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  • posted a message on MTG and Augmented Reality
    Easiest way for a program to upload the object would be to use the card number located near the artist the reason for this its like scanning a QR code and due to it always being at the bottom of the card positioning of the object can be placed above it as a point of reference also design special mats where the program can identify location of card and to animate it so it goes to the other player monster to attack.
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  • posted a message on Conquest Format (Custom)
    Format name : Conquest

    Rules :
    Each player is a warlord of there own domain you can choose up to 2-3 colours (depending on your playgroup and how many players) that you want to declare as your domain you may only use cards corresponding to these colours in there mana cost.

    Every time you have 4 lands on the field you must select a Lieutenant within your hand before you can play anymore lands these lieutenant govern those 4 lands if they happen to die they return to your hand but you loose 2 lands of your choice under there command and those two lands are put into the graveyard wile the player who removed the lieutenant may place up to two lands from there hand on the battlefield think of it as they pushed your lieutenant back and have taken lands you have and if they have no lands to play they just destroyed them.

    Lieutenants can only be rare creatures, mythic creatures and/or planeswalkers
    When declaring attacks you can choose enemy Lieutenants as a target.

    Guardians can be assigned to protect the lieutenants when declaring spells directed at the lieutenant players may choose to have a guardian take some of the damage if any damage is over spilled it is directed to the next guardian blocking or the lieutenant.
    Guardians can only be Uncommon creatures, Common creatures and/or token creatures.

    Building a deck
    Decks are 100+ cards
    Life pool is 50
    Mythic rare's you can only ever have 10% in your deck and only 1 of each card.
    Rare's you can only ever have 25% in your deck and only 2 of each card.
    Lands that are not basic lands you may only have 20% in your deck and only 2 of each card.

    The reason I put it as 4 lands is because it gives a much added tactical viewpoint of do you kill a lieutenant controlling 4 island or do you kill one controlling 2 island and 2 swamps is the person your facing in need of one mana type more then others so you can direct your attacks on a lieutenant that could have greater important.

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  • posted a message on R/B Madness Aggro
    Okay I think I've worked out the ratio from cards that discard to cards that have madness and it goes like this.

    For every 1 Perm cards that have an ability to discard = 2 madness cards.
    when you gain two perm cards add an additional madness card.
    For every 1 Temp card that have a once discard then they loose the means to discard = 1 madness card.

    So for instance if you had 3 perm cards it means you should have 5 cards with madness in your deck.

    I have tested this in with 20 draws of 7 cards and the ratio feel promising.
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  • posted a message on Shadows Over Innistrad General Discussion
    Well I think I worked out the clues being "they came as" I am assuming the last part is "three" but I believe that ring that looks like it is pulling some big object to the plane could in fact be pulling a moon from the eldrazi domain thus its corrupting things effected by the moon aka vampires/werewolf's due to they are beings of the night so it is twisting there form into monstrositys even in some of the card art for instance the youths card with the vampires they have one vampire with a third eye and other cards like the mutation shows signs of eldrazi design even in some of the investigation art it shows similar eldrazi design.

    So we could possibly expect another titan and even one of the planeswalkers turning into a eldrazi planeswalker I am assuming by the art for eldritch moon that liliana vess will become a eldritch planeswalker as she deals with necromancy some of it I am assuming is influenced by the moon or the other theory is the story will focus on her in an attempt to stop the third eldrazi titan similar to SoI focusing on the mind mage Jace if so then we might see the next following editions of the game follow each planeswalker as a centre story I believe there is to me anyway as I haven't been in the game that long 5 key story driven planeswalkers so possibly 2 planeswalkers per block?

    [update] Another hint to this is her chain vail I am assuming if she does become a eldritch planeswalker it will use the vail as a connection point also it is unidentified over how the vail was made other then a bunch of past entitys thus I am assuming its eldrazi and to take over Liliana vess due to her lacking a soul now so possession of her body would seem much easier for say the eldrazi that's if they can possess body's but this third titan of the eldrazi is all about mutations and transformation so possibility of transforming her dark magic into colourless due to black being the absent of light and that the eldrazi are the absent of colour and also I recall the reason eldritch cant have planeswalkers is because of how eldrazi are but remember Liliana is different from other people her contract makes her young and prevents her from deaths door so to me it makes it more possible for her to become a eldrazi planeswalker.
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  • posted a message on R/B Madness Aggro
    Well I have been doing much testing with this deck but unfortunately I keep failing I've lost against my brother so many times so I have come to the conclusion I must have the ratios wrong there has been times where I draw too many lands having 24 lands but I fixed this by reducing it to 20 lands seems to give me a reasonable draw with almost every draw after a good shuffle but now the tricky part that I cant seem to fix ratio between these following types.

    Trigger discard = a card that is a one time trigger to discard a card to the current madness mechanic in my deck.
    + Spells/Instance have this mostly but this really feels like a mana sink pulling it off sometimes I can use lighting axe with firey temper or alms of the veins for a quick succession its pretty nice costs a max of 2 mana for 5 then 3 damage.

    Perm discard = cards that are placed in game and can be activated to discard a card for a additional effect using madness.
    + Creatures/Enchants have this mostly its cheaper then to cast a trigger discard but the problem lies with how do I work out there lifespan like will they survive more then one turn to be effective.

    Should I lower the ratio of discard cards to madness or keep it as a 50/50 ratio there must be a way so I have a steady balance maybe I have overlooked something...
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  • posted a message on Okey i am very new and this is my first constructed deck around my favorite mechanic.
    Just be aware I only started last week so my collection is very small so don't expect me to pull out crazy cards haha but anyway this is what I came up with I am posted this for advice because I am not sure what to do.

    Okay my deck is a three colour Black/Red and splash blue.

    (Lands) 24
    5 Swamps
    5 Mountain
    1 Warped Landscape
    1 Crumbling Vestige
    1 Evolving Wilds
    1 Looming Spires
    2 Cinder Barrens
    2 Highland Lake
    2 Submerged Boneyard
    4 Unknown Shores

    (Sanity) (Cards that can discard cards) (18)
    Instance (2)
    Lightning Axe

    Creature (8)
    Heir of Falkenrath/Heir to the Night
    3x Ravenous Bloodseeker
    Reckless Scholar
    Mad Prophet
    Markov Dreadknight (key card to the design of the deck and gave me the idea to build it like this that and he is foiled)
    Insolent Neonate (key card also foiled)

    Sorcery (6)
    2x Marcabre Waltz
    2x Tormenting Voice
    2x Pore over the pages

    Enchantments (2)
    2x Creeping Dread

    (Madness) (Cards with Madness) (18)
    Instance (4)
    2x Just the wind
    2x Fiery Temper

    Creature (8)
    4x Bloodmad Vampire
    2x Incorrigible Youths
    2x Twins of Maurer Estate

    Sorcery (4)
    4x Alms of the Vein

    Enchantments (2)
    2x Stensia Masquerade

    The reason I choose the cards in such a format is because I want a nice 50/50 chance to get one card that can discard a madness card so I can draw two for a cheaper cost I must come up with a name I cant just use doctor jekyll and mr hyde that would be too easy.

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  • posted a message on I have a question about building a deck for commander not sure if this is the best place to enquire.
    I am still very new to magic but one of my friends the other day asked me to play I think it was commander hence why I am here I must say it was very fun and confusing and crazy all at the same time so I want to ask what are the rules/restrictions when building a deck.

    The only thing I know about commander rules wise is you can only have 1 of each card type other then lands and your commander must be legendary and use cards corresponding to its summon cost of your commander and at least 100 cards one being the commander himself/herself am I missing anything else?

    The deck I want to build is how I dubbed it as yin & yang deck using black and white colours.
    This would be my commander Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim because to summon her its 1 white and 1 black and I would build the deck around her ability to sacrifice for life.

    The monsters will be mostly wall types or monsters with high toughness being boosted by white enchantments also they act to protect the commander but when they hit a threshold using her ability to convert that into life to be used as ammo for black sacrificing life cards to deal damage or de-buffs to cripple..

    So the theme is yin & yang one cant live without the other.
    White = Protection and life.
    Black = Discord and death.

    I am asking this because I am very new and I could be thinking too far ahead as I am still very much a novice.
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  • posted a message on What do i buy?
    Thank you for the advice and yes one aspect I like about magic is the randomness of opening booster packs
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  • posted a message on What do i buy?
    Well I wish to start collecting cards for magic the gathering but I feel somewhat overwhelmed by choice on the magic the gathering website by the amount of different I am assuming expansion's also the number of different things I have played online so I know the complete basics in what items I need like cards, tokens, d20, card sleeves, card mat but when looking for what package is just confusing so I need a recommendation what card pack to buy because I hear some are money traps and what you get is not worth it but novice's like me wont expect or understand this.

    The cards I mostly play on the online one was black and white decks so those would be my ideal cards I want to collect also still wondering is it possible to combined both white and black into a workable deck?.

    Please refrain from giving individual card suggestion's advice as I simply would not understand what the card does or works with and I really don't want to limit my deck around a card that someone else chosen due to its the flavour of the month that part I wish to make/test decks myself to understand what works for me.
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  • posted a message on Hello everyone.
    Well I was looking for a forum because I wish to start collecting MTG cards but unsure where to start looking when it comes to buying a product I have played MTG on the pc but I have also recently played in real life with friends and the game feels like a better experience then playing on a computer.
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