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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace from DOM artbook - possibly from C18?
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Honestly, I'm kind of wondering if we will see pre-shadowmoor elves in the Serra deck since their mentality lorewise is pretty similar. Serra hated impurity and when the phyrexians invaded her realm after tracing Urza to it, the taint left in their wake forced her to leave. I'd say where Freyalise represented the harshness of nature and natural forces, Serra represented natures beauty, purity, and community. That and enchantments was a theme of the later sets in that particular block.

    Based on the knowledge available right now, it's a Bant enchantments deck, not a Serra deck. You're jumping way too far ahead and making assumptions based on even more assumptions.

    Also, I wouldn't equate Lorwyn Elves' superficial love of beauty to Serra's opposition to black mana. The former care solely about appearances; if Serra had their mindset, then the inhabitants of her realm would have attempted to kill Urza on the spot for not being attractive enough. On the other hand, Serra's reaction to impurity was more emblematic of the relationship between white and black mana as enemies, as such she found black mana deeply unsettling regardless of who it was attached to.
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  • posted a message on Mini Gary, Red Clone, Future Visions
    Quote from Hackworth »
    It could exile until next upkeep?

    Yeah, that's what I figured. The implication was that the non-functional (for spells) line of text would be deleted and replaced with something functional, at least for spells. Incidentally, the current wording might work with token creation and creatures that enter the battlefield without being cast.

    I dunno, there's something about people posting rule-bending text without thinking through how it would actually function that just irks me.
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  • posted a message on Mini Gary, Red Clone, Future Visions
    How would Future Visions even work? What zone would a creature spell be in when it resolves? Everything has to be somewhere, and resolved spells can't just sit around on the stack.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    Quote from Azuretide777 »
    i think the woman with the masks is the queen of vesuva. look at the helm of the hosts art.

    Not a bad guess. The eye color in Helm of the Host matches, and she could very well be standing on the flowstone mentioned in the flavor text.
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  • posted a message on Old vs new Icy Manipulator
    The card hasn't changed, the rules have. Losing all of the crazy artifact subtypes moved tap abilities into the textbox and reduced the ability to "turn off" artifacts with static and triggered abilities to the grandfathered-in untapped requirement seen in Howling Mine.
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  • posted a message on New milling phrase: "library leaks N"
    This wording would make sense if it were a memory leak in a science fiction setting. Unfortunately, that connotation is incompatible with MTG, and the fluid-based definition doesn't jibe well with the two most common forms the deck takes, namely a stack of cards and a (mental) library. Even actual mill cards with this flavor are pretty much limited to the Lorwyn/Shadowmoor setting.

    Oh, and the word is rather reminiscent of a colloquialism for a certain bodily function.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 reprint speculations
    Quote from doc.brown »
    WOTC hates sensei diving top. they have banned it everywhere. they are NEVER going to print in a casual oriented product like commander. Never.
    Isn't that kind of what people were saying about Sol Ring before the first generation Commander decks got spoiled?

    I don't think Sol Ring has anything to do with Top's reprint odds, considering they have the exact opposite problems from each other.
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  • posted a message on Expert Explorers Hunting Relics - Elf and Kor Partner legends
    I'm not sure how much I like that the relic hunter actually puts the cards back on top. With a little luck, it can prevent the explorer's triggers from missing, but a double whiff is just a feel-bad moment. Without an uncracked fetch or something, hitting your landfall trigger and seeing three nonland, non-equipment cards on top basically renders your generals useless. While putting the rest on the bottom doesn't combo as well, it also greatly decreases the odds of a low roll. These guys aren't exactly Voltron material, either, so you're going to have to run cards they can't grab anyways.
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  • posted a message on Beginning Of Combat Question? Helm Of The Host and Arahbo question!
    No, the copy's eminence ability will not trigger. Barring additional combat steps, the beginning of combat happens once, at which point both Arahbo and the helm trigger. They will resolve, a cat will be pumped, and the copy will be created, but the opportunity for eminence to trigger has already passed.
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  • posted a message on Do you just collect cards? Or always play?
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Anyone else had issues with an LGS due to allergies and such? I know I've had to stop going to the closest LGS to me because of the air quality being bad. Every time I go there to pick up cards my throat basically goes raw, which usually isn't a good sign. It's kind of annoying because the owner of the LGS is actually great. I believe it's because some of the people who go there smoke, so it kind of reminds me of my old uncles house where I basically had to arm myself with throat lozenges and wash everything I wore after visiting.

    Oh, definitely. I don't know what it is with shop-going MTG players and smoking, but it's always so common in every shop I've attended. At least the popularization of vaping helped with the smell.
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  • posted a message on Arena Unique Cards
    Quote from The_FPS »

    I think this goes against the purpose of arena teaching players how to play paper magic. Maybe sometime in the future after the product has been fully released they could add in an arena only format with these types of effects.

    Or Vanguard. That would be cool.
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  • posted a message on Vedran's General Suggestions
    Celestial Imposition's anti-discard clause doesn't work. Cards can't function in hidden zones without first being revealed, at which point the card would already be on the way to the gy if discarded.

    Forgotten Ideas is broken and not white. The color simply doesn't get instant and sorcery recursion, and casting one for free is vastly different from getting a creature back for a turn.

    Impose Temporal Limits is a 3 drop Time Walk, which is also beyond broken.

    Also, slapping can't-be-countered clauses on everything is tacky. Interaction is a good, healthy thing for this game, not a flaw to be scrubbed out.
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  • posted a message on Unsealed Horrors
    Quote from WickedApp »
    Thank you very much for your input, and for taking the time to write all that.

    The deck is still on the brewing table. Yes it is all over the place right now.

    The main Idea I had with this deck was to try and combo off of Sarkhan's Unsealing with garbage creature 1-2 drops to use as burn spells.
    Hunted Horror and death shadow both trigger 4 damage to opponents board with the Unsealing. If unsealing is in play cast hunted horror, trigger from unsealing on stack first followed by ETB trigger of Horror. I wipe the 3/3 centuar and do 4 damage to face plus get a 7/7. Death shadow acts as a 1 drop board wipe burn spell in this list.

    The deck is meant to be a transitional burn.

    The problem here is that Sarkhan's Unsealing is a do-nothing (on its own) enchantment that costs 4 mana to boot. The card is hard enough to use in standard, but modern is a format in which you either need to win by turn 4 or be able to stonewall opposing decks that can do so. In addition to speed issues, it doesn't look like you have much of a game plan for when you don't get your key card, either due to a lack of mana, opposing disruption, or luck of the draw.
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  • posted a message on UBR Rogue Tribal evasion cards
    Quote from Manite »
    Obviously there would be more to Rogues than simply being evasive. Card-drawing effects, combat damage triggers, and Gold or Treasure tokens all could factor into the Rogue game plan.

    I imagine a plane based around thievery and other crimes, where Soldiers, Walls, and other creatures with Defender are also common to help counterbalance the sneaky Rogues. Imagine security systems that can trigger when a creature attacks, at least as long as they're untapped. There could also be magical hacking and Detain could return as a law mechanic.

    What if you just lumped walls and other creatures with defender together? The evasion ability you use is a relic from when walls were defender in its entirety, so it could stand to be broadened to "can't be blocked by creatures with defender."
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  • posted a message on So, Pelakka Wurm is a rare...
    Quote from Iso »

    Try getting it as your promo when the guy next to you's promo is Tezz.

    Oh man, that would have been way better than Magistrate's Scepter. And I did sit next to a guy who got a Tezz promo.
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