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  • posted a message on Magic: The Gathering movie on the horizon? Brian Goldner speaks to MTV
    As far as the movie goes, this is a bad idea. I'm sure they will fill it with tons of B-movie cliches and overly angsty characters. Probably make it about Jace because he does that swoosh thing with his hair that all them emo kids seem to be into. Where he has to go defend the street cred of the Blue Mana crew against Nikki Bolas and the Phyrexians.
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  • posted a message on [RoE] All Colorless/Hybrid
    I agree that mono-color hybrid costs would fit the set a lot better, but I'm not sure how well newer players would be able to understand it as a main block mechanic. I know "Expert level" sets shouldn't be too concerned with newer players, but around my area a lot of new players learn through drafting. These people often avoid cards they don't understand. I dunno. I haven't been a new player in a long time! How hard do you suppose it is to understand 2/B costs?

    PS: :sym2b::sym2b::sym2b: is impossible to enunciate. I tried. It hurts!

    Wizards has acknowledged that most people are first exposed to Magic via whatever the newest "Expert" set is, because that is usually whats popular and what everyone is playing with. That is why we have the intro packs. Hopefully those would make it easier for newer players to jump in and start drafting with the rest of the crowd.

    I once taught someone how to play using Shadowmoor cards, and it wasn't mind shattering for them to try to understand the hybrid mechanic. I really don't believe it will be too hard on beginners. In fact, it might be easier. Large sets tend to have more cards with reminder text to explain any new set/block specific keywords.

    And even though this is still considered part of the Zendikar block, I am getting the feeling that this might could actually stand on it's own and having little to nothing to do with the two previous sets. Besides location and whatnot. This could be one big, self contained set. Like Coldsnap only with more cards. I found Coldsnap to be very beginner friendly thanks to that self supporting feel and fequent use of reminder text.
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  • posted a message on How would YOU have handled it?
    Changes I would have made...hmm, where do I begin?

    For Kamigawa I would have used more characters that are actually from the game. Like 3/4 of the people who popped up in that storyline had no card counterpart. It really left the whole legends thing feeling very poor and undeveloped. From a lore standpoint, that is.

    Time Spiral
    Would have ended it with one big time paradox that caused the universe to go ZOMGWTF and essentially retcon Dominaria out of existence in order to course correct things and restabilize the universe. This would cause all prior events to be erased from the multiverses history and all time to unfold and spiral back into itself. Urza is never born, Legacy weapon is never created, Yawgmoth is never defeated, the Mirari and Mirrodin never come into being, etc, etc. Buttefly effect and everything changes. Essentially, Dominaria had to exist so that it could erase itself and cause existence to continue to exist.

    Would have had a story. And characters.

    Nicol Bolas was handled horribly in this book. Somehow they found a way to make him boring, bland, and generic. Not nearly enough emphasis on him being an egotistical jackass. That is what he is. Make no mistake about it. Bolas is full of himself and loves nothing more than to mock people and prove his superiority. And instead of having him get owned by Ajani I would have gone with a much more logical conclusion. Something along the lines of his plan not panning out right and him ending up right back where he started. No better, no worse. Alara is reborn, Ajani has an origin story, and Bolas now has someone to call his nemesis.

    What could follow could be a twelve book series of Bolas pretty much just trolling Ajani and laughing about it, because griefing him never seems to get old.
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  • posted a message on [ALA] Different card borders?
    Update: Ooops, links don't work. Sorry. I'm not too good at this.

    I was looking at some of the new cards and couldn't help but notice a different backdrop to some of them. Instead of having the look of a normal blue card, Courier's Capsule and Sharding Shinx of more of a look closer to that of artifact cards. Instead of the watery look, there is scratches and more of the metal/stone look. And going by the card numbers on them they are clearly not counted into the normal artifacts section at the tail end of a set.
    Another example would be Executioner's Capsule. A black card without a black frame.

    I am thinking that there will be artifacts that are intended to be shard specific from a flavor point of view. So if Grixis is mainly shown in black cards, then this artifact has been moved into the black section to show that it belongs within that shard.

    Sorry if there is already a thread for this, I didn't see one already made.
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  • posted a message on [11th] contains 249 cards
    While most people use whatever set to teach new players, I have always tried to use the core sets or the simpler sets(Coldsnap). It is easier if they only have to learn words like haste, trample, and flying, during their first game and don't have to understand things like cycling. So I like the core set for that. But beyond that I don't really use anything from them. You get some BoPs, some Wraths, and your playset of commons from them, and then never think about the set again.

    I think we will always need a core set, I just really wish they were a lot more important then they are now. Oh, and they should all be black bordered. White bordered cards are nothing but eyesores.

    I predict that 11th will fail me by being white bordered. It will also be better than 8th, 9th, and 10th combined. And will probably have 10 reprinted legends to fill out the mythic rarity.
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  • posted a message on [ALA] Some Basic Info
    Someone is going to call you a liar.
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  • posted a message on [ALA] New "Mythic Rare" Rarity
    The odds of getting a mythic rare are only a little higher than getting a foil.
    Foils are 1 in about every 7 packs. That is only a little less than the 1 and 8, and no one panics over not being able to ever get their hands on foils.
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  • posted a message on Where would you take the Magic storyline?
    First, I am actually cool with the whole neowalker idea. It is new and no one has really done anything with it yet, so I am going to give it a chance and see how it works out. Doing something cool like printing a Venser PW card in a future set would be neat to me. Maybe they would work that into the storyline. What connects events from Story A to Story B is the character of Venser. So we follow him from his "normal" days to his walker days.

    Second, I would really like to know why Rosewater thinks the whole Weatherlight Saga was a failure. I don't know anyone that didn't like it. Well, I know one guy who got annoyed that Gerrard was on about 1/4 of all the cards, but he still loved the story.

    Third, they could at least do something like Odyssey/Onslaught did. It wasn't nearly as long as the story before it, but it was nice that characters carried over and made it seem like Onslaught was a sequel(A very bad one.) to the summer blockbuster that was Odyssey.

    And if they can't think up a storyline to stretch out into three books for the block, then go the Rath and Storm route.
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  • posted a message on Storyline Character Question
    Split the really long articles into two parts. Have the first part be pretty much the short and sweet version and then have the rest of it (Most of it.) be the long version with every little detail added in.
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  • posted a message on whats your favorit set? why? whats your favorit card? why?
    Favorite set: Odyssey. That is the set I really started playing in. Before that I had just played around with cards from 5th and 6th edition, which I don't consider to be REAL sets. I remember entering my first FNM with a R/G beatdown deck and making it into the semi-finals.

    Favorite card: Mountain Goat.
    It was the first card I saw when I opened my 5th edition starter. As a joke I put it in my R/G deck. During one game I played it on the very first turn and it actually ended up winning the game for me. The guy I was playing against got so focused on setting up his crazy strategy and killing all my bigger creatures he forgot the Mountain Goat was even there. Just poking him for one damage every turn.
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  • posted a message on How long do you wait...
    Everytime I bring a girl home I give them a tour of the house. When I get to the kitchen table (Where my housemate and I keep piles of cards and decks. We never eat there.) I proudly proclaim, "And this is where the Magic happens!" It is such a horribly bad joke that any girl will laugh at it.
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  • posted a message on Would you Survive?
    I'd like to be dropped into Dominaria. I could dedicate myself to the First and be trained in all the tricks of the Cabal. Then after working my way up the ranks, I can meet Braids and try my luck with her. And if I play my cards right I will have the scariest wife in all the land. ...Living in constant fear of what she will do to me for telling her her cooking is bad. Or living in constant fear that she might suddenly kill me for no real reason.

    Being a Cabal husband is complicated. And horrifying.
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  • posted a message on That small icon.
    Thanks guys. Never put two and two together there on the graveyard thing.
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  • posted a message on That small icon.
    I was looking at some old cards earlier today and I noticed a small tablet like icon next to the name of Ancestral Tribute. I have seen this before but never really bothered to ask what it was for. I didn't know how to search for this question, so sorry if it would have been easy to find.

    Can anyone offer me an explaination and maybe a bit of back story on this. Thanks in advance.
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  • posted a message on [ALA] What does the Nameplate "M" tell us?
    Can someone explain to me what this thread is about? Because it doesn't seem like Meeko has actually said anything. Just blah blah vague blah blah unclear blah question mark.
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