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  • posted a message on Grenzo, Dungeon Warden [Goblin Tribal]
    Rakdos Carnarium if you want to use only 42 lands?
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  • posted a message on Daretti Prison
    Yes it's difficult, I'm thinking about playing Treasure Map against U deck (boil is better but do nothing against the rest of the field)
    There is also Boseiju, Who Shelters All (as the 43'land)

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  • posted a message on Daretti Prison
    Thanks Smile

    Oh I don't know you were at Palaiseau Smile

    Karn is really good, all abilities are fine, against aggro, against control, the token is usually 2/2, sometimes 3/3...
    I like Zalfirin Void, it's so appreciable to deal with the top of your library for a mono red control.
    Mishra's bauble is just OK, but we need 99 cards...
    However Ratchet bomb was bad, so I replace her with Overmaster.

    Regarding to Sulfur Elemental, it's always "OK".
    It's a silverbullet against Whinee White (I don't like thalia, mother of runes, all the white cats etc...)
    He can block and kill saskia and Baral, he can fight a PW (it's always difficult to deal with PW...) or recovering the monarch against Marchesa
    He can shumpblock agains mono G, reduce shalai's toughness (and sometimes, it's very good to reduce tymnna or Gaddock to X/1 or Ojutai to X/3)

    I hadn't try Jaya, 5 mana, it's too much for me for a PW who doesn't protect herself.

    Looking at M19 spoilers, The foutain would be very awesome against Zurgo but now, it's not really interesting since the ban (I had also cut Sun Droplet)
    I prefer the claw or the furnace for the following sequence : T1 Claw T2 mana rock + Sacrifice the Claw for draw something better

    I think Ransmogrifying Wand is bad : it's difficult to kill the X/4 with this list (or X/3 thanks Sulfur elemental :)) and I don't like the restriction "Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcer"
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  • posted a message on Daretti Prison
    Quote from Semoreh »
    I take it you may be the Cesidio I took the list from ? Or just someone who happen to run a very close pile ? Smile

    Yes it's me

    Quote from Semoreh »

    I'd be curious though as to why no Combustible Gearhulk ? I mean... with the high CMC of our cards, the opponent will probably think twice before taking the damage, so that's a nice way to draw cards.

    Same for Memory Jar : it's so high impact when you crack it ! You fill the graveyard and draw answers to the opponent's board at the same time.

    Gearhulk is pretty bad : Put 6/8 points with her is useless in many situation because the rest of the pack is not made to put points to the opponent (sure, he never let us draw...)
    And 6CCM for a 6/6... is not very impactant (also, there are 6CCM more interesting whatever the situation, like wurmcoil, triskelion etc...)

    I love memory jar, i always play with in 30 life, but it's a little slow in 20 life
    Quote from Semoreh »

    I love Mishra Helix and Crumbling Sanctuary, I'll probably try them next time. Have you tried them yourself, Meideros ?

    Mishra Helix is too slow for me, against aggro's match up (saskia, partner aggro, kytheon, zurgo etc...) it's totally useless and Crumbling sanctuary seems OK but I prefer sun droplet Smile

    Ashiok, I perfectly understand your point of view, but in this metagame, you can't ramp for 3/4 turn, the opponent kill quickly, although Daretti is a perfect general for the ramp strategy, for the reasons you mentioned.
    I think you must deal with his strategy as quickly as possible.
    Furthermore, many builds are more resilient against wrath (partner in particular)

    The risk/reward's ratio about fast mana is OK for me, but you're right, you have to find a payoff for cast them.

    You says "This Daretti list is nowhere near close the level of redundancy necessary, in my opinion, to exploit the advantages of fast mana" and it's true, but I see these 3 cards like a "bonus"and not a constant strategy
    However, SSG is very good against force spike/daze effects, Lotus Petal is a little bit like an 9e 2ccm mana rock when I want to cast Daretti on turn 3, if not, it's the 6e mana for wildfire.

    But I'm aware about i'm more dependant on Daretti in my build than you, in your ramp version
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  • posted a message on Daretti Prison
    Thanks for your answer Wink

    OK I understand

    Quote from Ashiok »
    If you wanna commit to your fast-mana-into-prison-elements game plan, by all means do it. But why aren't you playing desperate ritual, piretic ritual, rite of flame, trinisphere, static orb, etc. etc.? You could try to make the overall strategy of the deck more geared towards that. If lootings is good, you could also play tormenting voice, cathartic reunion, wild guess, magmatic insight, etc

    Too bad in my list, you haven't 8 sol land for 60 card, so impossible to abuse of trinisphere or static orb, and 2CCM mana rock are better than other fast mana ritual
    But with a safe manabase, I think something like Geosurge can be OK
    The other point is that you need to kill, that's why I play Wildfire/Jokhulaups/Battlesphere/Sundering titan and the payoff is really good. You can't play only stax element without create a clock. I think it's that's why you are talking about an "hybrid version"

    Quote from Ashiok »
    What I don't understand is why the list is split in the middle of two strategies, that is all.

    Hum, I'm not agree with this : for me, it's not really a part of ramp strategy. It's create some combinaison that allow you to get early 6 manas and create the set up for a Wildfire like, or put a kill (with Daretti, or without)

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  • posted a message on Daretti Prison
    Ashiok, you don't notice that this isn't a ramp deck, it's a control/combo deck with prison elements.
    You really need to understand that before read the following. I think the two archetype are both playable

    I'll try to answer you for all the points, but I don't understand your ramp list, there are some incoherent things : for exemple you can't play cards like bolt, wasteland or flam slash in ramp deck, the "one for one" is really bad. They dilute your principal plan.

    My objectif is to make a "big turn", that"s why I play those CDA cards (Seething song, pyrokinesis and simian spirit guid etc...)
    There are really bad in ramp, but pretty good in prison/fast combo/fast lock)

    I obviously can't play Karn, Ugin etc because my pack can regularly reach the 6 CCM only.

    1) Yes those cards are bad, but it's difficult to find 99 GOODS cards in mono red control/prison. They run with, tangle wire, give metalcraft, cycling for only one (easy to play this T1, rock T2 with cycling EOT in bad match up)

    2) Your right, gearhulk and Hellkite are bad, don't play this ***** :D, I like triskelion and duplicant for their defensive impact, and sundering titan for his capacity to close the game.

    3) You're wrong, my list isn't a ramp and land destruction deck. Jokulhaups with only a planswalker (or a Hangarback Walker <3 ) is a kill for me.

    4) defense grid, pyroblast, red elemental are too bad against aggro but your analyse is OK. I see Overmaster as a filler, like the 2 hategrave but we can cycle this, it isn't really restrictive for me. Baral's match up is not good for me, so I choose to play Boseiju. It's a metagame'card.

    5) Faithless looting help the combo part of the deck but in ramp list, it's bad.
    I see this as my 43 lands too.

    Sorry for my english, I hope I'm enought clear Smile

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  • posted a message on Card draw for Godo?
    However, I think it's not bad in multi too : most of time, players don"t want loose their board, and, even if i don"t know very well godo's list, i guess there aren"t many permanent on your control on the board before Godo (mainly mana rocks??).
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  • posted a message on Card draw for Godo?
    I speak about 1vs1 of course
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  • posted a message on Card draw for Godo?
    Coercive portal is simply the best for mono red
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  • posted a message on Daretti Prison
    Sweltering Suns

    New staple for the deck

    This wrath will take the slot of Volcanic fallout or breath of Darigaaz for me
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  • posted a message on Daretti Prison
    This Ricochet trap Jam
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  • posted a message on Best aggro deck in each mono-color
    Maybe Thrun for an other mono green
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