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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Judt saw that I am wrong. I thought you went 9-0 at GP Birmingham, since this was the big event where I was. Didn't notice there was another big event in the USA ':D
    Still great job though!
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Nice job there soccer! That's quite an impressive showing, especially considering you picked up the deck after a one year break!

    I also was there and also talked to number002. We both made day 2 and at least and for me, this was my goal on my first gp.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)

    I played in a 67-person event in Bottrop yesterday with 7 rounds swiss and a top 8 afterwards. For those who don't want to read the whole thing: I went 4th in swiss and won the top 8, and I feel this meta is really good for a tuned list.

    My list looked like this (thanks number002 for your inspiration):

    1st round: Jund Shadow (2-1) [1:0]
    I won game 1 and game 3 both with mulligans on 6 (thanks to Squadron Hawk). Rest in Peace was good there.

    2nd round: Bant Knightfall (1-1-1) [1:0:1]
    I lost the first game to two really big misplays allowing him to attack me for 18 with trample while he was dead on board. Won the second game quickly with a timely Wrath of God and would have won the third game the turn after the last extra turn. Blood Moon is an allstar aginst those decks.

    3rd round: Abzan Vizier Combo (2-0) [2:0:1]
    Won the first game with the neat interaction of being on 29 life and having my opponent block my Serra Ascendant with a 2/1. In the second game, he kept a greedy onelander and never drew a land. Of course afterwards I was only lucky in his opinion. Having access to 3 Lightning Helix was great. From the sideboard came Rest in Peace (not all 4) and Pithing Needle. No space for the Blood Moons there.

    4th round: Bant midrange? (1-0-1) [3:0:1]
    Strange deck with beatdown creatures like Tarmogoyf and Loxodon Smiter and also lategame stars like Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Sphinx's Revelation. In the first game, I had to mulligan to 4 cards and then kept a onelander. My opponent got stuck on two lands the first few turns so I had enough time to draw out of it. I finally won being dead on board with three Squadron Hawks in play, my opponent on 5 life and a topdeck Lightning Helix. Felt like the topdeck of the century in Honolulu (Oh my god, it's Lighning Helix!!!).
    Second game dragged itself into time, and it was unclear who would have won.
    Since he had the greediest manabase I've ever seen, Blood Moon came in again.

    5th round: Bant Knightfall (again) (2-0) [4:0:1]
    Didn't play the greatest in both games, but I again won the first game with a mulligan to 4. Needed some good topdecks there (Wrath of God again) and did it. Nahiri was great to get rid of the Retreat to Coralhelm. Again, Blood Moon was the sideboard card of choice among others.

    6th round: Elves (2-1) [5:0:1]
    Another opponent who really didn't see the turn 4 Wrath of God coming. The first game was only the second I got to ultimate Nahiri the whole day. Lost the second game to a greedy keep and closed things out in game three with two 6/6 Serra Ascendants. I really didn't have great sideboard cards and tried Runed Halo and a more defensive gameplan in game two but then switched back in game three.

    7th round: Breach Titan (0-2) [5:1:1]
    There had to be a bad matchup at the end. Quickly lost game 1 to a turn 4 Through the Breach into Primeval Titan. Game two was close. I took a mulligan to 5 in search for Blood Moon or Runed Halo and finally kept a hand with Flooded Strand, Arid Mesa, Squadron Hawk, Blood Moon and Path to Exile. I really hoped to draw a third land and when I didn't draw one in my third turn, I kept mana open to play Path on my Squadron Hawk. My opponent though played Summoner's Pact and breached out a titan again. Because I fetched two times and was on 18 life, I had to cast Path on the titan. So now I needed to draw an untapped land to cast Blood Moon and the my opponent would have been unable to pay for his pact. I drew Mistveil Plains :(.
    I still like the Blood Moon/Runed Halo plan aginst this deck, since they mostly don't play Emrakul anymore.

    Quarterfinals: Bant Knightfall (2-1)
    It was the same opponent as in round 2 and i managed to grind him out in the deciding game 3 with Blood Moon and Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

    Semifinals: Abzan Humans (2-0)
    That deck couldn't do anything about my good draws with at least two quick online Serra Ascendants. The crowd behind me had to laugh when I "fetched down to 47 life", and my poor opponent laid his head on the table. I didn't really sideboard there I think, because nothing was really good but it was also not needed.

    Finals: Jund (traditional) (2-1)
    Lost game one because I played badly and my opponent didn't.
    Won game two because of a surprise: Blood Moon on turn 4 followed by a turn 5 Ranger of Eos to search for Hex Parasite to get rid of his only useful permanent on board: Liliana of the Veil. Nahiri ultimated shortly after.
    For the third game, I sided out 2 of 4 Blood Moons and my opponent fetched for basics in the first two turns, but when I slammed the Moon on turn three, he still couldn't cast any Lilianas or Kitchen Finks. In a final attempt, he did cast Anger of the Gods on my full board and Maelstrom Pulse on my Elspeth, Sun's Champion, but he still had the Moon to deal with and I rebuilt an army of Squadron Hawks again. Shortly after, I won.


    I really do believe, that this deck has a good spot right now in the meta. While I didn't meet that many DS decks and no storm, dredge and affinity, I still think a grindy midrangy version with Nahiris, lots of removal and a good sideboard can do the trick. Of course there are still bad matchups like Tron, Ad Nauseam and Valakut decks, but those aren't that popular at the moment and Blood Moon solves a lot of theses problems.

    What will I change?
    I like the maindeck as it is. In this particular tournament, all the removal was really helpful and I was lucky do get paired against that many creature decks. Because most of those creature decks also were combo decks though, I didn't use Proclamation of Rebirth that often and also Emeria, the Sky Ruin only went online once, though I'd have to add that I drew the card like twice on the whole day.

    At the same time, I like to play a version that's not that vulnerable to all the graveyard hate going around. There were SO MANY SCAVENGING OOZES!

    The sideboard was kind of ok. I think 3 Rest in Peace should be enough, because even when they were good, I didn't always want to bring in all four. Instead I would maybe add another Runed Halo, since it's the only real anti-combo card as by now.
    Also, I don't really know what split to play between Celestial Purge, Banishing Lightesque cards and Wear // Tear. They all have their uses against different decks, and maybe the solution is to jsut add another Pithing Needle, which also does a good job of dealing with noncreature, nonland permanents like planeswalkers and artifacts.

    I liked having access to one independent, safe wincondition, in this case Elspeth, Sun's Champion, because she can really go over the top). Nahiri does easier get hated (Grafdigger's Cage) and Serra Ascendant is just straightup bad in some matchups without black for Orzhov Charm since the printing of Fatal Push.

    The Blood Moons were great and will definitely stay in there! Smile

    I am open for suggestions and I would like to read what you think of list and sideboard.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    I did test Ballista in the main deck a few fnms, and while it wasn't bad, it didn't really help at what I inteded it to help at. Without fast mana, it's often just too slow and clunky. 4 mana for a 2/2 that may or may not do something relevant is barely good and as a 6 mana thread, it can't really substitute Sun Titan or Elspeth. Also, creature removal comes in a lot of more efficient ways (PtE, WoG, Orzhov Charm, Lightning Helix, maybe even Journey to Nowhere). The tutorability is a nice bonus and can come in handy, but even then it's kind of underwhelming, when I imagine turn 4 Ranger of Eos into turn 5 Ballista x=2, maybe kill a creature (or two if you're lucky) or -2 a planeswalker.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't test it, and maybe you'll come to different conclusions than I did. It's always good to test out new ideas and play around with different approaches.

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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    I think Martyr Proc is again in a rather decent spot right now. The Rise of Death's Shadow decks, which aren't really a problem for us also lead to an increase in burn and dredge decks, which also don't really cause any trouble to most Martyr Proc players. Also 8 discard spells seemed to slightly diminish the classic combo front (it has been months since I last played against Ad Nauseam).

    The new Vizier combo is a little harder to beat for us, since it survives graveyard hate, but it is still very much a creature deck and a decent Martyr list with 4x Wrath and some Paths and other spot removal (Orzhov Charm/Lightning Helix) did do well for me there.

    The possible increase in graveyard hate would, if I didn't already do that, lead me to playing Nahiri and answers for Grafdiggers Cage.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    Went 4-1 in a league today with Wr Nahiri Proc. Felt good to play with Nahiris again. They just provide a solid clock. I really like number002's sideboard, and as soon as I have the cards, I am gonna play something similar. Today, my sideboard was rather random:

    I really like Celestial Purge in the current meta, against all the Shadows decks going around.

    Blood Moon felt okay, though I drew it only one time.

    Match 1: vs. Affinity (0-2)
    Match 2: vs. Jund Shadow (2-1)
    Match 3: vs. mono-B Zombies (2-1) (the deck was surprisingly annoying)
    Match 4: vs. Bant Spirits (2-1)
    Match 5: vs. Esper Shadow (2-1)

    I still lose some games to mana screw, even though I'm playing 25 lands now.
    Looking forward to see your lists and results, since I want to start focusing on Wr (or maybe Mardu) for Grand Prix Birmingham.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    I myself will not make it to Copenhagen this year, but I will play in Birmingham in august. Right now, I'm testing an abzan Wish list, though I can see myself going back to Wr (especially if the meta demands it).

    My current list looks something like this:

    I went away from bant since the only card I'll really miss there is Supreme Verdict, and if I really want to I can always add one Hallowed Fountain to the maindeck.
    I also went away from Renegade Rallier, since it isn't really fitting in. A 3/2 that CAN get some value if you jump through the hoops but doesn't do anything particularly important for the game plan just doesn't cut it for me. That said, it's clearly better with Sun Titan, which I don't like that much.

    I'm also not sure about the rest of the sideboard, as well as some cards in the maindeck, namely the 4th Wrath, the Crucible, the Wayfarer and the one of Cavern of Souls (I just traded for).
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    That's a nice list there, 002. And congrats for getting first place!

    Lightning Helix doesn't seem that good in the meta right now, so I can understand why you didn't include it. The same actually goes for Orzhov Charm.

    I have some questions on the list: Is it worth splashing black just for Slaughter Games?
    And since you play four Rest in Peace in the sideboard, do you always board out Proclamation of Rebirth when you bring in RiP?
    Also, I've never played more than 2 Proclamations in my lists since I fear they will be dead cards more often than not. Does that ever occur to you?
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    On the Wrath topic: against Merfolk, it can come up that not fetching for a Hallowed Fountain is good. Supreme Verdict is still gonna be better most of the time, at least in my list, since with 9 fetches, it's almost impossible not to hit U at least once. I imagine fetching being kind of difficult in the deck, since in some matchups, it's better to have two green sources, in other it's better to have two blue sources, and sometimes it's most important to get Emeria or Mistveil Plains online ASAP while not taking damage from shocks.

    On Wayfarer and Sun Titan: Since this version needs to use its mana efficiently (because Glittering Wish is just a two mana do-nothing at first), I decided to drop Wayfarer and play 25 lands instead. Wayfarer soaks up mana to use, and while it can be nice to have, I like having consistent land drops without it's aid. It's the same reason why I don't play Savewright Quest.
    Sun Titan is mostly a finisher, but even with its synergies by far not the best. The deck is already weak to graveyard hate (shutting down Proclamations and Renegade Rallier (and Mistveil Plains)), so Sun Titan is basically just a 6 mana 6/6 in some situations. I prefer my W 6/6 Serra Ascendants over this alot. Also, as some people already said, Glittering Wish is excellent to not keep the maindeck too clunky. Finishers like Sigarda, Host of Herons or random Planeswalkers can just be fetched for. This way, the maindeck can focus all on not losing.

    On Sphinx's Revelation: As I said, I'm also not sure. Since it's a card I want to cast when X can be at least 4, so with seven lands in play, UU should be possible by then. You have 11 blue sources in your deck, so if you really want to cast it, it should be possible for you (by planning ahead with your fetches).

    I agree on Teferi's Moat. As Lear pointed out, it can be backbreaking in certain matchups, but all in all, it's still a 7 mana investment for a rather fringe (and as you said), tier-2-deck-beating card.

    I also agree on boarding out Wishes against decks like burn, since they are too slow (unless you have something like Heroe's Reunion in the board). I haven't played against the "new" Death's Shadow decks, but my guess is that having as many sweepers and removal spells as possible is imprtant, so I could imagine leaving the Wishes in there for Supreme Verdict.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    @number002: Looks like a solid list. Why Wrath over Verdict in the main? I like that you play 9 fetch lands, I came to the same conclusion. They're needed with Renegade Rallier.

    I am gonna play fnm on friday, a league on saturday and a bigger event on sunday with the following list (might change in between events):

    Cards I'm unsure about:
    Breeding Pool could just be the fifth wheel on the wagon. There will propably be situations in which I want to fetch for it, but there might be more situations in which just having another Plains for Emeria. the Sky Ruin is just better.

    Geist of Saint Traft is a way of beating slow decks without too many creatures. Since this deck has a very good late-game plan, I'm not sure if it needs this tempo action though.

    Sphinx's Revelation should be better than Sky Hussar in some cases, especially in the very late game. Also, for the midgame card draw, I already have Tamiyo.

    Shadow of Doubt is maybe just too fringe, but in the really hard matchups (Valakut), it will have its use.

    Sigarda, Host of Herons is a card that seems really solidon paper. As soon as I get one, I will test it.

    Negate: I have high hopes on this card. It should be good against most bad matchups.

    This will be the first weekend for me playing in Bant, and I'm quite excited. Reports will come after that.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    I'm not sure on Sky Hussar, but since with the Renegade Ralliers there are more creatures to support it now and since it can't get countered, it might be worth considering over Sphinx's Revelation. Testing will show...

    @number002 I also thought about Safewright Quest, which is even a maindeckable card to be honest, since it means more life with Martyr of Sands. However with a 3-color manabase and those clunky Glittering Wishes, not in this version, where all mana is needed as early as possible. For the sideboard it seems like a card that could get in if there is space but I think it's not necessarily needed.

    Wargate is defenitly also an option, and I even considered it as an answer vs Tron (searching for the one Ghost Quarter), but I think it's more of a big mana card. Also, tutoring for a tutor is even more clunky, even if it gets stuff directly on the battlefield. Renegade Rallier does a perfectly fine job of ramping from 3 to 5 lands.

    If the good matchups really should become that much worse because of durdlyness, I guess adding more Kami of False Hopes to the maindeck could handle that. Unfortunately, U and G are not really the colors of cheap creature removal, and I can't think of a really good unconditional white removal spell (aside from maybe Journey to Nowhere) after Path to Exile to solve this problem in this way. The only two mana multicolored removal options I found that didn't have the target to be attacking or blocking were Crystallization and bouncing like Simic Charm.

    On a completely different note: When you have an opener with both Emeria and Mistveil Plains, and you want to play a tapped land on your first turn, which one do you play usually and why?
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    So I have been toying around a bit with Lear's idea of a version featuring Glittering Wish, and I've had the same conclusion as him, that Bant is the most promising option. Since I've saved up some money, I already bought the fetch lands and shock lands I need aswell as the wishes.

    The list I propably want to start testing with is one where I tried to only put cards into the sideboard that have mostly a big impact depending on the matchup, aswell as a few flexibility cards. As soon as I have the cards together, I can distinguish the better options from the worse ones, so this is really just a prototype:

    Let me explain my choices a bit:
    Ajani, Mentor of Heroes: Some decks have a hard time dealing with plainswalkers. In bant colors, this one felt like the best to me, since he can help closing out games pretty quickly and also provide card advantage. Since this is not really a card to search for when wanting to win quickly, the grindier Tamiyo, Field Researcher might be better. All in all, I'm not overly convinced that I really need a planeswalker, but testing will show.

    Bant Charm: I really wanted a multicolored spot removal for creatures in the sideboard, and this felt like the best option, since it serves multiple purposes. Might get exchanged with another Detention Sphere.

    Detention Sphere: The "catch-all" card in the sideboard, and the only reliable bant-multicolored way to deal with planeswalkers I found. I'd like Maelstrom Pulse or Anguished Unmaking better, but this should work. Might up it to 2 since it can also serve as spot removal for creatures.

    Fracturing Gust: Because I like winning against affinity and bogles. And some other decks.

    Gaddock Teeg: I feel like this is one of the better reasons to run Glittering Wish. It shines against some of the worse matchups like tron and Valakut/Through the Breach. Can also be good against UW control and similars.

    Geist of Saint Traft: A friend of mine brought this one up. Really quick finisher if it lands on turn 3, also good against control/valakut/tron. Testing will show if it is better than Gaddock Teeg.

    Immortal Servitude: This card is good whenever a hard cast Prclamation of Rebirth is good. Can bring back half the graveyard back at once. Since this is another value card and it doesn't stop graveyard hate, it might get cut for being too narrow.

    Negate (x3): Generally spoken, negate should be good whenever Supreme Verdict isn't, so these cards can get swapped 3 for 3. One of the reasons to splash blue at all, this card might be able to have a good chance in games 2 and 3 against the bad matchups. Also it's very versatile. If I find I'm missing other monocolored cards for games 2 and 3, I'll have to adjust.

    Renegade Rallier: This card... I don't even know what to say. When I said, abzan might be better for this deck than bant, it was primarily because I love Orzhov Charm. Renegade Rallier can do one of the modes on Orzhov Charm evene better. It ramps with fetchlands (of which I play 8 btw), it can get back Martyr of Sands for even more life, it can bring a clock to the table, it can even restart a Squadron Hawk-Mistveil Plains chain if somehow all hawks got discarded. Glittering Wish essentially gives me seven copies of him, so he is always there to get card advantage. Maybe I'm totally wrong on justifying him a slot in the sideboard, but I feel like he is the go-to wish-target when in doubt.

    Shadow of Doubt: Another card that is good against mostly valakut type decks. It's kind of a mixture of Hallowed Moonlight and Aven Mindcensor. The card is even better when the opponent doesn't see it coming, and that might be a reason to not run it. UU is also not the easiest thing to accomplish, so I'll have to see if it is worth it.

    Sphinx's Revelation: I hope the card proves being as good as it seems, since for me it is another reason to splash U. I just imagine grinding out against jund, having no resources left, and then drawing a wish to get this, the ultimate late game card. It seems like the bist card advantage option for me. Also works quite nicely with the ramping aspect of Renegade Rallier.

    Supreme Verdict: I stopped counting the situations in which Wrath of God would have saved my ass long ago, but I remember it being many. The other big reason to splash U. There are many matchups, in which Wrath of God is good and I always want to draw it, but there are also matchups where I don't want it at all. Glittering Wish allows for having 7 copies when it's good or only 3 when it's not. That has to be better than just jamming 4 copies in the maindeck. I also feel that having "only" 3 in the maindack isn't so bad with the higher creature count due to Renegade Rallier.

    Wheel of Sun and Moon: One might say this is one of the best options for graveyard hate Martyr-Proc has anyways, since it doesn't disrupt our own graveyard based shenanigans. I for my part have played with this card in my sideboard alot, and while it often just sits there waiting for the dredge matchup, it does solid work as soon as it has to. Yes, turn 3 can be too late against dredge, but combined with Supreme Verdict, it does it's job just fine. It also has some sideeffects like stopping the Melira combo or Goryo's Vengeance or winning against mill decks.

    Here are some cards I considered but left out because I feel I didn't need them:

    Drain the Well: Since bant can't support Fulminator Mage, this is the next best land hate in my knowledge, which doesn't automatically make it a good one. Fitting Ghost Quarters into the maindeck is hard when splashing two colors and even harder when trying to resolve Glittering Wish and/or Bant Charm on curve. This card get's the job done if a problematic land has to get removed, so maybe it's worth fitting it in, but it seems to me that it's too slow against tron, which is where land hate is really needed.

    Ojutai's Command/Dromoka's Command/Azorius Charm/Selesnya Charm/Simic Charm: While they're all pretty versatile, they doen't to anything really good. I feel like those charms are more maindeck kind of cards, but the flexibility of Glittering Wish makes them obsolete for me. Also they're all better when they have the suprise factor.

    Meddling Mage: Maybe I'm wrong on this, but he is so vulnerable and in coparison to Gaddock Teeg can only stop one card (Scapeshift against scapeshift decks, Living End, ...). If the meta shifts more towards combo decks like Ad Nauseam or Storm (which it does I guess?), I might want to include him.

    I still have to buy most of those cards, so I can't immediately start testing, but I'm really looking forward to. This looks like it's gonna be fun.

    Also, if you have any suggestions or critique, feel free to comment.

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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    @Lear: I like the idea of Glittering Wish Martyr Proc.
    Since you are already working on it, I have some questions:
    • Is Bant really the best option? What about Abzan or Naya? I haven't played with a blue splash so far but for me, the first two colors I always want to splash are black and red. Also, I think Naya Charm and Abzan Charm are both better than Bant Charm
    • Are there enough useful multicolored sideboard cards to make it worth it? So far, you listed some very useful but situational cards like Wheel of Sun and Moon, Fracturing Gust, Gaddock Teeg or Qasali Pridemage. The thing to keep in mind here is that you want to have an answer for almost anything when playing the Wish, so it's never a dead card.
    • Is it worth it to cut valuable sideboard slots for maybe suboptimal, multicolored versions?

    I'm really interested in what you come up with and I'll share my ideas to it if I get any. Isn't there any way to test your build somewhere online?

    I'd rather play Runed Halo main if any. It isn't as effective as Leyline of Sanctity in what Leyline does best, which is to cover multiple threads, but therefore it's almost never a dead card.
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    @BestUseOfEnergy: Congrats to 5-3-1. I think that shows again that this archetype is viable in the general modern meta as it is.

    I went 3-1-1 in the league, winning against Grixis Dragons control, Affinity and Jund, losing to Affinity and drawing vs Bant Eldrazi.
    My conclusion is that Boom // Bust isn't really a maindeckable card. When I drew it, it was dead most of the time and when I didn't draw it, I was mostly happy about it.
    The loss to Affinity was pretty rough, as it always is when losing to good matchups. Games 2 and 3 I just couldn't find the right answers for his threats. I somewhat regret not playiong 1-2 Wear // Tear in the sideboard.
    After all, I'm still happy on this result. I definitely could have played better against Bant Eldrazi since I lost game one to a mistake, but overall, it was ok.

    The presence of Fatal Push makes me want to go back to a blacksplash for Orzhov Charm again. It happened too often to me that I assembled enough Martyr of Sands and Serra Ascendants via Ranger of Eos to get at least one 6/6 online just to get ripped apart by hand disruption or removal immediately. Orzhov Charm kind of is the counter to that, since even if one of the two pieces gets discarded or destroyed, I can get it back.

    For example I had a situation where I had some cards in hand, one of them was Martyr of Sands. Then I casted Ranger of Eos to search for either Martyr + Serra or 2 Serras. Since I was only on 4 mana, my opponent then could Thoughtseize away the one Serra and I was left with 2 Martyrs. If the card I had in hand originally would have been Orzhov Charm, that couldn't have happened.

    I'm gonna try a list with maindeck Blood Moons and Orzhov Charms but without Nahiri, the Harbinger. Any tips on the mana base in 3-color Moon?
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  • posted a message on MartyrProc- A Modern Control Deck (UPDATED!)
    SOuls are good but there some problems:
    • They're pretty bad with Martyr. Hawks do job as filling hand with white cards much better and in long term more advantage
    • With souls you need anthems, so you need much more agressive, not control build
    • You can't cast them instantly so you'll get the same 1 card from Ephara
    I'm still in soughts how to build Esper Martyr, probably try AAzorius variant.
    About your list:
    1. Mainboard
    • What lightning helis is for? Isn't it better to add extra Boom // Bust?
    • If you don't play stony silence in side - don't you want to play 2/2 split of serras and inspectors?
    2. Sideboard:
    • What for are Avens when you have Runed halo? They mostly hits the same problematic cards but avens are a bit more slow and pretty vulnerable to opp's mainboard removals.
    • Blessed alliance? Single one?
    • OR better change to banishing light?
    • Wheels+surgicals? Not too much diff working gravehate?

    With boom // Bust you can cut 1 of colors while playing against Aggro decks. For example against burn you can cut green or white depends on their build and lands on bf.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I just came back from the fnm and went 1/1/1. Drew the first match against an Enduring Ideal deck since he couldn't kill me because of Kami lock and I couldn't kill him because of Sphere of Safety. I would eventually have decked him because of Mistveil Plains but we ran out of time in game one.

    The second match I closely lost to a Jeskai Nahiri build. Bust really shined here, but I hadn't enough answers for his planeswalkers.

    The third match I won against straight Jeskai control. The highlight was me playing Bust when he was tapped out, had almost no board and I had a Flagstones and Crucible in play.

    • Lightning Helix was kind of my replacement for Orzhov Charm to get small creatures and even threaten Planeswalkers. I didn't draw it often enough today to already conclude. Boom // Bust can be a dead card against some decks, so playing more than 2 mainboard seems a little janky to me. Since I hit a lot of control decks today, they kind of worked, but further testing will show how it goes.
    • I once dropped to 2 Serra Ascendants main and I didn't like it. Even if the card is sometimes weak, I feel it is necessary to win against certain strats. I really like Thraben Inspector though, so the time might come where I'm gonna play two.
    • The one Aven Mindcensor is kind of a test at the moment. By now I'm not quite impressed, but I want to continue testing it before coming to wrong conclusions.
    • Since Bogles is something I hit every now and then in my LGS, I thought having that extra out should be useful.
    • I'd definitely play Banishing Lights if I had them, for now, Oblivion Rings should do.
    • Also I have to agree on the Surgicals, I kind of went overkill there on the tron matchup.

    For the league tomorrow, I'm gonna run the following sideboard:

    I added the Hangarback Walker for the grindier matchups and I'll be trying Hex Parasite once again vs plainswalkers.
    The maindeck remains the same.
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