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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    I've been trying 2 meddling mages, and they seem pretty good side them out in some matchups, but it has one me a few game 1s against storm, u/w control, scapeshift, and Adnauseum
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    Quote from SirQuincelot »
    Excavator isn't legal yet, so no
    Quote from SirQuincelot »
    Excavator isn't legal yet, so no

    Actually it has been legal on mtgo since 10am yesterday
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    My guess would be against snapcaster decks where you can return a flash backed spell to hand, living end where you can return the living end to the hand, and it buys you time against supreme verdict decks. Since he mentioned a tweet he would cut a trinisphere for it it seems like it's his anti combo tech for those must stop spells, scapeshift etc.

    It does seem to combo well with thought knot turn 3 bounce the spell, turn 4 TKS take the spell, name death shadow or tasigur or something
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Quote from zetabass »
    Hey guys, infrequent poster.
    I've been playing modern for a little over a year, I've been playing our deck for the last 4 months with some good results (top 8 in this year's states!).
    One thing I've been struggling with is getting over the finish line, and I've been wondering about borrowing some tech from a deck like Infect.
    Distortion Strike or, probably better for us, Slip Through Space to make sure we connect and the card draw doesn't suck.

    Yeah, in a good game we can Drowner lock, but I just hate getting into a board state against an opponent like Knightfall or Merfolk and suddenly they've gone tall and wide and I'm shut of of pushing the last few points.

    I don't think you need unblockability, but if you were going that route. Rogues passage would be the way, especially because the 24th land has been unimpressive to me.

    I will be running that new indestructible land, since I'm still on the 3 EE mainboard plan being able to have a colorless sword that can't be GQ as well as the ability to cast my EE from 0 to 5 sounds great.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    GP Vancouver Report 10-5 142/1552
    Creatures: 27
    4 Noble Hierarch
    1 Birds of Paradise
    4 Eldrazi Displacer
    4 Matter Reshaper
    2 Eternal Witness
    4 Thought-Knot Seer
    4 Reality Smasher
    4 Drowner of Hope
    Spells: 10
    4 Path to Exile
    4 Ancient Stirrings
    2 Engineered Explosives
    Lands: 23
    4 Eldrazi Temple
    4 Windswept Heath
    3 Cavern of Souls
    3 Brushland
    2 Yavimaya Coast
    2 Forest
    1 Plains
    1 Ghost Quarter
    1 Temple Garden
    1 Hallowed Fountain
    1 Breeding Pool
    Sideboard: 15
    2 Kitchen Finks
    2 Chalice of the Void
    2 Stubborn Denial
    2 Stony Silence
    2 Rest in Peace
    2 Natural State
    1 Grafdigger’s Cage
    1 Disdainful Stroke
    1 Engineered Explosives

    Round 3: 2-0 Greg on Abzan Coco
    Game 1: I win the dice roll and start the game on the play. I mull to 5, and keep a hand of Cavern, Temple, and 3 ancient stirrings. Scry a noble hierarch to the bottom, and manage to hit a green source on turn 2. Fetch Shocking, and quickly lose to my opponent going infinite on turn 4.

    In: Stubborn Denial x2, Rest in Peace x2, and a Grafdigger’s Cage x1
    Out: Matter Reshaper x 3, Displacer x2.

    Game 2: I keep a 7 card hand on the play, we both go back and forth playing mana dorks, I get a turn 3 TKS into Turn 4 Smasher to swing in twice for the win.
    Game 3: Same as game 2, I mull once keep a solid 6, and curve out well, taking my opponenet from 16 to 11, and from 11 to 3, then swinging for the win.

    Round 4: 3-0 Patrick on Affinity
    Game 1: I win the die, keep 7 cards and my opponenet mulls to 5. I curve out well, and swing in fast, to keep the pressure going, my opponent tries to stay a float with a vault skirge, but paths and recurrings paths get me to the win.

    In: Natural State x2, Engineered Explosives x1, Stony Silence x2
    Out: Thought-Knot seer x4, Matter Reshaper x1

    Game 2: I keep a hand of EEx2, Path, 2 lands one of which is a fetch, and a creature, can’t remember what the last card was. My opponent goes Land, Memnite Memnite Springleaf drum. I was still waking up, and punt this game away. I for whatever reason thing Memnite is 1 CMC even though I know better, and drop an EE on 1 planning to wipe the board. Opponent then plays and inkmoth and arcbound and opal. I play a noble and fetch and pass turn, next turn my opponent swings in with verything leaving just the opal untapped, I play another land and pass turn, opponent galv blasts the noble, now that he is tapped out, I path the arcbound he puts a counter on the memnite, and I pop the EE, assuming I am going to wipe the creatures. Obviously all I hit is spring leaf drum, and I have to use my 2nd EE to wipe the creatures, and Have no EE to deal with the Cranial plating that later comes.

    Game 3: I keep a hand of Noble, Displacer, Land Land, Stony Silence, Path, Path. Turn 1 noble, into turn 2 stony holding up path, keeps my opponenet on no mana sources, with just a vault skirge, I eventually get a displacer drowner combo up to lock up the game.

    Round 5: 4-0 Thomas on Jund
    Game 1: I win the die roll, and this is a very grindy game, be slowly grind into eachother till we get into a board stall with Drowners, he has bob and double huntmaster which has made winning very hard. I can’t get in and he keeps picking off my creatures and dealing damage to me. I drop an EE on 0, to wipe out the Wolfs and activate it so I can swing in, however I didn’t activate my drowner and lose both scions, and can’t recover from the board state.

    In 2 Rest in Peace, 2 Kitchen Finks, 1 Engineered Explosive, 1 Disdainful Stroke
    Out: 2 Thought-Knot Seer, 2 Eternal Witness, 1 Eldrazi Displacer, 1 Birds of Paradise.

    Game 2: I start the game out playing a shock land into a noble I believe, opponent starts with a fetch, I turn 2 cast a kitchen finks, and pass. Game goes back and forth with no one being able to hold an advantage, I manage to stick a drowner and displacer, however displacer dies from Olivia only netting me 1 displace. I stick another Displacer, with Drowner Displacer and Reality Smasher on board, Opponent is at 6, with 7 mana I attempt to move to combat, opponent activates Olivia to do 1 damage to displacer, he activates Olivia to gain control of Displacer, I Displace Olivia in response, 1 judge call later and a lethal swing is achieved.
    Out: 2 Thought-Knot Seer,
    In: 2 Eternal Witness.

    Game 3: Opponent starts the game with a tapped land, I play a fetch. Game goes back and forth as we grind each other outI get him to 2, he drops a scooze, I Engineered Explosives for 2, he gains 4. Swing with Rsmasher to bring him to 1 and then I play a noble main 2, oops.. He doesn’t get anything and I win.

    Round 6: 5-0 Against Bobby on Amulet Titan
    Game 1: He does Amulet things, and I try to fight through multiple titans, I path 2 or 3 of them, and have the board stalled up with Reshaper, and double displacer and mana. But 1 EE for 3, seals the deal.

    In: Disdainful stroke x1, Chalice x2 EEx1
    Out: 1 Birds of Paradise, 2 Matter Reshaper

    Game 2: My deck doesn’t fire, I kept a decent hand but get stuck on lands, and he takes an easy game 2.

    Round 7: 5-1 Matt on Affinity
    Game 1: I lose the die roll, mull to a medium 6, and get destroyed by affinity doing affinity things.

    In: 2 Stony Silence, 2 Natural State, 1 Engineered Explosives, 2 Chalice of the Void
    Out: 4 Thought-Knot Seer, 3 Matter Reshaper.

    Game 2: I keep a decent hand and we both fight through lots of different hate, I manage to stick a drowner on board and keep displacing a signal pest to keep myself from taking 2x the amount of damage each turn. I have a displacer and a stony silence in hand, Opponent has inkmoth, blinkmoth, signal pest, and vault skirge and mox opal. I get him to tap out, and play the displacer and get blown out by a galvanic blast. I was a bit tired here, and didn’t think about forcing him to use his mox opal for red by playing stony silence, and then main 2 displacer. Big punt, and I lose the round.

    Round 8: 5-2 Jason on Burn
    Game 1: I lose the die roll, keep a decent 7, of 2 nobles some lands and some early interaction.
    He turn 1 swift spear takes me to 19, I fetch forest play noble, he shocks and searing blazes my noble. I play another noble and it gets hard cast riftbolted on his next turn he swings for 2 with swift spear. Finally I play a 3rd noble, and drop a displacer, I manage to stick things on the board and chunk my opponent from 18 to 13 to 7, forcing him to topdeck a burn spell after ghost quartering his only white land. He draws a land and I swing for the win.

    In: 2 Stubborn Denial, 2 Kitchen Finks, 2 Chalice of the Void
    Out: 1 Eldrazi Displacer, 2 Eternal Witness, 2 Reality Smasher, 1 Drowner of Hope

    Game 2: I keep a good 7, I had Kitchen Finks, Stubborn Denial, Heath, 2 Thought-Knots, Temple, and Path. He opens with a Nacatl, and passes. I draw play a fetch, and pass. He plays a swift spear, lava spikes me, and swings with nacatl, I path the Nacatl and take the swiftspear damage. I play a plains untapped and pass. He swings with swift spear I path the swift spear. I then go Thought-knot seer, get hit by a burn spell, and take drev he has a land in hand. He plays a land and passes. I swing for 4. I get to 12 life, with a Thought-knot and Thought-knot out, he has 1 card in hand an eidolon on board and is at 10 life. I swing for 8, he responds before blocks with deflecting palm on Thought-knot I stubborn denial the deflecting palm, we both take 2, I go to 12 he goes to 8, he blocks with eidolon draws and plays a swiftspear and I attack for the win.

    Round 9: 6-2 Paul on Valakut
    Game 1: He does valakut things, I path his Primetime in response to the etb trigger and he scapeshifts next turn.

    I don’t remember how I sided, but probably some amount of stubborn denials and disdain ful stroke coming out.

    Game 2: Semi grindy game, I am at 5 he is at 5, but he manages to land a titan and has 4 valakuts I lose.

    Round 10: Christopher on Grixis Control
    Game 1: I do eldrazi things, he removes them, I path a tasigur, and have cavern I manage to pull through with creatures and win the game.

    In: 2 Kitchen finks, 2 Rest in Peace, 1 Disdainful Stroke
    Out: 1 Eldrazi Displacer, 1 Birds of Paradise, 1 Thought-knot Seer, 2 Engineered Explosives.

    Game 2: Grindy game I land a early RIP off a matter reshaper trigger, we grind eachother out, I get him to 6, he removes my threats and lands double snapcaster for beats of 2 and 4 each turn as I flood out.

    Game 3: I keep a hand of Temple, Temple, Cavern, Fetch land, Reality Smasher, Reality Smasher, Drowner of Hope. I turn 1 Temple, Turn 2 Temple, Turn 3 Smasher swing 5, Turn 4 Drowner tap tasigur swing 5, and get cryptic, cryptic, snap cryptic, snap cryptic, damnationed. He has 1 land untapped after the damnation, and I have 8 mana. I cast Eternal Witness bring back smasher, cast smasher and bring him from 3 to 0, he took a lot of damage from fetch shocking to cast on curve.

    Round 11: 7-3 Brandon on Abzan Aristocrats
    Game 1: I keep a slow hand, and he develops a board state with sac outlets and 2 drainers I lose

    In: Engineered Explosives x1, Rest in Peace x2, Kitchen Finks x2
    Out: Matter Reshaper x4, Drowner x1

    Game 2: I keep a strong hand curve out into Thoughtknot on 3 and Smasher on 4 and swing before he can get started.

    Game 3: I keep a strong hand, of Land Land, Rest in Peace, Engeineered Explosives and some small creatures. I get turn 2 Tidehollowed, he takes the RIP, I EE for 2 and pass, he plays a zulaport and swings for 2. I Pop EE wiping the board. And pass, he return the ranks for 1, puts tidehollow on board, and has a choice of Thought-Knot or Rest in Peace, he takes Rest in Peace, and I cast Thought-Knot taking rally over voice. He casts Voice, and I draw another EE, EE for 2, land a displacer/drowner and win game.

    Round 12: 8-3 Jacob on Living End
    Game 1: Fulminator mage does work, living end resolves, I lose

    In: Stubborn Denial x2, Chalice x2 Rest in Peace x2
    Out: Matter Reshaper x2, Drowner of Hope x4

    Game 2: I keep a 1 lander with chalice, I get stuck on 1 land he beast withins chalice on his turn 4 and goes off following turn I have just a reshaper on board and lose.

    Round 13: 8-4 Corey on Dredge
    Game 1: We both keep 7, I am on the play I keep a slow hand and get dredged.

    Game 2: I have a slow 7, mull to 6 have a slow 6, mull to 5 have no lands, mull to 4 Keep a hand of Temple, and 3 other lands, scrying a cavern to the bottom. I play a temple, and pass, he neonates a dredger to the yard, does’t land a creature. I draw a temple and pass, he dredges out I manage to get pressure on, I get him to 5, but he gets too many creatures and beats me.

    Round 14: 8-5 Jordan on GW Enchantress
    Game 1: He lands a early ghostly prison, into a turn 4 enchantment type ghostly prison into another ghostly prison. I swing in early by paying 2 twice and 4, taking him to 9 with a exalted matter reshaper. He gains life with the 2 drop that lets you gain life from enchantments and lands a courser of cruphix. I get a drowner displacer combo going and generate enough scions to tap him, pay to attack and win.

    In: Engineered Explosives X1, Stubborn Denial x2
    Out: Matter Reshaper x3

    Game 2: I turn 2 Thought-knot, swing for 5, turn 3, swing for 5. My Thought-knot gets Oblivion Ringed, and he has a ghostly prison out, I have EE in hand, and just slowly deploy threats, I land a drowner, he gets another ghostly prison out, I play EE for 3 wipe the Courser, Oblivion Ring, and 2 Ghostly prisons and swing for lethal.

    Round 15: 8-6 Brandon on Abzan Coco
    Game 1: Opponent asks if I want to concede before we play, since no money was on the line, I say no. I lose the Diceroll, keep a decent hand get him to 7, he gets me to 7, I think I am good but miscalculated blocks and damage, because of archangel scooze die by 1, before I swing and win.

    In: Grafdigger’s Cage x1, Rest in Peace x2, Stubborn Denial x2, Disdainful Stroke x1, Engineered Explosives x1
    Out: Birds of Paradise x1, Eternal Witness x2, Matter Reshaper x4

    Game 2: I keep a hand of Temple, Fetch, Path, 2 EE, Displacer, Smasher. Grindy game, I keep removing his threats, and displacer and drowner to tap him down in upkeep as we top deck, so he can’t chord for more since he has 3 lands. He has 13 life, 3 Finks, 1 Anafenza and a birds, 3 lands, draws plays horizon canopy and passes. I untap swing in with smasher, displacer and drowner for 13 and win.

    Game 3: Wish him good luck, and I am met by silence, my opponent does’t say anything for the rest of the game. I keep a strong 7, and he mulls to 6, plays a land and passes. I play a noble and pass back, he draws and passes, I play a land and pass, he draws and passes, I play a thought knot, he has Coco, Ewitt, Kfinks, Skite, and Meliria. I take Ewitt and pass. He draws hits a land plays Meliria and passes. I swing for 5, he doesn’t block and I play a EE on 2 with 2 mana up and pass. He draws doesn’t hit anything and passes. I play a displacer, path his meliria swing for 5, and displace thought-knot and take coco. He never really gets anything going and I take the game.

    Deck seemed to play well, not sure if Matter reshaper package was the right choice, I don’t like chalice it was a last minute audible, after losing to cheerios in a side event, and the fact everyone was buying opals at the vendors. I should have stuck with Worship x2, or 2 more disdainful strokes.
    I really liked the Kitchen Finks, Thragtusk is too slow, and it really helped me with the agro matchups and being able to get it back with ewitt, displace it with thought-knot and hit it off a reshaper was great.
    Skyspawner may have been better, ramp faster into threats against valakut and other combo decks, and have a flier for affinity, but I would probably run my same list back if there was GP this weekend, minus the chalice.

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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    I have also had ghost quarter help to slow merfolk down. Ghost quartering your island or spreading seas land or even just having it to keep them from all ining has bought me time to hit an EE
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Nobles more important then cavern. The exalted is a must. There was a cavernless list that went 5-0 recently in a league I saw on magic online, if your metagame is heavy control though I'd suggest caverns asap
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    Quote from The_Patch »
    Saw a TCGplayer video where an Eldrazi Displacer used its ability on a buffed-up Bogle. I thought the Slippery Bogle's passive wouldn't have allowed the interaction, but it resolved and the Bogle was exiled, returned, etc.

    Click here

    How did this happen?

    Turn the sound on, he even tells you what he is doing. He exiled the card that the boggle blocked, so his Reality Smasher.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    During the deck tech he does talk about how this was recorded Prior to GP LA, so I would assume the GP LA list he ran was a bit more tuned for the meta, and shaved on some of the things he didn't feel performed well in testing.
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