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  • posted a message on Modern Humans

    Interesting article that explores some of the new GRN cards, with a nod to plaguecrafter and knight of autumn, which have already been mentioned in this forum. Interested in the more aggressive list posted, as I really enjoy playing Aggro, however not sure how much legs it will have given how effective the current list is.

    Anyone else going back to adding kessig malcontents and direfleet daredevil?

    Tried a recent build with lead the stampede (instead of Bugler). Changed the manabase to cut some ziggurats and add mana confluence.... when it worked, it won me the game. When it didn’t, I’m pretty positive it cost me the game. Feel that it might be a line of play somewhere, just not sure how yet.... will keep experimenting.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Agreed regarding replacing Rec Sage.

    I’ve not once had an issue trying to cast gaddock teeg. Keeping him alive is the problem! Sweat
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans

    Win more? Or, worthy of consideration?

    A few pumps from Lieutenant or Avabruck and seems like it could be pretty good....
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    Good result! Shame you didn’t go all the way.

    In regards to your comments about waiting for the response to Vial activation, did your opponents ever do anything? I understand the importance of it, but I’ve not had anyone do anything and therefore wondering what you experienced.

    Similarly, do you find the “fake” activations of Vial Useful, or more just an annoyance. What examples is it a benefit? Maybe this is a bit of a noobie question, but again, just wanted to hear your experiences.

    I think gaddock teeg is awesome! Very very useful card for us.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Thanks for sharing these articles.... both really good reads!

    Let’s talk about G-Tron. We know that this is one of, if not our toughest match up. The decision that Cedric talks about in his article is something most of us have probably come across. I find it interesting that despite Cedric’s decision he still lost. I have found some success trying to disrupt my opponent by naming ancient stirrings or sylvan scrying with Meddling Mage. But, this doesn’t help if they naturally have Tron (and we are blind naming) or if they topdeck their land - which seems to happen more often than I would like! The other difficulty is the amount of answers they have even if we do slow them down, a single oblivion stone or walking ballista are likely to disrupt us before we can close the game out. There is no way that we can hope to lock them out with Meddling Mage, then copied by Phantasmal Image, naming all their answers - This just isn’t going to happen.

    Therefore, should we look at more answers in our sideboard? damping sphere is insane and can help a lot! - if landed on turn 2. gadock teeg has also been invaluable for me, but is pretty susceptible to warping wail and spatial contortion, not to mention Oblivion stone. I know we want our sideboard answer ASAP, but my reservations with the former option are that we can’t find this with militia bugler and the chances of topdecking or draw8ng off a horizon canopy are slim. Are we really likely to mulligan to a hand that has it, or hope we draw it? The latter can be found with Bugler, but isn’t a human and therefore can create mana issues... so what’s the next best solution? Do we revisit Thalia, heretic cathar? Again, this can’t be found with Bugler and unlikely we can play it turn 2, but will it provide enough disruption to help us get there...

    Has anyone had any experience/success using either techniques Cedric describes, or an alternatives?

    I also watched Todd vs Ross on Channel Fireball. Todd seemed to make beating Tron look pretty easy, and he definitely favoured the more disruptive hands. I think this has to be the answer, but trying to achieve the balance seems pretty impossible. I’ve kept disruptive hands, managed to slow the opponent, but then don’t draw the aggressive elements of the deck and just find myself stalling into my opponent finds their answers.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Thanks for the comprehensive reply. Will take your comments on board as hadn’t faced the deck before.

    Having looked at the deck link you shared, my opponents deck was more of a DredgeVine build - with no Bridges (postie hadn’t delivered them in time!). However, the premise of the deck is pretty similar.

    I know you say not to chump with the Champion in the early turns, but facing down 8 damage Turn 2, 8 damage (minimum) Turn 3 and potentially 8-16 damage (depending whether Bloodghast, Amalgam or Gravecrawler make an appearance) Turn 4 means that I would be dead regardless. My only Out would be a reflector Mage and that just isn’t quick enough. I guess in this instance my opponent had the ‘god hsnd’ In the first game and I was always going to struggle to stabilise.

    If I play against the Bridge version of the deck I will let you know how I get on - bearing your comments in mind Smile
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    One of the guys at my local FNM plays an Allies deck, with champion of the parish, student of warfare, brave the elements etc. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him win, but has a blast and has beaten everyone that plays a Tier 1 or 2 deck at some point. If you want, I will grab his list for you?
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    Ironically, I changed my sideboard the night before. Removing a grafdigger’s cage and adding a second kataki, war’s wage. As I didn’t see Affinity all day it seems a bad decision, but I know if I had kept it I would’ve been paired against Affinity.... Sod’s law and all that.

    I know what you mean about Karn. I’m wondering whether double meddling Mage on oblivion stone is the right call. That way the opponent has to remove both if they want to play it, whereas if I have one naming O-Stone and one Karn, then it frees up their removal. Also, if they use Karn to get rid of one, it leaves him slightly more vulnerable to attacks. Thoughts?

    I also see there is discussion about additional 1-drops. I’m obviously by no means a pro player, but it really doesn’t feel like the deck needs it. Even with Bugler it feels like it needs more draw....
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Went to my local PPTQ and unfortunately lost in the semifinals.... however, only my 3rd PPTQ so pretty happy with my performance.

    Played a pretty stock list, except:


    So, the match ups:
    Round 1 vs DredgeVine 0-2
    Game 1 - Opponent was on the play and started with a faithless looting, putting two vengvine into the graveyard. I played an aether Vial. Turn 2, opponent played x2 insolent neonate and swung for 8 with the vengevines. It all went down hill pretty rapidly from this point.

    Sideboard: Out: Meddling Mage and Militia Bugler. In: sin collector and auriok Champion. Took out Meddling because I wasn’t confident on what to name.

    Game 2 - I managed to get a bit more of a stable board with thalia, guardian of thraben and kitesail Freebooter early. However, my opponent played a couple of timely dark blast and lightning axe before pretty much repeating game 1. Not the best start.

    Round 2 vs GW Value Town 2-1
    Game 1 - this was one of the most ridiculous games of magic I played. Had meddling mages on collected company and path to exile and every time my opponent played a knight of the reliquary I used a reflector Mage. In the end lost out to my opponent gaining too much life and destroying all my lands.

    Sideboard: Out: militia bugler and mix of other creatures. In: gut shot, gaddock teeg and Izzet Staticaster.

    Game 2 - I got an early lock on collected company and used gut shot on two birds of paradise. Followed swiftly by a few mantis riders won me a quick game.

    Game 3 - very close game although I always felt in a strong position with two early aether Vials. I won with a mantis rider off the top and copied with a vialled phantasmal image, after bouncing his last aerial blocker.

    Round 3 vs Mardu Pyromancer 2-0
    Game 1 - Had an awesome hand and picked my opponents hand apart with kitesail Freebooter and managed to attack for lots of early damage.

    Sideboard: Out: reflector Mage, aether Vial. In: Auriok Champion and Izzet Staticaster.

    Game 2 - this was the by far the most ridiculous game I played all day. Cutting a long story short, my opponent was on 1 life and I was on 65 life thanks to x2 auriok Champion but my opponent had a stack load of white spirit and elemental tokens. In a moment of madness, he killed my mantis riders and swung with all the spirits. I honestly thought it was a trap, but swung in for the win the following turn.

    Round 4 vs Grixis Death Shadow 2-0
    Game 1 - had a great start picking my opponents hand apart and bounced all his blockers. Quick easy wins and didn’t take any damage in either game.

    Sideboard: Out: Thalia’s lieutenant. In: auriok Champion and sin collector.

    Game 2 - practically a repeat of game 1, but even quicker thanks to sin collector and my opponent getting stuck on 1 land.

    Round 5 vs Hollow One 1-2
    Game 1 - opponent managed to play x2 hollow one on his first turn. Couldn’t muster a real response.

    Sideboard: Out: Meddling Mage. In: reclamation sage and sin collector.

    Game 2 - Had a very aggressive hand, thought I would risk it over a mulligan for a more disruptive hand. Payed off as I quickly had very large creatures and was able to bounce his blockers.

    Game 3 - very close game, but my opponent played all 4 burning inquiry, which unfortunately stripped me of all my needed pieces each time. I eventually got overrun with Hollow Ones.

    Round 6 vs GW Value Town 2-0
    This match was against a friend and it was likely the winner would make Top 8. Just beat two other friends through tiebreaks.

    Game 1 - Close to the god hand, with early aggression, lock on collected company followed by x3 mantis rider.

    Sideboard: same as earlier match.

    Game 2 - virtually an exact repeat of game 1, but ended a few turns earlier due to a misplay on my friend’s part.

    Quarters vs Infect 2-1
    Game 1 - I couldn’t find an answer for my opponents blighted agent, so tried to outrage him. Didn’t work!

    Sideboard: Out: militia bugler, Meddling Mage. In: gut shot, sin collector

    Game 2 - kept a disruptive hand and managed to bounce his creatures before going hard with mantis rider.

    Game 3 - Was a very close game, with misplays from both us. Finished with myself on 5 poison, knowing my opponent had a pump spell in hand, but I managed to put him at 1 life, so he couldn’t use his fetchland to pay thalia, guardian of thraben tax. Nail biting end, but boosted my confidence knocking out the top seed.

    Semis vs G-Tron 1-2
    Game 1 - I basically got Tronned. However, this match involved my favourite play of the event. My opponent cast a ulamog, the infinite gyr and moved to attacks. I vialled in a phantasmal image to block. Then bounced it back to his hand with reflector Mage on my turn - felt good! However the oblivion stone putting a fate counter on it the following turn didn’t feel so good.

    Sideboard: Out: militia bugler. In: gaddock teeg and damping sphere.

    Game 2 - Some good choices with Meddling Mage and then Gaddock Teeg left me free to follow up with aggressive attacks. Aided by my opponent chaining chromatic star and chromatic sphere looking for answers.

    Game 3 - I think a couple of misplays in this game cost me. Tried a similar approach to Game 2, but a spatial contortion, and my misplay with triggers, resulted in my Meddling Mage that was naming oblivion stone dying. This destroyed my board state. Tried to destabilise with a damping sphere followed by a kitesail Freebooter - my opponents hand was karn, the liberated and 3 wurmcoil engine. He only needed one more land before he could play the Engines in consecutive turns, while I topdecked lands. Dissapointing end to the tournament.

    Concluding Thoughts
    - Dredgevine seemed ridiculously tough. How have others faired against this deck?
    - sideboard choices may seem a little strange. Some of them I was unsure of myself. An area of my game I need to improve.
    - Need to be more confident when there are lots of spectators.
    - Love how the deck cans be über aggressive and disruptive at the same time.
    - Try and stay focused so as not to misplay.

    Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share some of the days experiences.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Also went 3-1 last night with x3 Bugler. Card felt really good and I think x3 copies is right. Won against Burn, Mono W Prison and Goblins. Lost my last game 0-2 to Mono R Prison.... that match up felt horrible. chalice of the void, blood moon, anger of the gods and ensnaring bridge is tricky for us.

    Never played against Spirits, can you be the aggressor or can you try and lock them out with Meddling Mage and Reflector Mage?

    Anyone using damping sphere in their sideboard? Other than Tron and Storm, what would you bring it in against?
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Got a PPTQ coming up, would be interested to see people’s sidebaords as well as some notes on siding options in our tougher match ups, particularly what people are cutting. Thanks in advance.

    My current sideboard:
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Although it doesn’t have the human subtype, I have found gaddock teeg really helpful in several matchups. Naming walking ballista with meddling Mage and then being able to play Teeg has worked well for me. Also really useful against counters Company etc. I have had it in my sideboard for past few months and haven’t regretted it. That said, none of the Pros play it (or none of the most recent lists).... so really it comes down to your meta and how you think it has performed.

    As an aside, I was recently thinking about two cards that haven’t been included in any lists; odric, lunarch marshal and knight of new alara. I’m pretty sure the reasons are that they are win-more, but I was still wondering on their use.

    Odric gives a must answer threat if Thalia and Mantis Rider are in play. However, he does die to bolt, push and path and is only useful pre-combat, as opposed to being vialled in post blockers. However, being left unchecked would leave an army of flying, vigilance, hast and first strike (even better if anyone is still playing mirran crusader!). However, by the time we play him, are we already in a winning position?

    Knight of new Alara, seems like it could be quite useful. Not only can you screw combat math, but also give the illusion of playing restoration angel as that is when Vial is most likely to be on 4, but it takes Mantis Rider and Meddling Mage out of bolt territory. Makes Reflector Mage a reasonable beater. Also benefits Staticaster and Gaddock out of the sideboard. Again, is it too situational and are we likely to be in a winning position when we play this card?
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Went 3-1 at FNM. Beating; Hollow One, Burn and Storm. Lost to Naya Zoo.

    Favourite play of the night was against Burn Game 3. Both of us on 3 life. My board was a direfleet daredevil, noble hierarch and aether Vial on 2. Both of us were topdecking and I was praying my opponent didn’t top deck a Burn spell and I could swing with an exalted Daredevil the following turn. Sure enough my opponent pulled a lightning bolt off the top. I saw no reason to crack a horizon canopy, sure enough I drew a deputy of acquittals and was able to flash it in, return the Daredevil to my hand, Vial him in and use another burn spell to deal 3 damage and win. My opponent was not happy! Wink
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  • posted a message on Modern Cheeri0s - Puresteel Equipment Storm
    A bit late behind the curve, but came here to post about AA and glad to see I’m now the only one who thinks it could revitalise the deck! Would be good fun to dust off Cheerios and have another blast
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    I know not everyone is fussed with FNM reports, so will keep this brief, but went 3-1 last night.

    Pretty stock list except for:

    Round 1 vs Mono white home brew 2-0
    Easy matches both games just going all out aggro.

    Round 2 vs GW Azusa/KotR/Ramnup Excavator 2-0
    Quite tough match ups. Really glad I had Vial turn 1 both games, because x3 ghost quarter hurts us pretty hard. Positive I would’ve lost without Vial because got completely landlocked.

    Round 3 vs RB Hollow One 2-1
    Exceptionally close games with the victor being on 1-2 more life than opponent. This match was with a good friend and it was his first time out with the deck. Great playing games on a knife edge - games definitely could’ve gone either way in any of the games.

    Round 4 vs Sultai Eldrazi Aggro 0-2
    First time playing this kind of deck, made a lot of misplays. Even without the misplays this feels a very tough match up. One positive was double phantasmal image copying reality smasher. This glee only lasted a turn as they died to the activated ability of drowner of hope - which sucked.

    1. really enjoyed deputy of acquittals. Added a different edge to the deck and also helped me not go into topdeck mode as I was able to recycle creatures. Also very useful when blocking. Will probably cut down to 2.
    2. although I liked orzhov pontiff I think I will drop this back to the sideboard and replace with another reflector Mage or phtantasmal image.
    3. Eldrazi aggro seems a very hard match up. Other than dismember, anyone got any sideboard suggestions?
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