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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Thanks for your reply!

    Doesnt the bow seem way too slow for lifegain though; its a 5 mana investment for 3 life. May be too late already. Fair point about the big creature decks. I dont have the bow either, was just curious what people are using it for.

    Quick follow-up question:
    Whats your affinity sideboard plan? We got Gut Shot, Creeping Corrosion, Natural State and Pithing Needle.

    I assume we take out some 3 drops the Dismembers and some Vines of Vastwood maybe?
    Posted in: Aggro & Tempo
  • posted a message on Stompy
    Hey guys, bought into modern with stompy and am going to my first modern tournament on saturday.
    Im running a very similar list like the one posted in the first post. ( except no Canopys and some Dungrove Elders instead of Rhonas). My Sideboard is also very similar to the one posted ( Got some Chokes, Unravel the Aether and a Thrun in addition to that ). I have no idea what the meta is, so Im going into it with a fairly stock sideboard.

    Now to the actual question:
    1. Are there any basic sideboarding guidelines around?
    I can also generally figure out what cards seem good to bring in, its way harder for me to figure out which cards to get out of the main though. I usually would remove some amount of three drops for sideboard cards.

    2. For what matchups is the bow in the sideboard?

    3. Against lists with aether vial, is it worth brining in all the natural states and pithing needles I got, even if I know its the only target for them? ( e.g. some Humans or Spirits build? )

    Thats all for now, looking forward to the tournament and happy for any help Smile
    Posted in: Aggro & Tempo
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