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  • posted a message on Reprint dual land, the originals
    Dual land are only natural and in my opinion necessary to the game, all the other lands after that are simply a weaker version dancing around various restriction to something that should be in every deck

    there is a myth where people say dual land are strong...that is not true, the other non-basic lands are weak (mostly), weaker than basic land, that's why they seem strong, the reason why dual land is simple in design, it's because it's meant for the natural flow of the game at it's core

    wotc made a terrible mistake of not reprinting them in every set, it should not be worth what it's worth today
    the reserve list is bull*****, if we would all rally up togheter and force wotc to re-release the dual land they would, at the end of the day, it's business for them and no one wants angry customers, but most magic player are gullible and passive in nature

    sure, a lot of people will lose money, well that's how gambling and playing stock works (sorry Rudy)
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