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  • posted a message on Jace's SOI card speculation.
    I would expect a "traditional" planeswalker, not creatue/walker flip like in Origins. There is really no reason for that.
    The only transforming walker here will be probably Arlinn, with either walker(human)/walker(wolf) or walker(human)/creature(wolf).
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  • posted a message on Nahiri is gathering mana and is getting ready for something... big?
    But... What if Nahiri didn't come for revenge, but was corrupted by the same entity that corrupted Avacyn?

    In the UR article we see a woman getting a fit of rage whrn Avacyn is near, what if something similar happened to Nahiri and twisted her quest for answers into a quest for revenge?
    Actually not by luring Emrakul, but by freeing an ancient creature that dwelled on Innistrad and was imprisoned... In the moon...

    So... The theory goes like this:
    - An extremely powerful entity was imprisoned in Innistrad moon somehow.
    - The creature managed to detach a piece of moon and throw it on Innistrad (that became the Helvault).
    - With the Helvault destroyed the prison is breached (at least in part) and the entity can look for minds to corrupt/command.
    - Nahiri enters the plane looking for Sorin and the mind sees that she created the Hedrons on Zendikar and by using her lithomancy, the creature sees a way to escape her prison.
    -The creature twists Nahiri's mind into a murderous and vengeful rage.
    - Nahiri is corrupted and starts making Cryptoliths around channeling the mana of the plane to do the creature's bidding.
    - Using cryptolith network the creature manages to corrupt the minds of Avacyn and of the people on Innistrad.

    So... What if Nahiri is just an unwilling victim?

    Good point, it seems kinda weird that Nahiri would be driven by the childish logic of "He broke my toy, I will break his" with absolutely no regard for the inhabitants of Innistrad, and even abandoning Zendikar in the process, so it seems that something (or someone) must have pushed her in that direction. But she may consider Zendikar doomed after the full release of the Eldrazi and blame Sorin for letting it happen. If that is the case, I seriously wonder what her reaction will be when she learns what happened...
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  • posted a message on Updated - Did Wizards hint at Emrakul or Marit Lage on Innistrad in 2012?
    Not sure if it was already discussed in this thread (search gave no results for "structural distortion"), but the flavor text for Structural Distortion pretty much confirms that we will deal with seriously angry Nahiri trying to screw up the entire plane. And the most logical way for her to do so is drawing in and possibly imprisoning Emrakul, since she has already done that once. That still doesn't rule out other things going on simultaneously, though...
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  • posted a message on Nahiri is gathering mana and is getting ready for something... big?
    If the spoiled Structural Distortion is legit, she did indeed come for revenge.
    Flavor text:
    "As Zendikar has bled, so will innistrad. As I have wept, so will Sorin."
    So the only thing to discuss is what shape will the revenge take. As much as I don't like it, trying to lure and possibly imprison Emrakul on Innistrad seems like the most logical possibility. After all, Nahiri knows how to do it and also how much it will screw up the plane.
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