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  • posted a message on [CLB] Card found from a random ad for bauldr gate called — Displacer kitten
    Quote from 5ColorsEDH »
    So with the reveal of the OwlBear Cub, is this a Cycle of chibi stuff from D&D?
    I think this confirms it, yeah. Question now is if the kids have adult counterparts in AFR, or if they're just pulled from the general Faerun fauna.

    They can be baby Blink Dog, baby Manticore and Baby Tiger + Baby Barbarian
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Card found from a random ad for bauldr gate called — Displacer kitten
    So with the reveal of the OwlBear Cub, is this a Cycle of chibi stuff from D&D?
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Owl bear cub — 3GB preview
    Two Bears in a Single Set????

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  • posted a message on Dungeoning
    Slight rewords and new card addded
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Skanos Dragonheart — MtG Japan YouTube preview
    Ha, he is a Green Dragon Ranger...I got the Joke
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  • posted a message on Dungeoning
    Adventurer Guild's Innkeeper 2G
    Creature - Human Citizen

    When Adventurer Guild's Innkeeper enters the battlefield you venture into the dungeon a number of times equal to the number of creatures in your party.
    When you complete a dungeon, if you have a full party, you gain 3 lifes and create three Treasure tokens.

    Dungeon Relic WW
    Artifact - Equipment

    Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and lifelink.
    Whenever you venture into the dungeon equipped creature gets first strike until the end of turn, if you completed a dungeon it gets double strike instead.
    Equip 3

    Magmapillar Trap 2RR
    Instant - Trap

    If your opponent ventured into the dungeon this turn you may pay R rather than pay this spell’s mana cost.
    If you completed a dungeon, change this card's text by replacing all instances of “target” with “each.”.
    Magmapillar Trap deals 3 damage to target creature or planeswalker you don't control.

    Treasure Robber Curse 3BB
    Enchantment - Curse

    Enchant Player
    When Treasure Robber Curse enters the battlefield, enchanted player takes the Initiative.
    Whenever enchanted player ventures into a dungeons, they roll a d20:
    1-7: Enchanted Player discards a card.
    8-15: Enchanted Player loses 3 lifes.
    16-20: Enchanted Player sacrifices a creature or planeswalker they control.

    Second Run 3U

    When Second Run enters the battlefield, you take the initiative.
    Whenever a player completes a dungeon, they choose a card type that hasn't been chosen this game, they gain an emblem with "Spells you cast of the chosen type cost 2 less to cast".

    Dungeon Manual 4

    Whenever you venture into the dungeon, choose one that hasn't been chosen:
    You check for some quests - Investigate
    You travel through the room - Target creature you control, explores.
    You fight the mobs - Up to one target creature you control fights up to one target creature you don't control.
    You loot the chests - Create a treasure token.
    You reset the dungeon - Return Dungeon Manual to its owner's hand.
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  • posted a message on Psionic Gauntlet
    I see nothing wrong with this card. Nothing has ever interacted before with "keyword abilities". To my knowledge, everything has just listed the abilities it interacts with. But unlike some of your bold rules/syntax choices, this is one I could really see them doing. It's a lot easier to do that than to write a laundry list of keywords to work with like Odric, Lunarch Marshal. I think this card is fine as is.

    The only card to ever to it is an un-card
    Modular Monstrosity

    Also taking account that the Keyword abilities list is always growing, we are at 152 right now:
    702.2. Deathtouch
    702.3. Defender
    702.4. Double Strike
    702.5. Enchant
    702.6. Equip
    702.7. First Strike
    702.8. Flash
    702.9. Flying
    702.10. Haste
    702.11. Hexproof
    702.12. Indestructible
    702.13. Intimidate
    702.14. Landwalk
    702.15. Lifelink
    702.16. Protection
    702.17. Reach
    702.18. Shroud
    702.19. Trample
    702.20. Vigilance
    702.21. Ward
    702.22. Banding
    702.23. Rampage
    702.24. Cumulative Upkeep
    702.25. Flanking
    702.26. Phasing
    702.27. Buyback
    702.28. Shadow
    702.29. Cycling
    702.30. Echo
    702.31. Horsemanship
    702.32. Fading
    702.33. Kicker
    702.34. Flashback
    702.35. Madness
    702.36. Fear
    702.37. Morph
    702.38. Amplify
    702.39. Provoke
    702.40. Storm
    702.41. Affinity
    702.42. Entwine
    702.43. Modular
    702.44. Sunburst
    702.45. Bushido
    702.46. Soulshift
    702.47. Splice
    702.48. Offering
    702.49. Ninjutsu
    702.50. Epic
    702.51. Convoke
    702.52. Dredge
    702.53. Transmute
    702.54. Bloodthirst
    702.55. Haunt
    702.56. Replicate
    702.57. Forecast
    702.58. Graft
    702.59. Recover
    702.60. Ripple
    702.61. Split Second
    702.62. Suspend
    702.63. Vanishing
    702.64. Absorb
    702.65. Aura Swap
    702.66. Delve
    702.67. Fortify
    702.68. Frenzy
    702.69. Gravestorm
    702.70. Poisonous
    702.71. Transfigure
    702.72. Champion
    702.73. Changeling
    702.74. Evoke
    702.75. Hideaway
    702.76. Prowl
    702.77. Reinforce
    702.78. Conspire
    702.79. Persist
    702.80. Wither
    702.81. Retrace
    702.82. Devour
    702.83. Exalted
    702.84. Unearth
    702.85. Cascade
    702.86. Annihilator
    702.87. Level Up
    702.88. Rebound
    702.89. Totem Armor
    702.90. Infect
    702.91. Battle Cry
    702.92. Living Weapon
    702.93. Undying
    702.94. Miracle
    702.95. Soulbond
    702.96. Overload
    702.97. Scavenge
    702.98. Unleash
    702.99. Cipher
    702.100. Evolve
    702.101. Extort
    702.102. Fuse
    702.103. Bestow
    702.104. Tribute
    702.105. Dethrone
    702.106. Hidden Agenda
    702.107. Outlast
    702.108. Prowess
    702.109. Dash
    702.110. Exploit
    702.111. Menace
    702.112. Renown
    702.113. Awaken
    702.114. Devoid
    702.115. Ingest
    702.116. Myriad
    702.117. Surge
    702.118. Skulk
    702.119. Emerge
    702.120. Escalate
    702.121. Melee
    702.122. Crew
    702.123. Fabricate
    702.124. Partner
    702.125. Undaunted
    702.126. Improvise
    702.127. Aftermath
    702.128. Embalm
    702.129. Eternalize
    702.130. Afflict
    702.131. Ascend
    702.132. Assist
    702.133. Jump-Start
    702.134. Mentor
    702.135. Afterlife
    702.136. Riot
    702.137. Spectacle
    702.138. Escape
    702.139. Companion
    702.140. Mutate
    702.141. Encore
    702.142. Boast
    702.143. Foretell
    702.144. Demonstrate
    702.145. Daybound and Nightbound
    702.146. Disturb
    702.147. Decayed
    702.148. Cleave
    702.149. Training
    702.150. Compleated
    702.151. Reconfigure
    702.152. Blitz
    702.153. Casualty
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  • posted a message on Psionic Gauntlet
    I find it awkward that if someone empty everyone's hand, your creature just dies...

    Otherwise, yeah IF you have to tweak some value I would up the equip cost to 3 o 4, and the reduce ability cost to 1
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair(?: Straw Hat Pirates
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair(?: Straw Hat Pirates
    OK, this was kinda for fun, but seeing the Street Fighters Secret Lair, and being that i'm currently watching the series, I thought, WHY NOT?
    I decided to use each 3 color combination for all 10 members, (That ended up in some odd choices of color for some characters but Don't pay attention to that), they mostly are based on what the characters can do in the anime. With some tweaks here and there to make them more like MTG cards.

    There is also images for all the cards, but I put them in a spoiler tag, just in case.

    -------Side A-------
    Monkey D. Luffy, Straw Hat WRG
    Legendary Creature - Human Shapeshifter Pirate [Rare]

    First strike.
    Gear Second - Whenever Monkey D. Luffy Attacks put a gum counter on it. Monkey D. Luffy gets +1/+0 for each gum counter on it
    Gear Fourth - 2WRG: Transform Monkey D. Luffy. Active only if this card has 4 or more gum counters on it.
    -------Side B-------
    Gear Fourth: Unleashed
    Legendary Creature - Human Shapeshifter Pirate [Rare]
    Color Indicator: Red-White-Green

    First strike, trample.
    When this creature deals excess damage to a player choose one:
    Snakeman - It deals that much damage to target player. Remove a gum counter from this card.
    Red Hawk - Destroy target nonland permanent that player controls. Remove two gum counters from this card.
    When Gear Fourth: Unleashed has no gum counters on it, transform it.

    Zoro, the Demon Blade 1WBR
    Legendary Creature - Human Pirate Samurai [Rare]

    Three Swords Style - When Zoro deals combat damage to a player, you may choose a number of creatures and/or planeswalkers that player controls up to the number of Equip cards attached to Zoro. Zoro deals 3 damage to each permanent chosen this way.
    WBR: Attach all Equipment you control to Zoro.

    Sanji, the Flaming Cook WUR
    Legendary Creature - Human Pirate [Rare]

    Kicker XX
    When Sanji enters the battlefield, if Sanji was kicked, create X plus one Food tokens, otherwise create one of those tokens.
    Diable Jambe - Sacrifice two Food tokens: Until the end of turn Sanji has first strike and "If a creature dealt damage by Sanji this turn would die, exile it instead."

    Nico Robin, Light of Revolution UBR
    Legendary Creature - Human Pirate [Rare]

    Demon of Ohara - When Nico Robin enters the battlefield investigate.
    Cien Fleur - UBR, T: Gain control of target creature with power less than or equal to the number of Clues you control for as long as that creature's power is less or equal than the number of Clues you control.

    Jinbe, Son of the Deep 2UU
    Legendary Creature - Merfolk Shark Pirate [Rare]

    Sunny's Helmsman - This creature crews Vehicles as though its power were equal to the crew cost of the Vehicles it is crewing.
    BG, Q: Mill a card. If you milled a card with an odd mana value this way, target creature gets +0/-2 until the end of turn, otherwise target creature gets +2/+0 until the end of turn. Activate only once each turn.

    Usopp, the Slinger Captain 2R
    Legendary Creature - Human Pirate [Uncommon]

    Sunflower Star - G, T: Destroy target artifact or enchantment with mana value 1 or less.
    Firebird Star - 1R, T: Usopp deals 2 damage to target creature or player.
    Smoke Star - 2B, T: Target player reveals their hand. You choose a nonland card from it with mana value 3 or less. That player discards that card.

    Chopper, Cotton Candy Lover 1G
    Legendary Creature - Human Elk Pirate [Uncommon]

    4UR Monstrosity 4. (If this creature isn’t monstrous, put three +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)
    Monster Point - As long as Chopper is monstrous, it has trample, ward 2 and "This creature attacks each turn if able".

    Nami, Ship's Navigator 2W
    Legendary Creature - Human Wizard Pirate [Uncommon]

    Cat Buglar - Whenever or more creatures leaves your opponent's battlefield, create a Treasure token. This only triggers once per turn
    Tornado Tempo - XGU, T: Choose one.
    - Nami deals X damage to target creature with flying you don't control.
    - Return target creature without flying and mana value X or less to its owner's hand.

    Brook, the Soul King 1BB
    Legendary Creature - Skeleton Bard Pirate [Uncommon]

    Yo-ho-ho-ho! - At the beggining of each opponent's end step, put a verse counter on Brook for each tapped creature that player control.
    (W/U)(W/U), Remove three verse counters from Brook: Brook becomes a 3/3 blue Spirit with flying and "Whenever this creature attacks. Tap up to two target creatures defending player controls. Those creature don't untap during their controller's next upkeep.", until the end of turn.

    Franky, the Iron Man 2WBG
    Legendary Artifact Creature - Pirate Equipment [Uncommon]

    Franky Boxing! - Whenever a creature you control becomes modified, you may have it fight target creature you don't control.
    Super!- Equipped creature has base power 4/4 and becomes an artifact.
    Docking! - Reconfigure 3
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  • posted a message on Viena's Bondage Dungeon Reprise & Volrath
    You realize you can't discard lands for that ability, right?

    Yet, unless you want to use it to setup something in your Graveayard or do some Madness stuff, that alternative cost is cute but unnecessary in most cases.
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  • posted a message on Optimize
    For example,

    Nomads En-Kor could be written,

    [At any time Nomads En-Cor would be dealt damage, you may redirect that damage to another target creature you control.]

    Why isn't it?

    Because the developer had specific functionality and fluidity goals for it. That's why it's activated and not triggered—but it could have been either.

    This is no different.

    Part of the reason is that Nomad en-Kor can redirect the damage point by point to many multiple targets instead of redirecting all the damage to another single target, btw the text of that card nowadays reads:
    0: The next 1 damage that would be dealt to Nomads en-Kor this turn is dealt to target creature you control instead.
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  • posted a message on Proximity Error
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    Unreal. I make stuff that is incredibly fun.

    Take a look back at the Combat Tricks cycle I did.

    Flash of the Blade
    Sun and Steel
    Play with Madness
    Run to the Hills/Fear of the Dark

    Sheer articulation and genius. So lite, yet so dynamic and complex.

    I specialize in making content that's fun.

    If you don't think this spell is fun, just lol.

    Lol, I clicked on the first of those threads and it was people in 2017 telling you your card didn’t work due to the rules and you arguing because you didn’t like that the rules didn’t do what you want them to. Five years and you haven’t learned a damn thing.

    EDIT: And all your “genius combat tricks” are just modal cards with the theoretical ability to choose which order the modes happen in, but none of the modes interact in ways where the order they happen in would ever matter.

    This is the best part of that thread:

    I just want to kindly say that Mark Rosewater's opinions have almost no authority with me whatsoever.

    I personally believe that the man has been designing Magic: the Gathering entirely blind for years, and fails to possess any dynamic understanding of game and its scientific dynamics. This belief majorly extends to Richard Garfield as well, although I'd say he seems to have a keener sense of theoretical understanding towards certain fun factors of gaming, and this gives him the edge to blindly implement something beneficial now and again. Yet from the very beginning, it's clear to me that the man himself also designed Magic entirely blind, and to this day has achieved no greater understanding towards the scientific details of aspects such as the flow of the cards, the nature of effects based on how they specifically interact with the game, the balance of power based on that principal understanding, and the need for equality (balanced by flavor) which should be the aspect that ties the entire game together and brings it full circle.

    Mark Rosewater is just the same, he rambles on a lot about color restrictions, and speaks vaguely on power-level, but never does he articulate upon the intricacies of the game and its scientific dynamics. In fact, he goes so far into the blind devotion of his color separation theories, that his design schematics produce lopsided balances of power between colors set and set (extending all the way to the legacy and vintage formats themselves).

    With that said, I hope you can bear with me when my design (which embodies the understanding of these scientific details) attempts to correct and restore the balance of power and interactivity to where it should be.

    Like WHAT?
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  • posted a message on Viena's Bondage Dungeon Reprise & Volrath
    That's cute, but the competitive scene really doesn't care about trivial synergies like that.

    People (like myself) will run 7 copies between Strip Mine & Wasteland.

    I am reconsidering Underground. It seems over-the-top restrictive on the second ability. There's very little room to do something new. I am currently considering a painland effect. Super City of Brass would be the most cliche. Meaning, colorless; or prismatic if you have it deal damage to you. Blending that down to just producing black was my first thought, but that seems too monotone. Two mana to use only on abilities of creatures wouldn't be over the top, so I guess that's a thought also. It would go with the Volrath better then, since then you'd have utility towards things like Arcanis the Omnipotent // Silvos, Rogue Elemental.

    Hardly dificult since strip mine is banned in legacy and restricted in vintage, it is only legal in commander where you can only run 1 copy.
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  • posted a message on Viena's Bondage Dungeon Reprise & Volrath
    The ability isn't too powerful. Painlands have been lost in time since their conception. They were totally overmastered by duals, which had types (where it matters) and cost you no life. The cost of life to mana fix makes them uncompetitive abroad. Only limited formats saw utility, because they had no other options. The caveat was that they don't enter the battlefield tapped, which used to want to suggest they were better than other duals that cost you time. A little life is better than a little time. This isn't to say that 1 life should have got you 2 mana, but that even another land (as a free play) that fixes this is only restoring balance.

    Painlands are pretty useful in many formats (Specially Commander where losing life at 40 starting LP is a minimal issue), and there is still cards like mana confluence, city of brass, threshold lands, grand coliseum, murmuring bosk, tempest painlands, Tomb of Urami, among cards that land work with.
    Compare this card with Bootleggers' Stash a new card (and a 6 mana colored artifact) that made most of us go WTF at the sheer power it has, sure it affects all lands but different from your card this one negates (Sort of) the ability of the land to procude mana on its own when you use it to create a treasure, your card gives you 2 mana for one life and if you put that in a lands is WAY too powerful, even if it limited to a modest group of cards.

    Volrath is not actually a Phyrexian. The flavor here is in the sense of an encroachment on Phyrexia and their science (their magic).

    Both existing versions of Volrath were given the phyrexian type

    The use of a comma isn't proper here since Volrath's name represents a designated title, not an adjective one. Many adjective titles in MTG are actually wrongly implemented without the use of "the" (when it should be there) and this can be confusing. The denomination of "the" denotes an official state of being here. Using a common would be to express a conditional, subjective, or temporary one.

    IDK about this but if anything, remove the "the" and add a coma or something

    You are correct about the replacement effect for the second ability, as to avoid confusion with things like Flaring Pain.

    I see your take on the mana ability for Phyrexian mana. It's a potential color fix still, so that a player doesn't have to go into life. It's intended to be a very limited mana ability, since the life reduction is a very big deal on a land. It could just be colorless I suppose, but the prismatic mana ability (although extremely limited) adds flavor and wants to make the card more exciting. It doesn't really need that though, and could have equal flavor (representing the darkness of the underground) to have a colorless template.

    For the colorless mana ability on Viena's Torture Dungeon, it could be "add one mana of any color-use this mana to pay for life". In order to put that one on a prismatic template. Might even be able to add that as a third ability, although it might start looking overbearing and tacky then.

    That doesn't make sense, you can't use mana to pay for life, you use life to pay for life.

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