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  • posted a message on Fan made map of Kamigawa
    Is this the article, maybe?
    Incredible... How could you remember in such detail an article form almost fifteen years ago?! OMG

    Yes, it is a bit odd how the set always seem to have just five big location (one for every color).
    With the last sets, things are getting worse, in my opinion: we usually have only a big city and just some info on its whereabouts.
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  • posted a message on Fan made map of Kamigawa
    Mmm... I thought that the Five Trees of the Poem of the Five Trees were North Tree, Center Tree, South Tree (represented by the Kodama) Boseiju (with the legendary land card) and Fudaiju (from the vignettes) ... But I can obviously be wrong; I'm sure I didn't find an East and West Tree in any of the sources I read. Frown
    About Shizo: in the fatpack booklet for Champions of Kamigawa it is told that the blood of the fallen from Shizo reached a near bamboo forest and transformed it in the bog called Takenuma. So it is true it was once a forest, but on the opposite side of Jukai.

    Thanks for your feedback!
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  • posted a message on Fan made map of Kamigawa
    Hi there! With the spoiler about Commander and the new O-Kagachi card, I think this is a good moment to post this little fan made map of Kamigawa.
    First of all, I didn't draw it, it's the work of a really excellent artist, Francesca Baerald (I'm not sure I can post a link to her site, I didn't read anything about it in the rules). I found all the information needed to give the greatest detail to it in the novels, vignettes, fat pack and cards themselves.
    Obviously I had to guess the location of some minor place (like Miren or Tomb of Urami), but the general direction of the major locations are all there. We know that Eiganjo is at the center, Takenuma swamp in the west, Sokenzan in the south, Jukai in the east and Minamo in the north.
    Let me know what you think!
    (Especially you, Squirle Master Wink )
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  • posted a message on Commander Planeswalker: how it was possible?
    I apologize if this question has been already answered time ago, but I didn't follow MtG so close at the time of the release of Commander 2014. I know that in that set there are five planeswalkers commander, Nahiri, Daretti (who don't present particular problems, since they are now neowalkers, even if Nahiri started as a oldwalker), Ob Nixilis, Freyalise and Teferi. When these last planeswalker are portrayed in the card they are still oldwalkers (immortal, demigod, immensely powerful) - if I'm not mistaken - so how is it possible that they got to be represented on a card? I thought that all the meaning of the Mending was to cripple that oldwalkers immortal stuff to make them playable. But then we have some oldwalkers who got their card! So, has MaRo said how this was possible? Teferi and Freyalise are here represented during Time Spiral, so when the Time Rifts were in some way disturbing their power? Or they didn't explain the flavour behind this decision? If so, they could in future make Serra, Urza and other oldwalkers card?
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  • posted a message on Visions Backstory
    You, sir, are my today's hero.
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  • posted a message on Visions Backstory
    Hi! I recently started collecting everything I can find on Mtg storyline (since antiquities... yes, I am that kind of Vorthos), I have found the wiki to be of exceptional help! Too bad a lot of links are dead after wizards decided to change their site... :-(
    One of these link is that about Visions Backstory (I think that this is the only storyline source on that block), specifically this
    Some of you know perhaps of an alternative link (maybe on web archive?), or have a transcript of that story? Thanks in advance!
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  • posted a message on Firebead_elvenhair's presentation
    Hi all! New guy's here!
    I started playng Mtg with 7th edition and stopped with Scourge (not a long career, eh). I recently started playing again thanks to Magic Duels and I've found so many changes to mechianics, sets and falvour that is incredibible (by the way, I'm a Vorthos type player, I think and i love everything about the flavor of the Multiverse, one of the most amusing - and confusing! - fantasy world ever created!). See you around guys!
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