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    posted a message on This or That discussion.
    hullbreacher, svyleun, poppet

    advocate, branchwalker

    tracker, provisioner

    pyre, scorch.
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    posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Fateful Absence
    Quote from Sliver Lord »
    Quote from Visserdrix »
    Quote from Sliver Lord »
    Unexpectedly absent is miles and miles and miles better than this (and miles and miles and miles better than winds).

    unexpectantly absent has been on the chopping block in my list for a while. after 61 drafts its been in the main less that 50% of the time. it has the 5th worst main deck percentage of all white cards in my cube and its not even a narrow spell. Its win percentage when in the mainboard after 181 games is the 6th worst of all white cards in my list.

    It's not even in the top 320 cards in my 360 list. winds of abandon is in the top 120 by comparison. With an easier casting cost and a permanent solution, I expect fateful absence will have a much much higher main board percentage, which in a 360 list is something I want if i'm going to be running a card in my precious few slots.

    I do not really know what to tell you. If it doesn’t work for your playgroup then it doesn’t work for your playgroup and I guess it makes sense for you to cut, but this sounds much more like a playgroup problem than a UA problem. If treated as a removal spell it’s like a top 5 removal spell in the entire available cardpool, it should be getting maindecked and winning way more than that.

    That could be an explanation except that this list is played regularly on xmage with what i would estimate is around 50+ drafters over the course of the past 4 years. Looking Steve's 3-0 archives which consists of data from multiple lists, you can also see a significant drop in the popularity of unexpectedly absent almost perfectly aligned with the release of winds which has now overtaken it as a white removal of choice.

    It's a solid card and it sounds like it has been very strong for you, but the data from hundreds of drafts across multiple cubes with a wide variety of drafters shows that it has been losing ground steadily since late 2019.

    I think swapping in fateful absence for this is completely reasonable as a test and will prove to be the better removal for cube in the long run.
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    posted a message on [MH2][CUBE] Fury
    card seems nutso to me.

    going to be lots of times where this wipes your opponents board to clear the way for a lethal attack, or come down as a creature remove any blockers and set yourself up to swing with a 3/3 double striker on the next turn.

    going to love this!
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    posted a message on [MH2][CUBE] Flametongue Yearling
    seems like a pretty easy swap over heartfire immolator in my list.
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    posted a message on [C21] Paradox Zone
    I'm giving it a test. not sure if it will pan out but it will definitely end a game one way or another
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    posted a message on The 2nd Annual Spring Rankings!!
    Hey guys!

    I've published the 2nd edition of cube data for my list showing how the cards in my unpowered 360 list have done since last years rankings.
    I find this year's results far more interesting as the ranking changes now show how cards are trending against other cards in their section, or compared to the entire cube list.

    Hope you enjoy!


    As always, the full link to my cube list, stats, how the rankings work, accuracy of the rankings, etc. can be seen on the other pages of my site. Smile
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    posted a message on [CUBE] Opposition Agent
    been a few times it's blown out natural order which was sweet, but so far hullbreacher has been way more relevant.
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    posted a message on [SCD] - [CUBE][STX] Vanishing Verse
    Card is awesome. Just having a hard time trying not to make my section all removal!
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    posted a message on [CUBE][KHM] Includes & Testing Thread
    Got in another draft last night. Doomskar solid. Usher of the Fallen was in a 3-0 selesnya deck. Firja's Retribution last pick in the pack. Think I am done testing it.

    The changeling effect of masked vandal came up twice in funny situations that weren't expected. One time saving its controller from being killed by a flipped Thing in the Ice while it counted as a horror. The other time backfired and stopped its controller from creating snakes with their Ophiomancer! lol
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    posted a message on [CUBE][KHM] Includes & Testing Thread
    Got in the first test on Xmage last night and got some reps with a lot of cards.

    Usher of the Fallen, Clarion Spirit, and Dragonkin Berserker were played in a Boros Aggro list. Usher was great as expected and clarion spirit ate removal everytime it hit the board which is fine for a 2cmc creature and at least speaks to the perceived threat level of the card. Dragonkin threatened to make a dragon forcing the opponent to remove it or die so again I think if your 2cmc spells are forcing your opponent to use up valuable removal they are doing a fine job.

    Doomskar, glorious protector, and cosima, god of the voyage were played in an Esper control list. Nothing much to report on doomskar unfortunately, glorious protector was mostly played as a non blinking restoration angel, but cosima was surprisingly good. Vehicle wasn't played at all but the front side blocked then drew two cards, then exiled while the controller played a board wipe and came back later drawing 3 cards. So pretty good in this shell. Still feels slow but has potential and people who run double fetches might want to consider it more strongly.

    Battle Mammoth, Esika's Chariot, and Masked Vandal were played in a Mono Green deck. Battle mammoth was a big dummy as expected but in the situations where Elder Gargaroth would have just died the insurance of battle mammoth felt good. Chariot is very strong. It was very difficult for opponents to decide to kill the chariot or to kill the crewing creatures and just snowballed so hard. Surprise of the night, Masked Vandal was very strong. It hit the board as a 2 mana Rec sage three times not being hindered by lack of creatures in the graveyard at all. Took out a retrofitter foundry and two coalition relics. Was tutored for with Green Sun's Zenith twice costing only 3 mana to tutor it directly into play where compared to reclamation sage would be 4 mana. So far very happy with this over spell based disenchants like Wilt especially being able to tutor for it in green with things like greensun, Fiend artisan, etc.

    Behold the Multiverse was in a Dimir control list and played pretty much as expected. It was cast for foretell about equal amounts as fully paid and gave a nice flexible option to hold up mana for counterspells.

    Starnheim unleashed unfortunately didn't get cast as far as I know.
    Firja's Retribution rotted in the sideboard of the Esper Control deck, being too demanding of a casting cost for the mostly blue aligned deck. I feel it is the weakest of the cards i'm testing so not too surprised by this.
    Shimmerdrift Vale Was serviceable as a fixer if you are looking to cut back on functional reprints of evolving wilds and terramorphic expanse which are both better than this. Some people are diehard on singleton and this helps with the spirit of that if you are against functional reprints. Also if your cube plays some crazy land configuartion where decks consistently end up with only 1 or 2 basics shimmerdrift can fit into these decks without ending up as a dead card with nothing to fetch so that's one advantage to consider.

    Hope you are all getting in some good testing and enjoying the set!
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