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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Quote from SonofaBith75 »
    Not all the reprints are garbage...

    Wait til we start seeing copies of Mana Crypt with one of the test-card stickers over it. Peel it off and rip the face off the Crypt.... peel it and leave sticky residue behind.... ultimate bad customer feedback there LOL
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  • posted a message on Starting to collect MTG cards
    Quote from vaindioux »

    That is really a goldmine of information you just wrote. I have copied it on a notebook file on my PC and printed it also.
    I will consult it often to help me start on the right track.

    Thanks again


    No problem, glad it is helpful to you

    Also, I forgot to mention! Sealed pre-release kits also come with at least one foil date-stamped rare or mythic card (date stamp looks like gold leaf). These are always great collectibles for the chase rares/mythics, if you're so lucky to pull one.

    Say for example, the Commander Format, where the decks are 100 cards and only 1 copy of each card is allowed in the deck-design (as opposed to 60 card decks with x4 copies per card allowed in all of the other formats) - the decks are designed around a legendary creature in that only the colors of that creature are allowed to be used in the deck. If you get lucky and pull a date stamped legendary creature, there's a good chance it is a highly sought after card.

    I personally go out of my way to get my Commander as a date stamped foil if I can (some really old cards before foils became a thing there is no option for this). I also never deconstruct any of my decks, which is unusual, so when I decide on building something - I want the best looking version of that legendary creature possible and will cough up the $ for it. In my mind each deck is a unique creation in itself that I spent the time to homebrew and put the love into making. Sometimes I build decks in moments of inspiration that are significant to me and represent a special moment or memory in time. For this reason I also don't pull cards from one deck to fill into another... This is not normal. I have 30 some EDH decks and 30 some copies of Sol Ring. Not cheap to do that. But it is a thing that happened over a long time so the costs were mitigated.

    Check out some decks in my signature if the Commander format interests you, you can playtest them too. Last I checked a year ago some 25k people viewed my decks. I also own those exact decks in person and they are what I play my friends with. Even the couple thousand dollar cards each, I own those.

    ALSO! EDH = Commander, it's just the old name for the format (Elder Dragon Highlander) before WoTC made the Commander product to piggyback off sales
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  • posted a message on Starting to collect MTG cards
    Quote from vaindioux »
    Not sure how I want to play yet. I indeed have been pondering either to focus on specific decks or just going all out and buy a lot of everything.
    Right now I just want to enjoy getting some cool cards then as I learn I will probably start focusing on specific cards.
    I am probably going to buy a big bulk but I am going to study the sellers feedback and item description on Ebay to get a good lot.

    Thanks for your help


    As a person who's played for nearly two decades, and given the situation you're describing, I would recommend buying some pre-constructed decks (if you don't care for deckbuilding) or some pre-release kits of sets currently in the Standard Format (that have seeded packs) if you like the idea of building your own decks.

    There are different formats of Magic, where the rules for deck-building vary among them. So not all decks can be used interchangeably from one format to the next - but you could still pick up a Standard Format pre-release kit, which would provide the tools to learn how to deckbuild and at least net you cards that are legal in Standard.

    A "pre-release kit" is a box of booster packs and sometimes a "seeded pack" which is cards in a particular theme that is related to the themes of the particular set of magic cards. Some sets, say Ravnica themed ones, usually have prerelease kits tailored to a specific guild and the themes of that guild. Other sets it might be a less obvious theme and instead of a seeded pack, you'll get extra boosters from which to build a prerelease deck.

    I would recommend getting a few prerelease kits that have seeded packs/themed packs to find where your interests lie. From there you'll have some direction for building decks/getting a sense of what it is you want to collect.

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  • posted a message on How does one choose cards for EDH?
    Quote from Randuir »
    Quote from Shea_0 »
    A word of caution if you netdeck

    older more experienced players will feast on you if you don't have an in-depth knowledge of mechanics, interactions and meta. I personally love hosing netdeckers with my homebrew decks designed to take advantage of them. I'm not alone!

    @OP, you should definitely ignore any comments of derision about 'net-decking' or whatever. There is no best way to build a deck for a casual variant like commander, and most people don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of every card ever printed, so using online sources for example decks and card recommendations to help you find cards that work for your deck that you never even knew existed without those sources is perfectly fine.


    Despite the obvious emotional backlash to the facts I present, it would be bad advice to not acknowledge the reality of the aspects I mentioned in the EDH format, namely meta.

    Meta not only relates to card selection but the mentality around their use

    So regardless of the emotional reaction my statement of fact has provoked, to disregard the notion that older players will pick up on netdecking new players, and to not try to gain a better understanding of your card selection to avoid this scenario (aka to have a better playing experience) - is bad advice.

    Ultimately, we all do as we please and hopefully you have some fun
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  • posted a message on How does one choose cards for EDH?
    A word of caution if you netdeck

    older more experienced players will feast on you if you don't have an in-depth knowledge of mechanics, interactions and meta. I personally love hosing netdeckers with my homebrew decks designed to take advantage of them. I'm not alone!
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  • posted a message on Advice for Ultimate ANTI-Combo/expensive players
    I have a hilarious near-creatureless O-Kagachi 5 color enchantment tribal deck that is especially effective at breaking netdecking spike's brains. A link to it is in my signature. I've got plenty more vicious decks but this one is consistently the one that gets them flustered. I suppose its the part about losing to one creature that makes them snap

    Repercussion +
    Chandra's Ignition
    Star of Extinction
    Wave of Reckoning
    Burning Sands
    Circle of Flame
    AEther Flash
    Grim Feast
    Lightmine Field
    Powerstone Minefield
    War's Toll

    Isn't it in the lore anyways that O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami eats armies single handedly? Hmm

    I'd suggest just having enough decks with themes to allow for any occasion - and a deck or two that has a scaling power level. Scion of the Ur-Dragon is the quickest example of a deck that comes to mind with a scaling power level
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Forbes article introducing Oko, the Fey Shapeshifter (no card spoiler)
    There is literally an article that came out yesterday by the NYT titled "Beach Body Tyranny Hurts Men Too"

    Seems relevant to this conversation about the oversexualization of male characters

    I would post a link but I don't want this post deleted. Shouldn't be hard to find.

    A thought regarding the thread title - Maybe WoTC has seen the shapeshifter typing as an opportunity to present visually androgynous humanoids? I ask you to consider a scenario with me.

    Maybe someone high up at WoTC made an equation in their minds and thought that "if one can shapeshift at will, into whatever gender they so choose as a result of their transformation, then maybe this physical change also constitutes a change in their sexuality as well - and therefore we will represent shapeshifters to be recognizable as androgynous".

    I'm not saying this scenario was the logical steps taken to arrive at this representation of shapeshifters, but the scenario does point out the slippery slope of bad logic that is associating the shapeshifting mechanic with an equally fluid sexuality.

    Without a background of how a given shapeshifter acquired this ability (magic or genetic) how are we to know how there ever becomes more shapeshifters? If it's genetic manipulation that allows the transformation, it begs the question of "how does this species reproduce?" And if WoTC's explanation for the shapeshifting ability is indeed based in genetics, then there would be an assumption of sexuality placed on this species - but we know well that WoTC won't delve into whether they reproduce asexually, sexually or anything else under the sun. WoTC would still not go into that detail, and would therefore continue the disconnect of information regarding whether this species even has a sexuality at all.

    And if we can't know how this species reproduces, how then can WoTC confer our own human interpretation of sexuality onto these characters just because they shapeshift?
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  • posted a message on [C19] Mire of Misery -oh lets just say maro said they are starting to give black these types of cards
    Quote from Obazervazi »
    Quote from Carthage »
    I do welcome the ability to answer other permanent types in the colors that can't, that's an outdated color pie ideal that makes the game worse.

    I just wish they would add it for red, the color they seem to hate the most.

    haphazard bombardment remains one of the worst designs they've ever printed, they went out of their way to NOT give red a flavorful way to destroy enchantments.

    You do realize that black still cannot deal with artifacts, right? Put simply, Naturalize will never be printed in black for the same reason it will never be printed in red. Each color needs to have strengths and weaknesses, or there's no point in having colors at all.

    Can't deal with artifacts? Heresy! There are some options available, albeit older than most of the people I play against

    Phyrexian Tribute
    Gate to Phyrexia
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  • posted a message on [C19] Mothership spoilers 8/8 - New version of Chainer, curse of fools wisdom and big game hunter reprint
    Chainer, Nightmare Adept + Cryptic Gateway = cheat out any human at instant speed and give it haste?

    BR human tribal sounds kind of random though...tough to say if it's worth doing without looking at the Gatherer.. though there are endless humans in every color it seems....

    just thinking of ways to cheat creatures from the hand and still give them haste

    Lots of brew potential with the new Chainer. RB needed the love its getting in C19 desperately. I've been unsatisfied with almost all the RB commander options since Grusilda, Monster Masher came out (and yes I do have a Grusilda deck that my playgroup is fine with me playing). Since those few years ago, RB has gotten much more variety in directions to brew. Thank goodness

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  • posted a message on [C19] The Loregoyfs Preview - Greven, Predator Captain
    I dont recall how it goes this year, but I'm really hoping this is a foil... or has a foil at some point. The art on the Weatherlight characters would pop in foil. Especially this and the new Gerrard art

    I'm getting a lot of brew inspiration with the new RB legends in C19. Glad the alternate tri-color commanders and the ancillary legends aren't as narrow as the flagship legends.

    I'm not at all bothered by WoTC's revisiting old cards from an era and just slapping the effect on a new imagining of a related legend from that era. It feels refreshing actually. I'm liking the idea of a creature in play having abilities that used to be on enchantments or spells.

    I am so glad that WoTC is using the Commmander product in this way of revisiting old legends. Now let's get onto making Hypnox a legend and we'll be good! We need more nightmare horror legends. I want nightmare and horror tribal by now! lol
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  • posted a message on [c19] K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth
    VERY on-theme for mono black! Pay that life to get ahead! Pay pay pay! Make it rain... your own blood and your enemies'! lol
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  • posted a message on C19 - Commanders
    I’m really not feeling it this year. As a vorthos I could care less about mechanics, and these commanders really are ultra specialized. It’s fine though, last year was amazing for me and I’ve had a lot of cards for my decks get released recently. So I could use a break and for others to get what they want. I do want the new Gerrard but I suspect I won’t be intrigued until Throne of Eldraine

    For the 2nd year in a row I'm wondering if the $140-$160 for the 4 boxes would be better used on singles. Last year I bought 2 playsets of a rare card for $8. That card was listed at $1/ea initially, like within 10 min of the listing - and by the end of the next day was at $12 ea elsewhere. 12x multiplier in 24hrs. A lot of money can be saved if you can snatch up stuff in the initial hours of singles going on sale.. Regarding your first two sentences, I'm agreeing with your sentiment completely. Feels like another very focused batch of product is coming. After seeing 3 of 4 of the flagship commanders already, I'm not seeing much that compels me as a brewer. I hope there's a backup 3-color legend in each box, that are each a bit less focused than the flagships, to replace what we're seeing as the first options. I don't expect it, but a person can hope!
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  • posted a message on Comander 2019 preview schedule
    Right? I don't understand people who get so irrationally irritated at something like this. Just go to a spoiler compiler and let other people enjoy it their own way. Woof.

    On your first point - Outrage is soooo so easy, and most people would rather walk away from ugliness rather than engage and call out someone.. I appreciate you're calling out the irrational outrage

    On your second point - The outrage seems to be a function of laziness

    But I'm lazy too in that I very much enjoy coming here to see everything in one place

    And I do want to say thank you to all the folks who do that leg work of sharing the content here with us. Thank you folks for enabling my laziness, the centralized spoilers here on this forum were the initial reason I found this site some years ago.

    The fact that content creators get the opportunity to benefit on the back end of all their work and WoTC's combined is good business - and I don't find that reason for the dispersion of the spoilers as anything but good business. It's not a detractor, it just comes with the territory. It's baked into the bread.

    Congrats to all those content creators

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  • posted a message on Demon Deck Ideas- New to Commander
    I have had a mono black Demon tribal EDH deck for the better part of 3 years now and the two demons I have found to be best suited as the Commander are:

    Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
    Demonlord Belzenlok

    Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
    Pros: Demon decks run lots of threats, often expensive to get out. Protect all that work by adding another layer in the form of Ob Nixilis, Unshackled to be such a road block to further removal that he soaks it up himself, or if the opponent(s) have no answers to your already scary boardstate, he protects it even further by denying tutor-responses. Think of Ob Nixilis, Unshackled as a blanket of protection for what you're already trying to do. His sac trigger also helps immensely against other black that may have sac themes, and can sometimes push him over the edge if nobody removes him fast enough while you're doing your demon-like-business of killing lots of creatures. Positive synergy is easy with this commander.

    Cons: Getting this fella out too early will often hose multiple people trying to set up their early game and get you more enemies than necessary. Not a great choice as the very first Demon to put out and can get you hated out of a game if your timing is bad. A lack of an ETB also makes his power level rather flat. His 4/4 base is also within range of dying to most aggro Commanders if you had to chump block on the turn after playing him. That's especially painful to have a 4/4 body on a 6-drop if you had no ramp or other chump blockers. Even more reason to use him strategically for his anti-tutor and sac synergy, meaning there could be some games where he's unnecessary.

    - - - -

    Demonlord Belzenlok

    Pros: Has a scaling ETB trigger that is even more powerful if combined with lots of ramp. This ETB combined with 6/6 base stats makes him relevant as your first demon on the table or as your last. Jamming the necessary ramp in the deck to make Demon tribal a serious threat is also mitigated by the extra ETB card draw and can actually speed up demons to a ridiculous level of power. My personal Demon deck ramps so hard with Demonlord Belzenlok that the threats become exponential and diverse enough - and mind you black is very good a disrupting your opponents - that I run away with the game even 3 vs 1. If the deck is tuned enough to average Demonlord Belzenlok on T4, by virtue of this deck-design you're going to be set up to steamroll the table regardless of what toys you jam into the deck. He is also a prime target for reanimating over and over and getting immediate value from the card draw.

    Cons: Without mitigating the ETB life-loss, you will burn through your own life and be susceptible to being ganged up on. If you're doing Demonlord Belzenlok right you'll be getting ganged up on anyways. The fact that Demonlord Belzenlok also exiles all the lands he goes past is relevant in long grindy games, or games where you can't rely on keeping mana rocks in play to assist the flow of the deck. Exiling Cabal Coffers T4 is always painful - but it wouldn't have mattered if it were a Thran Dynamo.
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  • posted a message on Commander July 8th Banlist Update
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    Kind of happy Iona got the ban. She locked some opponents out of the game completely.

    Iona is such a cheese card in EDH that:

    every one of my monocolored EDH decks ran at least 4 devoid/colorless spot removal cards
    (that's 8 EDH decks *4 = 32 cards)

    every one of my black or red-dominant multicolor decks also ran the same suite of spot removal
    (that's at least another 6 decks *4 = 24 cards)

    So I bought 56 copies of duplicates of the same 4 colorless removal cards just for that bitch.

    So what that means is that I had to pay the cost of those 50+ cards as an overhead cost on all those decks, just so I can play EDH.

    Banning Iona in itself means a depression in value is coming for all that colorless spot removal, if any significant number of other folks gameplanned specifically for Iona like I was doing.. That's a format warping card if I'd say so. Glad she's gone

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