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    So finally I am getting around to writting up something, just havent had the time/urge to write, but its due time.
    Anyways, there is much to talk about. First off I wanted to show you what I am, or rather what I was working with a few weeks, or days ago.

    This was before Pteramander was spoiled. Ater reading the article CurdBros was so kind to post I was very positiv that this card could jsut be what our deck needed. The first attempt on my part, as I wasnt really a fan of Thought Scour. I started off with 2 copies of the lizard and 0 tought scour, just swapping out the 2 figures of destiny and 1 mantis rider, as well as cutting the 2 censor and the one Hieroglyphic illumination for one copy each off serum visions, opt and spell snare. Playing against Grixis shadow and jund, which were the only decks I tested against the lizard came close to transforming in 1 game if I recall correctly, so I upped the lizard count and went with 3-4 thought scours, switching at times, jsut to get a feeling for it.
    Although the little flying man got dramatically better it still kind of underperformed in my opinion, so I dont really know what to do right now, either going back to the mantis riders or finally trying some swift spears along with one copy of figure of destiny. Those match ups arent the most represented in the meta game but I play versus interactive decks a lot in my local gamestore and I just havent seen the results I wanted. Pteramander seems less clunky on the card itself, but you often times dont really want to pump mana into it EoT becuase its just getting pushed, dismembered or bolted anyways. All in All I was a little disapointed with how it performed.

    After trying out a new style off build or a new card I am often times a little discouraged and question the deck as a whole. And thats when I start to come up with some real spicy stuff and that may jsut happend right now.
    I am very curious on what you guys think about the spice I am going to present you guys next.
    While playing with looting the card felt extremelly powerful and with another 3 cantrips I lowered the land count to 18 and with 28 spells the delver flip rate felt amazing, like fantastic. Thinking about threats and such besides delver I stumbled upon Pyromancer Ascension. Thought Scour was filling the graveyard regardless and Ascension is a way of cheesing someone out that isnt prepared, as well as giving really good late game potential with cards like lightning helix, serum visions, bolts and snapcasters.
    2 copies in the main or sideboard, thats what I havent figured out yet, should be sufficient. If it ends up in the main board and the opponent sees it and we expect grave hate we just board it out and dont really worry about grave hate at all, the question is would crackling drake in these RiP, albeit slower match ups, be a fine card to side in? Probably so. Or would Geist be sufficient?

    One last thing, the new dovin is very interesting. We would have to make it work with evasive/aggressive creatures. A list like the one CurdBros is playing would probably be perfect for him. Siding him in versus slower decks could be decent.

    Edit: Mazereon speaking. I have no clue why, but my account and all posts I previously made on this thread have been deleted. So here I am born anew lol...
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