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Ravnica: The Living Guildpact
  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I am constantly keeping up with the forum but haven't had time and motivation to contribute in the last couple of weeks or even months.
    Stevo, I watched the videos and would like to give some input on my point of view on some of the things. But I am currently on vacation for another 5 days and will write up something when I am back from sailing.

    Until then, have a nice week and keep up the good work guys!

    Btw, are you going to GP Prague?
    If so, you won't be the only one playing jeskai delver, that's for sure. Grin
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Lieutenant is actually pretty interesting, but it is probably just not quite worth it, considering our low creature count. Although it definitely has potential, making a delver 4/3, a Mantis rider 4/4 and even snap or lavamancer just one power bigger can be a huge swing in our favor.
    But Goyftomcat is most likely right, that we would be better off playing 5c humans at that Point.

    Today I got to Play some games versus jund.
    We played 4 games (with no sideboarding), I went into the Matches relatively pessimistic, but it turned out that either my deck was willing to deliver the right Cards at the right time, my Opponent just didnt draw well, the matchup is still 50/50, or the changes did wonders.
    I think its all of the above. The mantis rider definitely helped me to keep up the Aggression and with that in mind I played way more aggressive, than I did with geist, always trying to push my Advantage even further. Dont get me wrong, the games were very Close, all off them, but the rider just felt way better than expected. My Opponent missplayed once or twice, but we all do that sometimes.
    I am not sure about what to do with the fumarole slot. It won me a game today, but felt clunky in other games, it will end up as 10th fetch land probably.
    RiP in the side is to cute in my oppinion, a couple of days ago I boarded it in vs jund and got smashed anyways and making snapcaster more or less useless is not somewhere I want to be. Two dispells is one to many in my current meta, so I am going down to 1. This opens up two slots and I am debating between another answer to artifact decks (KCI-Combo), Entrancing melody in the midrange matchups, and Keranos for the midrange MUs as well.

    A matchup to talk about is maybe the KCI-Combo matchup, as it popped up at GP phoenix and it can be a tricky matchup to Play.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Went to FNM the other day and went 1-2, and I was actually pretty dissapointed afterwards.
    Got paired against RG eldrazi in the first round.

    Round 1: RG Eldrazi 1-2
    Game 1:
    Mulled down to 5 cards, after having one no lander and one one-lander with Basic mountain, the 5 card hand was a no-lander as well, but as I knew he was playing RG eldrazi I figured that a four card hand wouldnt be sufficient, so I kept and scryed a remand to the bottom. Being on the draw really helped and it was pretty close, got him down to 5 before getting fnished off by Kessig wolf run basically.

    Game 2:
    Turn one delver just went all the way, he got to Play 3 TKS but with 3 Snapcasters in hand he couldnt really fight through it and remanding a Dismember was extremelly satisfying. This game just didnt feel that close, even though it probably was. Remanding the Dismember probably won me the game, as he couldnt really play it a second time without risking to get burned out.

    Game 3:
    Slammed Geist on turn 3 and he didnt attack once. And I didnt even get hardcore rolled. Had to play defense all game long and got flooded at some point.

    Round 2: Bye

    Round 3: BW Spirits 0-2
    Game 1:
    As soon as I saw the pairings I knew how it was going to end.
    I put up a pretty good fight, but our 1 for 1 burn spells and removal, as well as our threats dont line up well.

    Game 2:
    This one was just brutal, I got my hand dispatched by 3 discard spells, played a RiP and realised that it hurts me more than him at this point afterwards.
    Bad matchups are bad matchups I guess.

    My conclusion was at first I will play another deck for a couple of weeks/months, but I jsut cant. I wanted to sleeve up Blue moon, but in the process of sleeving, it just didnt feel right.
    The main concern was Geist and getting behind in the early stages of the game, without being able to burn the opponent out. Flooding was another problem kind of.
    A friend of mine just doesnt like delver in modern and geist in my shell and just wants me to play Blue moon, or jeskai nahiri. But it wont give up delver but I will put Geist aside for the next couple of weeks I think and play Mantis Rider instead, this is the first change I am going to make. Geist was good 50% of the time, excellent probably 10% and awful 40% of the time it got down. Rider can attack more often than geist with his built in evasion and block at the same time if it has to.
    The second thing I am going to change is a one off Wandering Fumarole. It feels a Little weird but at some Point having something to do with 6+ mana is pretty important, I could see a Desolate Lighthouse do the Job as well, filtering through bad Cards or lands.
    Do you guys have experience with those 2 lands?

    My local meta just doesnt fit Geist at the moment, if I am not willing to go for the actual geist control list, which would go hand in hand with going up to 24 lands and cutting delvers and this wont happen,
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I am going to try to go through the last couple of points you guys talked about, hopefully I wont miss anything.

    First off all, the bogles match up just seems miserable game one, we have no way of dealing with most of their creatures, and probobably have like 4-5 completely dead cards in vapor snags and PtE, our burn spells will just go face everytime we can afford to tap out. Cheap countermagic is our friend here but doesnt win us the game eiter. The first game is probably like 35/65.
    Post board we have a lot more ways to interact with what they are doing. EE, Negate, Wear//Tear and last but not least Deflecting Palm are all solid cards, with Palm being the most powerful one.
    Regardless off the powerlevel of the cards we bring in, we have to draw any combination of those cards to compete with them.
    But on the other hand bolges is a deck that can lose to itself more than any other deck.

    Standard is not the format of my choice, and never will be I assume, but with dominaria being exceptionally sweet I might even dive into standard.
    A card that I havent seen being mentioned until now is Healing Grace. it doesnt really deal with any card but if burn becomes a problem, this card could be helpful. Preventing 3 and gaining 3 in the process versus burn is like them discarding 2 cards for no value at all, which means: more time for us and more looks to find an answer like helix.

    About the jund and GB tron + stony silence topic.
    I was also thinking about spreading seas in the board recently versus jund, as it is a tempo play and seas can really screw them , getting rid of double black is quite reasonable and even if they have another fetch for black they are doing our work for us, in dealing damage to themselves, making it easier for us to burn them out. Just as Curbros said, outvalueing them will not go well for us 85% off the time, they just have to much to do with their mana.
    The planeswalkers are all ok options in my opinion, but nothing to special. I dont know why, but I dont really like 4 mana PWs in our deck (referring to the lists with 20 lands or less and with me not having played JtMS yet), probably thats just preference, but a card with 4 mana just has to be an instant in my books, or a card that seals the deal in an instant, like jace can am I right?

    GB tron always felt like a very good match up for us, considering we dont get into the lategame.
    Our threats are awesome, our reach is insane and our tempo approach with remands and even spell pierces are over the top good (spell pierce can be extremelly helpful in the earlier stages when they try to turn 3 karn us but get countered by a 1 mana spell).
    We get even better cards post sideboard with Rejections, Wear//Tear and Negate. Stony Silence just isnt where I want to be with this deck vs tron and in general. I dont think that stony is necessary in this match up and as mentioned above, the affinity match up is also very good already so we are ok there as well. I much rather have them invest their mana in some stars and spheres just to counter their big bombs, or timewalking them with remand.
    And Geist of Saint traft is a God in this matchup.

    At last I have a question for you guys.
    Is it worth it to buy jeskai delver on mtgo for ~400$? The next lgs is about 25 kilometers (~16 miles) away from where I live and my friends with whom I playtest also live in this area. Its either driving and more foils for the deck, or mtgo, less driving but also less foils and less social interactions.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    So the last "big modern" event featured about 12 Players, this probably isnt that big of a deal for most of you but in Austria the cities arent that big, so 12 Players is actually above avarage.

    My friend and myself came about 10 minutes to late, pairings were already done, so we had to Play against each other (he is the jund Player in my playgroup).

    Round 1: Jund 0:2
    So we sat down and began with our matches, and I literally got annihilated. On the draw I kept a fine hand with only one land but with Opt, Serum Visions, Remand and a delver, path and spell pierce, feeling pretty confident in drawing a land or two with all the cantrips my hand had to offer.
    The land came on like turn 5 or something. At the beginning of the game he even said that his hand wasnt that good, but I just couldnt punish him with my draw. The second game was a little closer and I had the feeling I could win this one. The game got out of hand when he drew 2 K commands in a row, killing my delver and letting me discard with the first and in Response to me V Cliquing him, killing clique and letting me discard again, revealing 2 lands and leaving me with nothing on board and in hand. (My hand was Boros charm, snapcaster, V clique, before he began K commanding me, and he was at 8 live so charm snap charm would have sealed the deal).

    Round 2: Burn 1:2
    Its been so long since I played this match up. I didnt think I played this one particullarly well.
    Winning the first game I thought that this should be doable, but game 2 he was just to fast and my hand just didnt match what he was doing.
    The third game was actually pretty close, but I think I should just countered on lightning bolt turn 3 instead of both, this could have probably won me the game, because I flooded out and only had helix in hand. I had to fire it off and in response he cast skull crack, to seal the deal. If I wouldnt have dispelled the second bolt earlier it could have countered a more impactful spell and probably won the game myself.

    Round 3: Shared Fate Combo 2:1
    I knew that he was on some kind of combo deck because he played next to me the game before and they drew like game one or something, we werent sure what would happen, both off them had no library but couldnt loose off of drawing cards because of Shared Fate and nobody had a win condition besides milling or the other players deck.
    The first game he didnt really do much, I just got to burn and aggro him out.
    In the second game I boarded in Geist and thought that this should be quite easy, but I never drew a counterspell and turn 4 he landed the enchantment and basically got to play my deck, while I had to play with his (with no win condition)
    Game three was quite close but the combination of threats I deployed kept him bussy so he couldnt get the combo going.

    Round 4: Burn 2:0
    I learned from my mistakes in the burn Matches before and played more carfully, keeping an eye out for Cards like skullcrack, Helix and Boros charm.
    Both games were pretty Close, but nothing Special, the second one was anyones game because both of us flooded out and I just drew out of the flood quicker than him and drawing the more powerful Cards with snapcasters.

    All in all I am a Little bit dissapointed in myself, excspecially considering the second round loss to burn.
    Flooding out on two occasions was kind of weird and the games against jund were just unlucky.
    Some cards I want to talk about are Spell pierce, Lavamancer and Geist vs TiTi:
    Spell pierce felt great in every instance it showed up, in some spots it felt like a time warp and in others it just led to akward decisions for the opponent.A+ for spell pierce!
    Lavamancer felt great as well, trading with every burn creature, and being able to kill BBE and Bob was extremelly helpful, not to mention the repeatable source of damage it is in grindy games. A solid A for lavamancer.
    TiTi hold the ground well versus burn, and the one time it flipped it won me the game probably on the spot, but I kind off missed geist and TiTi felt akward at times. Searing blaze is a pain in the ass with it when it is still unflipped and blocking is akward as well, you dont really want to lose life against burn but do you want to lose your Titi to a blocked swiftspear with a bolt follow up?
    And drawing it later in the game with 2 cards left in hand it wasnt that mind blowing also, geist would have been way better in those spots.
    So I will probably go back to good old Geist, he just never disapoints!

    A card I really wanted to have 1 off in my 75 is Spell Snare and with the addition off jace in the board I decided to go up to 3 young pyromancers.
    Hopefully I can provide some feedback in a couple of days.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I am trying out the list I posted like 2-3 weeks ago. The list with TiTi and geists in the side.
    I don't like jumping on bandwagons in general, so until now Jace didn't find the way into any of my lists, although if he works for you guys, especially Curdbros since you are testing it extensively, there might be 2 jaces in my SB in the near future.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Yo guys!

    With the unbannings I am constantly thinking about changes we could make and which Cards might become better in the new meta that will probably shape up in the next couple of weeks or months.
    I love delver, countermagic and the burn/reach, well duhhh, thats why I/we are playing the deck.^^
    The issue with delver in my oppinion is, that he just dies to pretty much anything and with modern becoming more and more like legacy maybe we should change the approach on the deck as well, something similar to to Pascal Vierens list in regards to the threats.
    What I want to say is the next time I am going to test the deck I will probably go down on threats and try to protect them better.
    A Card that could really make this happen is Disrupting Shoal, but we would need some compensation because of the Card Advantage, so adding a couple of cryptics could do the Job pretty nicely.
    Creature wise I was thinking about something like this:

    Pyromancer could be switched with TiTi.

    and Spell wise:

    A configuration like this would leave us with reach and meaningful threats with the capability to go into longer games as well as fullfilling the aggro role. Disrupting shoal would have about 12 one mana spells, ~15 two mana spells, 2 three mana spells and 2 4 mana spells to pitch to, with 1 mana and 2 mana being what we are most concerned about, with the cheap removal spells in path, push, bolt, terminate, collective brutality.
    What I am most concerned about with a list like this, is that we do not have such an engine like mardu pyromancer, to bring back threats and not drawing any wouldnt be that great either, but with our card velocity we should be fine.
    I am very curious on what you guys think about a list like this, probably I would just be better off playing straigt UR (just splashing white for helix and boros charm seems weird, although the sideboard options are just so good in white), but Jeskai is love, jeskai is life!

    Nate has posted the 2nd part of the jeskai round table and the very last viewer question was from me (at about 1 hour and 10 minutes).
    Sadly they didnt really go into much detail, but at least they (Harlan) said something about it, although I would have loved to get a little more detailed answer than this. Oh well.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    At first I didnt really like TiTi as well, but after reading an article from Peter vieren, the brother of Pascal, he wrote:

    "While it might seem at first that the two creatures have some non-synergy (Thing flip destroying all your Elemental tokens), this is not really relevant. If you ever get into a position where you lose a lot of Elementals this way, it should mean you are winning anyway. (Also, be aware that in this case you do get to keep the Elemental token from your last spell if you stack the triggers correctly.)" - Peter vieren, in an hareruya article.

    Geist just doesnt do much versus lingering souls decks or token decks in general and as mentioned above, Geist is in the side for the Control match ups.
    You are probably right that the control match up wont change that much, its just another threat we have to deal with, in place of something else.
    Regarding your BBE statement, we cant really do much against that as well. The best thing we can do is just bolt the BBE and counter the spell she cascaeded into. I do not think we can really prepare for this, other than going 2 for 1.
    A Card that came to mind was Ojutai's command as a one off, being able to recure a TiTi, pyromancer, or in the late game even snapcaster mage (delver is not the best target in this spot, but a target never the less) in either the Control or the jund match up could work pretty well as Reparation.
    Dont get me wrong, I love my geists and it really hurts just seeing them in the side, but right now its a nessecary evil. My meta is just extremely hostile for him about 80 percent of the time, the other 20% he Forces the Opponent to have a sweeper or a cryptic command, or snapcaster as an ambush Viper.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I didnt want to write everything into one post because it could have gone a Little confusing, so here I go, again.^^

    So here is my decklist + changes and ideas for further changes below:

    This is what I came up with before the announcement. The idea behind the TiTis was, as mentioned in my previous post, removing annoying Tokens and blockers in General, to create a window for me to win the game. The 2 more fetches should prevent the flooding that has happened to me since I am playing this Setup and the second Boros charm is replacing the 4th remand right now, because in the later stages of the game remand wasnt as good as i wanted it to be in the last couple of weeks.

    So my ideas, if Control becomes more popular I could see myself cutting the pyros and adding a second v clique and maybe a second logic knot to protect the few threats I am going to deploy and the V clique just being extraordinary good in Control match ups.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Personally I was really hoping for jitte getting unbanned and I am kind off angry at myself right now for not ordering 2 JtMS last Weekend.
    He will definitely have his spot in modern, the UWx control decks will love to add a few copies and jsut as you said CurdBros, Miracles might become a thing, which could be funny probably.
    If jace is something for our deck is something only time will tell, but he is probably a little to "slow". I think if we really want to support jace, we might be better off just dumping delver, going up to 23+ lands and play jeskai control. But I am looking forward to your testing @stevo and CurdBros.

    What concerns me more is the fact that we have to, at some Point, fight him from one angle or another.
    Is going more aggro the way to go, or do we want to pack a Little more counterspells instead, protecting our threats and simultaneously hindering their gameplan?
    Bloodbraid Elf got unbanned as well, does this even inpact our deck in any way? Jund probably moving up in the Tiers once more and being a 50/50 match up pre unbannings, with the BBE unbanning this feels more like 40/60 now, with even more cardadvantage. The only thing I can think off right now is something like rule of law or Spirit of the Labyrinth or Counterflux.
    K command is already pretty brutal if it resolves but BBE into K command or LotV is probably even more devastating.

    After long considerations, the top 8 finish of Pascal vieren with UR pyromancer 2 or 3 weeks ago and talking to a friend of mine playing mardu pyromancer I moved the geists to the SB for 3 Thing in the Ice. My current meta is just full with creature heavy decks like mardu pyromancer, BW Tokens, jund, eldrazi, naja aggro, but some Control decks as well, so I decided to swap Geist with TiTi and against Control decks I still have Geist in the post Sideboard games.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Could we maybe put super long quotes into spoilers, or quote more specifically? Scrolling through all the quoted quotes that have been quoted is a little tiresome. The small quotes are totally fine, but, at least in my opinion, the quotes of quotes are super long sometimes and make the thread somewhat confusing.
    If the majority is fine with the quotes I dont want to force anything, but it would make the thread a little bit more clear and probably easier to read for newcoming guys and galls.
    Sorry for the "rant", its ment as constructive criticism.

    As I still havent had much time playing modern my changes arent tested yet, which will hopefully change tomorrow. But even though I am not able to play, this doesnt stop me from changing my list and thats what I came up with:

    Spell Queller is extremely powerful and I dont really know why I just dont like it, but it is how it is and with V Clique being one of my favourite cards this was an easy switch. Probably I like the ability of Clique being way more proactive, with 1 more power and the EtB ability not being conditional and it is somewhat a counterspell (in some form) and the information it provides is very powerful as well.
    The rest of the creaturepackage is pretty straight forward and is back to the roots for me, except for the geists.
    With the printing of opt I went down to 3 serum visions and since than didnt really look back the split is pretty good.

    Logic Knot was something I wanted to include again, as when it was in the deck it always performed exceptionally well.
    The one offs in Boros Charms and Electrolyze are cards I really like but am not sure of right now, with Spell snare being very good in some match ups right now and horrible in others some part in me wanted to get 2 copies into the main but against eldrazi decks its just horrible and both electrolzye and boros charms won me games so they are here to stay, I guess.

    The landcount is fine, but going up on fetchlands wouldnt be that bad, at least one Scalding tarn will be added in the near future.

    My Sideboard went through the most changes, with the second copy of echoing truth being a concession to BW tokens. With the 2 Deflecting Palms I wanted to approach the SB plan to fight Big Creature decks a little different, with more aggro, instead of boarding into more control.
    The card I am most excited about is Dire Fleet Daredevil as it does something on EtB unlike the blue flyer. With a CmC of 2 both just die to fatal push, but with the EtB the daredevil has the advantage, at least in my book. This card will get boarded in the grindy match ups (jund/grixis DS/abzan). Playing a Kolaghan's Command out of the jund players GY or even fatal pushing a goyf, or getting rid of lingering souls can swing the game in our favour as we gather card advantage against decks that are 1 for 1 trades. And the daredevil could be interesting versus burn as well, as it can get something like a helix to get rid of a creature and it has first strike, so it blocks every creature except for a pumped up swiftspear.

    I have to agree with the others on your basic land count and emilan made a solid point of playing a mix of polluted deltas and arid mesas. The next time WotC might reprint the Zendikar fetches is the next modern masters set, but I would not place my bet on that.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    I would not say that admirals orders is just another dispel. Often times opponents wait until blockers are declared and for instants I am running spell pierce/remand.
    Although we are running 10-13 creature removal Spells the only one that gets rid of most of the Eldrazi tron threats and things like angler and tasigur permanently. Threatening to counter any sell post Combat for a whooping one blue mana seems pretty good in my opinion and if a deck can utilize this card, than jeskai delver is the deck to so.
    What does a fatal push do Vs a geist of Saint traft or like 4 pyromancer tokens, not that much. And delver isn't always answered right away. Plus later on it can just act as a 3 cmc hardcounte, that's nothing to brag about but it is solid, I guess.
    I don't want to sell this card to you, as I am very critical myself. I just don't want this card to get viewed as terrible from the very beginning. I could see this card Replacing for instance one copy of ceremonious rejection in the sideboard, as it does exactly what we want in the tron/eTron match up and can also be put to use in other MUs.

    The 2/3 unblockable dude would probably be quite good if it had prowess as well, a 2/3 is to weak most likely, although a very nice budget option.
    Sphinx's decree in a 1v1 format is a worse Silence, in a multiplayer format like edh it would be extremely powerful.
    If you want something against spell singer decks rule of law, or eidolon of rethoric are better options, althoughi don't really like any of those, snapcaster is just to powerful.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Phew, finally back at it again. It feels good to be back!
    The last couple of weeks/months were not that good to me in regards to modern, or magic in general and with the new year I hope to bounce back and get into the mix again.

    The fetchlands will not get a reprint anytime soon, I think. Reprinting the onlslaught fetchlands kind of destroyed the standard environment for a while and the fetches were still horrendously overprized. On the other hand, if wizards goes with non fetchable duals for the next couple of expansions (as long as the fetches would be in standard) printing them would be fine and the prizes would not be as absurd as they were to Khans standard.

    The Summoner is probably just not good enough, as it is a 2 mana investment with no impact on the board + it is just a 1/1 on its own. I would much rather protect a young pyromancer with a spell pierce than this little fella.

    Safron olive's is definitely extremelly spicy and it would probably work with 20 lands and a few more counterspells just as well. I would love to see this one in action, but I dont think that is more consistent than either the geist "tempo" lists or the delver lists. But it seems extremelly fun!

    A card i wanted to talk about is: Admrial's Order

    Admiral's Order
    1 blue mana blue mana
    Raid - If you attacked with a creature this turn, you may pay U rather than pay this spell's mana cost.

    Counter target spell.
    "Damn the cannons, mates. Charge!"

    It looks like a cancel on steroids. I really like the idea of attaking with a delver or some 1/1 tokens, or geist and having a 1 mana hard counter for any problematic spell the opponent might happen to cast. It is not a card i would put a playset into my deck but something like 2 copies seems reasonable.
    What are your thoughts on this one?
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Basically all of the important things regarding the Mardu match up have been said already. I just wanted to point out, that Geist is kind of weird in basically every Lingering Souls MU, as is Delver. With a looting on turn 1 discarding lingering souls and a delver on our turn one, flashback souls just stops delver in its tracks even if he flipps turn 2. Geist just gets blocked for, what feels like an unlimited amount of turns and loosing 4 life and 2 spirits to stop an unanswerable threat is a trade they are willing to take.
    Other than that pretty much everything has been covered and remand exspecially is very good in the match up, as well as our burn package and cheap interaction, as they opperate on even less mana than we do and thats where our threats + protection/disruption can and have to take over the game.
    And thank you Twanicus for your very informative wall of text, it was much appreciated!

    So the List from Takase Ryousuke is very interesting but I acutally really like it. I would not copy the list 1:1 but monastery mentor is such a sweet and powerful card and I could get behind the creatures he is running. One thing I would change is probably cutting 1 mentor for a singleton queller.
    Mentor, although 1 mana more expensive is just so much better against fatal push decks as it just dodges fatal push without the revolt trigger, than young PZ. Fatal push is the biggest or even the only reason why 3+ cmc cards are so good right now, even regular jund is adapting to this by running goblin rabblemaster.
    After reading jordans article and after seeing this list with the mentors I may revamp the deck once more maybe looking something like this:

    Withouth the mentors and 2 pyros instead the instant/sorcery cards would stay the same, but with 2 spell quellers instead chart a course could become way more appealing.

    And on settle the wreckage. The card is pretty reasonable and may even be more powerful than Dusk//Dawn. Modern is not really known for basic heavy decks at the moment and at some point 4 more alnds for the fish player dont matter that much (i guess we are thinning out his deck, but thats for the price of having a shot at winning the game). Against decks like DS and Eldrazi thsi could be an acutal blow out and I really like it, I will test it the next time I have time to get in some games.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" )
    Thanks for bringing up the UW control match up, but I do not want to force anything. If the majority of the the people in this forum do not enjoy this I do not want to be the guy to force it upon you guys. But I do believe that from time to time this could be very interesting and informative.
    And just as you said, we have to get underneath them and tempo them out, otherwise they will overwhelm us with value.

    Well I will not pick up the JR lightning bolts even though they are the most beautiful, but as a 21 year old student I cant justify paying over 1.5 k euros on a playset of cards.
    On your sideboard. Feliduar guardian combo is not really where the deck want to be, so the cat is not worth it, Saheeli on the other hand does fit well against grindier match ups, curdbros has been running it for quite some time if I recall correctly.
    Personally I have never been a big fan of playing sweepers in the deck as most of the time we are the aggressor, or at least have a few creatures out and most of our creatures can win the game on their own if we can protect them or they go unchecked for to long.
    I did play Anger of the gods at some point but I just dont like playing a card that wipes all of my board, including my best creatures, I would rather clog up the board with pyromancer tokens and win through fliers and burn, rahter than 3 for 2ing myself with a bad feeling about it, as I have to hope to stick the next the threat to win the game.
    We are not a pure control deck so we cant grind as well as they can, with their supreme verdicts, cryptic commands and what not.
    If you really want to run a sweeper, you should probably try Dusk//Dawn, right now I have 1 in the side and it comes in against decks with high power creatures as eldrazi and DS decks and later in the game you can rebuy probably 90% of your threats from your GY.

    Nate just uploaded a video where he announces the he will team up with Harlan Firer and Jonathan Rossum on the 10th of december to talk about jeskai and he wants the community to come up with questions.
    Here is the link to the video:
    I allready submitted a question on what the 2 of them think about the jeskai delver archetype, I actually wrote quite the wall of text.^^
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