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  • posted a message on Random Card Name Generator

    Roll 2 dice (20). Combine the first roll with the second roll.


    1 Fire
    2 Lightning
    3 Burning
    4 Searing
    5 Elemental
    6 Vengeant
    7 Satyr
    8 Goblin
    9 Furious
    10 Devastating
    11 Molten
    12 Lava
    13 Traitorous
    14 Flame
    15 Angry
    16 Destructive
    17 Dragon
    18 Pyro
    19 Chandra's
    20 Bolt

    1 Blast
    2 Strike
    3 Bolt
    4 Fire
    5 Vengeance
    6 Destruction
    7 Betrayal
    8 Rage
    9 Anger
    10 Fury
    11 Force
    12 Goblin
    13 Phoenix
    14 Elemental
    15 Flame
    16 Treason
    17 Rush
    18 Burst
    19 Firecat
    20 Dragon


    1 Angelic
    2 Divine
    3 Righteous
    4 Glorious
    5 Ajani's
    6 Loyal
    7 Unified
    8 Cleansing
    9 Devoted
    10 Faithful
    11 Veteran
    12 Sun
    13 Spirit
    14 Soul
    15 Protection
    16 Sacred
    17 Martyr
    18 Master
    19 Law
    20 Ivory

    1 Charge
    2 Blessing
    3 Reckoning
    4 Judgment
    5 Virtue
    6 Angel
    7 Cat
    8 Leader
    9 Hero
    10 Army
    11 Acolyte
    12 Reward
    13 Vengeance
    14 Spirit
    15 Duty
    16 Faith
    17 Hope
    18 Light
    19 Knight
    20 Rule

    Other colors coming up! Post your results and potential changes / additions Smile
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Medomai the Ageless, Chained to the Rocks, Thoughtseize, Dual Lands, Magma Jet
    Quote from empathogen
    I believed him when he posted.
    I speculated the StP Enchantment is the Ordeal of Heliod Wink

    This seems quite believable. Would look like this assuming the cycle works always the same:

    Ordeal of Heliod white mana
    Enchant creature
    Whenever enchanted creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it. Then if it has three or more +1/+1 counters on it, sacrifice Ordeal of Heliod.
    When you sacrifice Ordeal of Heliod, (you may?) exile target creature. If you do, its controller gains life equal to its power.

    This would make the Ordeals be of the form "put counters on the creature, when it has enough counters, sacrifice for a staple effect of that color" (red has Lightning Bolt, white Swords to Plowshares...maybe green makes a token? blue draws cards? black destroys?)
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  • posted a message on Casting with Karador, sacrificing Karador for Mana
    I ran into an interesting situation in Commander yesterday - no one of us knew the answer for sure.

    I control a Phyrexian Altar, Karador, Ghost Chieftain, and two untapped lands. I want to cast a creature card from my graveyard for three mana, using Karador's ability. Is it possible to sacrifice Karador to the Altar to pay for that creature's casting cost?
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  • posted a message on What was your most common win con at prerelease
    Trostani's Summoner Control:

    1.) Survive until you get to 7 mana, keep board clean enough
    2.) Cast Trostani's Summoner
    3.) ???
    4.) Profit

    Seriously though, I played two prereleases and won one of them, both decks were mostly controlling with the possibility to switch to a beatdown plan if not facing much resistance.

    Good removal was key, obviously, especially when it comes on a body, like Ubul Sar Gatekeepers or Scab-Clan Giant.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Standard Banlist?
    I play Standard Pauper online - the rules there are as described, the cards you listed are NOT legal. I strongly advise you to stick to the rules of MTGO as Standard Pauper is a supported format there, not competitive in the sense that you can win tickets, but you can play matches including sideboarding.

    It is an interesting format, actually, some decks that are often seen are Ghostly Flicker based, Boros Aggro, Selesnya Travel Preparations. And Seraph of the Dawn is a bomb! Smile
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] Ban ALL the cards!
    I posted it here because I got the idea from Council of the Absolute. I think having an additional card with an effect like that is helpful (and I don't think decks containing unreleased cards are allowed in any other section?)

    However, if a mod feels the same way, move please.
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] Ban ALL the cards!
    I'm not sure if this has been done before (if so, link please) but while looking at Council of the Absolute, someone mentioned copying it using Cackling Counterpart, then populating.
    While interesting, I realized that if we don't restrict ourselves to Standard we have a LOT of options of efficient clones, the best being Phantasmal Image and Phyrexian Metamorph. Also, we have Meddling Mage.

    This led me to the idea of a deck that first bans any potential answer cards to our "ban creatures", then proceeds to ban the rest of the deck.

    A raw draft:

    Is there a modern legal card similar to Extract ? Because even though it might not be competitive, I'd like to keep it modern legal.

    Manabase etc. not included since it's only a general idea.
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] master of lies
    Quote from soulbanana
    i searched for an individual thread and i found none, and it's one of the mythics for Rakdos sooooo, and it's an interesting card.

    There you go: http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=502245

    New card discussion subforum.
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  • posted a message on [DGM] Master of Cruelties
    I made the same mistake when looking at that scenario. It seems that it just means "whenever this is not blocked while attacking" (unfortunately there's no term for "letting through a creature") "whenever this creature is allowed to pass"? Smile
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  • posted a message on Master of Cruelties + Kaalia of the Vast
    I was astonished to hear that his ability works when he's put into play attacking. I believe the rules, but that "whenever this attacks and isn't blocked" triggers when "whenever this attacks" doesn't, seems highly unituitive.
    While writing this, it seems that "whenever this attacks and isn't blocked" is not some sort of delayed trigger but triggers at the moment blockers are declared, when the creature is not blocked. Makes sense. But could be rephrased as "whenever this isn't blocked while attacking".
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  • posted a message on Yet another Dungeon
    *** JUDGING POST ***

    I have some general remarks. Please read them at the end of the post.

    What happens:
    You channel the Spirit and let it guide you through the maze.
    The spirit shows you the direct way to the exit.

    > Proceed to Room 5
    > Mana: 5 - 1 + 2 = 6

    Simple but elegant card, I like it Smile
    See my comment on low-mana solutions, however.

    What happens:
    You summon your champion. Visara attempts to destroy it,
    but he deflects her gaze and she turns herself to stone.
    "You have defeated my champion", the hooded creature speaks,
    "Very well. You may continue."

    > Proceed to Room 6
    > Mana: 8 - 2 + 2 = 8

    Cool card! First I thought it may be too strong, but
    it's legendary, two-colored and works only on abilities,
    so it should be fine.
    Good color-pair, too, definitely feels :symu::symr:.

    What happens:
    You cast your spell with overload, unleashing a
    Crippling Blight on all creatures in the room,
    including yourself! [-2 HP]
    The guards are dead, however, so it got you through.

    > Proceed to Room 3
    > Health: 9 - 2 = 7
    > Mana: 9 - 3 + 1 = 7

    This card, while not unprintable, is a bit too strong.
    Infest is playable and so is Disfigure,
    this card combines them, pushing a bit over the top.

    What happens:
    You summon your champion, naming Visara the Dreadful.
    They proceed to have a very long battle, and while Visara
    can't kill your champion, neither can she kill Visara.
    It's a long and boring battle and you can see how the
    hooded creature is slowly getting angry.
    You'd better do something.

    > Still in Room 5, in combat
    > Mana: 6 - 3 = 3

    I like your card and how you used that I give you the name.
    However, your creature has no way to actually kill Visara,
    so here the problem is really just that it doesn't handle
    the situation well enough - this fight is a tie, not a win for you.

    What happens:
    You summon the Sunhammer Bruiser, and proceed as stated.
    You manage to kill one guard and stun the other, and you
    can even grab a Spear from one of the guards before leaving.

    > Proceed to Room 3
    > Mana: 9 - 3 + 1 = 7
    > Items: Gain Spear
    > Temporary Effects: Company of Sunhammer Bruiser

    Vigilance & Tap Effect is a good combination that
    makes for an overall interesting card. Good job!

    What happens:
    You cast your spell, healing yourself [+2 HP] and the guards.
    However, the guards step forward and tell you "We must not let
    anyone pass these doors. Instructions from the Dungeon Master, sorry."
    However, they seem to be less hostile towards you.

    > Still in Room 2
    > Mana: 9 - 2 = 7
    > Health: 10 + 2 = 12

    Nice try, but with a little heal you won't get past guards
    that are assigned to stop anyone trying to get through...
    Some additional persuading or another strategy might be needed.

    What happens:

    > Proceed to Room 4
    > Mana: 4 + 3 = 7
    > Gold Coins: 2 - 2 = 0

    (The stores don't have RP elements)

    What happens:
    Store: +3 Mana, - 2 Gold Coins

    You cast your spell. The branches tear down enough walls so you
    can see a path to the other side and the door. Your trees are not
    quite strong enough from keeping the ceiling above, though, so
    you have to make a run towards the exit.

    > Proceed to Room 5
    > Mana: 5 + 3 - 2 + 2 = 8
    > Gold Coins: 3 - 2 = 1

    While you didn't solve the challenge, your card is one of the
    more interesting I've seen here Smile
    It has an obvious use as land destruction, but you might want
    to search for an important nonbasic yourself. Most of the time
    you'd probably choose an opponent's land and basic, or your land
    and nonbasic. Definitely makes you think.
    What I don't like is the one G/U mana mana. I don't like this
    sort of hybrid where you already have to have one of the two
    colors (here :symg:), it defeats the point of hybrid being
    playable in decks with only one of the colors.

    You have to make a card for each room. Since you keep
    your effects for one floor, though, the next card may
    be weaker since your Elemental form can still help you.

    What happens:
    You cast your spell, transforming into a huge Elemental,
    flying over the fire with no trouble.
    Up in the air, you find a gold coin hidden above the door!

    > Proceed to Room 2
    > Mana: 10 - 4 + 1 = 7
    > Gold Coins: 2 + 1 = 3
    > Temporary effect: Elemental Form

    An interesting form of "creature pump" that is definitely
    blue yet can achieve a similar effect to a white enchantment:
    Taking a weak creature and turning it into a respectable flier.
    Well balanced, and I think this effect, that we've seen in
    Gigantiform, for example, should be blue's
    form of creature pumping.

    - First a comment about judging: I realized that it's often equally easy, flavor-wise, to go through a room with a low-mana cost than with a high mana cost. I do want to encourage that you not only create low-mana cost cards, though.
    This is why I'll be more generous with additional rewards (Gold coins, sellable items) when you make a good card that has higher mana costs to offset your mana loss.

    This does not mean more mana is always better! It just means that the strategies should be more or less equivalent.

    - Another comment is about this game in general. As you may have noticed, there was again a gap between my last judging and this one. This is because I often don't have so much time and then I find myself wanting to do other things than judging cards, which is not really relaxing.
    Point being, I will continue this game, but expect judgings only every three to four days or so. Maybe more often, but just don't count on it.
    Sorry for this.

    - A last note that I will also put on the front page:
    I will close this game for new players now. It seems only fair that when I do less judging, players already participating shouldn't be the ones suffering.
    Monkey Playing MTG is the last new player to join.
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  • posted a message on Yet another Dungeon
    ***** JUDGING POST *****

    What happens:
    You find a hole in the wall about the size of a gold piece
    and put one of your gold pieces inside it.
    With a clicking sound, a tiny hidden room opens that contains
    a code. You use it to unlock the door.

    > Proceed to Store A
    > Mana: 5 - 2 + 1 = 4
    > Gold Pieces: 3 - 1 = 2
    > Your temporary effects wear off as you enter the store

    I don't know how you would get gold counters, but I've also
    experimented with a resource you build up and spend throughout
    the game and like the concept. But usually, you'd want to get
    an advantage out of something like that which is more relevant than saving
    one mana (compared to Divination)... unless getting
    gold was really easy.

    What happens:
    You're not the kind of person to think about riddles
    or ways through mazes. Time to get rid of that stuff.
    You cast your spell overloaded, and with a huge blow,
    every single wall except for the outermost walls of
    the room crumble.
    While searching through the remains of the maze, which
    you still have time for, you find a broken statue.
    It might still have some worth, but if only your destructive
    spell didn't break it...

    > Proceed to Room 5
    > Mana: 7 - 3 + 2 = 6
    > Items: Gain Broken Statue

    Well, when you use spells like that, accidents can happen
    to your possible loot. However, you solved the challenge
    nicely, I could see that card printed this way and I
    want to play it against Wall of Denial Smile

    You manage to get the guards stuck in the wall as you described.
    As you make your escape, one of them throws his spear at you,
    but only slightly damages you [-1 HP].

    What happens:

    > Proceed to Room 3
    > Mana: 9 - 3 + 1 = 7
    > Health: 10 - 1 = 9

    I like the flavor of your card, but I think it has some problems:
    - Wording: It should say until end of turn, I suppose?
    - Effect disconnection: When the -3/-0 is relevant, the "can't block"
    is not relevant, and vice versa, which feels a little off.
    - Replicate cost: It's fine to not always have the same Replicate cost
    than casting cost, but whi is it red mana for this spell which has one
    blue and one red effect?

    First of all, thanks and I hope you'll have fun Smile

    What happens:
    You cast your spell on yourself, giving you just
    enough time to get to the other side unharmed.

    > Proceed to Room 2
    > Mana: 10 - 2 + 1 = 9

    You Stave Off the flames? Smile
    I see what's different in your card, though.
    I was not so surprised that it hadn't been done,
    I was honestly more surprised that Stave Off
    actually also just says "target creature" because most of
    the times, effects like this say "target creature you control"
    so you can't use it to destroy opposing Auras or counter pump spells.
    (Which is often against the flavor or "spirit" of such a card)

    What happens:
    You buy and drink a mana potion [-2 Gold Pieces, +3 Mana].
    Then, you proceed to Room 4.

    When you get there, you summon the Giant Toddler, but you
    see that it has big problems trying to crush the first wall.
    You have to help him and the floor keeps descending upon you.

    After what seems like an eternity to you, you finally manage
    to break through the first wall. Having achieved this, your
    toddler becomes angry, and breaks the remaining walls much
    more easily. You manage to escape just in time, but you have to
    leave your creature behind to save yourself.

    > Proceed to Room 5
    > Mana: 5 + 3 - 2 + 2 = 8
    > Gold Pieces: 2 - 2 = 0

    What I like about your card is that it's a creature, first
    time I've seen one in this thread. However, it's just a little
    weak, both for what you're trying to accomplish, and as a card
    itself (remember that Rampage only works with each creature blocking
    beyond the first).

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  • posted a message on Yet another Dungeon
    The second floor is now online.

    It comes with a feature I hope you'll like: Challenges. It's explained in the post with the rooms.

    A quick note to everyone who is currently or will soon be in the Store A:

    You may choose to directly (i.e., in one post) buy something from the store, proceed to Room 4 and try to solve the room, if you want to save time.
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  • posted a message on Sliverocity: Creatures share all abilities
    Hi all,

    I recently read this great article on the mothership:


    And became particularly interested in this format:


    Since a search yielded no results, I'll start a new thread here to discuss this format. It's called Sliverocity, and the deal is:

    Every creature shares all of its abilities with every other creature.

    For example, if Nekrataal, Llanowar Elves and Mudbutton Torchrunner are in play, any creature destroys target nonartifact, nonblack creature when it enters the battlefield, has first strike (which becomes redundant), taps for green mana and deals three damage when it dies.

    The main point of this thread is to share experiences with the format and also collect good cards for a Sliverocity Cube. I've built one right after reading the thread by going through my commons and uncommons and thinking "would it be cool if all creatures had this ability?", but I couldn't test it yet.

    So, to start discussion: Has anyone already played this format? Does anyone else think it sounds like a lot of fun but hasn't played it yet?

    I'll also post some cards that will probably be good Cube material.

    Some cool things I noticed about the format:

    * A Gravecrawler makes blocking impossible, while a Gatecreeper Vine means standstill for the whole board.
    * A Diregraf Ghoul is a mini-Kismet for creatures.
    * Spark Elemental can wipe the board.
    * Aven Squire is the new Sublime Archangel, and Sublime Archangel is...umm...well...let me get my calculator.
    * Flameborn Hellion makes the board go wild.
    * Blind Zealot makes colors pretty relevant.

    And that's just a few of them. I hope it plays as amazing as it sounds.
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  • posted a message on Yet another Dungeon
    ***** JUDGING POST *****

    Dear Dungeoncrawlers,

    I owe you an apology. I have been very busy the last two weeks, first with a project, then with Christmas and family and stuff... so I just didn't have the time for this game. I figured I'd take a small break, but I should have told you.
    HOWEVER, now I have more time again. So, better late then never, here are the judgings for your last posts - I hope you still remember what you did Smile

    What happens:
    You cast your spell on the lock.
    It vanishes. You try to absorb its
    energy, but the dungeon has already
    reclaimed it.

    > Proceed to Store A
    > Mana: 7 - 3 + 1 = 5

    Fine card, very similar to Divine Offering, though,
    and exiling the lock is very straightforward.
    That's why you're not gaining the life your card implies here.

    What happens:
    You wait for the fire to emerge, then timely
    cast your spell. The fire stops and you can
    walk past. You even find a gold piece on the floor
    while crossing to the door.

    > Proceed to Room 2
    > Mana: 10 - 2 + 1 = 9
    > Gold Pieces: 2 + 1 = 3

    I really like the spell and the approach for solving
    the room. I'm not sure if the wording is right but
    that's probably because this effect doesn't exist yet Smile
    Torpor Orb was the closest I could find.
    I like your card as it's more effective against some
    combos than a counterspell. It's narrow, but cool.
    Feels good at rare, too.

    What happens:
    You manage to stab the other guard with your spear.

    > Proceed to Room 3

    You are allowed to announce "if this happens, I'll do this"
    statements in the form of:
    "If this spell isn't enough to kill one of the guards,
    I'll fight it."
    (So you don't have to do this in an extra post)

    What happens:
    You cast the spell and feel how your mind becomes one
    with the dungeon's walls. You clearly see the symbols
    that are relevant and those that are not, you know
    everything you need to know about this room. Using
    this knowledge, you manage to open the lock.
    However, you feel that the dungeon has also manage
    to penetrate your mind, becoming stronger against you. (-1 HP)

    > Proceed to Store A
    > Mana: 6 - 2 + 1 = 5
    > Health: 8 - 1 = 7
    > Your temporary effects vanish as you enter the store

    The small health loss is just a penalty for
    how much you give to your opponent.
    I like your spell, I'd love to use it, but my opponent
    is often getting just a big advantage as I am...
    This could be printed with a smaller drawback.

    You cast Earthen Armor on yourself and
    try to walk through the fire.
    Unfortunately, the shield makes you slower
    and the flames again and again whip at it
    until it breaks and you are slightly
    burnt before you reach the exit (-1 HP).

    What happens:

    > Proceed to Room 2
    > Mana: 10 - 2 + 1 = 9
    > Health: 10 - 1 = 9

    Sorry, but I think your card is not
    particularly interesting, neither as
    a design nor as a way to handle the room,
    so this is why you get this mediocre result.

    What happens:
    You create a replica of the lock and examine it thouroughly.
    You first look at its outside, and it breaks just in time
    so you have the time to look at its inside as well. You find
    that there are two mechanisms: One opening the door and one
    opening a secret chamber.
    You activate these mechanisms on the real lock, first opening
    the chamber, which contains a gold piece, then opening the door.

    > Proceed to Store A
    > Mana: 6 - 2 + 1 = 5
    > Gold Pieces: 2 + 1 = 3
    > Your temporary effects vanish as you enter the store

    This is my favorite solution for this room so far as it
    interacts with the lock in a non-obvious way (not destroying)
    and is a cool and well-balanced card by itself
    (compared to Sculpting Steel, 1 mana off for
    getting only 1 turn seems fair. Certainly not broken,
    hopefully playable with some artifacts you want to sacrifice anyway.
    Also, I'd totally copy a Myr Battlesphere with this Smile ).

    What happens:
    You buy and drink a mana potion (-2 Gold Pieces, +3 Mana).

    > Proceed to Room 4
    > Mana: 4 + 3 = 7
    > Gold Pieces: 2 - 2 = 0

    I just realized that I didn't deduct you 2 HP as I
    said I would, but I won't do it now because, in
    retrospect, your card was good and doesn't deserve
    the punishment.
    Destroying the lock with a creative destruction card
    should be fine.

    What happens:
    You reforge the lock into a piece of armor.
    However, you touch it while it's still very hot
    and burn yourself [-1 HP].
    However, the lock is gone and you can proceed.

    > Proceed to Store A
    > Health: 8 - 1 = 7
    > Mana: 9 - 2 + 1 = 8

    I like the concept of the card. Even though you
    "just destroy the lock", your card doesn't feel
    like destruction that much.
    For flavor reasons, you might have wanted to exile
    the artifact (it's not destroyed, it became something else),
    but then the spell would at least partially be white...

    One note about wording, and your language in general:
    Pay attention to use "a/an", "the", "my". It makes your
    text hard to read if some of those are missing.

    What happens:
    You look around in the room, identifying the mechanism
    that causes the fire to emerge. You cast your spell on it
    and disable it.
    The mechanism is now permanently out of order. You take your
    time to look through the room and find a gold piece on the floor!

    > Proceed to Room 2
    > Mana: 10 - 2 + 1 = 9
    > Gold Pieces: 2 + 1 = 3

    I like your card. Simple, yet elegant design, one sentence
    where you think "this card might already exist", but it doesn't.
    I first thought it was weak, but as it can be played
    in mono-blue that doesn't just get artifact destruction,
    it's probably just fine.
    As for handling the situation, if the fire can be interpreted
    as a triggered ability, it can surely also be an activated ability.
    That's part of the fun of the dungeon Smile

    I will also update the main posts and Room 4 - 6 (that is, Floor 2) should be up soon.

    I hope most of you are still motivated.
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