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  • posted a message on Equipment Mana Rocks
    Quote from 1110mystic »
    Really random idea - but would something like this work within the rules? (taking some language from battlemages)

    ~ 2
    Artifact - Equipment
    If ~ was equipped with its 1 equip cost, [put a charge counter on ~, and] equipped creature has "0: add W to your mana pool. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery and only once each turn."
    If ~ was equipped with its 3W equip cost, equipped creature has "X"
    [If ~ would become unequiped from a creature remove all charge counters from it]
    Equip 1 or 3W

    Bracketed language to deal with memory issues needed? Edit 2 to deal with the fact that you didn't want the creature to tap. . . and . . . i've made it too complex haven't I? Final edit - this I think allows for infinite targeting combos, unfortunately . . .

    I'd balk at putting that kind of dual equip ability on a rare, much less a common designed to fill the mana rock niche. While the general idea of a piece of equipment that can serve multiples purposes is interesting, your execution is far too busy.
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  • posted a message on Anafenza Blade
    Have you considered Squee, Goblin Nabob as your Squee of choice? He isn't as good on the battlefield as the Dominaria one, but he generates card advantage with Jaya and Nahiri.
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  • posted a message on Which decks are terrible matchups for Amulet Titan?
    Death and Taxes variants also have strong Amulet matchups due to land destruction. Flickerwisp on a bounceland is just plain ugly.
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  • posted a message on Challenger decklists for this year!

    The deck with Arclight Phoneix is a good one to grab because Arclight will remain legal in Standard for another year.

    And its status in modern could buoy its value beyond rotation unless it eats a ban.
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  • posted a message on Eye of the Storm is Insane
    1. When you cast a normal or fuse split card with Eye of the Storm, you get to choose which side of the card gets cast, though you can't fuse since that only works from hand because Eye casts from exile. For Aftermath cards, you can only cast the normal, "right side up" half of the card because Aftermath stipulates that the sideways half can only be cast from the graveyard.

    2. With both enchantments on the battlefield, you casting a card (not a copy) will trigger both enchantments, and, since you control both, you get to choose the order in which they go on the stack. Either you may first have Thousand-Year Storm copy the spell for each spell cast previously, or you may first have Eye exile the spell and cast all spells exiled with it. Either way, the number of copies generated by the first Storm trigger doesn't change. The copies cast by Eye will each trigger Storm, and the later spells cast will be copied more times. Let's look at your example:

    1. You cast Lightning Bolt. Eye and Storm trigger, though Storm will do nothing due to not having previously cast spells (Storm count: 1) Stack: bolt, eye

    2. Eye resolves, exiling bolt from the stack and casting a copy of bolt. Storm triggers. (Storm count: 2) Stack: copy bolt, storm

    3. Storm resolves, putting a copy of bolt onto the stack. (Storm count: 2) Stack: copy bolt, copy bolt

    4. Presumably, you let the bolts resolve.

    Now, it gets interesting.

    5. You cast Brainstorm from hand. Eye and Storm trigger. (Storm count: 3) Stack: brain, Eye*, Storm*

    6. Storm* resolves, creating 2 copies of brain. (Storm count: 3) Stack: brain, Eye*

    7. Eye* resolves, exiling the original brain and casting bolt* and brain*. Storm triggers. (Storm count: 4 for the first spell and 5 for the second) Stack: brain copy*, bolt copy*, Storm 1, Storm 2

    8. Storm 2 resolves, creating 4 copies of bolt* Stack: brain copy*, bolt copy*, Storm 1, 4x bolt copy

    9. Bolt copies resolve Stack: brain copy*, bolt copy*, Storm 1

    10. Storm 1 resolves, creating 3 copies of brain* Stack: brain copy*, bolt copy*, 3x brain copy

    11. Everything else resolves

    *: Order and spell may vary
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  • posted a message on Ashling question
    Heck, she could even explode with less than 3 +1/+1 counters. If your opponent respond to you activating her ability for the third time in a turn to take her from a 3/3 to a 4/4 with Splendid Agony, then Ashling would still explode even with only one +1/+1 counter.
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  • posted a message on Tibalt, Diabolic Sadist
    Quote from Legend »
    And I don’t really get why your counter argument is “there should be three nearly identical card types instead of just two.”
    You may have missed it, but the artifact:enchantment discussion has been had ad nauseum. In short, there are notable mechanical differences between many artifacts and enchantments such as tapping and equipping. There’s also flavor and immeasurable design space.

    Except they wouldn't be nearly identical, not even close. Planeswalkers are still going to be attackable legendary permanents with loyalty abilities, regardless of any other abilities on the cards. Loyalty abilities create a mechanical gap, same as tapping, and their legendary status, character-related type, and special card frames use flavor to distance them. What makes the artifact differences you pointed out more valuable than the planeswalker differences I mentioned?
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  • posted a message on Tibalt, Diabolic Sadist
    Quote from Legend »
    It’s more enchantment than planeswalker.

    And Panharmonicon is more enchantment than artifact. I don't really get the enchantment concerns around giving planeswalkers non-loyalty abilities. Unlike artifacts, PWs have tons of rules baggage that differentiates them from other card types, and they'll always have some number of loyalty abilities. Artifacts don't even have that. All that separates artifacts from enchantments is that artifacts are usually colorless, except for the ones that aren't. Both of Vanquisher's Banner's abilities have appeared on enchantments before, and Rage Extractor takes a role usually reserved for red enchantments. Yet, nobody talks about artifact/enchantment overlap. Why do planeswalkers get treated like static and triggered abilities would make them indistinguishable from enchantments?
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  • posted a message on Arclight phoenix trigger
    Arclight Phoenix has a mandatory triggered ability, so you are required to put your Arclight(s)' triggers on the stack and them onto the battlefield as long as you've cast three or more instants or sorceries before the beginning of combat on your turn. If the trigger is missed (by accident of course, as intentionally missing mandatory triggers is cheating and will be met by a DQ), your opponent will be able to decide whether or not to put it onto the stack.
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  • posted a message on Tibalt, Diabolic Sadist
    There's an awful lot going on with that triggered ability. A trigger condition that works when attacking and blocking, a usage restriction, a mana cost, a rummage effect that's missing the best part about rummaging, and the loyalty gain. It could stand to be pared down a bit.

    First, the rummage feels tacked-on, and it isn't necessary to the trigger-loyalty ability synergy.

    Next, the brainlessly easy triggered ability clashes awkwardly with a very clunky mana cost exacerbated by Tibalt's frailty. Only triggering from damage to players lifts the condition beyond attacking or blocking with any creature that has 1 or more power, and the mana cost can be brought down to 1 in light of the fact that Tibalt's controller already paid 3 mana for him.

    Finally, seeing a -X ability on a planeswalker that starts with only 2 loyalty and gains loyalty inconsistently (and not immediately unless cast behind curve) looks rather gratuitous. A -1 ability that creates one of the devil tokens would suffice, while maintaining the same synergy with the trigger.
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  • posted a message on MTGWAR - Possible Emblem Interaction?
    Maybe they just don't have many planeswalkers that make emblems in WAR? Emblem interaction would actually require substantive rules changes regarding how emblems function and even what they are. First of all, they're in the command zone, the for-real-guys-you-can't-mess-with-this zone, the sanctity of which Wizards definitely doesn't want to impinge. Secondly, emblems aren't actually objects within the games; they're supposed to be reminders about permanent rule changes. Look at the ultimate ability of the original Elspeth, Knight-Errant compared to a more recent printing. That is not functional errata.
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  • posted a message on 3 Boros Commanders

    In regards to Ava, I suppose that a mass Alesha affect can feel either Boros or Rakdos. Cards like Rally the Ancestors and Marshal's Anthem make me feel that the effect can be boros (though it would feel a lot more black if you got to keep the creatures afterwards).

    I would argue quite the opposite, in terms of color pie. Rally the Ancestors might be one of the more memorable forms of reanimation that white has due to its competitive use, but it's soundly in the minority of how most white reanimation, including mass and repeatable reanimation, functions. Rally is only one of two forms of temporary reanimation in white, alongside Séance, and both cards are designed not to give the temporarily reanimated creature the chance to attack without external help. All other white forms of reanimation have the creatures stick around.

    Black, by contrast, has loads of ways to bring creatures back temporarily, many of which allow them to attack. Footsteps of the Goryo, Goryo's Vengeance, Apprentice Necromancer, Postmortem Lunge, and the (mostly black) unearth mechanic are just a few of the 19 black cards that function this way.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    Quote from spawnofhastur »
    I'm amused that Phoenix is considered unfair, while Splinter Twin - despite also winning on turn 4 and being powerful - apparently isn't.

    Careful, saying that around here is like striking a match in a fireworks factory.

    I just want to echo ktkenshinx's comment about operant definitions. At this point, the terms mentioned in that post (alongside similar discussions of skill that are more common elsewhere) have essentially become vehicles for their users' opinions. Fair and unfair are used here as nebulous positive and negative stances. Now, if posters were to share their own definitions for ktkenshinx's listed words as they use them (preferably in a way that doesn't use other jargon), then there could be something closer to dialogue than mudslinging. For example, as user could set a definition for fairness that has decks winning by turn X on average while using/not using strategies Y and Z.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Quote from jokerstyle00 »
    So I'm normally a Bant Spirits player with some experience with UW, my LGS has a lot of big mana decks like Amulet and Tron, as well as some Phoenix decks and tribal. I'm looking for a a different take on Spirits, since Bant is starting to feel a bit stale. Can someone give me recommendations/describe the play styles of the new color splashes? Curious about Jeskai and Esper Spirits, mainly.

    While StreexIT knows more about how well those variants play, the main draws for each splash are Light Up the Stage, burn, and Eidolon of the Great Revel for Jeskai and Fatal Push and Lingering Souls for Esper, though I once saw an enterprising individual who tried Bloodghast. While the Jeskai additions would give you more play against Phoenix, neither really gives you and edge versus big mana decks. In my experience, UW has the best big-mana matchups because the 2 color manabase lets me run Field of Ruin.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Quote from VidarThor »
    When it bottoms a non creature card is not really a problem from a probabilaty perspective.

    Whiffing is, but even coco can whif. 21 lands. 3 vial, 3 incubation, 4 coco leaves you with 29 creatures. I am gonne try it out.

    I mean, sure, but whiffing is a risk worth taking when the hit is good. Collected Company is spectacular when it hits, often to game-winning effect. Incubation's hits aren't much to write home about because they don't affect the board state, and they often give your opponent information in a deck that has a lot to gain from the element of surprise. Oftentimes the result is just that you've spent one or two mana on your own turn just to cycle a card away for a creature, which simply isn't worth the chance of card disadvantage.

    You can go ahead and try the card out. I already did, and it was alright in a deck where every card has to be great. That's where my perspective comes from. Incubation // Incongruity was always the first card that got sided out between games, which was a dead giveaway for me that it wasn't good enough.

    EDIT: Oh crap, I just realized you're taking out friggin' Path to Exile for this. That won't end well. Incongruity puts too much pressure on your other creatures to function as a reliable piece of removal. Hitting that Frog Lizard with Reflector Mage effectively means you just spent two pieces of disruption on one target, which is a horrible rate.
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