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    posted a message on Unsettled Mariner question
    For the purposes of Unsettled Mariner, one way a permanent or player "becomes the target" of a spell or ability is if it's created as a copy of another spell or ability that targets that permanent or player, as is the case with storm (review C.R. 702.39a). See also this thread. Thus, for example, if an opponent casts Grapeshot targeting you, you control Unsettled Mariner, and two other spells were cast before Grapeshot, and then Grapeshot is copied twice due to storm, Unsettled Mariner's ability will trigger twice (even though assuming new targets weren't chosen for each copy), since each copy of Grapeshot targets you by default (C.R. 706.10, 702.39a).

    EDIT (Aug. 30): Edited.
    EDIT (Aug. 31): Edited note from Aug. 30.
    EDIT (Oct. 18): Clarification.
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    posted a message on I have a question involving Horde of Notions.
    To play a nonland card means to cast that card as a spell (C.R. 701.13b). For the purposes of Zacama's triggered ability, if "you cast" Zacama with Horde of Notions and the permanent that spell becomes enters the battlefield, "you [have] cast" Zacama this way. This is the case even though Horde of Notions's activated ability allows a player to "play" a given card when it resolves.
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    posted a message on I have a question involving Horde of Notions.
    Quote from NavoMan »
    So I could for example...play Zacama, Primal Calamity from my graveyard with Horde of Notions, tap all my lands for mana in response to Zacama's etb, untap all my lands, sacrifice Zacama to Phyrexian Altar, and repeat from the first step to generate infinite mana?

    You can cause a loop like this.
    I was also wondering if Horde of Notions' ability ignores timing restrictions, or not. Can I do this at instant speed, or do I need another card like Alchemist's Refuge, or Leyline of Anticipation to complete the combo?
    The targeted Elemental card is played during the resolution of Horde of Notions's activated ability, which is a moment that cards normally can't be played (for spells, the rule is C.R. 608.2f). Compare that ability with Ornate Kanzashi's ability and see also this thread and this thread.
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    posted a message on smoke shroud and other ninjutsu questions
    1. Smoke Shroud's last ability works only while Smoke Shroud is in the graveyard (C.R. 112.16k). If Smoke Shroud is already on the battlefield while a Ninja enters the battlefield, its last ability won't trigger.

    2. You can still bring a creature card onto the battlefield attacking, regardless of Ensnaring Bridge's effect; Ensnaring Bridge checks the power of creatures against the number of cards in its controller's hand only as attackers are declared, and not at any other time (C.R. 109.5, 508.1c, 508.4). See also this thread.

    3. Meddling Mage now says "Spells with the chosen name can't be cast" (C.R. 108.1), but activating a card's ninjutsu ability (C.R. 702.48a) is not the same as casting a spell (review C.R. 701.4, 602.2), so Meddling Mage doesn't affect that. See also this thread.

    4. You choose a card name for Meddling Mage as Meddling Mage enters the battlefield under your control, no matter how it does so.

    5. For the purposes of Smoke Shroud's last ability, a "Ninja" is a permanent with that creature type, even if it isn't normally a Ninja (C.R. 109.2, 613.1d, 613.4). This includes a creature with changeling, since it has all creature types including Ninja (C.R. 205.3m, 702.72a).

    6. In this scenario, the last abilities of both Ingenious Infiltrator and Ninja of the Deep Hours will trigger (C.R. 603.2).

    EDIT: Struck out an answer after comment 4 was posted.
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    posted a message on Volrath's Shapeshifter + Body Double + Phantasmal Image
    I assume you mean Body Double is the top card of your graveyard, not your library, and that you own Volrath's Shapeshifter and Phantasmal Image.
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    If Volrath's Shapeshifter and Phantasmal Image come into play at the same time, will Volrath's Shapeshifter be able to be a copy of Body Double of which I can choose the Protean Hulk as the creature to copy?
    No. Volrath's Shapeshifter's effect giving it "the full text" of a certain card is not a replacement effect, but rather a continuous effect that modifies Volrath's Shapeshifter's text (C.R. 612.5). Like any other text-changing effect on a permanent, it "do[es]n't apply before the permanent is on the battlefield" (C.R. 603.6b), which is when replacement effects that modify how a permanent enters the battlefield apply (C.R. 400.6). And by the time Volrath's Shapeshifter is on the battlefield and has the full text of Body Double (and additional text), it's too late to apply the Body Double replacement effect to make Volrath's-Shapeshifter-turned-Body-Double become a copy of something else.

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    EDIT (Oct. 15): Correctness edit.
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    posted a message on Petravark Questions
    a. Panharmonicon's effect applies here because Petravark is a creature and Petravark's first ability is an enters-the-battlefield ability (C.R. 603.6a).
    b. Not exactly. The "exiled card" on Petravark's second ability refers to all cards in exile that were put there due to its first ability (C.R. 108.1, 607.3, 607.2a).
    c. Just as in the case where Panharmonicon isn't involved, if Petravark's second ability resolves before its enters-the-battlefield ability (or abilities) would resolve, the "exiled card" on the leaves-the-battlefield ability won't refer to any cards (C.R. 607.2a), so nothing will return to the battlefield.

    EDIT (Feb. 19, 2018; Feb. 23, 2018): Clarification.
    EDIT (Oct. 15, 2019): Add rule citation.
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    posted a message on Changing Control and Summoning Sickness
    Quote from NavoMan »
    Thanks for simplifying the rules. Also, since you mentioned transforming cards, does that apply to transform as in the card archetype such as werewolves? What about flipping cards like Jushi Apprentice? Oh, and face down cards from morph, megamorph, and manifest too? Thanks again.
    In general, the actions of transforming a permanent, flipping it, and turning it face up or face down don't change—
    • whether that permanent can attack (C.R. 302.6), or
    • whether a player can activate its activated abilities with the tap or untap symbol in their cost (C.R. 302.6),
    since for each of those actions, the permanent is the same object before the action as after (for transforming, see C.R. 711.12; for flipped, face up, and face down, see C.R. 110.5), and none of those actions changes who controls that permanent. It follows that if a creature could attack before it transformed, was flipped, or was turned face up or face down, it can still attack after that action (C.R. 302.6).

    EDIT (Jul. 9, 2019): One rule was renumbered with Core Set 2020.
    EDIT (Oct. 13): Correctness edit.
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    posted a message on Can i bestow kestia from the command zone?
    Bestow doesn't care where you cast the spell with it from: "If you chose to pay this spell's bestow cost, it becomes an Aura enchantment and gains enchant creature [for a time]" (C.R. 702.102a, 112.1). Thus, you can apply bestow while casting Kestia from the command zone.

    Also, additional costs (including the so-called "commander tax" under C.R. 903.8) still apply to a card cast using bestow — as the bestow cost is an alternative cost that is paid "rather than [the spell's] mana cost" (C.R. 118.9d, 118.9, 702.102a). In the case of bestow, the fact that the resulting spell is no longer a creature spell is irrelevant here, since that doesn't change whether the spell is a commander spell or whether the "commander tax" applies to that spell (C.R. 903.3, 205.1a, 903.8). See also this thread.

    Bestow and commander ninjutsu differ notably as follows:
    • By the time you choose whether bestow applies to Kestia as you cast it, Kestia would be on the stack (C.R. 601.2a-b, 702.102a); thus it's irrelevant for the purposes of bestow whether Kestia was cast from the command zone or elsewhere.
    • On the other hand, commander ninjutsu works from "your hand" or from the command zone, because it mentions zones where that ability works (here, "your hand" and the command zone) — namely, the ability moves the card with it out of "your hand" or the command zone, respectively, and has a cost that can be paid only while that card is in either zone (C.R. 702.48d, 113.6i, 113.6k). Moreover, when that ability resolves, that card enters the battlefield from the corresponding zone without having been cast, so the "commander tax" plays no part there at all (C.R. 702.48d; review C.R. 903.8, 701.4a).
    Therefore, in general, if Kestia is your commander and you cast it from the command zone for the second time this game, you have to pay either 5GWU (applying bestow) or 3GWU (not applying bestow), where the "commander tax" is included in each cost just given (C.R. 903.8).

    EDIT (Apr. 13): Add rule citation.
    EDIT (Sep. 2; Jan. 5, 2019): Edited.
    EDIT (Jun. 23, 2019): Edited.
    EDIT (Oct. 12, 2019): Clarification. Some rules were renumbered with Core Set 2020.
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    posted a message on Gifts Ungiven/ Intuition and Shallow Grave
    If two or more cards would go into the same graveyard at the same time, the owner of those cards decides their relative order in that graveyard (C.R. 404.3). This is the case whether they are put into that graveyard from a library (as with Intuition or Gifts Ungiven), from a player's hand (C.R. 701.8b) or otherwise.

    I have asked the rules manager whether the "top creature card of your graveyard" in Shallow Grave means the "topmost creature card" in that graveyard, so that the effect works even if the top card of that graveyard isn't a creature card, as long as at least one creature card is there.
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    posted a message on Etrata and Phasing
    Once Etrata's triggered ability triggers, it will get to resolve no matter what happens to Etrata in the meantime, so even if Etrata phases out in the meantime (C.R. 113.7a). Moreover, when that ability resolves with a legal target (C.R. 608.2b):
    • Everything in that ability will be done to the extent possible, so that, for example, the targeted creature is exiled and a hit counter put on that card (C.R. 101.3, 608.2c; see also C.R. 609.3).
    • Notably, Etrata's owner's library is still shuffled, even if Etrata doesn't move to that library, whether because Etrata is phased out, because Etrata is a commander and moves to the command zone instead of to that library, or for some other reason (C.R. 701.19c, 903.9). (Note that Etrata, while it's phased out, is treated for most purposes as though it doesn't exist [C.R. 702.25b].)
    See also this thread.
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