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Magic Market Index for April 19, 2019
  • posted a message on Anyone play 93/94 oldschool?
    Currently I am trying to build a local community playing 93/94 oldschool using the eternal central rules.

    Anyone else have any luck in their local communities?
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  • posted a message on Iconic masters speculations
    Considering the name and the timing of the printing, part of me feels like this is going to be a who's who of non reserved list goodies.

    Force of will
    Mana Drain
    Snapcaster mage
    Jace the mindsculptor

    Demonic tutor
    Imperial seal
    Grim tutor
    Liliana of the veil

    Natural order
    Oath of druids
    Noble hierarch

    Imperial recruiter
    Through the breach

    Land tax


    Mana vault
    Mana crypt
    Lotus petal

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  • posted a message on Amonkhet - Raiders of the lost Masterpieces
    my predictions for possible cool reprints?

    the CIPT shard lands
    Cyclopean Mummy

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  • posted a message on Kaladesh: Worst Set Since Homelands, or Worst Set Ever?

    Quote from SavannahLion »
    Homelands is a hard animal to beat for worst set. If I recall correctly WotC required a certain number of cards from each set their decks so everyone just playedSerrated Arrows . I also remember searching every card list trying to make Baron Sengir worthwhile.

    There was a pro tour event where they required all decks to have a minimum of 5 cards from each set, Fallen empires, Fourth, ice age, alliances, chronicles, homelands and mirage. The most commonly played cards from homelands were Serrated arrows, Memory lapse, Merchant scroll, Cemetery Gate (2B, 0/5 pro black wall), Autumn Willow and Eron the relentless.
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  • posted a message on Assembly workers = Obvious Mishra's Factory Reprint?
    yeah, but the plans for his type pf factory could clearly be an inspiration for factories.
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  • posted a message on Assembly workers = Obvious Mishra's Factory Reprint?
    It easily fits into the number crunch, and would be a great old card for this world.

    Who else is hoping for Mishra's factory?
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  • posted a message on Commander 2016 4 Colour Commanders
    It's an excuse to make 5 more commander decks. An excuse I will gladly use.
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  • posted a message on what were you surprised to see left out?
    elves with no priest of titania or wellwisher does seem like sadness
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  • posted a message on what were you surprised to see left out?

    We all had cards we expected to see in EMA, here are a few I expected and why-

    Portal/starter cards-

    Grim tutor, imperial seal, imperial recruiter,ravages of war, rolling earthquake, three visits, xiahao dun, and others

    these cards badly need an reprint and are popular across all formats hey are legal in.

    Mana Vault/grim monolith-

    Needed almost as much as mana crypt, just more readily available, but not by much. expect these two to climb in price with no reprints.

    what were you expecting?
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  • posted a message on Number Crunch
    Another card that still fits is priest of titania. I can see them having to pick between her and wellwisher and picking priest
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  • posted a message on Number Crunch
    Quote from Cythare »
    With the inclusion of Rorix Bladewing, the remaining pit fighters seems more likely, and they also all fit (although, we still only have a small portion of the set). It makes Karakas slightly more relevant as a card in the set, too.

    Both sets of creatures seems even.more likely to me. Chainer goes well with the reanimator theme too
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  • posted a message on Number Crunch
    With sneak attack, natural order and a reanimator subtheme, along with gaps in every color at the right space leads me to say that the likelihood of the prophecy avatar cycle being printed in this set is pretty high.

    Wizards needs crap rare fatties and they are good for it.
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  • posted a message on Legendary 4 basic type land
    I could see them printing new CIPT legendary quad basic duals. They would likely be too slow for combo, even if they fix color requirements for little pain.

    They would be useful in vintage and possibly legacy.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Feldon's Cane & Tormod's Crypt
    Feldon's cane was on the restricted list for a long time. It has a powerful effect and had it's place in commander decks that need the recursion. I have it in 4 of my 22'
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  • posted a message on First direct mention of Serra in a long time
    Quote from Dontrike »

    Urza seems more 4 color than 5. Was he ever shown doing a lot with white mana, or any of the white characteristics?

    Well... All his war and preparations against Phyrexia was for the good of the whole multiverse, so it could be argued that he had the good of the collectivity in mind... No matter the cost.
    Anyway, Urza already has a card: Blind Seer is actually Urza in disguise. XD

    If we are talking howght of his power, Urza would have to be all 5 colors. Multiple spells he utilized across the books would indicate access to all 5 colors of mana, also having urza's lens for additional color requirements.

    If we are talking before he began a planeswalker, before the end of the war, Primarily we see him using red and blue. In the story he laid waste to a forest for its resources. His brother primarily used white and black spells thematically, but he was represented by a UBR creature.

    Very complicated when dealing with retcons, recons, romcoms and voltrons
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