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Magic Market Index for April 19, 2019
  • posted a message on Force of Despair
    Quote from Crazy Pierre »
    Humans are going to Aether Vial stuff on your turn, and if they suspect you of having this card they'll name it off Meddling Mage.

    "Meddling Mage stops it" has to be the only argument worse than "dies to removal!"

    You, sir, have won the internet for today!

    This whole cycle is predominantly designed to stop combo. Otherwise, it's just card disadvantage against fair decks. 100% sideboard card, but effective against the right matchup.
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  • posted a message on So SICK of planeswalkers already
    Wait, you've only been playing for 6 weeks and you're already sick of Planeswalkers? lol. You're in for a long year and a half until 2020 rotation. Maybe take up a different hobby? Racketball? Dungeons and Dragons? Ballroom dancing?? Anything!

    But complaining about the game when you're 40 days into playing it... geez... just quit and play something else that doesn't aggravate you. And spare us all your indignation.
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  • posted a message on So SICK of planeswalkers already
    Monoblack Elderspell control. You're welcome.
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  • posted a message on So how much money have you spent on Magic?
    I'm one of those outliers. I have one of pretty much everything, multiple playsets of things (I don't like to break up decks). Collect masterpieces, mythic editions, etc. Probably spend 500$-1,000$ a month on Magic. But it's my favorite hobby and I refuse to try to turn a profit. Just like to collect and play.

    If it's money I never get back, I enjoyed the entire thing. If I somehow end up making money on the cards (when I quit or, more likely, die), so much the better for my inheritance.
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  • posted a message on Arena is like built for Brawl...
    Brawl sucks.

    Have you ever gone back to look at sets after they rotate and all the cards are worth 1/4 of what they were when standard legal (except for a handful of modern staples). Why have a mini-EDH format with only the most overpriced cards legal? It was the catchiest of cash grabs and I'm glad most people saw through it and stuck with EDH and its massive card pool.

    It could work on Arena, they already have singleton weekends, though, which is close enough. If I never hear about Brawl again, I'll be happy.
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  • posted a message on Jace Wielder of Mysteries, Paradise Druid
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    Why does Jace's -8 have the same ability as his static?

    So that if someone removes Jace in response to the activation you still win.

    Yeah otherwise his -8 would kill you if he was at 8 loyalty. So really he'd have to be at 9 loyalty to survive the ultimate without that rider. I do agree it's jarringly redundant, though. The card has like 7 lines, most of which do nothing, and the same text is repeated twice. Maybe gameplay is good but this looks like poor design to me.

    I dub this "Just Keep Swimming" Jace. He does nothing but draw and kill. How will that defeat Bolas? Just keep swimming...
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  • posted a message on EDHrec April Fools
    Yup, take the most ubiquitous EDH card and ban it on April 1st. C'mon dude.
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  • posted a message on Countering a bounce lands' "bounce"?
    Yes, it works the same as Stifle.

    Informal warning issued for absence of explanation. -MadMage
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  • posted a message on Blue Red Evergreen Keyword
    You know, shifty is a great word. I'd make it more: unblockable as long as this creature is attacking alone. Easy breazy. No triggered ability, no confusion with other cards. Unblockable but weaker. Done.
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  • posted a message on Painter's Servant
    1) there's almost no real use to Painter's Servant other than degenerate combo. It's pointless in a fair deck.

    2) 2-card combo that costs 2-3 mana each. What does Teferi/Knowledge Pool(costing 5-6 mana each) have to do with this? You may as well say it's no stronger than Omniscience/Enter the Infinite

    Do I really need to go on?
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Salamander Drake
    Izzet drakes routinely drops 5 instants and surgeries in the bin by turn 3-4, could be interesting to test out 1-2 maindeck. 1/1 flyer early. 5/5 flyer late. Not as impressive as 15/4 Drakes but a nice complement, perhaps.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker War 2.0?
    I also feel that the storyline is building towards a Planeswalker battle in the next set. Imagine something like 10-15 Planeswalkers in the next set, maybe even all the mythic slots. 5-7 walkers on either side of the conflict and a bunch of support spells.

    It would certainly fit into MaRo's "treading on new ground" hint and would explain why they won't divulge the name if it's something like "Planeswalkers of Ravnica".

    More than this, I don't know what else the big payoff of Ravnica could be if it's not walkers vs Bolas.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Available on MTGA January 17th
    Am I the only one who'll be saving all my gold and jewels for the next two weeks and spamming drafts on the 17th-18th?? Probably not!
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  • posted a message on Why is ranked Best of 1?
    Play 20 best of 1 matches and it averages out pretty closely to 7 best of 3 matches but with way more variety. It's a little different than traditional Magic but in some ways worse and in some ways better.
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  • posted a message on Mana Source Spoiler- 2019 GP Prom....OH MY GOD!!!
    I still dont like textless cards. But this is at least pretty.
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