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  • posted a message on Another kamigawa leak Junji, the Midnight sky (Kokusho reincarnation)
    My test for bad mythic design:

    Would it be a balanced uncommon if it cost 1-2 more mana? If so, it's pushed for no reason other than rarity, and not good design.

    7 mana for this seems like a pretty balanced uncommon to me.

    What should a 5/5 flying menace cost? Probably 6 mana. If the french vanilla version would cost more than the actual version costs, that's not a well designed card.

    If it's okay to charge less for something just because of it's rarity, it severely cheapens the meaning of the mana curve. This shoulda been a 4/4 or cost more, just like Doom Whisperer before it.

    I'm not annoyed about this card, I'll just not play it in my cube. There are of overpushed mythics I don't play, and I hate them all. What I'm annoyed by is the lazy design principal: a mythic creature is like a normal creature of the same cost, but with much better stats. This produces consistently poor design on flagship cards so as to make them splashy and devastating.

    But that's a critique of the game in general, not really this card. This is just one of many many examples.

    Wizards is lucky to have you on their team
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Saga art of the day 6 — The Shattered States Era (very important story)
    I'm still hoping she is just presumed dead and they aren't changing the story.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Saga art of the day 4 — Azusa's Many Journeys
    Whether or not it is the case, they seem to want to imply that she is the Wanderer with this bit of history. That said, they could very well just want to keep people guessing with some already speculated things and new possibilities.

    I wonder if she is in fact the wanderer if this will be a saga that transforms into a planeswalker.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] art from the story building panel
    The lady weaving digital sagas looks like a reference/ probably a descendant of Reki, the History of Kamigawa.
    Maybe it will be a similar card but deal with all historic cards since she looks straight up like she deals with sagas.
    I like the updated looks of the Kitsune and Orochi.
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  • posted a message on Beadles and grimms platinum and silver edition information (potential goofed and revealed something in the set)
    Quote from foam_dome »
    Looks like people weren't really interested in the platinum edition, seeing as how it's still available on their site.

    I could imagine lol. I didn't feel good about buying the silver one at the price it was, I definitely couldn't justify the platinum.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: The Astrology Lands
    I'm always disappointed when someone who at first seems logical ends up being into horoscopes. It's easily an eye-roll topic for me, but good on them cuz this one will definitely make them some money from the people who believe that you have a 1/12 preset personality.
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  • posted a message on More kamigawa leaked cards (one picture contains the answer to how the DFC's flip and new mechanic)
    I totally came up with Saga->Legend on a custom card I was working on, and later on actually proposed the possibility in this set to some friends when we saw the back sides of cards but not the fronts from the earlier leak. I guess I should feel good about the idea I came up with also being something they came up with lol.

    Edit: I guess it's different with them not going with "Legendary" part but still the same concept of telling a story about a character
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  • posted a message on D&D unannounced miniatures from kamigawa leaked (there’s one name in particular)
    I wonder if the Orochi no longer have legs or if that character is a special case.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Kaito, Atsushi, Hidetsugu, and Ukiyo-e basics— Weekly MTG previews
    Quote from KickinChicken »
    What is interesting is that Kamigawa was and still is an 8 on the Rabiah scale. This just shows that whomever created the scale (was it Rosewater?), does not have final say of what plane is visited. Very hopefully (and probably right) that it takes the whole team to determine what planes to revisit.

    Attached are screenshots of the scale, itself, and where Kamigawa stands on it.

    While some of the scales probably should be updated, he answers and rates things based on the last public knowledge of the company's attitude about doing something. He was an advocate for Kamigawa, but it was a hard sell for a while.
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa neon dynasty bundle box leak
    Quote from TetzaHexloq »
    And the Big Daddy Ed Roth "Rat Fink" style artwork isn't lost on me either. (Some of you youngins should check it out, you'd probably like it.) I love vintage Hot Rod art but its place is questionable at best on a Magic card.

    It's not on a card though? This is the collector box packaging we're discussing. Crimson Vow and Midnight both had very abstract art as well.

    True but there is a good chance its on a card as well as its happened in the past.

    I'd say this is pretty clearly one of the alternate arts for booster fun that they've been doing for a while now. Doesn't seem like a worthwhile opinion on the style until we see the way they look in the set normally. I didn't mind the weird style werewolf arts in Midnight Hunt but I'd have been disappointed if that was the default look of them for the same reason... but it wasn't and it's likely that this isn't either. Not all of them are going to be hits across the board.
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  • posted a message on Beadles and Grimms Kamigawa neon dynasty Platinum and silver edition. (Info coming Dec.16)
    Already loving the half samurai art. Hard to say what the company would do alongside kamigawa. If someone from the other thread is correct that the upgrades deck will be tied to ability tokens these people could make something related to that? Looking forward to any and all news involving the set though.
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  • posted a message on [MTG Alchemy] New Arena-Exclusive Format --"Rebalanced Cards."
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    … wizards… why the hell did you print a requested character on digital only and not MID or VOW

    Stuff like this shows we can't be missing core sets anymore, this and the other Innistrad legendaries could have been put there rather than be in some strange digital format.

    Wouldn't a Core Set mean something like e. g. one less Innistrad set? That means the Innistrad legendaries we get there would probably be the Thalia reprint and Anje etc. Legendaries they would have cut from MID and VOW due to the lessspace the Core Set afords them in expansions. Still not Gitrog etc.

    This kind of logic is dangerous here XD these people are too passionate about what they think would be the alternative whereas there will always be some characters that are left out in general
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  • posted a message on [VOW] "Skull Skaab"— BIGWEB preview
    Decayed was originally the zombie mechanic in this set to balance producing more tokens, but it got moved to Midnight Hunt. The sets themselves were always intended to be mechanically different while still playing well with each other.
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  • posted a message on [VOW] Old Rutstein— Air Bubbles Cosplay preview
    What're ya buyin'?
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  • posted a message on Maro Crimson vow teasers
    Quote from Istredd »
    Quote from TetzaHexloq »
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    "A new legendary creature card that combines two characters that previously each had their own legendary creature card."

    Grandpa Markov and Olivia, it seems. Years past I was hoping for a card depicting the Fourth Sister (Liesa) and a demonic lover, but I suppose two vampires will do.

    Nah I bet they're the Vampire nobles and it's Halena and Alana.

    Who said those two hints can't refer to the same card? You technically get two new Vampire Nobles, just on one card. Seems like a very Maro way to make hints...

    If I recall correctly, he tries to not overlap the same card with hints (though it does occasionally happen)
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