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  • posted a message on Local store buy lists vs TCGP buy lists? Particularly on high end cards
    This is really a question that I wish Jeff was still here to chime in on. Stores basically get paid to buy something at one price and sit on it until somebody will meet their selling price. Sometimes discounting it either directly or indirectly AKA TCG fees will generate enough interest to move the product. Maintaining an active buying and selling singles business is very labor intensive. If the store doesn't have a big tournament scene or their tournament seen as primarily in limited meaning they are making money on sealed product they're going to stick with that.

    A store that is trying to move a lot of volume or has the market to move a lot of volume will pay more. That's why everybody raged against Star city a few years back because they were buy listing Legacy Staples above sell/ebay rates. They needed those cards to take the tournament so they were paying a premium and charging and premium because they had the market.
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    Quote from Rondiggity »
    Quote from dkingsland967 »
    I haven't signed up for Discord yet but I plan to.

    How are the promoted trades working? Is there a specific percentage threshold people need to offer in order to start seeing more cards come through?

    It really depends on the card you're trying to get. If it's something like a standard only card (i.e. Saheeli), probably about 20-30%. If it's something like a fetch land, quite a bit higher. I had 2 windswept heaths (khans) promoted at about 80% and it took about 2 weeks to get one of them sent.

    If you need to give a 20% bonus on a standard card I'm thinking that the site it's still too inflated for my taste. I know I could get bonuses trading stuff away and maybe I should try that first, but I can't see buying back in until the inflation is fixed
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  • posted a message on MTGO Just Starting Players
    If your goal is just to learn the interface to the trial outside of the account login page is probably the best bet play out full
    games.I which Wizards would update that UI a little bit and bring it into the client even if you were still stuck on those intro decks. It is what it is.

    If you are relatively new to the game and have only played standard I don't really recommend playing pauper unless you want to learn an eternal format. Once you learn the interface you can decide whether you want to build your collection through limited or simply buy a standard deck. Your budget will determine that.
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  • posted a message on [Primer - In Progress] UB Delve (Angler-Delver)
    Teachings doesn't really synergize with the delve mechanic since teachings wants a full yard and delve wants to generally be more aggressive. You could try sb into a teachings deck but it's quite a shift.

    Accumulated Knowledge isn't usually played in this build for the same reason. You are forced to eat cards in the yard.

    Regarding Scavenger vs Angler. The 5 body is really hard to deal with in pauper. While wizards is printing more options there aren't that many things that can just sit there while you beat them with angler. The flyer is good against some decks but many can do 3 damage to get rid of it.
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    I came here to see if there were any improvements in the site since my $5 a month silver subscription came out of PayPal. I used to think people were crazy for offering 50% bounties on tickets but I think that's exactly what I'm going to do to cash out my remaining points. I see no reason to keep using this site which is a crying shame. It was perfect for small dealers who wanted to trade up and keep their good cards stocked. I would trade foils for Points and then points for Staples.

    1 easy thing they could do to help dry up the supply would be to allow people to pay for premium memberships in points. I doubt that they would ever do that. I don't know what else they could offer that would deflate the currency without losing confidence.
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    Have they talked anymore about the inflation? To me that is worse than the new site. I've seen people running 100% bounties on tix just to cash out which is basically the equivalent of a run on the bank.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Dragonaut - Eye Candy - Nivix Blitz
    There is a lot of creature kill in this meta and fiend is the most fragile part of the deck. This doesn't mean it's bad, but having played the deck before Cyclops when it used to play less like infect and more just pushing chip damage. I think he's just exploring the posibilities of thermoalchemist.
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    I'm seeing ads on MTGO for tix at 60% and even one last night for 200pp/tic. In a world of funny money, the ticket is like a gold standard now.
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  • posted a message on Unbalanced RPTQs need to be fixed! More players = more PT invites!
    Quote from dLANCER »
    The game does not exist to allow players to play in tournaments. The game exists to be sold for profit. Tournaments are an advertisement in this viewpoint. They are a selling point of the product.

    "Buy this stuff and you can play in these events for these prizes."

    To be frank I don't even know how the Pro Tour qualifying system of events works, as it has little to no information on Wizards' site, and no one seems to tal kbout it.

    I know the search on Wizards site is grade F so here's a direct link to a bunch of links that may answer your questions.

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  • posted a message on New Set Spoilers Discussion Thread (Dragons of Tarkir)
    It's a consolidated thread so people can track the changes to pauper over time. Usually a set might only add 1-2 new cards. The wealth of playable commons that have been added lately is a nice change.
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  • posted a message on Making Lemonade out of Lemons. . .
    Pauper is fun if you like eternal formats but it's no way to add significant value to your collection. It would give you something to play while you invest in a deck. Standard is fairly budget right now but it rotates quick. That is a big drawback if you don't play a ton.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Dragonaut - Eye Candy - Nivix Blitz
    It's definitely different to play as a non combo deck, but right now I think there is just too few answers to alchemist (other than creature removal). You can still run free stuff like mutagenic growth and gitaxian probe like the combo list. Growth protects from most burn.
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    Quote from Dolono »
    My account finally got rolling again during the past couple of days. I think a lot of folks are excitedly exploring the new package trade feature, and sending to folks that simply have the most cards to fulfill in a single trade, regardless of the actual value of the trade. I think you could do worse than load up your wants list with the cards you actually want ($2 - $infinity stuff) but add as many cheap commons and uncommons as you can bear; commons and uncommons that you've maybe been toying with the idea of collecting or building with. I think that's a good way of raising your profile and helping folks unload stuff clogging up their own home collections.

    For example, I put a bunch of chase standard cards on my list without seeing much action, but once I put some additional SOI and EMN commons and uncommons on my list (for building a dumb super casual edh deck), trades for the chase cards started coming in, usually loaded up with extra commons and uncommons. The cost of the extra commons and uncommons have been negligable, certainly not exceeding the expenses I'd expect honoring a 10-20% bounty.

    I haven't really tested this method on modern or older edh/legacy stuff, but I don't think it could hurt to have 4+ cards available for any prospective trader to latch onto in your profile.

    No joke. I added a bunch of low cost crap (Wastes et since I didn't draft that set) and trades started rolling in. Personally I look at point values when I do package trades, but I'm the same way. I'd rather ship $2 worth of bulk with my $10 card than a couple of $3 cards that would ship on their own.
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