively Weak to burn game 1, and any help there is appreciated. Sorin also clenches the aggro matchups with the addition of Push, making our removal and stabilization cleaner.

    I think we should also consider the "card advantage" cards like Liliana, Sorin, and (to a lesser Extent) Kalitas, can give the deck. With Fatal Push being as good as it is, I am finding that I want to play more pushes to "turn on" Kalitas and to seal up the GBx matches. Sorin can essentially be a timewalk vs aggro decks if we play it correctly, although I am finding him to be weaker as time goes on. And I absolutely believe that Liliana should be in this deck 110% no questions asked, as she serves a threat vs control that they Have to deal with, and also Buys Back our creatures. Absolutely an essential card IMO. Jund cant compete with A smasher getting bought Back unless they have very large goyfs. Same with Abzan and stuff like Jeskai etc. She also shores up the affinity matchup, which in my experience has been absolutely terrible, but I feel that is a measure of my inexperience with the matchup.

    Question for all my 'Drazi lovers: How to do we feel about the Processing in the deck? Do we even need it anymore? As time goes on, I realize that we are jamming 3-4 slots to turn on another 4, and whilst the deck is fine with these cards, I wonder if we couldn't turn those into more discard spells or (as previously Mentioned) Endless Ones. Endless One synergizes with Liliana for some solid plays, and can hold its own vs aggro. I have no intentions on changing anything, just want some more opinions on it.

    Hope all of this rambling helps. Cheers guys!
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Those are all good points. I'v also been toying with Lost Legacy as a way to answer Blood moon out of the board, but it feels hit or miss A LOT. I'm heading to a modern tournament tonight and I'm trying out a singleton Blight herder in the Main because of all the midrange in my shop. I've adjusted my list tonight to represent something closer to yours, although I simply don't own the second Mind Stone, so I'm just playing Herder in its spot. (I FULLY expect to be punished for a higher curve but we will see!) Herder also has the convenient upside of Dodging Blood moon and helping us play through it by saccing scions. I'll let you know if it plays out like that tonight.

    I'm trying a wastes in the side tonight, with a cavern main. I expect a lot of midrange control today, simply because lots of the players in my shop have the luxury of swapping decks on a whim, when they see who has shown up. (I.e. Goblin guy shows up, everyone jams maindeck angers before the tournament)I've also cut Liliana, the Last Hope from the deck on account of it doesn't kill anything Wasteland Strangler can't. It's nice to buy back Reality Smashers, but I feel that the double black can be constricting on the manabase as well. There have also been a few games where her -2 puts two smashers in the yard along with the first one, making it awkward. Lost legacy is the card I want to test the most tonight; A few Ad Nauseum players have shown up, and I'd like to try and get them game 2 with an on curve Legacy to see how it pans out. (As noted before, it also hits Blood Moon) Hopefully I'll have a good tournament report for you tonight after the games

    ALSO! For anyone who wants to help refine a list for me to play at Regionals in NY, let me know! I've signed up and am prepping hard for the tournament. Hopefully I'll have a good showing and put us on the map! If anyone else is going, let me know and we can collaborate further. Cheers!
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    I like this. I feel like that EE in the SB should be another Ratchet bomb, simply because our EE is maxed at two and is less versatile than the bomb for games vs Sun and Moon and other grindier matchups. I think I might also suggest cutting Fetid Heath and Running a Wastes in the main (Or the other Ghost Quarter), simply because there is no card in your maindeck that has double white or double black. I understand it can be nice to not have to ping yourself off of your land, but I dont think this outweighs the ability to play around Blood Moon and kill manlands in Game 1. I agree with 2 Caverns, I feel that that number is the sweet spot for caverns, especially with 4 Flats in the Main now, since we can fetch the colors we need relatively painlessly. I myself think having two mind Stones isn't a terrible idea, but I wonder how it will pan out on paper; sometimes we do durdle, and even the cantripping doesn't help that much.

    3 Push in the main/side is the perfect number. I think this card slots out easily in the tron matchup for the necessary Exile removal and Pithing needles. Also, I understand our need to defend against blood moon, but I wonder if we aren't taking too many precautions. Usually ratchet bomb and Anguished are good enough for me to deal with Blood Moon, my real issue is dealing with Stormbreath Dragon out of those lists lol.

    TL:DR; I think this shell is a good starting point, but I would try and put one of your lands from the Side into the Main to make room for more sideboard options
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