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  • posted a message on Announcement: Moving information and miscellaneous
    Hello friends,

    It's been awhile! You may have noticed a lack of traffic in this subforum; due to dwindling player numbers we have elected to host games on Mafia Universe as part of their Light Games queue. If you have a game in the MTGS queue you would like to run there please get in touch with me, preferably on Discord or by email (contact info below) as I check MTGS rather infrequently these days.

    We've also been invited to the 2022 Mafia Universe championships. Info for that is located on Discord, as well, though again if you're interested and able to play rather fast phase games (72/24 hr) during May through Aug you can also contact me by email; as our player group is rather small and availability scarce I have decided not to hold the formal nominations we have had in the past

    I will be trying to organize a yearly micro or mini (depending on interest) sometime, here on our homesite, to maintain eligibility for Champs for the future, as well, so expect a sign up thread for that sometime after MU champs are over this year (probably Sept-Oct timeframe)

    If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me

    Your council member,

    Links and stuff
    Community discord server: https://discord.gg/NHW4AVB

    Mafia Universe: https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/

    My email address is my mtgs username @gmail.com (silvercrys3467)
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  • posted a message on Marson Micro? Sign ups (0/9)
    Quote from Dolby »

    please tell me if this one of the forums that needs me to spam posts for PM perms or getting rid of a post timer lol
    Nope, just have to link a twitch account because Curse lol

    Good to see you and sorry about the forum software in advance
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  • posted a message on Marson Micro? Sign ups (0/9)
    Mark/douse and ignite are both factional night only actions
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  • posted a message on Marson Micro? Sign ups (0/9)
    Quote from Ecophagy »
    Do the Mafia still win at parity if they have no ignites left? Can you ignite and mark the same Night, and if so does the player marked that Night die as well?
    Excellent questions

    Yes and yes
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  • posted a message on Marson Micro? Sign ups (0/9)
    Hello friends,

    Decided to try to fire this as a micro, seemed to be some interest on discord. Here are the rules:

    Mountainous Arson is a game for 9 players (7/2)

    There are no power roles

    In lieu of a factional night kill the Mafia have a factional arson ability, which works as follows:

    Each night, the Mafia team selects a player to mark (nothing happens at the time you are marked, you are not informed you are marked)

    Twice per game, the Mafia team can ignite all marked players, killing them simultaneously

    Phases will be 120/48 (5 day Days and 2 day Nights) and we'll fire on a weekday so you get at least one weekend in each phase

    Majority elimination only

    Flavor tbd but probably simple

    My standard hosting rules apply but I'm posting from mobile atm; if you'd like specifics they're posted in the Matter Mafia thread

    If you have the itch but would like to suggest a different micro set up, feel free

    1. Killjoy
    2. Dolby

    1. Askthepizzaguy


    (Small update on the move, I've been in contact with admins at MU but they're pretty busy with hydra season atm; things will probably ease up for them around January but in the meantime Askthepizzaguy has been putting together a satellite community discord server. If you'd like to be part of that you'll need to DM him on discord for the info. Thanks for your patience!)
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  • posted a message on Mafia Universe Championships [Season 8]
    Enclosed is our invitation to the MU Championship series


    Ahoy there! Smile

    I’m very excited to invite your community to participate in Season 8 of the Mafia Championship.

    The Mafia Championship is an annual forum-based tournament series that pits representatives from various online Mafia (aka Werewolf) communities against one another as they compete to determine the Internet’s greatest forum Mafia player. Each participating community democratically elects one person to represent them and be their “Champion”.

    The tournament first started back in 2013. Since then, 320+ different communities and 50+ different nationalities have been represented.

    It’s a super fun event that has created many new friendships and close bonds between communities. I hope that you would be interested in taking part Smile


    If your community wishes to participate, please confirm your participation to Lissa as soon as you can to ensure yourselves a spot. Currently, the plan is to accommodate 150 communities this season. If there is further interest, additional communities may sign up as substitutes; generally there are some replacements needed both before and during games.

    If your community agrees to participate, the deadline for selecting your representative is May 7th, but the sooner the better.

    The games will take place on Mafia Universe. If it’s okay, I can link directly to the general discussion thread regarding this topic on Mafia Universe.

    Important notes
    • You may decide yourselves how you want to elect your representative, but we highly recommend some sort of democratic process (public nominations followed by a poll usually works out well).
    • In addition to electing a representative, you should also name an alternate who will be asked to step in if the first choice needs to back out.
    • Your representative should be prepared for having to read upwards of 500-600 posts per 24 hours during the early stages of the game. Additionally, there’s a requirement that each player must make at least 10 posts per Game Day. Only active players should apply/participate. I repeat: Your chosen player needs to be able to promise a good amount of activity on a daily basis.


    The tournament structure
    • 150 communities will participate, each sending one representative.
    • QUALIFIERS: 10 Qualifier Games will be played, consisting of 15 players each. I.e. every representative plays in one Qualifier Game. The players themselves vote post-game to determine who is deserving of advancement. 1st and 2nd place will advance to the Semifinal Games.
    • SEMIFINALS: A Jury consisting of finalists from Season 7 will select 25 additional players to advance to the three Semifinal Games. From each game, five players will advance to the Finale Game based on a post-game player vote, just like in the qualifying phase.
    • THE FINALE: The Finale Game is played. Once it has completed, the players vote to determine who shall receive the title of Season 8 Champion and a winner’s certificate signed by Dmitry Davidoff, the creator of mafia.

    This year’s setup: Gold Rush 15er
    The setup features 15 roles consisting of the following:

    2x Mafia Goons
    1x Mafia Roleblocker

    1x Town Motion Detector
    1x 1-Shot Town Vigilante (n2+)
    1x Town Doctor
    9x Vanilla Townie

    Flips are alignment only.

    Relevant mechanics info
    - Day start.
    - Majority elimination is enabled Day 2+, but majority is not required at any point for the elimination.
    - Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
    - No outside communication. I.e. you may not contact the other players outside of the thread (unless you are Mafia and wish to speak with your teammates).
    - Phase Lengths and Deadlines will be up to the players themselves (I’ll organize your representative into a game with deadlines that suit their preferences).
    - Thread is locked during Night Phases.
    - Votes are automatically locked in at LYLO.
    - Mafia factional kills are assigned. They can be tracked, watched, roleblocked, etc. (In this setup, that means they display as an action to the Motion Detector action.)
    - Mafia share a factional Night Kill, which is a single standard shot for their faction. The mafia faction kill is mandatory.
    - Mafia may communicate at any time.
    - Each individual player may make a maximum of 150 posts per day phase (this restriction is lifted 2 hours before day end).
    - The game will have a host to oversee everything and make sure everyone’s following the code of conduct, but otherwise the game is completely automated (automatic votecounts, thread locks and reveals alignments automatically, the bot receives and processes actions, etc.).


    There will be 10 Qualifier Games, and your representative plays in just one of these. They will have start dates ranging from early May to the end of June. So in other words, as long as your representative can play sometime during that period, they should be good and I’ll make sure they get scheduled into a game that suits their schedule well. I.e. if your rep is busy until June, that isn’t a problem.

    The Semifinal Games will be played in July/August, and the Finale Game sometime in August/September (whenever we can work out something that suits everyone).

    If you want to get in contact with me ASAP, you can find me on Discord (Lissa#8083).

    Kind regards,
    Stuff is still a bit up in the air with the move and all but people have been interested in playing in the past; as in previous years if you'd like to nominate someone else or throw your hat into the ring, leave a reply.

    We only have until May 7th to enter so we should probably get it sorted pretty quick; we're kind of low activity so rather than run a poll I'll probably just informally count support from posts in this thread.

    Let's set the deadline for Friday the 30th?

    The following nominees are from discord:

    Prophylaxis nominates: Silvercrys, Vaimes, Jackrito
    Silvercrys nominates: Slothful, Vaimes, Jackrito

    If you'd like to be removed from consideration you can DM me here or on Discord, or leave a reply here (preferably with nominations/support of your own but not required!)

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  • posted a message on Should We Stay or Should We Go
    Ah, CFC already has a partner community subforum I think, so that could work, yeah

    I don't necessarily want to poach a game from their queue/players, though, you know what I mean? Lol
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  • posted a message on Should We Stay or Should We Go
    I'm pretty sure I have hosting permissions for the modbot on MU already from when I was playing turbos... I could host Marson or something over there in the invitational subforum since I'm fairly familiar with the software on both sites already (may need permission from Amy or somebody to actually host a game though, not 100 on how the invitational subforum works)

    If we go chronologically through the queue though the next two games are Osie's still in sign ups and... probably? a normal? Except Osie and Cantrip are the next two normals lol, if Rodemy is still around ( Hi! ) he could host his maybe
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  • posted a message on Should We Stay or Should We Go
    So, I've been thinking

    And there's not really any reason we couldn't do long phase on both MU and MC, I think?

    It was recently confirmed for me by Amy and Logic that MU wouldn't mind adding one or two reviewers to the team but they can cover forum moderation

    I don't think we've heard back from MC admins but presumably they're understaffed and could use a hand?

    I'd probably throw my hat into the ring for reviewing games but I don't really want to moderate posts tbqh

    The main problem with it, as I see it, is the same as the problem with using MU's Partner Communities to have our own space and help them run a dedicated long phase queue; do we have enough hosts and games to fill two queues?

    I think we probably have enough games to fill two queues for a few months, at least, assuming sign ups are posted one at a time, and we can advertise games for both queues in the discord server so people in our community can see games on both sites

    I guess another downside is that inevitably some of us are going to prefer one site to another and that will result in the community drifting apart, probably? But that's probably inevitable in the long term either way.

    (We should also probably move for a new poll regarding where we're moving, since this poll is pretty decisive)

    Eta: whatever we decide, we may want to see about hosting an invitational on each site so those who haven't played on both sites can try the software before moving for an official vote
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  • posted a message on Realm of the Elderlings Mafia: Game Over Mafia Win
    I uh, just wanted to mention a couple more things

    Re: wolves pooling vitality I don't think that was a huge problem on its own, but when looking at the roles it feels like e.g. the Roleblocker was meant to be shot-limited like most of the town roles and allowing the vit thief to steal a vit every night and turn that into a roleblock essentially removes the shot limit at no real opportunity cost

    By itself this isn't a problem; as I said on Discord I tend to favor wolf sided night actions because absent extra killing power the "worst" that can happen is the game becomes mountainous. But combined with the extra killing power the vit steal and factional poison gave I think it was a little too much to have a full roleblocker on top, yes

    Re: vitality in general, I don't think this design space is exhausted quite yet, but! I think a game like this needs some inbuilt way for players to generate vitality (for example, if you do not take an action at night you gain 1V) and also "if you reach 0V you die" isn't as interesting as designers usually think it is. Instead of doing that just have death effects like normal and the penalty for having 0V is you can't use your abilities Wink

    I'd point to a fairly old now but well received example of this type of mechanic in Star Trek MU IV; a handful of roles in that game had a money mechanic and had a weak ability that generated money and one or two stronger abilities that spent it (e.g. +1: motion detector, -2: full track, -3: full watch as an investigative role). It creates a similar amount of tension between saving and expending resources while giving players something to do while they're "charging up".

    Re: chat design space, I think making the Skill once per phase and not cost Vitality would have helped; when Skill shots and your role shots are connected to the same resource it feels pretty bad to spend it sending a message when you can save it to try to get a vig shot or another doctor shot (or not die to the vit pinger). This obv. would have required some retooling of roles whose entire purpose was to use the Skill for free, but it would also have resolved the "wolves need to pool vit to use the skill and still have low enough vit to not be bulletproof" which accidentally turns into "oh the wolves can just use the roleblock forever" and gives you more control over which roles actually die to the vit pinger (it seemed obvious to me that you wanted me to be vulnerable to the vit pinger but also able to use the Skill, otherwise you would have given me 3
    or 4 vit or 1 vit instead of exactly 2... but maybe I'm mistaken)

    I would like to say for the record though, I wouldn't account this game a mechanical failure at all; almost everything was fine, very good even, I don't want my criticism to overshadow the stuff that worked. I just like to take games apart to see what makes them tick and put them back together again lol.

    Azrael and Anak's roles were very good, Cuth's role... isn't something I'm as fond of as you are lol but it worked pretty well. My role, Bur's and Tammy's were safe designs but very solid and functional.

    99% of the game was great, 8/10 would play again, and I'd also like to thank you for hosting again.

    Gg everyone, hope to see you in the next one!
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  • posted a message on Realm of the Elderlings Mafia: Game Over Mafia Win
    I guess I should also say in my Official Capacity as Mafia Councilor I'd want to consult Councilors not in the game before doing anything to/about/around CropCircles; it is likely a moot point given we're probably changing sites and the Council/our probation-black lists will be dissolved/nullified anyway
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  • posted a message on Realm of the Elderlings Mafia: Game Over Mafia Win
    Quote from Killjoy »
    Vitality loss doesn't make sense also. One night two totwn got targeted, right?
    Sloth was the source of all actual vit drains except that GJ died to the factional poison ability

    BoomFrog was a wolf and wasn't actually drained
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  • posted a message on Realm of the Elderlings Mafia: Game Over Mafia Win
    Thanks for hosting grape!

    I think my only major factional balancing concern was that wolves could spend each other's vit and had two ways to cause vit loss on top of the factional kill

    A lot of the village's abilities were effectively 1- or 2- shot given how few ways to actually gain vit seem to be present, but that's not necessarily a problem just a thing to notice

    I felt the comment you made about Highroller's role and being more concerned with the flavor than the play experience in a few other places; for example, the game is loaded up with a bunch of roles that change/alter/deny/spy on (very bastard btw but it is a specialty) private chats but because The Skill cost vitality I was literally never going to use it because I suspected a vit pinger and wasn't going to risk dying to send a short message

    The tracker being 1-shot is another example of that; I don't think given how many targeted abilities are flying around it really needed a vit cost, and basically, Town's best odds were to hold their roles that cost vit until they were sure they had a good target and just play the game as a mountainous one

    I ~think that's most of my set up thoughts tbh, I had more but I've forgotten them I think

    Gg all I don't really want to comment on individual play more than I already have in spec chat, you can vanity search there's some (hopefully funny) stuff in there
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  • posted a message on Realm of the Elderlings Mafia: Game Over Mafia Win
    Quote from Vaimes »
    DVC is probably screaming.
    We were, this was always a terrible plan


    (Gg though)
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  • posted a message on Should We Stay or Should We Go
    I have a half-baked python program that converts a list of votes into a series of wagons, actually getting the vote list is the biggest pain lol

    Besides it not working on mobile, anyway
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