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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from protoaddict »
    Quote from PurpleBlood »
    Feels like The Mirari Conjecture would be a nice one of. Like a Planeswalker, it's naturally good with taking turns. The first counter gets you back a card draw or counter, second one gets you another turn, last one probably wins you the game on the spot

    It does feel over costed by one mana though.

    There are a number of cards in this new set I like for the deck, that is not one of them. It just feels far to costly to do nothing the turn it comes into play, and if you have enough mana to cast it and a timewarp you probabaly are in position to win to begin with.

    However this set does have a lot.

    • Merfolk Trickster - Seems like it could be very good in a fast meta to deal with early attackers and can sub as a beater when needed.
    • Naru Meha, Master Wizard - For our deck in particular, this might actually be a better snapcaster. Larger body and pumps your other snappys, but also comes down on turn 9 to copy a timewarp for 4 and leaves that copy in the yard to be recast with snapcaster. I cannot see me not using one of these in the future.
    • Tempest Djinn - I am not as up on this as some of my friends but if you can land it on turn 3 in a mono blue list its a solid body that can go over the top and you really do not need many timewarps after that to close out the game.
    • Time of Ice - This seems right where we want to be in a lot of ways. On turn 4 you disable a creatures while it is in play, which is what we have been doing with gigadrowse and cryptic for a while now, but the fact that it removes them from the board and can prevent attacks in the first place is huge. In a lot of ways it combines exhaustion and Gigdrowse into one card, but still combos with them on later turns.
    • Dampening sphere - Sideboard of course, but so very good against things like urzatron. The anti storm tech hits us a little, but we can usually turn our way through it.

    I think you are being way to optimistic. All of these except voor Dampening Sphere are too expensive and/or too slow without enough impact. Tempest Djinn might be an option, but probably not. Naru 'coming down on turn 9' is completely irrelevant, when we have 9 mana and a Time Warp almost any spell is good enough.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Hey y'all! I went 12-2-1 at GP Hartford, good for 12th place. Decklist on the mothership.

    I'm planning on doing a proper writeup early this week, including an explanation for my unintentional draw (I used to pride myself on never drawing with this deck and am ashamed of breaking that streak). Talk to you then!

    Congrats man, you are an inspiration after I 2-4'th my last tournament.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns

    Round 3 vs. Green Tron. Do I really have to say what happened here? This is probably our best matchup in Modern. Exhaustion, Gigadrowse, Countermagic, Spreading Seas, him going to the discard step a million times and getting rid of GAS. Easy peasy. My friend told me that Phoenix doesn't even SIDE against Tron and he lost his first match vs. Tron after 2 years of playing Turns. OMG 2-0.

    I agree to this 100%, I'm still bummed losing my 2 tron matches in Lyon. U/W control is still easier though.[/quote]</blockquote>
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Lantern maybe? Maybe the mirror ^^
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    My tournament report for GP Phoenix is up on reddit.

    Magus_of_Farts, thanks for the report!

    I think it is totally reasonable to play a mix of As Foretold and Dictates/Mines.

    So does LSV. I think this is a reasonable direction to take the deck.

    Out of the board I was underwhelmed by Ghostly Prison. Though I basically dodged the matchups where I think Prison might actually be good (ie. Humans, Merfolk, Pyromancer).

    I used to play UW with Ghostly Prison in the board back when Dredge was much bigger, and it only felt good against decks that ran on extremely few lands and powered out numerous threats. Against decks like Infect or Jund, they would just have an extra 2 or 4 mana to spare and be able to kill you anyway.

    I think Engineered Explosives is the card I most wished I had in my 75, followed by Spell Snare. EE might be worth a slot in the main deck. Seems like the best cards against Humans and Bogles, which I never faced, but which were all over the place. Plus you can tutor it with Tolaria West.

    That actually sounds amazing, especially the tutoring part. Definitely worth trying out!

    Losing to lantern, Ponza and Dredge is rough, I have always considered these to be good match ups...
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from CTonyJab »
    Does anyone know where I can find Daniel Wong's UB Taking Turns list that he was playing in GP Phoenix this past weekend? Just wondering Smile

    He should be posting it here and on reddit pretty soon. If you go back a few pages you can find his most recent lists.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from idSurge »
    AV, is the best solution I think to Jund.

    Exactly, if the can't pressure you enough, they are relatively easy to tempo out.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Tempest Djinn
    Creature — Djinn
    Tempest Djinn gets +1/+0 for each basic Island you control.

    Tempest Djinn strikes me as an incredible threat out of the sideboard for Mono-U, and probably the strongest pull (besides budget, of course) towards Mono-U instead of a splash. It dodges Bolt, requires revolt for Push, only costs 3, blocks well, and attacks for 4+ with flying (assuming you're hitting your land drops and your land drops are basic Islands). My gut instinct is that this could also be a mainboard threat for a different kind of Mono-U build that aims to end the game quickly with a few turns of swinging with the Djinn. What do you think?

    I'll take 4 foils please Smile
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Hi guys, I am new here. Been a fan of this archetype for a while. Just bought into this deck, as I think it is one of the best places to use JTMS.
    As a starting point, I am on this list: It seems to me, without much testing (mostly watching streams), that the worst matchup is 5-Color Humans (with Thalia, Freebooter, Sin Collector and Meddling Mage). Maybe Burn, Affinity, Storm or BR Hollow One are worse. Most midrange and control matchups look close or favorable on paper. Am I right in this assessment? I'm sure I'm not thinking of everything. How are you guys sideboarding for these bad matchups, humans in particular?

    So 3x Snapcaster Mage and 2x Jace are the only wincon? That might be risky.

    I haven't played with Jace and he is obviously an excellent fit. However, I think he is either an engine or a wincon. He takes a lot of time to ultimate, but without his brainstorms, you might run out of gas. While Chandra, the Human Torch ults in three turns. I had a similar issue playing Search for Azcanta, runnning out of gas quickly.

    Mind you, this is just my gut feeling, nothing tested.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    I was running three then went up to four. I can see running three and slotting search in there. I'll test it. My thought process on AV was wanting to have it in the opener as much as possible, because that's when it's busted.

    Although I like the list, my gut is telling me that 4 Dictate + 4 AV + Search might be too much engine and not enough interaction. So my suggestion would also be to cut a copy of AV.
    Are you happy with the sideboard? Is Counterflux worth it?
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Is Snapcaster the only wincon? I don't get this deck...
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from purklefluff »
    Zdarkthemighty that's a great looking list.

    How does it play?

    It plays as you would expect. I have found this build to be pretty consistent, but sometimes all your mines get destroyed and you are left praying from the top of your deck. And onther times you draw Mastery at the wrong time and end up with cmc7 cards in a turn 4 format.
    It also plays like you will never beat GDS ever Smile

    I must say that anyone playing mono-blue should really consider playing Field of Ruin, because it works against a lot of decks. Also, it might mess up Jace brainstorms as an unexpected plus.

    Edit: my sideboard remains a questionmark. I find that oversideboarding on cards that don't draw into your combo pieces bites you in the ass. I hesitate to oversideboard, which makes it hard to decide on what to keep. Pithing needle being the biggest example. Also, I don't always manage to draw the one offs (V-Clique :)).
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from doc.brown »
    Really nice the 1-1-1 split of thing snappy and jace made me giggle Grin do you ever feel you'd go with a different split to see some of them more often? like maybe a second snappy?

    what is the general agreement on remand right now? i remember that not long ago, it was that with all the cheap stuff going around it wasn't really relevant...

    and one more question, i understand we use minamo to get an extra use of mikokoro, but what's the use of Oboro?

    Fot the most time I only played 2 snapcasters and no other creatures. I tried a maindeck TiTi to get suprise wins and it happens. Because snapcaster mage is most often a 4 or 5 mana spell I cut the one to keep the curve slightly lower. Two would still be fine though.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from doc.brown »
    How many Jace do you run? would you mind to share the list you brought to the GP?
    I remember months ago someone proposing to use Jace and others replying that using Jace "turns on" our opponent's creature removal, which is otherwise useless. What has been your experience with him?

    This was my list. JVP/Baby Jace is very good, except against Fatal Push. However, there are enough decks without push. It feels good looting without giving your opponents extra cards and being able to flash back two spells is often very valuable. He is also good with TiTi for just flashing back a serum visions when needed. If he eats a path (which happenend), you get a rampant growth, which is even better. I am very much convinced he is a good one of instead of a howling mine.

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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from Prince87 »
    zdarketethemighty have you got a news from GP Lyon?

    I had a perfect 4-4 record.
    2-0 against Jeskai Control
    2-0 against Skred Red
    0-2 against Grixis DS
    0-2 against Eldratron (a great match up, but I couldn't draw a dictate)
    2-0 against Bogles
    0-2 against Vizier Company (he had it twice and I couldn't hit a fourth land for the two cryptics in my hand)
    2-1 against Infect (this is rare but I outplayed him)
    1-2 against G/W Tron (another good match up I lost. Kept a sketchy hand game two and went all in on TiTi in game three only to not get there)

    My deck dissapointed a few times. I got decent match ups but lost two of the good ones (tron and Eldratron...)
    so I played 8-rack in a side event on sunday. I did not buy Jaces because I want to see if it has any use.

    I played 3 Field of Ruin and they were awesome (destroys inkmoth, tron lands, Valakut ...)

    I did pick up a foil Minamo, a foil Walk the Aeons, my second foil Ravnica remand and a foil Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, a card that is very strong in this deck.

    All in all a fun experience, but I will wait to see if modern is ruined before deciding where I want to go with my deck.
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