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  • posted a message on Send Private Message to yourself
    I did not know that forum existed. Thanks for the info!!
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  • posted a message on Send Private Message to yourself
    Not really sure this is a bug, but waaay back when (circa at least 2012), you were able to send a message to yourself. I know that sounds weird but I like the formatting of the cards and decks that the site does so I would send myself messages to keep deck ideas I'm working on but don't want public feedback for yet. Sadly, I can no longer send new messages to myself. I am able to reply to my old messages to myself that are in my inbox just fine to keep my ideas going but it's awkward looking at a Modern UW control list in a message titled after an EDH deck.

    Is this functionality of no self private messages staying? Is there a reason for no self private messages? Do I just have to suck it up? Or is this something that can be reverted?

    Thanks for any feedback
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  • posted a message on "If it attacked"
    Does a creature have to be declared as an attacker in the "Declare Attackers" phase to be considered having 'attacked'?

    This stems from a discussion about Berserk. If I attack with Brimaz, King of Oreskos, his token comes into play, and during "Declare Blockers" phase, cast Berserk on the token, will the token die at the next End Step?
    What about casting Berserk on Ninja of the Deep Hours that was Ninjitsu'd into play? Does he die at end of turn?
    Another scenario, I attack with a bunch of creatures in a multiplayer game. Berserk resolves on one. Opponent casts Illusionist's Gambit. Before new Declare Attackers, the Berserked creature becomes tapped and cannot be declared as an attacker again. Will the creature still die at end of turn for being declared as an attacker in the first combat phase?
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  • posted a message on Is MTGSalvation Dying?
    I've come to these forums for a long time and I personally haven't noticed any decline over the years. That said, I no longer access the site from my mobile devices. As others have said, the loading times and pop-ups are beyond annoying. Just reading a post and mid paragraph I'm redirected to some ad garbage. So while I don't think membership of the site has declined, usage may have since access on mobile is frustrating.
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  • posted a message on Shaman's Trance
    I had no confusion about being able to cast things from the graveyard due to Shaman's Trance. I'm pretty sure it was printed at the time to take advantage of opponents' Flashback cards. It was just these couple corner cases that were allowing me to cast things from my graveyard that I was checking on.

    Thanks for the response.
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  • posted a message on Shaman's Trance
    Shaman's Trance seems like it can do some weird things.

    Trance let's you play cards from opponents' graveyards as though they were in your graveyard. I know that to "play a card" is to either cast a spell or to put a land onto the battlefield using the main phase special action. But I had a couple questions.

    Can I cast Haakon, Stromgald Scrouge from an opponent's graveyard even though it states "your graveyard, not anywhere else"? The 'anywhere else' in this scenario is an opponent's graveyard.

    Yawgmoth's Will lets me play any card from anyone's graveyard. If it is an opponent's instant/sorcery, it is not exiled because it goes back to their graveyard. This means I can cast their stuff as many times as I have mana for, correct?
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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    Hi All,
    Kinda late to the party, but any reason why Prismatic Omen has fallen out of favor? Now that 'Twin' is gone, the format has slowed by a turn or two. That said, Omen still gives us a T4 win because every Valakut is a Mountain. And again, because we can usually hit 6 mana by T4, Omen still gives a hardcast P.Time 4 Valakut triggers which is usually enough to fix the board and set us in control. While we are technically a combo deck, I think agree that a bit more main board wipes helps a lot. I feel like a lot of the recent discussion has been the strength of different sideboard cards. Yes, the Modern scene has changed a bit, so how do we adapt? I still like Commune with Lava but more than a 2-of seems wrong. In that same vein, Anger of the Gods seems like it needs more main since it wipes a lot. With all the new Melira/CoCo/Finks/stuff running about the exile is very relevant.

    I'll edit with my current list in the(my?) morning, but just wanted to ask about Omen.

    *As for Lantern Control, Ancient Grudge does decent work. You can also run Wheel of Sun and Moon if you are really scared of Lantern or Mill
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  • posted a message on Devoid + Painter's Servant
    Painter's Servant
    Barrage Tyrant
    Eye of Ugin

    Does Eye of Ugin reduce the cost on a devoid eldrazi like Barrage Tyrant if there is a Painter's Servant in play (let's say, naming red)?
    Similarly, could a sac one Barrage Tyrant to a second one with the Servant in play?

    Basically does devoid override the servant or the servant beat the devoid?
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  • posted a message on Vote for the BFZ Dual Land Nicknames!
    Quote from erknye ยป
    I think they should be called Deuce lands. They have both land types (deuce) and they are kinda crappy compared to other duals (also a deuce, or dropping a deuce land)

    And they take two (deuce) basics to be untapped. "Deucelands" is what me and my friends call them also. For all the reasons stated. Mostly the part about them being kind of crappy.
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  • posted a message on Filter expeditions, Mystic Gate, and the <> symbol
    My local group just calls them "Deuce lands" Two basics, deuce. Also, use of them outside of Standard is basically, um...well, same a taking a number two.
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  • posted a message on What cards did you never expect to use in so many of your decks?
    I have an odd obsession with Codex Shredder. It does wonders against all those people using top-of-deck tutors (Worldly/Enlightened) and strips lots of things against people that have their top card showing (Future Sight/Oracle of Mul Daya). Plus, the utility to grab anything back out of the 'yard is just added benefit.
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  • posted a message on Need help with a Superfriends deck
    I know she tends to draw a lot of hate, but I have a Narset Superfriends deck. Her attack trigger can plop a lot of friends into play for free. There are plenty of red 'walkers that play nice with Narset like Ral Zarek and Dack Fayden. Oh, and Daretti. He is pretty darn good for his +2. A little equipment support lets Narset hit harder and gives Nahiri some nice targets too.
    Biggest problem is convincing people you aren't doing super degenerate things that people tend to do with Narset like infinite turns or attack steps. Don't get me wrong, dropping a Venser, Tamiyo and Ajani Steadfast after combat feels great but expect some stern looks from your opponents.
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  • posted a message on [Poll] Playing with different mull rules
    The people at my LGS all tend play MP(free) mulligans. I think this is because in the past, there was a lot of people abusing the PP(free) mulligan. I can honestly say that if there was a switch back to PP, I would totally change my decks some because I know I could sculpt better openers. I feel like the "MP first one free" seems right for the environment that everyone I play with enjoys. We are definitely of the mindset "Build casually; Play competitively". Changing the way we mulligan would begin to skew that mentality.

    That said, I do have a friend with an alteration on the MP(free) rules. He prefers that people wanting to take their mulligan instead just tuck their seven and draw a new hand. Then, they can shuffle once the game begins. He does this to cut down on shuffle times upfront for the game to begin and because most people's first couple turns are unexciting so the shuffle doesn't really get in the way of waiting to interact.
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  • posted a message on Tiny Leaders prevalance/popularity poll
    I totally agree with Teia. The limitations in deck building just make the format too focused. Ezuri or bust basically. I tried it, and it was boring. Every game, each deck just did their thing with little interaction and then one won. It's nothing like Legacy and nothing like EDH. And I think this is why it is a disappointment to fans of both formats. It seems like a terrible mix trying to take flight with two broken wings and just a piece of cardboard to flap.
    After trying the format one night months ago, it has literally been mentioned once that I have heard of at my LGS.
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  • posted a message on Playgroup master list
    In Chicago, Illinois myself. I go to Dice Dojo(like the other chicago guy) as well as Mtg Cardmarket
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