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  • posted a message on [Primer] UW Tron
    Would the unbanning of SFM do anything for the deck? Either as a SB plan or even in the main to buy some time or steal games?
    As the graveyard decks just keep popping up, the gifts package gets worse and in match ups where we dont really want to rely on the combo or want to shift gears, SFM could do the trick in conjunction with thought knot seers. Drawing batterskulls isnt even that bad for us, as we can shuffle them back in with emrakul and with tron assembled playing and bouncing it over and over again isnt a problem.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I have to agree with you here curdbros. Some version of UW control will rock SFM for sure, even if its just in the board, but I do not believe, that every version will rely on it, or even bother to include it. But thats very exciting to me. UW decks are currently stuck in the control archtype and SFM may change this. Having even more diversity in modern will even make it a wilder place than it is right now, if thats good or bad thats for you to decide.
    Birthing Pod was before my time, so I cant comment on that, but as long as the games are interactive, fun and not oppressive Wotc should unban it.
    Preordain would probably be good in our deck, but please dont unban it, foils are running at 45€ (55$) a piece and this would only go up. This would really hurt my wallet as I am foiling out the deck. ^^

    UW Tron would be the deck I would/will got to when SFM gets unbanned, so I probably have to pick up a few copies in the next few days.
    Either as a sideboard plan or even in the main, just to get into the lategame sooner. But thats for another thread.

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  • posted a message on RWB Sword & Shield (Nahiri Indomitable Creativity Combo)
    Thanks for your clarifications.
    I am going to proxy your list with some minor changes. Brutality being one probably.
    Does the manabase give you trouble some time? If the deck goes dips deeper into black a carven cairns could be good.

    Btw, keep up the good work on your primer, the deck is really sweet!

    When Rest in Peace is the graveyard hate off choice, and you really feel like 2 copies arent enough, maybe complementing the RiPs with one or two surgical extractions or Nihil Spellbombs could do the trick.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    My gut tells me that Stevo is spot on right here. It seems very difficult to fit in 3-4 SFMs and some artifacts to get while maintaining a critical mass off at least 24 instants and sorceries. And the deck would basically transform into a midrange deck. The only configuration I could see doing reasonably well is something like 4 Delver of Secrets, 4 Snapcaster Mage, 3-4 Stoneforge Mystic and 2 pay off cards, with 20 lands and the rest being I/S.

    Yesterday I was able to go to the weekly "big modern" tournament at my local LGS, sadly I only went 1-2-1.
    A quick update on the my deck. Went down to 13 creatures and up to 20 lands, running 1 Desolate Lighthouse.

    The first round was against Hollow One. 2-0 loss.
    Not much to talk about here, Game 1 i just got rolled over and couldnt keep up. I boarded 2 Surgical extraction, 1 Izzet Staticaster, 1 Wear/Tear and 1 Celestial Purge.
    Took a mulligan to 6 and kept an extremely reactive hand which wasnt were I wanted to be, but going down to 5 would have been just as bad. I could not establish any pressure over the first few turns and was to far behind to come back, even with 2 paths and a snapcaster.
    After the game my opponent told me, that his starting hand game 2 was something like 2 hollow one, 2 lands, 2 bloodghast and 1 flameblade adept and he drew into brutality and inquiry.
    I think my mind wasnt really set into competitive mode, I cant really recall any mistakes but my plays were not really thought through and sloppy.

    Round 2 Storm.
    Game 1.
    Well did you know turn 1 delver, turn 2 flip is good versus combo decks with interaction and burn to back it up.
    Game 2.
    3 Spell queller, 2 dispels and 2 Surgicals got boarded in, I boarded out all 3 paths, lighthouse, 2 Riskfactors and one card I dont remember. My start wasnt that fast this time but reactive with cliques and spell quellers. I navigated to a spot where I put him dead to a bolt top deck but didnt draw it and we went on to game 3.
    Game 3 was just as game 1. Turn 1 delver, turn 2 flip, dropping another delver some turns later he had no chance of winning.
    Game 2 could have probably won by me but I was kind of rusty and only getting started with my competitive mindset.

    Round 3 was versus UW control.
    Game 1 got handled by vendilion clique, seeing a hand full of expensive spells and taking nothing, snapcaster and riskfactors.
    Game 2
    2 Dispel, 3 Spell queller came in and I think the 3 paths and 2 helices came out. Turn 3 Geist from my opponent resolved and did its thing.
    Game 3
    I began very aggressive with bolting his face, trying to make the game as short as possible. He was at 3 life when he resolved a Lyra Dawnbringer and he had to fade 1 turn of me not drawing a bolt effect and I didnt. The game was over pretty quickly from that spot.

    Round 4 Mardu pyromancer
    Game 1
    My hand got picked appart by discard and I just couldnt keep up with his plays. Easy game from his point of view.
    Game 2
    2 Surgical, 1 EE, 1 Izzet Staticaster, 1 celestial purge in. 2 cliques out and some amount of remands and one other card.
    This game was the other way round. At some point he stabilized but I jsut top decked better, Surgical on his looting was key in the earlier turns.
    Game 3
    This one was a grind fest and neither him nor I could pull ahead, so we ended up drawing as noone had anything going on.

    All in all I had a blast and just played the first round extremely sloppy. The TiTis were very good, as was the sideboard plan of spell quellers. The one/one split off spell pierce and snare very good I really liked it. The interaction between snapi and titi is so satisfying to pull off.
    The deck felt really thight the only things that are going to change are: 1 clique and the lighthouse will get cut again for 2 search for azcanta, as it has the potential to generate card advantage, which the deck is lacking.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    So with the next banned and restricted announcement just around the corner I wanted to ask you guys something. Stoneforge Mystic is the card nearly everyone wants to have unbanned, I for one would like to get jitte but thats not going to happen.
    If SFM is getting unbanned, does this do anything for us? Would an unbanning of SFM open up the possibility for us to run like 3 SFMs and a sword package, or would it just be to fragile and slow in the current state of modern?
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  • posted a message on RWB Sword & Shield (Nahiri Indomitable Creativity Combo)
    Hey there!

    I stumbled upon your primer just a few days back and really liked your approach. The fair game plan with the token beat down plan on one hand and the more unfair polymorph-esque finish.
    There are a few things that came to mind when looking at your list.
    Have you considered Bitterblossom as a consistent token generator besides Legion's landing? It would be another potential threat over the long run on its own and would make Indomitable Creativity even more consistent. This is just me theorizing.

    Another thing is the removal suite you chose to play, it looks a little weird. Bolt and Helix make perfect sense, but only one Path to exile, arguably the best spot removal in modern, 1 Dismember and 2 fatal pushes. The pushes I can get behind, depending on the meta, but what does 1 dismember accomplish that path doesnt? Curious about that.

    The sideboard seems pretty solid. With the rise of dredge, 4 Leyline of the Void
    would be really good as grave hate. Not loosing the flashback off looting and LS is nice and extra leylines can just be ditched to later lootings.
    Boros Charm is a little weird to me, you explained that it comes in for the more aggro match ups to have that extra bit of reach, but wouldnt 2 extra helices be more beneficial in those?

    And last but not least, I could see myself running more discard spells in the mainboard, but the deck seems pretty thight on flex spots already. Is this something you have tried? Like a few thoughtseizes or Collective brutality in the mainboard?
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    So I am playing more modern again, at least once a week with my playgroup and as much as I love geist he was the most unimpressive card in the deck, alongside Spell Snare which I just find weird at this point. Dont get me wrong, its awesome when its good, but its just a dead Card when its bad.
    Geist can win matches on his own but it felt like I had to work super hard to get him going, which most of the time wasnt possible. Sure there are games where a turn 3 geist is just game over, but this doesnt happen as often as it should.
    With that said Geist got cut and TiTi is in the mix again, and it performed really well today. The only deck I played against was grixis shadow and Thing did some heavy lifting in scenarios where geist wouldnt have accomplished much, creating akward spots where playing creatures was bad and not playing creatures was even worse. EoT Snapcaster opt for value, just to get him back due to the flip trigger from TiTi, attacking and bolt snap bolting felt really good.
    Geist is currently in the board, for the tron and control match ups. If he can justify his spot is another thing.

    Your list looks pretty solid, however there are a few things I dont like, namely the 2 Rattlechains and the 1 Dire Fleet Daredevil. The rattlechains just seem way to cute, as you are only playing them for the sake of giving geist flash. And daredevil is kind off whatever, I just dislike the card, the lack of flash is just to big of a downside. I would love see you switching from RiP to Surgical Extractions and going up to 2 copies.
    The rest of your deck looks very promising.

    The more instants and sorceries you can fit in the deck to flip delver the better, but you have to take into account that delver, although extremely powerful when you can protect it, acts just as a removalspell magnet. The threat density shouldnt be too low, as pressure backed up with interaction is key for our deck to function. I always find myself at about 25/26 spells, 19 lands and the rest are threats.
    Mentor is sadly just too expensive and with Gitaxian probe gone it has become a 4 drop with no real imidiate impact, which is just to slow.
    Young PZ is a 3 drop, but has to be built around kind off. Cards like Spell Pierce and Vapor Snag are quite good here, but in my experience both of those cards require very specific cards to function properly.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    You are not playing any 3 drops in your main at all, and only 2 overseer and 2 Inkmoths. Have you missed the ability to play a turn 2 overseer as it seems pretty powerful with your strategy of going wide. An unanswered overseer can take over the game in no time.
    And whats your reasoning for only 2 Inkmoths? The infect kill is probably valued to high overall, but very potent non the less.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    There are some more things to consider in this match up. As a combo deck that utilizes a non instant win combo like ad nauseam, dredge is not only susceptible to graveyard hate, but it can lose to itself as well. It mulligans rather well, but has to do so pretty often. Thats something that works for us.
    On the contrary, while countering a Cathartic Reunion looks very good initially and slows them down immensely, they still get to set up their graveyard for future turns, so without any clock in the early turns we are likely to lose.
    As I said in my last post Geist is weird, but after countering a Faithless Looting or Reunion we should have a window to resolve a Geist and drive him pretty much to Victory. The only real problem being amalgam,but utilizing path, Helix, bolt and Risk Factor in conjunction with Snapcaster to close out the game and clear the way should do the trick. Snapcaster Path is such a strong play in this MU, so running RiP just doesnt make the cut for me here.
    Another card thats shines is Remand. Countering their flash back spells is very helpful, as well as countering a hardcast stinkweed imp, or even a reunion just to delay them for another turn.

    Anger vs. clarion is pretty interesting, with Anger having the higher ceiling as it can just blow out the opponent, leaving them with nothing left to work with, except for loam and conflagrate, which we should be well suited to fight through. Clarion is nice when you are in a racing position, but the powerlevel is just not quite there imo, basically it says tap out to fog 1 turn or gain between about 6 life, anger gets rid of the creatures for good.
    But personally I never liked sweepers in our deck.

    I have been lurking in the dredge thread for some weeks now, as I was interested in playing the deck, but decided to go with regular Affinity instead. And most of the seasoned players in the dredge thread came to the conclusion, that Assassins Trophy is a trap. The dredge player just loses to much tempo in the process. They neither want to tap out turn 2, nor ramp their opponent. Natures Claim is just way more effective and not as restrictive when it comes to manacost, the 4 life are negligible most of the time.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    The resurgence of Dredge is not very good for us. Being such an uninteracive combo deck with huge inevitability, our only real chance in game one is with early pressure in delver and disruption with spell pierce, spell snare and other creatures like Spell Queller and Vendilion Clique. Geist is a weird one here, Bloodghast is not that good at blocking and the only real good blockers are Amalgams, but he just isnt at his best here.
    The sideboarded games are a little better, with the gravehate of your choice in surgical or RIP. The plan with surgicals being either removing the dredgers to slow them down immesly, or removing Amalgams and bloodghasts to nullify their clock and reducing them down to conflagrate, chill and some little creatures. Even though RiP just shuts down their entire deck, their sideboard is well suited for dealing with the enchantments, thats why I quite like the surgicals with in conjunction with snapcaster in this match up.

    On another note, I got to play against Eldrazi and Taxes, Jund and the new Pelt collector deck and took note how much I liked Risk factor.
    EnT beat me up pretty good, played about 6-7 games and was able to win 1 singular game. He kinda always had what he needed to stop me in my tracks. In 5 of the games I played turn 1 delver and 3 of the delves got pathed on the spot. Risk factor never was a factor in any of those games but in 1, the one I won. Against the pet collector deck RF was nuts, he played the version with DS so he dealt himself quite some damage with lands and and street wraiths, leaving him caught between a rock and a hard place. And the jund matches were kind of like the ones against EnT just that both of us had awful draws in like every game we played and he burried me in cardadvantage with BBE eventually.
    All in all I like the RFs in my deck so far, when your opponent has the nuts all the time there is just nothing you can do about it, so disregarding these games where my opponents had it anyways is fine with me, as I would have lost no matter what.
    In even games, or games where I was ahead RF was very good, dealing 12 damage and drawing 3 cards versus jund in one game, either dealing 4 when putting the opponent under pressure at the same time is huge and drawing 3 cards just feels amazing.
    RF kind off suits our deck, as when we are behind we are not favored anyway and when we are on the same level or ahead this card can snowball the game out off control. Those are my 2 Cents so far on Risk factor.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Started to test with Maximum_Intelligences deck and was wondering which Planeswalker actually has the edge, baby karn, or tezzeret Agent of Bolas.
    Karns loyalty and manacost are huge pros, but in a stalemate, or with just a few artifacts in play, isnt tezzeret superior? He generates a threat just as well, the cardadvantage he provides is better as well, at least in the selection department, and threatening a game ending ulti just 1 turn after entering seems very solid.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    So after talking to my playgroup, as well as twitch chat from Todd Andersons stream (including Todd himself) I got to the conclusion that Mission briefing wasnt as good as I thought it was. Having extra snapcaster-esque effects is fine, but todd said that he doesnt think MB is a Card, the reason being, that the UU manacost is pretty restrictive and the surveil 2 just is way worse than than the 2/1 Body.
    I do not mean to disencourage any of you who like the card, thats just the conclusion I got to.

    On the other hand the 2 cards had to be replaced by something and the 2 planeswalkers werent to my liking either, so going down to 19 lands was a no brainer as well. With 5 open slots 2 Spell queller, 2 Risk factor and 1 Aurelia, Exemplar of justice found their way into the deck.
    At first Risk factor seemed to slow and clunky, but I think this card could really get us back on track for bigger tournaments and higher tierstatus.
    Its just like the mini Treasure Cruise we have been waiting for. Being able to keep up mana for anything (counterspells, spell quellers and burn) and having the option to either deal 4 or draw 3 and doing it again next turn is pretty good.
    In the earlier stages of the game it probably dealing 4 all of the time, but the longer the game goes, the better Risk factor becomes as well and at some point it will just draw you 3 cards and draw you into more gas.
    Its a mixture of vexing devil and TC, in the early game you just take the 4 damage, but the later in the game thats to risky and you opt for the other mode.
    And aurelia got in because MR.Tzoulis was amazed by her.

    One more thing I wanted to talk about is, that modern just is getting more and more uninteractive and degenerate with each set. With pelt collector the bushwhacker deck just got way better (even playing DS), dredge got a new toy and this time for real with Creeping Chill.
    How are we supposed to keep up? Do we have to pack even more removal now or do you guys think we are fine where we are right now?
    Spell pierce and snare are getting better, but are very conditional. Remand wont leave my deck, but the lower the curves of decks, the worse remand gets.
    Well, I am interested on what you guys think about that.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Double posting as I didnt want to make the report post even longer.
    This is just a quick update on what I will be up to in the near future with the deck. I wanted to incorporate some main deck land hate and a little more staying power, or late game stuff while keeping it a tempo deck.
    I went down to just 12 creatures,uping the land count to 20 and even including 2 PWs while keeping the Instant and sorcery count high for delver.
    So here is what I will be working with for the next couple of weeks, with GRN in mind.
    Mission briefing should make our late game selection better, getting rid of lands and being snapcaster 5 and 6 should make and Impact, and the Card is very good for late game delver set ups as well, making delver less of a dead draw in the lategame.

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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    So I am a little less than 2 months late on this report. Hopefully the memories of the rounds are still there, at lesat to some extent.
    GP Prague was my first major tournament so I thought to myself above all I want to savor the weekend, have fun, chat with people from all over europe and play the best magic I can.
    And guess what, I really played the best magic off my life and had so much fun doing it.
    The list is something I cant remember very well, but it was very tempo oriented, with 4 remands, a couple spell pierces, 2 logic knots, a clique, 4 delver, spell quellers and steppe Lynx.
    On to the rounds!

    Round 1 (Bogles):

    Game 1:
    I sat down with my opponent already waiting. We shook hands and started playing. He went first and played Windswept heath, passing the turn. My first thought was a CoCo deck off some kind, but endstep he fetched for dryad arbor, limiting the decks to bogles and infect. When he played Temple Garden I knew what was up. He enchanted the arbor with rancor and got in for 3. On my turn my delver flipped and with removal and countermagic up I shipped the turn back to him. He tried to go all in onto the arbor, which I bolted and 3 for 1ned him. He wasnt able to come back after this.
    Game 2:
    He mulliganed to 6 and played a Spirit dancer which was dealt with by a bolt. On my second turn I played 2 delvers and passed. He had a second spirit dancer and an aura, with me having no removal in Hand, only reactive spells I thought it was my time to take a beating, but my delvers flipped and I just ignored his spiritdancer, Blocking him with snapcaster mages and just making sure he could not get a Daybreak Coronet down, which he never drew apparently.

    1:0 after defeating arguably one of the worst match ups for our deck.

    Round 2 (Infect):
    Game 1:
    I lost the dieroll again and my oppoenent basically had the same play with dryad arbor, but the only difference was I was extremelly light on interaction and just couldnt keep up. I took a line where I was exactly dead to become immense and Nothing else, but he had it.
    Game 2:
    I was not very impressed with my 7 in game 2, being very reactive, but I kept.
    He led with a Glisterner Elf wich I bolted on the spot. He followed up with a spell skite which got pathed. He played another skite and blighted Agent on his turn and with no removal in hand I fought as hard as I could but it was no use, and he eventually just overran me.

    1-1 after beating a horrific match up, getting stomped by a good one was a little setback.

    Round 3 (Grixis DS)
    Game 1:
    Kept a hand withsome early aggression, feeling very comfortable, regardless off what I was playing against. He started with some discard spells and curving out into angler. Steppe Lynx did some early damage which is a little risky, but I figured I cant grind him out and being aggressive was my best way to win. I let his angler live and decided to race, baiting obvious stubborn denials just to blow him out with snapcasters and spell quellers. The game looked close but in my opinion it wasnt.
    Game 2:
    Same start from him with discard and an early angler, which I ignored completely. Flipping 2 delvers with spell queller and countermagic up was the key to success here. But the game would have been closer if he hadnt forgotten my spell snare, which countered his temur battlerage.

    2-1, havent played this match up that often I felt that it just is a good match for us. A more seasoned player with the deck may have been a bigger challenge but the match up seems very 65/35 for us.

    Round 4 (Blue Moon with TiTi)
    Game 1:
    Lost the die roll, just had non basics, got blood mooned turn 3 and was just dead afterwards. I did not concede, but it did not take long.
    Game 2:
    This game we traded resources back and forth and either one off us could have won this game, but remanding the first blood moon and getting both types of basics early was key, plus Spell queller and more burn/removal with helix and path made the difference.
    I was able to kill him before he got his Pyromancers ascencion got online, which would have been bad news.
    Game 3:
    We both kept 7 again and he started with cantriping, but acutally never got to see a third land. With me curving out just fine he had no chance of winning this one.

    3-1, interactive magic, thats what I like to see and love to play against.

    Round 5 (Burn)
    Game 1:
    If you know me, you know I hate playing against this deck, but weirdly enough I navigated this game extremely well, with spell queller making the difference once more. The last eidolon I even kept in play as I was not obliged to cast any spells and my opponent had to, killing him in the process as I was at higher life. Grim Lavamancer is a house in the MU if you didnt knew already.
    Game 2:
    Keeping an interactive hand with an early threat I felt good, with him going down to 4 cards his chance of winning where marginal at best. Winning that way is not something I like but it happens, thats what a variance based card game has in store for you.

    4-1, feeling pumped, I even started to think I had a chance off making day 2.

    Round 6 (BUG Thophter foundry)
    Game 1:
    At first I thought I was up against lantern or something on those lines but after getting burried in thopter tokens and life gain with no way out I knew what was up.
    Game 2:
    Went just as game 1, my early pressure with steppe lynxes got to a hold when I wasnt able to making a third land drop on turn 3 and got smashed by a combination of discard, interaction and at last the combo, with whir of invention pulling the major weigth.

    4-2 after round 6, still way better than expected and really happy about my performance so far. I never played against the thophter deck before and kinda regreted bringin RiP instead of surgical, as he decayed my Rip in game 2, where as Surgical would have straight up destroyed his combo and win condition.

    Round 7 (bolges)
    Game 1:
    After defeating this deck in round 1 I thought that it was a one hit wonder and after not running into humans, tron, hollow one or affinity yet I was still expecting something like that.
    But man, running into the friend of the other bogles player from round one wasnt a good sign.
    This guy convinced the other bogles player I played against to play the deck. And as unlucky and inexperienced the other guy was, this one was way better at sequencing his Plays, running me over in 4 turns with a bogle.
    Game 2:
    This one took a little longer, I got to counter some of his stuff and work my way through 1 spirit dancer, but he followed up with another. I was optimistic when I had 5 damage in the air with clique and queller (coronet under it), but he pathed my queller. I quelled the coronet again, and on his turn he played another path and I extended my hand.

    4-3, pretty happy with myself I opted to intentionally drop, as day 2 was no option anymore and my friends dropped out in the first 4 or 5 rounds. Looking for some nice cards as souveniers and playing some EDH for the rest off the event.
    So my experience at the GP was straight up awesome, and after a 4-3 finish I was very pleased with how I played.
    I hope you enjoyed my write up, even though took me so long to write it.

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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Mission Briefing is absolutely bonkers in my opinion.
    It can definitely see myself playing 2 of this card mainboard as it basically is a mix of snapcaster mage + serum visions, kind off.
    You get to play the best spell in your yard and you basically get to scry 2.
    It's not a 2 mana counterspell but damn the utility is good. Getting rid of 2 lands in the late game? No problem.
    Flashing back bolt and leaving geist and snapcaster on top? Easy.
    I think this card could really do well in our deck, I would probably start with 2 copies.

    BTW, maybe I will get around to a small tournament report from GP prague where I went 4-3 and dropped.
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