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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from Yatsufusa »
    I really hope the Raven Man is a separate entity (whether Lim-Dul or not) and not just Doctor Jest 2.0. As I said before, I feel Liliana's story (and character) rather cliche and while it was initially fun to speculate, Bolas himself and his plans (being behind almost everything) is also starting to feel cliche and if the Raven Man is both of those combined I think the Raven Man will become the most boring thing I've actually read in hindsight. I'd rather the Raven Man be an impediment to Bolas's control over Liliana, but not to the Gatewatch's benefit either. Also, the Chain Veil is probably irrelevant "demon #5" at this point, Bolas has demonstrated it is effectively worthless against him and it has been proven both the Veil and the Raven Man were terrified (and most likely outmatched) of Emrakul. So basically Liliana is being "controlled" by a power-level of Veil < Raven Man < Bolas, but in three different directions at once... unless Emrakul did hijack into Liliana as well.

    It's a bit sad to say, but I think Jodah got the oldwalker treatment due to his immortality (yes I know he wasn't one and in fact hated them, but it just makes it even more ironic), except he's less arrogant and more of complacent instead (at least he went "Oh no" and was listening to solutions rather then "It's not my fault it's theirs" like some Sphinx did...), but it still seems all out-of-place.

    The whole artifact debacle is also rather confusing, because we don't have the timeline for Blackblade's arrival and there's a lot of dementia magic involved. Was Thom sent in after Blackblade arrived and he had the knowledge of Blackblade, or did he successfully sneak Blackblade out (to New Argive) and got abandoned, or did he sneak something else out (or failed to sneak something out) and had Blackblade overwritten as a disguise, or was he sent in before Blackblade, was mentally transmitted of Belzenlok acquiring the Blade and since he didn't sneak the artifact out, Blackblade was the only memory they could see? I feel like blaming Jodah for just saying "it's missing" without specifying what it is, because the wand could also just be anything...

    The story is well structured, but I can feel the missing-information-rifts when it comes to trying to associate old characters with new plotlines (Karn's refusal to speak to Jhoira, Jodah's relative carelessness, the artifact confusion), but even with that I really like Gideon & Liliana feel like they're two kids when placed beside these ageless characters. In a way it almost feels like they're saying "even complacent confused older characters are somewhat more mature than the young Gatewatch". Only Raff felt even younger, but hey the new Weatherlight crew are the actual kids of the story to start with...

    (emphasis mine)

    Occam's Razor would suggest that simply taking the stories in chronological order (with the timelines of Jhoira's recruitment mission and Tiana/Arvad's story overlapping) puts the delivery of the Blackblade to Belzenlok 2-3months ago, which is a good amount of time for Thom to know about it before infiltrating Tolaria West (particularly given that Belzenlok definitely doesn't seem the type to hide that he has it in his possession).

    The artifact Thom was stealing reasonably was the thus-far-unnamed wand. Because again, if Thom has succeeded in his mission of stealing Blackblade from Tolaria West why would he come back?
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from NZB2323 »
    Quote from dzonny »
    In the last scene, they say that Blackblade is already in Stronghold.

    Right, the spy(Thom) smuggled the Blackblade to the stronghold. They got information from the brain spell while interrogating him about the stolen artifact.

    Except Thom never left the tower after he snuck in (and if he was there to steal the Blackblade, and had managed to do so, why on earth would he come/be sent back?).

    Beyond that Episode One of the Domianria story specifies that Needle (the agent who brought the Blackblade in) was infiltrating New Argive, not Tolaria West.
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    posted a message on Detailed Dominaria Map
    Quote from Kman »
    I think this map is a little more high res because you can actually read the small print boxes. Might want to work off that.

    "At Madara the Elder Dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas dueled another Planeswalker, a demonic leviathan, to the death"

    "In the years following the destruction of the original Tolarian Academy, the students and professors dispersed and founded new academies across Dominaria"

    "Shiv is a large island isolated by a vast ocean. The calderas and vents of large submerged volcanoes have formed a ring of smaller islands around it"

    "---?--- was stripped here to fuel the machines of the brothers war, and Urza's Golgothian Sylex was detonated here"

    Fairly certain on these changes.^^

    No clue on the last one, but it starts with a T (compare to Tolaria). Tavidor? Teridour? I'm not that familiar with the specifics of the Dominaria storyline as I started playing with OG Mirrodin.
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from SimicNuggets »
    Yeah she was young back in those days. She got all Zurgo on us. I'm for it. Was how I used to picture Doyenne Tajamin.

    Arvad is hot, in that Auron way. Tiana is not what I expected. Getting very, um, what's her name from Firefly, the engineer? And Tali'Zorah.

    Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee Frye). Yeah, that was my impression of her as well.

    And yeah, Arvad's kinda lookin daddy af. I get the vague, speculative and totally unfounded feeling than he and Tiana might be a thing. (I hereby christen thee, the good ship Arvana.)
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    My thoughts on this story:

    1) I think Jhoira* is holding off on approaching Teferi and/or Jodah until she actually has the Weatherlight up an running. It seems pretty clear that her relationship with them isn't what it used to be, and she likely thinks it'll be easier to sway them if she's already got the ball rolling.
    1a) To this end, I don't really think Raff is meant to be "the mage" rather he's only there to fill in the role of "the Capashen" because big sis said no. Jhoira wasn't there to recruit him, and honestly didn't even seem to be aware of his existence until he inserted himself into the situation. She likely has/had every intention to recruit Teferi or Jodah as her magic expert.

    2) As far as the New Crew's relation to the Old Crew, Ajani fills Orim's role. While many people (myself included) tend not to think of him as such, Ajani IS a healer. That was his role from conception, his card art and story appearances simply tend to portray him more as a fighter who can heal, than as a healer who can fight. (There was a rather lengthy hubbub about this on MaRo's blog. Word of God is Ajani is a healer first and foremost.)

    3) Just how many people (planeswalkers) does Ajani know? This old cat sure gets around.

    4) Tiana = Kaylee. (Just the general vibe I get from her.) Also, I'm pretty sure she's at least part human. We know that Serra angels had relations with humans in Serra's Realm, and it's implied that they were also born just like humans, so I'm kinda feeling like she's maybe actually only half-Angel? (Hence her unsuredness in her angelic ability.)

    *Somehow, for years and years and YEARS, until literally like a month ago, I've managed to read Jhoira's (Joy-ra) name as Jhoria (Jor-ee-ah). I've been mispronouncing her name for years despite it being literally right in from on me this whole time.
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from Koopa »
    Let's be real, 5 of your couldn't wrestle Gideon to the floor, he's a monster.

    Stories are great though, very excited about where this is all going.

    True, but Gids would be kind enough to let you take him down. :p

    On topic, the pacing IS fast, but I'll attribute that to the format. I'm really enjoying the exploration of Liliana's character.

    Edit: So, are we going back to weekly updates after this (Only getting two stories this week cause they held back last week's)? Or is it continuing on an irregular schedule?
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    posted a message on What's the deal with wanting character deaths?
    I'll throw my hat in on this;

    I don't think people necessarily want death, exactly, but rather lasting and impactful consequences for character actions. Far too often in media characters experience horrific situations, trauma and/or injuries... that ultimately mean nothing, and come next week/book/episode/installment they're not only completely recovered, but it's as if the past events never happened. No scars, no anxieties, nothing to indicate anything was ever anything but sunshine and roses. That's simply not realistic, and while yes, fantasy settings can get away with a certain degree of that, it all too often becomes immersion breaking.

    Khaladesh was frankly terrible for this. Literally NONE of the protagonists suffered any sort of appreciable harm or risk of harm that wasn't magic'd away by next chapter during an armed insurrection with an oppressive totalitarian government. That's just laughably kid-gloved.

    Killing off all your characters leads to people not investing in them, because they're just going to die.
    Plot armoring them leads to people not investing in them because they're not "real." There's no tension, and even in situations that readers could plausibly find themselves in, those characters don't act/react/experience it in reasonable or realistic ways, so you still can't relate to them.
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    posted a message on Is Serra really from Dominarian?
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Has Serra Angel and other angels ever been outside of Serra's Realm (be it created or brought)? If they are sighted on Dominaria, then perhaps we could assume that Serra has some ties to the plane?

    IIRC, before Urza collapsed Serra's Realm into the powerstone he evacuated many of the plane's citizens to Dominaria. As a result even if Serra had never been to Dominaria, there would be Serra Angels there.
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from SimicNuggets »
    Quote from Formless_One »
    Unless Jhiora found a way to Empower a Huge Power stone then no, the Weatherlight shouldn't be able to Planeshift, during Apocalypse The Weatherlight took the Mana from the Null Moon and slammed it into Yawgmoth it burnt out basically everything that the Weatherlight could do.

    On the other hand, as someone pointed out last time we saw the Weatherlight it was rapidly sinking into the ocean and deemed by its captain to be unsalveagable. Now its back in the sky. It was known for one thing, and that was traveling between planes; well, two things if you count being a piece of the legacy weapon, as is its power matrix, and the LW supposedly lives on as Karn, who shows up in this set. And Karn created a whole plane of artifice, so who knows what he and Jhoira could do together on a project? Look, all I'm saying is that I wouldn't put it past Wizards to retcon their existing lore to allow it. They've done it before in the not-so-distant past.

    Quote from Jay13x »
    Quote from SimicNuggets »
    I was wondering about Lyra Dawnbringer as well. Since when would an angel have a descendant/family by name? And if it's just an homage, why Reya Dawnbringer of all legendary angels from Dominaria? She was less than a footnote. O_o Bummer because it's probably not relevant enough to have anything to do in the story.
    There is an implication in Planeswalker that Serra Angels are 'born'. Not sure if that's going to be walked back or anything, but it IS possible that Lyra is a descendant, or 'Dawnbringer' might be a title, like Urza Planeswalker was.

    The idea that Serra's angels are born goes all the way back to the novel Planeswalker, actually, which I'll requote from the Dominaria Spoilers Digest article:

    Quote from "Chapter 14 page 212" »

    On the twentieth day of forced smiles, Xantcha's conspiratorial campaign achieved its greatest victory when Sosinna confessed that she was in love, perfectly and eternally, with one of her nursery peers: an angel.
    "Is that permitted?" Xantcha interrupted before she had the wit to censor herself. The notion of love fascinated her, and spending most of her life in Urza's shadow or hiding her unformed flesh beneath a young man's clothes, she'd had very little opportunity to learn love's secrets. "You don't have wings."

    Xantcha's curiosity was ill-timed and rude. It jeapardized everything she'd gained through long days of patient questions, but it was sincere. [...]

    But Sosinna surprised Xantcha with a furious blush that stretched from the collar of her white gown into her pale gold hair.

    "Wings," Sosinna exclaimed, "have nothing to do with it!" A lie, if Xantcha had ever heard one. "We are all born the same, raised the same. Our parentage is not important to Lady Serra. We are all equal in her service. She encourages us to chrish each other openly and to follow our hearts, not our eyes, when we declare our one true love."

    More lies, though Sosinna's passion was real. "Kenidiern is a paragon," she confided in a whisper. "no one serves the Lady with more bravery and vigor. He has examined every aspect of his being and cast out all trace of imperfection. Ther is not one mote of him that isn't pure and devoted to duty. He stands above all the other angels, and no one would fault him if he were proud, but he isn't. Kenidiern has embraced humility. There isn't a woman alive who wouldn't exchange tokens with him, but he has given his to me."

    Sosinna removed her veil and, sweeping her hair aside, revealed a tiny golden earring in the lobe of her left ear.

    So three things are revealed here:

    1) there are apparently male Serran angels, even though the game makes a point of only depicting female angels outside of Amonkhet.

    2) Serran angels are indeed born and raised alongside human children. How they are "born" is left up to the imagination, but the text suggests they have parents, and some stuff I left out from earlier in the chapter implies Serra has an almost G ideology concerning the sanctity of life in direct contrast with Phyrexian beliefs or even some of Urza's actions (although Xantcha finds the Serrans to be just as dogmatic as Phyrexians, hence her suspicion in this passage).

    3) Serran angels can feel love and are allowed to marry humans. Could explain the flavor of Angelic Destiny! Among other things.

    Think it's safe (and sad) to say that none of this is taken into account, as they've repeatedly stated Angels cannot be planeswalkers because of various reasons about them being constructs of mana, and how a being only can hold a spark because of their "natural" biology being fated to have one, exception being Karn of course. If this is a turning point where they suddenly will acknowledge that novel, then joy.

    It'd be awesome if they did.

    I mean, in a way, they already did that with vampires. Vampires are normally considered undead, and thus can't have a planesalker spark, then we get an vampire planeswalker, which is "ok" because Innistradi vampires are cursed/transformed humans, rather than undead.

    If they really wanted to allow an angel planeswalker (which is something many players has asked for/about) then this would be the way to go, right?

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    posted a message on Ugin and Azor
    Quote from 5colors »

    1) Reading the subtext Azor seems to see Ugin more as a friend then Ugin does of Azor, suggesting Ugin was more using Azor.

    I'm really starting to get this feeling about Ugin. Between his interactions with Sorin&Nahiri, Azor, and the Gatewatch... it's looking more and more like Ugin is just as bad as Bolas when it comes to manipulating people into doing his bidding, then throwing them away once they're no longer useful.
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