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    posted a message on Aeon Engine
    Yes! My "Uno!" deck is finally coming together!

    Now all I need is a "Skip the next player's turn" card & everything will fall into place.
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    posted a message on Vizier of the Scorpion
    The deathtouch makes it more flexible.

    If you have a ton of zombies, you have a good safety net.

    If you just created your Zombie Army token, you have a nice little defender.

    If you have a large Zombie, you have a large zombie.
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    posted a message on Together Forever
    Wow! What a great card for Atraxa decks.
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    posted a message on Daring Buccaneer
    Looks like they are bringing Lorwyn to Ixalan.
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    posted a message on Temple Altisaur
    It's great for Enrage effects.

    "Deal 50 damage to each creature on the board."

    With 2 of these on the battlefield "Sorry, you only deal 1 damage, & you pissed off my dinosaurs."
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    posted a message on Should Wizards continue to use real-world ancient cultures as inspiration?
    I agree with AvalonAurora: They should do both.

    Real-world basis has been deep rooted in MtG since it's creation, such as with Arabian Knights & Portal: 3 Kingdoms. Not to mention the fact that much of high fantasy lore is based off of mythologies from various ancient cultures, such as Minotaurs & Medusas from Ancient Greek Mythology.

    There is a lot of lore hidden within real-world folklore, & many of which are not common knowledge such as "Leanan Sídhe" in Celtic folklore or "Baba Yaga" in Russian folklore.

    I think the main reason why WotC have been focusing on real-world settings is because of player-demand for them. There was a big push for an Egyptian-like world, hence why Amonkhet was created.
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    posted a message on Vona's Hunger
    "City's Blessing" seems like a very specific thing & it doesn't exactly match the flavor of the word "Ascend"

    Rather than "City's Blessing" it should be something like "Blessing Emblem" or "Ascension Emblem" or "you become ascendant.../If you have ascended..." I say emblem because it is mechanically identical despite emblems being a planeswalker thing. (though you are a planeswalker in-game)
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    posted a message on Captain's Hook
    Why isn't the equip cost "Have a crocodile on the battlefield."
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    posted a message on The Immortal Sun
    Looks like the card was designed to be an overall "improve every zone" type of card. If you managed to drop it, the card would function if you were board wiped, were unable to draw cards, or were somehow strapped for mana.

    It is very similar to Mirari's Wake, which is a very good card in its own right.
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    posted a message on Tetzimoc, Primal Death
    Even if you don't accelerate him, you just hold off on casting him until you have an essential board-wipe.
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