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  • posted a message on Peasant 2020
    It's a 4 mana sorcery speed Staggershock that can be interacted with; you do technically get more choice, but I wouldn't expect the average case to be having this sticking around for 4 turns. If you can get the mana to be useful I could see it, but that's hard to evaluate without playing with it.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Cruel Celebrant is the 4th one of those effects, which seems a bit excessive at 360 to me, but ymmv.

    If you're trying to support an aggressive RG shell Voltaic Brawler is too ridiculous not to run. A 2 mana 4/3 trampler with very few asterisks is nuts.

    Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" is pretty borderline at 360, but he's not bad.

    Nahiri's Machinations just doesn't do anything in practice. The indestructible is not relevant more than you would like, the pings are expensive, and it is just dead when behind. Basically any removal spell can effectively do what it's trying to.

    Palace Jailer is one of the most powerful cards we have access to. Monarch is a fairly interesting mechanic, but Jailer can make it oppressive.

    Seed Guardian just has too many things going against it: double green, weakness to white and blue removal, not attacking well, and needing support to make a sizable token.

    Most of the other changes look fine, though Mist Raven for Kasmina is a bit strange to me considering they go in pretty different decks. The other cards listed are playable, but there's other cards with similar or higher power level that aren't as clunky, so there's no need to run them unless you have a specific reason.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Expect to be good
    Watcher for Tomorrow - Goes into the vast majority of blue decks. Hard to go wrong with it.
    Saddled Rimestag - 2 mana 4/4 is nuts. 2 mana 2/2 is passable enough for a worst case scenario.
    Treetop Ambusher - 3/2 attacker for 2 with multiple upsides. Green 2s getting even more crowded.
    Soulherder - Exciting UW card with high synergy, fairly high floor and great art.
    Ephemerate - Large upgrade to a playable card with high synergy.

    Boring but probably good
    Rhox Veteran - Killing this guy in combat is actively difficult, which is really nice with battle cry.
    Gluttonous Slug - 2 mana 2/5 menace is just so many stats, and that's not difficult to get.

    Scale Up - Kills from nowhere with a number of cards. Decent fair overrun outside of that.
    Valiant Changeling - Don't think I have the creature type variety in white to support this being better than a 4 mana 3/3 with downside.

    Alpine Guide - Super interesting effect. Probably bad, but curving into a 5 is big game.
    Faerie Seer - I hate the art enough and like Augury Owls art enough that I'm not going to swap them. I'm also going to make the claim that scry 3 feels way better that scry 2, regardless of actual gameplay power.


    All of the snow matters cards are just not very interesting. Abominable Treefolk is the only base card effect that I actively would want, but snow ruins it for me; I actually designed this exact effect except it was on a 4/3 or 4/4. Because of the snow it's just ridiculous; even on 4 lands it's a 4 mana 5/5 trample at BASE with a large upside on top of that.


    There's some okay C/U cards in this set, but none of them I would consider remotely pushed (ignoring the snow stuff and maybe Saddled Rimestag). It seems like all the numbers were lowered as far as they could be while still being playable. None of the designs were particularly exciting either, just mostly keyword stapling (with the exception of Soulherder and Scale Up).
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Quote from RxPhantom »

    Thoughts on the similar Angel's Tomb?
    Angel's Tomb isn't good enough; it has too many problems for the upside. Answered Prayers deals with one of the issues Angel's Tomb has (not blocking) decently. Gaining 4-5 life seems pretty reasonable if it's dropped early on, which is a big upside to Tomb. Even later on a single token maker can get you to a reasonable amount of life gain. The lifegain is also pretty relevant considering it incentivizes races from both sides.
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    Another card I wanted to be good, but I don't think it is. If you drop it on curve, it does nothing for a turn. Even if you drop it and a creature on the same turn, you just gain one life and have an angel that can't attack that turn. How long does the game have to go to get full value out of it? Two triggers? Three? The life is almost negligible unless you're cranking out tokens. The 3/3 flyer is pretty good unless you run out of creatures (bad topdeck mode).
    Three triggers is probably around where it starts being actively good. Running out of creatures is obviously really bad, but I have to imagine there's a number of creatures where that becomes a much smaller issue.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    I like the snow cards, but I don't think the ones revealed add enough interesting gameplay to justify making basics into snow-lands.

    3 mana 2/1 flyer on Vesperlark is just a bad statline. Hard to imagine wanting it in aggro due to that, and most other decks won't have enough ones to support it. Might be a decent aristocrats card, but outside of that its applications seem limited.

    Throes of Chaos just compares poorly to both card advantage spells and late game finishers, even ignoring it's awkwardness. Losing at least 1 mana on each cast makes it really hard for it to be worth it.

    Answered Prayers is interesting to me. It doesn't block, but the lifegain helps counteract that. Its condition is annoying, but a evasive 3/3 that dodges sorcery speed removal with upside is pretty appealing.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Quote from _i0 »

    There's a bunch of reasons why Flower // Flourish is indeed filler, and "not adding enough power" is only ONE of them and absolutely not the most important.

    Both cards are 6cmc, do nothing on defense, and depend entirely on you having the right boardstate / opponent's life total... the kind of board state that's appealing to think about winning single-handedly with your 6-drop, but will infrequently show up in real life.

    There's an even more infrequent range of games where +2/+2 on Flourish is game-changingly worse than Scale Up's effect, but far more relevant is what happens when you need to hit land drops 4, 5, 6. One of the two cards has a solid backup mode of basic landcycling... the other is a sorcery speed version of an already unpopular / unplayable Might of Old Krosa

    My point was that Flower // Flourish takes a lot of effort to find a deck where it is actively good. High floor, low ceiling type of situation. That's what filler is to me. Scale Up has a low floor and a high ceiling, which means it is not filler to me.

    I'm not sold on Scale Up (Might of Old Krosa comparison on the base mode being fair), but I don't think you can dismiss it offhand, considering the relative ease of imagining scenarios where the overload does 15+ damage with very little support.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Belfry Spirit/Battle Screech/Triplicate Spirits etc. all almost directly curve into Scale Up's overload, and actually presents close to lethal damage with just that on board, which other team pumps don't do.

    Blue and black can do similarly with the amount of evasive threats they have. It's also entirely reasonable in a RG aggro shell just for the base mode (+5/+3 for G is no joke). Green can use it the least, but it still has high amounts of synergy with Untamed Kavu/Rancor/Spider Spawning etc..

    Scale Up can actually kill from 20 with a really low power board and the base spell actually has a high ceiling. Comparing it to Flower // Flourish, which is entirely filler, is not a remotely apt comparison.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Splicer's Skill is probably just too slow. 4 mana for a 3/3 is not really where you want to be most of the time, and there's only so many cheap spells in white.

    Orcish Hellraiser costing 3 mana for 3 power just isn't really good enough for a 2 drop or for a later game drop. You don't really care about 2 drop versatility in aggro either.

    4 mana for a ping on Lesser Masticore is a horrific rate, and you have to discard a card as well for an unimpressive body.


    So many cards are just lacking raw power in this set. Scale Up, Ravenous Giant, and Mother Bear are the only cards I'm considering atm, but I'm not very excited about any of them.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Good-Fortune Unicorn is just too small to do anything in combat and dies to almost everything. Juniper Order Ranger may be more expensive, but it can make reasonable blocks the turn it comes down and it gets to an unreasonable size pretty quickly. Unicorn is probably better if you're solely trying to combo though.

    I like Scale Up, but I'm not confident how good it is. It's an interesting enough take on a Overrun variant that I'll test it, but it doesn't work too well with that much inside green.

    I think I would be willing to play a 2 mana +3/+0 and trample with cantrip (it's just so much damage), which Fist of Flame is moderately close to; I played Invigorated Rampage for a while and was reasonably pleased with it. I'm probably not testing it since it kinda needs to be in UR, but it's reasonably close.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    There aren't enough targets for Savage Swipe in green for me to be interested. I feel like there would be more trades than I would like too.

    Martyr's Soul taking away 3 attackers/blockers makes it hard for me to imagine it being super worthwhile even if you can trigger it.

    Undead Augur is probably just good enough on its own with incidental zombies. Only issue is it's a CC 2 drop in a colour that already has a really good one.

    Fists of Flame is really efficient for a cantripping pseudo-burn spell. Works insanely well with Kiln Fiend too.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Most of the lands that can't emulate an original dual don't feel rare to me. Pain lands, City of Brass, and Mana Confluence all feel uncommon to me since you're paying a fairly real cost for your fixing. I know in terms of constructed power level they're rare, but in limited they're 100% uncommon power level. I'm not even confident that City of Brass is that much better than Terramorphic Expanse in limited, and that's a common.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I run Karoos, but if there was another cycle of strong lands I would replace them. Gain lands are fine, but they don't really have synergy with anything in my cube. Karoos are more interesting with resetting Vivids/Aether Hub/Gemstone Mine, other marginal synergy with stuff like revolt, and make people think more about hitting lands with Riftwing Cloudskate type effects.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark for peasant cube
    Unless if you're putting them in a standard aggro list Alchemist and Prophet aren't really comparable imo. It's more so just what type of spells matter deck you want to support. Same with both of the this or thats (though Spellgorger Weird might just be bad).

    Prophet has 1-3 more stats than Scryfish, can be used immediately, and filters for your draw spells. You need the spells for it, but the upside is definitely there on an already cubable card.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark for peasant cube
    Tibalt comes down early, protects himself, is in a colour that can deal with evasive threats, and has a relevant static ability. Devils are better in peasant than limited, as our creatures are smaller, and lifegain is also more relevant, as aggro cares more and our reach spells are significantly better. He can basically go in any red archetype as well. He's not an insane card, but if he's bad I think most of the 4cmc walkers will be worse, as he's less impacted by the issues planeswalkers have. If 2R for 2 devils is good (which I think it is), then Tibalt is probably about that good as well.


    Considering most people aren't playing Servant of the Conduit, which is at least a sidegrade imo (1 toughness when other green aggro cards have 2 is an issue), I'm not sure why not wanting Paradise Druid is strange. Green also has a stupid amount of good 2 drops.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark for peasant cube
    Expect to be good:
    Saheeli, Sublime Artificer - Probably the card I'm most worried about making bad gameplay, but the power is 100% there with copying something like a Young Pyromancer.
    Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner - Feels like it's hard for her to be anything worse than just fine, which is a good place to start from.
    Bleeding Edge - Removal with a body that can't be abused through recursion.
    Tibalt, Rakish Instigator - Supports basically every archetype and seems pretty consistent.
    Leyline Prowler - 2/3 for 3 with 3 relevant abilities is a successful formula.

    Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor - Suffers the hardest from a small hit of the decent walkers, but it's hard to say how often that will happen.
    Evolution Sage - Proliferate has a ton of synergies and green 3s are fairly weak.
    Burning Prophet - With Murmuring Mystic, Pteramander, and Saheeli the spells matter deck seems consistent enough now to include a more narrow 2 drop for it.
    Deathsprout - 2 good things at a fairly high cost.
    Nahiri, Storm of Stone - 4 mana conditional removal with 2 very inconsistent static abilities on an unevaluated card type makes this impossible to tell if it's good even if it has a lot of potential.
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