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    I have a problem regarding the playgroup of buds i'm in. We play the EDH/Commander format, and we have for a few years now. Now before I get into the problem straight out when we started playing there were three of us, myself included. We had bought the premade decks if 2012/2013, whichever had Derevi as a commander. Anyway, when I had started playing magic I have never been good at building my own deck. No matter of practice or trial and error ever brought my decks up to par while my buds have all managed to build theirs with subtle hints from decklists and so on and so fourth.

    My first deck, Derevi, I dropped due to the way she played being difficult for me to understand given I had only begun playing a few months prior. I had gone out and bought the Mono Blue Commander set which featured mono colored planeswalkers as their commanders. I had fallen in love with the way blue had worked, being able to control what had happened to me and what would happen on the board was pleasing to say the least. I had however stuck with Teferi for a long time, building him to match my friends decks as we went along. As they got one or two more decks I still had the same deck.

    Moving on I decided it would be best for me to try a new one after it had been nearly 2 years with Teferi. I moved onto the new dual commander Mizzix, that seemed to suit my tastes and playstyle but also mixed it up a little by adding burn spells and barely any creatures. Now our group of friends has expanded to about 6-8 people, however they've grown to persistantly nag at me, about how my turns take too long and how I slow down the game. Even when I had Teferi they would complain. I cant say I take the fastest turns, sometimes I can take upward to a minute thinking. Now they've added that control decks are 'unfun' so they've started building anti-control decks, an example being Ruric Thar.

    Putting this into short they've continued to bug me for over a year now to build my own deck, not to net deck and build one with my own skill because ive never done it. I continue to apperently slow down the game with one card which I only use during periods in which I may lose. That card being Cyclonic Rift. If sparing myself and inevitably winning in the end makes my deck unfun then im at a loss of what to do. I enjoy riding my decks out instead of playing 5 or 6 at a time.

    Let me know if my logic is in the wrong here. Or if anythinf needs further explaining. I've never been great at these types of posts.
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