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  • posted a message on Stixhaven : Harry Potter :: Ikoria : Godzilla
    As much as I would hate this, I believe that there is a significant chance we get a HPxMTG crossover with Strixhaven. I like the HP books, and I like the premise of a faction set where the factions are different schools of magic, but I cringe at the thought of them being shoehorned together. That said, I can’t help but speculate on what that could mean for the set.

    What kind of cards might we see that are inspired by HP? Is this as likely as I think it is? Is this as cringey as I think it is?
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Zendikar Rising Name & Number Crunch
    We're at 20 mythics and 58 rares so far. Isn't that way above the norm for a standard set? And that's not counting the probable GU legendary creature and the red and white Inscriptions, which would put us at 61 rares.
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  • posted a message on The sets of 2021
    I’m actually very excited about Strixhaven. It’s a faction set about competing schools of magic, which is the exact premise I used for my custom enemy colored set. I wonder if that’s the same angle they’ll take here. A UR school of artifice is low-hanging fruit, so I’d say the chances are good.

    Alternatively, they could go in another direction and give us shards again, the same way Ikoria gave us wedges. That would make sense, as it would balance out this year and next year for tricolor archetypes and give them a place to print the other five tricycle lands. Also, it makes sense with the other tricolor worlds we’ve seen. Strixhaven could be to Alara what Ikoria was to Tarkir.

    I would be happy either way. But we Strixhaven could just as easily go away from multicolor factions, which I wouldn’t be as happy about. But we’ll see I guess.
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  • posted a message on Would you like to see a return to mirrodin?
    Eventually we will go back. Phyrexians are too big not to revisit. For the plot, I had this general idea:
    Karn, Ajani, and Elspeth get together and formulate a plan to help the Mirrans. The plan is: find and capture Tezzeret, modify his Planar Bridge to be able to safely transport living things, and evacuate Mirran refugees from New Phyrexia. Ultimately, with Koth's help, they succeed. However, Tezzeret escapes with the modified Planar Bridge. Because of this, Tezzeret can now effectively hold the multiverse at gunpoint by threatening a Phyrexian invasion on any plane, making him extremely powerful.
    As for mechanics, bringing back Phyrexian mana could work, but only if it's used for generic costs imo. That way, instead of a way to cheat the color pie, it becomes a way to play more aggressively. I'd also love to see Living weapon return, especially if they make more use of colored artifacts.

    Idk when exactly we will see this happen, but if Ashiok's involvement in Theros: Beyond Death was any indication, they're building up to it.
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  • posted a message on Echo of Eons (Andrea Mengucci)
    Quote from Marquisd »
    The person who called Timetwister a bad card has been warned please do not respond to him any more
    daaaaaaaaaamn thass cold B... can't a guy have a controversial opinion on the internet these days?

    Anyway the new card is interesting. I feel like it's an odd fit for most of the decks that are able to abuse it, considering it shuffles the gy in, which you'd have to go out of your way to fill in order to flash this back.
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  • posted a message on Rebuild (Ken Yukuhiro Preview)
    I spy a Bone Saw and a Mox Sapphire. Any ideas on what the others are?
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  • posted a message on Gold Mox
    Gold Mox 5
    ~ costs 1 less to cast for each color among permanents you control and cards in your graveyard.
    T: Add two mana of different colors.

    Okay, yeah, I know it's not like other moxes, but hear me out. Here are the two expectations most people have about moxes:

    1. Costs 0 mana
    2. Accelerates your mana production, usually by one.

    My design shakes things up by making the first assumption into a best-case-scenario. It can still be cast for 0, just only in the right deck.

    And the second expectation has always been a bit loose. I don't think anyone could ever dream that a 0 mana artifact could tap for more than one mana without having a drawback which makes it unplayable, so the idea of a mox that does tap for more than one just never really comes up. This mox, however, is designed to reward and aid a really densely multicolored deck (hense the name "Gold Mox"), and adding two mana of different colors does that nicely. Adding two mana instead of one takes this card from having a ceiling that's barely worth reaching and an abismal floor to having an irrelevantly high ceiling and a decent floor.

    In two-color decks, this card is already comparable to some of the most powerful artifacts in the game, making it well worth the title of Mox and the mythic rarity. In three colors, it's absurd. If you can reliably get four or five colors worth of permanents or cards in your graveyard within the first few turns of the game, I'd say you've earned a free Firemind Vessel.

    It's definitely very pushed, but in the spirit of modern horizons, we can assume it's designed for eternal formats where its power is less problematic. And in any case, it isn't playable without jumping through a certain number of hoops, which does restrict how early it can be played.

    Anyway, what do you all think?
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  • posted a message on Llanowar tribe (Dana Fischer preview)
    Quote from Incanur »
    T1: Llanowar Elves
    T2: this
    T3: Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, eight G available

    Probably not good enough for Modern, but that's some serious ramp.

    Elvish Archdruid is often better.
    I mean, tron only gets to CCCCCCC on turn 3 if all goes well, and that's one of the top decks in the format. GGGGGGGG is a bit more impressive and requires the same number of pieces over the same three turns. You'd have to bet on your opponent not having creature interaction, but other than that, your idea has serious potential.
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  • posted a message on Spell Snuff
    broken image. can someone please attach for us mobile users?

    or at least post a text version
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  • posted a message on Talisman Cycle (Brainstorm Brewery preview)
    Quote from RedGauntlet »
    Why are these cards in a Moderm focused product instead of a commander one?
    Because this is a draft set and they decided the limited environment needed uncommon mana rocks, I'm guessing. This gave them the opportunity to complete an incomplete cycle, as they've decided to do with other cycles. I figure after years of Masters sets being filled with cards that serve no purpose other than to aid the limited format, we'd be past asking why this kind of card gets included.
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  • posted a message on MPL weekly stream preview card - Sword of sinew and Steel (Rakdos sword)
    Not calling it Sword of Death and Destruction? smh.
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  • posted a message on Battle screech reprint
    I wonder if tokens decks would want four extra Lingering Souls bad enough to play this card. It's not terrible value, but basically costs a blocker for a turn to flashback.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 5/23 Bear legend!
    Quote from theMarc »
    That white Beast Within means I can make my opponents' permanents irrelephant.
    Man, you're really on a roll today, aren't you?
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  • posted a message on Planebound Accomplice - MTGGoldfish Spoiler
    Combo potential with Venser, the Sojourner? Sneak in Venser, flicker Venser, sneak in any other pw every turn for an activation and then flicker them to keep them. Possible to get going by t3 with Birds of Paradise and Simian Spirit Guide. Does this deck have teeth?
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  • posted a message on Ice-Fang Coatl (Merchant spoiler)
    Nice card I will say again. But why at rare? Strix is Uncommon correct?
    Strix was originally uncommon in a set where rarity was irrelevant. When it got reprinted in a booster set, it got bumped to rare.
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