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  • posted a message on Bant Spirits
    quick update: our bearded hero Caleb Durward piloted Spirits on the Team Modern Super League Week 2 (Brew Crew vs Team Madison)
    CalebD beat Stevens on GW value town (2-0) and later lost to merfolk (probably one of the few bad matchups, 0-2)

    It was possibly the only time i was cheering for his opponents (todd stevens, saffronolive and corbin hosler). The deck made a nice showing, and there's some video footage to enjoy!
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  • posted a message on Bant Spirits
    Hi guys, what do you think of Spellskite in the mainboard slots? the meta is returning to playing red spells and spellskite is at its lowest, it could be an interesting option!

    Also, in the all-fliers list (with Nebelgast Herald, Kira and Birds of Paradise) Sprite Noble might be even better than Favorable Winds due to the fact that it's a creature, and being CMC3 is relevant since it's protected form fatal push. Just a suggestion, as i never heard of her before.
    also, the combo between spectral shepherd and spell queller and between spectral shepherd and nebelgast herald makes me want to test it out sometimes in the future
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  • posted a message on UW Spirits
    I'd rather run pithing needle, sorcerous spyglass or Phyrexian Revoker than ceremonious rejection, 1for1 sideboard cards won't make you win against such consistent decks by itself in my opinion, you have to pair selective hate (such as counterspells) with broader-spectrum hate. Then ceremonious rejection is good, but I wonder if it's worth multiple sideboard slots. Maybe 1 or 2 in heavy colourless metas could be fine
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  • posted a message on UW Spirits
    Question about sideboard: in a hypothetical UWb version with lingering souls, smuggler's Copter and moorland haunt, should we run stony Silence and rest in peace?

    Stony Silence is a hell of a sideboard option but it shuts off aether vial and smuggler's Copter, I fear that could be counterproductive. I would gladly switch it with kataki, war's wage but stony Silence is also very good against tron, and there is not really another good hate card that (paired with counterspells) hoses tron.
    My main worry regards Affinity, even though it is a pretty good matchup since we have flyers. Losing aether vial makes it more difficult to catch up on fastest starts, but it should also be true that the opponents would be shut down.
    Other available options are Suppression Field (I don't know if I like it because we use fetchlands, but the fact that it is useful also against planeswalkers, fetchlands and the vizier/druid/ballista combo makes me think that it could be worth in a dedicated tempo UW build!) and damping matrix

    Rest in peace: I don't know if I should switch to Relic of Progenitus since RIP shuts down moorland haunt and Lingering Souls (and at that point I could as well run midnight haunting).

    So, should I run the best options available even though they hurt me a bit, or should I try to hurt exclusively our opponents?
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  • posted a message on UW Spirits
    in blue there would be Jace, The Mind Sculptor now. I'm not sure this is the best shell for him but the planeswalker is strong enough that it would make any deck strong by itself.

    edit: by the way, i actually have never had any problem in closing out games, as every spirit tends to attack for quite a lot, and they are intrinsically unblockable. Furthermore, spirits is one of those (few) decks that can achieve a turn4 kill - when goldfishing - with multiple combinations of cards (trivia: the maximum damage it can achieve by turn3 is 15), even though its primary gameplan is to slow down (tempo out) the opponents by means of interaction.

    Geist can be an answer if you feel the deck closes games too slowly, but in my experience some of the main problems are that:
    - the deck runs out of cards too quickly, and can get out-valued in high-attrition matchups
    - in other matchups it does not reach a critical mass soon enough
    - sometimes it lacks in consistency (4x copies of everything but not redundant pieces).

    The Bant version tries to solve these issues at once with Collected Company and, incidentally, Geist fits well with Noble Hierarch.
    For the UW(b) version, Vial can help reaching a critical mass sooner and provide value with support spells, I don't see Geist being extremely helpful in this task. Surely, putting combo and control under a serious clock is important, but managing to be consistent and to sustain also aggro and midrange should be the support spells' main concern.
    All in all, i don't feel this deck's problem is a matter of raw power, rather than a matter of consistency. This reflects my experience of a deck that can be sometimes nearly unbeatable and sometimes just don't work well enough.
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  • posted a message on Acceptable and maximal turn length?
    Strictly speaking the defining turn of your deck (and not the others, obviously you should be trying to play them as quickly as possible), i would like to remind you that the eggs archetype has been banned for the excessive duration of the turn, which could last up to 10 or 20 minutes (if played swiftly).

    Another banning that regarded duration of turns was Sensei's diving top from legacy, but in this case instead of a massive ending turn the time was consumed in multiple activations of the artifact.

    This said, i think the acceptable duration of a turn also depends on what's the opponent playing, and the boardstate that has been achieved. Also, it depends on the fact that you may be able to play your combo in less time, or if there's no way that your turns could be won in a shorter time (nnot considering the fact that your opponents can concede).
    Obviously, the swifter you play and the less your opponents will be inclined to contest the excessiveness of your turns' duration.

    In general, given that a fair distribution of turns would result in a 50/50 split of those 45 minutes during 3 games, i consider an acceptable lenght of a "combo turn" what lasts for no more than a sixth of said duration, so about 6-7 minutes, with this time reduced the more your combo takes to be assembled.
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  • posted a message on Fairies Grounds Control
    If anyone is intersted, i updated the first post with a list that is in my opinion better.

    I had to remove Duskwatch recruiter and Reflector mage because of issues with the manabase, and went into a more straight UW version.
    II ran a few test matches and managed to estabilish a lock pretty consistently. The combo between eldrazi displacer and the removal spells is in my opinion impressive.
    In the sideboard, i removed the Rest in peaces (sadly I have too few white sources) and tried to remedy the burn/zoo matchups, which are pretty difficult to deal with.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Hi guys!
    I know the mainstream splash is the green one, and with some reasons. I have tried it and i like it a lot, but at the moment in my local meta monoU is stronger. I'm happy to have a variant to switch to when times are a bit rougher.

    I was thinking about Nikachu's splash series, and there's something still bugging me.
    I loved the black version of merfolk (Dark Folk).
    I think it has all the things monoU merfolk needs to be stronger without being hindered in its tempo strategy (that is, proactive, efficient and cheap disruption in Fatal push, the other removals and Inquisition of Kozilek)
    Today i saw a UB list making 5-0 (ike the occasional UW "rogue" list) and i ask myself... why was this splash abandoned? to me it seemed the most promising!
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  • posted a message on Abzan Blink
    i think the new list is way stronger than the previous ones. I know it feels bad to leave cards like eternal witness behind, but the sheer value that the latest list can generate is frankly impressive - i mean, how many times are you blinking Siege Rhino in a single game?
    ah, that manabase seems solid (i like the two horizon canopies a lot, it prevents you from flooding), is there space for a Gavony township in your opinion? Not really synergistic with the blink plan but i can't think of a better land in the abzan colour scheme to generate additional value.
    Please, let us know how it turns out to be, and if you find any configuration you think is better!
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  • posted a message on UW Spirits
    That coincidence was a blast!
    By the way, the primer is almost ready, I will be glad to listen to your feedback and integrate the primer with your suggestions!
    Btw, just dropping here an updated version of one of the lists I started playing with.
    This list's goal is to try to mitigate the fact that the aether vial version tends to run out of cards.

    Inquisition is great because, if drawn early, gives information about the opponent's cards and strategy, and it can be pitched to copter if drawn late. Not too many copies because discarding and trading 1for1 is not the plan.
    Try to play it on turn 2 and not on turn 1 because it has to be used as a proactive protection spell (so priority to deploying vial or wanderer).
    Lingering souls is awesome, it makes worthwhile to copy mausoleum wanderer with phantasmal image (it can attack for 5 without lords!).
    I'm torn between 2 or 3 copter,
    The interaction between copter and lingering souls is great.
    another card that would be awesome here is favourable winds (I can see a version that pulls out the black cards and goes 3 copters, 2 favourable winds and 4 lingering souls. It is less interactive but way stronger).
    I tested with bloodghast online but it turned out a bit too rough for the mana base. Also I tried with 4 inquisitions but it felt counterproductive because I don't want to draw 2 of them (needs critical mass of spirits, lingering souls only partially solves that).

    Overall, I think this is the best version for those who want to go on a more tap-out strategy (I guessed if we have to go tap-out we should do it the best we can, and use one of the most underrated and consistent forms of raw card advantage in Smuggler's Copter)

    If I retry this version in paper I'll surely tell you how it goes (but first I have to rebuy inquisitions and black shocklands since I sold them)
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  • posted a message on Abzan Blink
    I love this kind of strategy! if i might suggest you two cards that could be interesting, they are Eldritch evolution and Cloudshift.
    In general, the deck seems solid to me, especially the second version, but the mana curve is a bit high and in my opinion you'd need to work a bit on that (i guess you'd need a bit more 1-drops and 2-drops.
    Since you added panharmonicon and a mana dork (are you sure birds of paradise isn't better?), i'd take out aether vial as it doesn't seem to me the deck that best uses its effect. Having 23 lands + 4 aether vial is a bit of a nonbo especially if your curve is pretty high. I suggest running 23 lands + 4 mana dorks and free up 4 slots for cloudshift, Eldritch evolution or some other forms of value creatures (i'm thinking about eternal witness, renegade rallier, kitesail freebooter, voice of resurgence etc.).
    Also, why did you go with 2 shocklands for each colour combination? given the fact that you run fetchlands, shouldn't 1 of each be enough?
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    hi guys, have you seen the new art for the reprints in the last duel decks (elves vs. inventors)?
    Ezuri, Renegade Leader will be reprinted with a new very nice art (even though i won't be able to call him Elrond again)
    The new art for Elvish archdruid, instead, is very cool but i prefer the old one
    (arts by victor Adame)

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  • posted a message on Print this Wizards (so I can play it in modern)
    i think something like a creature like this would stop tron and in general make the format fairer

    Hatebear {2}
    Creature - Beast
    Activated abilities of artifacts and planeswalkers can't be activated in the same turn in which they entered the battlefield.
    Activated abilities of artifacts can be activated only when their controller could cast a sorcery.
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  • posted a message on Fairies Grounds Control
    Hi! i just came up with this idea of using Training Grounds in a particular fashion, in particular using blink effects to keep repeating effects.

    The goal for the late game would be to get Spellstutter Sprite in condition to counter any spell, while the team swings for lethal.
    In order to do so, we are bringing 6 Eldrazi Displacer Effects, 7 ways to make all our creatures fairies, 4 phantasmal images to copy any creature.
    Training Grounds is not really a "combo piece" but allows us to do things for super cheap. Aether Vial functions pretty much the same way, by cheating on mana a bit.
    Blink/copy targets: faerie miscreant (draw), reflector mage (bounce), spellstutter sprite (counter), opponents' creatures.

    the deck:

    Maybe i'm just missing something, i don't know how difficult it is to assemble the lock but the lategame for this deck could be extremely strong (for 1 mana (1 more if you have to activate Mirror Entity for 1-3) you could either draw, bounce a creature or counter any spell, and it's repeatable).

    Other considerations: Essence Flux is more synergistic but i prefer Vapor Snag because it can be used also in an offensive way. If life loss s relevant it should be substituted by unsommon (also unsummon+vial in back an ETB creature is pretty nice)

    Edit: updated with a new decklist
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