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  • posted a message on Quirion Dryad Deck
    So I played the deck on Saturday, but I did make some changes before.

    4 x Quirion Dryad
    4 x Birds of Paradise
    2 x Hierarch
    2 x Azorius Herald
    3 x Momentary Blink
    3 x Glittering Wish
    4 x Remand
    3 x Unsummon
    3 x Mystic Snake
    3 x Think Twice
    3 x Sylvan Scrying
    2 x Scouts Warning

    2 x Treetop Village
    2 x Breeding Pool
    2 x Yavimaya Coast
    2 x Adarkar Wastes
    1 x Horizon Canopy
    5 x Forest
    2 x Plains
    2 x Terramorphic Expanse
    1 x Hallowed Fountain
    5 x Islands


    1 x Glare of Subdual
    1 x Harmonic Sliver
    2 x Wrath of God
    1 x Hierarch
    1 x Mystic Snake
    1 x Voidslime
    1 x Mystic Enforcer
    1 x Simic Sky Swallower
    1 x Leafdrake Roost

    Can't recall rest

    I ended second in the tournament, but must say that I did not have the toughest of matchups. Round 1 I played against a U/B/G Rogue deck that never really got going, Remand followed by the Snake/Blink combo shut him down in both games.

    Round 2 I played against a really fast Sliver deck with his Legion coming down on turn 3 in game 1. I managed to win the next 2 games with ease. It's a matter of countering the right Sliver.

    Round 3 I played against Project X and managed to get my Snake/Blink combo going whilst growing my Dryad huge in both games. Won that 2-0.

    Round 4 I was paired against Mono Black Aggro, the lack of Wraths cost me game 1 and mana screw cost me game 2.

    My findings:

    - 2 Heralds
    - 3 Scrying

    + 1 Hierarch
    + 2 Wrath of God
    + 2 Temporal Isolation

    The Scrying is nice in games where you need to find your Treetops, but otherwise you don't really need them.

    The manabase definitely needs some fine tuning.

    Overall I think the deck definitely has potential. It's a pity they dropped Mana Leak out of 10th as another cheap counter would have been really solid. I would also like to try and add 3 or 4 Rune Snags to the deck as you really need to counter the early spells and then let the Snakes take you home.

    Cool things:

    Blinking your tapped Hierarch to block your opponents attack.

    Crappy things:

    The deck loses a lot when Ravnica leaves play.
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  • posted a message on Quirion Dryad Deck
    Thanks for all the advice.

    As soon as I posted the deck I thought, DoH, you should've included Mystic Snake as it combos so nicely with Blink. So yes, maybe 3 Snakes Main and 1 in the board.

    Blink also works nicely with the Oracle and Herald.

    Unsummon costs 1 blue only, btw.

    I would play Tarmogoyf, but I only have 1. Mad

    I do have 4 Hierarch's I think I should play a few and 1 in the board, but what to take out...? Maybe -1 Herald, -1 Oracle....??

    I am a little worried about Gruul and Mono green Aggro, the latter always shows up in our local tournaments and with Worship gone it's a tough matchup. I could play Wrath in the S/B.

    Man how awesome would Eternal Witness and Counterspell fit in this deck..?

    I will play the deck in Saturday's tournament and post findings here.
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  • posted a message on Quirion Dryad Deck
    I am thinking of trying out a Quirion Dryad deck in my local tournament this weekend. Here's the list I am considering, please post any thoughts or ideas.

    4 x Quirion Dryad
    2 x Simic Sky Swallower
    4 x Peek
    4 x Remand
    4 x Coiling Oracle (not sure about this one yet)
    4 x Momenary Blink
    3 x Glittering Wish
    3 x Voidslime
    4 x Azorius Herald
    4 x Unsummon

    2 x Faerie Conclave
    2 x Treetop Village
    2 x Breeding Pool
    2 x Temple Garden
    1 x Hallowed Fountain
    2 x Horizon Canopy
    2 x Yavimaya Coast
    2 x Brushland
    4 x Forest
    5 x Island


    1 x Glare of Subdual
    4 x Aspect of Mongoose
    4 x Temporal Isolation
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