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    posted a message on B & R Announcement 8/3 Major Shakeups
    Quote from seilaoque »

    if they're going to keep improving threats, then they need to bring better answers or else we'll keep having extensive ban lists every time.

    It looks like Wizard's recent design philosophy is to make bigger threats, so players simply compete on landing bigger threats, rather than using lower-costing answers to take care of those threats.

    Wizards keeps citing their player satisfaction surveys where new players don't like their threats being countered or neutralized before they can use it. So, really good answers are unlikely to be made for Standard. The better creature removals recently seem to be in black. (Cast Down, Heartless Act)

    They might scale back on the power creep for creatures, but removal will probably remain not as quick or efficient in Standard.

    Which has been the biggest problem plaguing Standard for a long time now. The game is far healthier and more vibrant when threats and answers are roughly equal. When threats far outstrip answers, you are left with a shallow game of who can ramp and draw into their threat faster.
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    posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    Quote from xaltair »
    This was my point too, it would suck to open a $16 pack and get a $3 rare or mythic. It would also suck even more to buy a $300-$400 box and find out all your rares and mythic amount to about $150-$180.

    I mean if you buy a standard box for $110 and you get $60 worth of rares/mythic it already feels pretty bad, but imagine buying something 3 times as much, the feeling should be 3 times as strong. I mean if there is only one $100 card in the set and the rest are $50 or less in value then it'll be hard to justify the price of the box at $300 unless you can get 6 of those $50 cards in the box whether they may be rares/mythics/foils or whatever.

    It's like buying a Collector's pack for $20 and when you open it you get $8 worth of cards in value, or even $10, it feels bad.

    As someone who bought an Iconic Masters pack and pulled Channel, let me tell you - it sucks.
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    posted a message on [C20] Cartographer's Hawk— Sheldon Menery preview
    Literally going in all my commander decks that have white but not green.

    EDIT: Thinking again... Maybe not. The lack of haste is a killer.

    EDIT 2: The first time you play this, you have to wait a turn before he can attack. After that you just leave 2 mana up and cast him in your second main phase. So effectively he becomes 2 mana ramp every turn. Not bad. Especially for White.
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    posted a message on [IKO] Statement on Spacegodzilla
    Quote from Sneasel007 »
    While I get that Corona obviously was planned way before the COVID breakout, but I can see them getting bad press so I understand the decision. Considering they're talking 250k-1MM deaths in the US alone.

    No one blames them for making an emergency name change. I just think it is lame that people will get outraged over this name.
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    posted a message on [IKO] Statement on Spacegodzilla

    No one is going to look at a Godzilla monster and think, "Coronavirus!" Mad
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    posted a message on Chandra's Spellbook and Secret Lair Ultimate Edition (Enemy fetches) announced.
    So the Fetch Land drops will only be available at WPN stores and each store can only order 10.

    So basically a negligible amount of product has been reprinted.

    Still, I adore all of the art from the fetch lands. Wish there was a more fair way to get that art Frown

    Definitely buying Chandra's spell book. The new card frame for her cards is dope.
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    posted a message on 5 New Secret Lairs to be announced on Feb 14
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    There's a lot of things WOTC is doing that I'm not happy about, but selling singles when they could be selling more gambling boosters is perhaps a step in the right direction for the physical game. The secrecy around the cards is a predatory tactic, however, giving consumers the least amount of time to make a decision. You can just hear the people in the WOTC offices saying "FOMO" repeatedly in their board meetings.

    If you offer people unlimited time to purchase a premium product, they are less likely to actually purchase the item because they will put off actually spending the money indefinitely.

    If you put a time limit on the sale of the premium item, sales spike because people are forced to "buy now or never have the chance to buy it again". Loads of companies use this marketing gimmick. Funko sells con-exclusive Pops. Games Workshop makes limited edition versions of their newest rule books. Forge World (and GW) come out with sales of out of production models that will be made to order but only available for purchase over the course of a single weekend.
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    posted a message on Full art Basics from Unsanctioned
    I really like how unique these lands look!

    I am disappointed that you only get 2 of each land type per box (one foil and one normal). Huge let down because that means one would have to buy a ton of the exact same product to get all of the lands one wants/needs. At least with the booster pack model, I could draft the format and have fun multiple times. :/
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    posted a message on Theros Beyond Death the rest of the cards and story
    I wonder if the issue has to do with all of the negative reaction that the War of the Spark story received. Eldraine's story was likely already mostly done by the time WAR's story came out but it was definitely still early enough to pull the plug on the Theros story. Additionally, other posters have stated that Theros apparently had a lot of difficulty during the design and development phase, so perhaps WotC decided to cut their losses on this set and focus on Ikoria and the other products coming out this year?
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