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    posted a message on Men of Magic: The Gathering
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    Well, i like Sorin but i doubt he's an example for real life Laughing

    There is no issue, Karn is described as "he" in his official biography, so he should be considered as a male, how his body is made doesn't really matter.

    He's also never had a gender. He's referred to as "he" because English lacks a gender neutral pronoun that can be applied to sapient beings. "It" is used for objects and animals, but seems odd to use for a thing like a person.

    I knew someone would say that Smile
    But you're wrong. Read Ashiok and Hallar biography, the writters know how to keep the gender ambigious, the writters could twist Karn's bio in order to make him genderless but they didn't. They kept the ambiguity with Ashiok. They kept the ambiguity with Hallar. They didn't with Karn.

    Karn also entered the narrative at a time (real life) when the mainstream simply didn't much care about gender identity/conformity. His original writers/creators very likely never even considered presenting him in a non-gendered way.

    While that's true, the lack of reproductive organs still doesn't make him agender.

    Look, this isn't even trying to be a smart-alec in an annoying way. The thread is about identifying with characters based on ideals and behaviour. How do genitals factor into these things? I can't speak for the OP, but it feels like the opposite of what the thread is trying to achieve, even if we ignore the fact that there's a difference between gender and sex and that even today many people still have to fight abuse due to ignorance in this area.
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    While that's true, the lack of reproductive organs still doesn't make him agender.

    Look, this isn't even trying to be a smart-alec in an annoying way. The thread is about identifying with characters based on ideals and behaviour. How do genitals factor into these things? I can't speak for the OP, but it feels like the opposite of what the thread is trying to achieve, even if we ignore the fact that there's a difference between gender and sex and that even today many people still have to fight abuse due to ignorance in this area.
    Yeah, in-story Karn identifies as male and uses male pronouns so he can be included in the topic if people want to discuss him.
    This is true even if the non-story reason for that is the writers not thinking about gender identity at the time he was designed.

    Like, the presence or absence of a character's genitals isn't really a sfw conversation topic (and if you were talking about actual people rather than characters would be both creepily obsessive and none of your business), so I'm going to strongly suggest moving on.

    So: I like Karn. True pacifism is hard (and maybe questionable depending on the context it occurs in) but it takes admirable strength to make a moral stand like that. Karn is kind of inspiring.

    I think I've maybe been wording my responses poorly, because I actually agree that Karn is fair game for this thread. It was never my intention to argue that he's not male, I was discussing reader's perception of his gender, not his gender itself (I freely admit that I should have said "Most people don't see him as genderless" instead of "Many/some"). (I will however note that per MaRo, Karn doesn't personally identify as male, but rather others identify him as such and he simply doesn't care enough about how others perceive him to correct them. Again, as per MaRo.)

    Karn as presented in the narrative is for all intents and purposes male, but is labeled as genderless by some in the meta (including at least one member of WotC). When I said "the issue with Karn's gender" I was again specifically referring to people's/reader's perception of his gender/genderlessness, not whether he has one or not.

    I brought up the fact that Karn's writers/creators very likely never even thought of presenting him as genderless not as some sort of argument for him being genderless, but as an argument that his writers/creators would in all likelyhood have never even intended for him to be perceived of as NOT having one(male).

    I wasn't the one who said he was genderless (Though again I admit that my previous replies may have left some ambiguity). You'll also note that I never brought genitals or reproduction into it.
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    posted a message on Core 2019 General Discussion
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    I really enjoyed this story, though it was a bit preposterous to expect that I believed some Ojutai monk had memorized those exact words.

    Its not that hard to believe once you realize that the Illiad was traditionally recited from memory by Greek storytellers in exactly the same fashion. As were all the classic Greek myths and epic poems, even after writing was invented. After all, most Greeks couldn't actually read. In fact, poetry was probably invented to be a mnemonic device to help people learn everything from instructions to, yes, epic stories. And its not the only culture that passed down such lengthy stories orally. In pre-literate societies it was the only way to preserve histories and myths. There are societies where stories could be so long the storyteller had to recite it from memory over the course of days (again, like the Illiad). But because we are taught how to read from a very early age, we underestimate how much of a story can be memorized down to the last word. But it is indeed doable. And it gets easier if you've practiced reciting the story since childhood, like many of us have unwittingly done with many fairy tales and children's stories. Actors also have to do something similar with their lines and stage directions, especially stage actors. Once you are on camera or in front of a live audience, the script must be in your head, not your hands.

    So yeah, I'm actually really liking this as a framing device for the story. That the Jeskai preserved Ugin's story orally not only makes Tarkir feel more real, I love the implication that we are hearing a story which will eventually be passed down to Narset by the Temur shamans, who in turn will pass it down to Tamyo and her children on Kamigawa! Now imagine if the Story Circle shared it with Teferi or someone else who could bring things full circle and fill in a major gap in Dominarian history. Smile

    This would actually be very potent and interesting in Tamiyo’s hands.

    -We know that Tamiyo is likely gonna make an appearance on Ravnica due to some poster art

    -we know that Tamiyo’s magic incorporates stories, and oral and written traditions in addition to hear skills of deduction and observation.

    I wonder how potent the story of an Elder Dragon’s birth, coming of age, etc would be in the hands of such s mage?

    Hmmmm.... It's entirely possible that Tamiyo might even have this story already. Narset was an Ojutai master and is a part of Tamiyo's story circle. This seems like just the type of story Tamiyo would be interested in and Narset could easily know it well enough to share it with her.

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    posted a message on The "I Like You" game
    Dawnfire Flamekin 4RW
    Creature - Elemental Warrior
    Whenever ~ deals combat damage to another player you may sacrifice it. If you do untap all creatures you control, after this phase there is an additional combat phase, then if that was your third combat phase this turn you win the game.
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    posted a message on TheMarySue - New Planeswalker Vivien Reid + Vivien's Invocation
    Oh, I must have missed that article. Anyhow, if Vivian is really meant to be a replacement for Nissa, but with less baggage, and for Garruk, without reversing course on the direction of his character development, then we're bound to get an interesting version sooner or later. Chandra Nalaar and Jace Beleren are snoozers if not for being among the first batch, and Ajani Goldmane and Sarkhan Vol only had interesting ultimates.

    And the complaints about her name are silly imo. Her last name isn't going to appear outside of this card and flavor text, and a bunch of planeswalkers already have real-world first names. I like seeing names that aren't random jumbles of syllables from time to time.

    I agree the name complaint is a rather silly.

    Arlinn is also a real name.
    Elspeth is a real name.
    Jaya and Kaya are both real names.
    Sorin is am real name.
    Ral might not be a real name(dunno), but Zarek IS.

    Hell MOST of the Gatewatch have real names. Liliana, Jace, Chandra, Gideon; all real names. I went to highschool with a girl named Liliana, though she did tend to just go by Lily.

    That said I agree that she feel very bland, but then I find most of the mono-colored PW's bland, because they tend to be so hyper-focused on "What does this color do/mean" instead of "Who is this character."
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from Shadowkill »
    Am I the only one who will be upset if Bolas is defeated even by a team of 20 walkers, most of whom would be new? He is the oldest, smartest, and strongest entity we know of, and to be beaten by people who collectively aren't even half his age seems ridiculous to me. The Phyrexian Threat has to be dealt with on a plane by plane basis because we don't know how many planes Karn tracked his oil-laden boots to. The Eldrazi are technically a single entity now contained, but we have yet to learn the ramifications of 2 dead, 1 imprisoned. Garruk and Ob are mere nuisances; one being a walker serial killer and the other being a conquest hungry warlord. Yet Bolas should be considered way more powerful than all of them, and easily at that. Ever since Alara block, I have worried that they turned Bolas from this *Evil because I don't care what happens to others but I want my god power back* into *I want to destroy worlds and twirl my moustache*. Obviously Wotc is being secretive about his end goal and if he is actually making all these moves in order to harness sparks and regain his godhead, then I would accept that, but you don't live and learn for as long as bolas has and die to some young adults; this isn't scooby doo..... at least I would like if it weren't.

    That's honestly the problem with Bolas.

    He's been so built up by creative and by the community itself. He's SO old, and SO powerful, and SO cunning, etc. that there's simply no feasible way to defeat him and not have it come across like some asspull deus ex machina.

    That actually makes him a bad character, IMO. Not evil, BAD.
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    posted a message on "I Don't Like You" game.
    Nose to the Grindstone 2UU
    When ~ enters the battlefield draw a card for each tapped creature you control.
    Discard a card: Untap target creature.

    (Interestingly, this also interacts positively with Icy Winds.)
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from mapccu »
    Didn't like the hand waving that Chandra just stumbles accross Jaya's aether trail on dominaria.

    Honestly I expect nothing less from (a member of) the Gatewatch.

    Blindly stumbling on the answer to their problems has been their modus operandi from day one.
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from Yatsufusa »
    I really hope the Raven Man is a separate entity (whether Lim-Dul or not) and not just Doctor Jest 2.0. As I said before, I feel Liliana's story (and character) rather cliche and while it was initially fun to speculate, Bolas himself and his plans (being behind almost everything) is also starting to feel cliche and if the Raven Man is both of those combined I think the Raven Man will become the most boring thing I've actually read in hindsight. I'd rather the Raven Man be an impediment to Bolas's control over Liliana, but not to the Gatewatch's benefit either. Also, the Chain Veil is probably irrelevant "demon #5" at this point, Bolas has demonstrated it is effectively worthless against him and it has been proven both the Veil and the Raven Man were terrified (and most likely outmatched) of Emrakul. So basically Liliana is being "controlled" by a power-level of Veil < Raven Man < Bolas, but in three different directions at once... unless Emrakul did hijack into Liliana as well.

    It's a bit sad to say, but I think Jodah got the oldwalker treatment due to his immortality (yes I know he wasn't one and in fact hated them, but it just makes it even more ironic), except he's less arrogant and more of complacent instead (at least he went "Oh no" and was listening to solutions rather then "It's not my fault it's theirs" like some Sphinx did...), but it still seems all out-of-place.

    The whole artifact debacle is also rather confusing, because we don't have the timeline for Blackblade's arrival and there's a lot of dementia magic involved. Was Thom sent in after Blackblade arrived and he had the knowledge of Blackblade, or did he successfully sneak Blackblade out (to New Argive) and got abandoned, or did he sneak something else out (or failed to sneak something out) and had Blackblade overwritten as a disguise, or was he sent in before Blackblade, was mentally transmitted of Belzenlok acquiring the Blade and since he didn't sneak the artifact out, Blackblade was the only memory they could see? I feel like blaming Jodah for just saying "it's missing" without specifying what it is, because the wand could also just be anything...

    The story is well structured, but I can feel the missing-information-rifts when it comes to trying to associate old characters with new plotlines (Karn's refusal to speak to Jhoira, Jodah's relative carelessness, the artifact confusion), but even with that I really like Gideon & Liliana feel like they're two kids when placed beside these ageless characters. In a way it almost feels like they're saying "even complacent confused older characters are somewhat more mature than the young Gatewatch". Only Raff felt even younger, but hey the new Weatherlight crew are the actual kids of the story to start with...

    (emphasis mine)

    Occam's Razor would suggest that simply taking the stories in chronological order (with the timelines of Jhoira's recruitment mission and Tiana/Arvad's story overlapping) puts the delivery of the Blackblade to Belzenlok 2-3months ago, which is a good amount of time for Thom to know about it before infiltrating Tolaria West (particularly given that Belzenlok definitely doesn't seem the type to hide that he has it in his possession).

    The artifact Thom was stealing reasonably was the thus-far-unnamed wand. Because again, if Thom has succeeded in his mission of stealing Blackblade from Tolaria West why would he come back?
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    posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Quote from NZB2323 »
    Quote from dzonny »
    In the last scene, they say that Blackblade is already in Stronghold.

    Right, the spy(Thom) smuggled the Blackblade to the stronghold. They got information from the brain spell while interrogating him about the stolen artifact.

    Except Thom never left the tower after he snuck in (and if he was there to steal the Blackblade, and had managed to do so, why on earth would he come/be sent back?).

    Beyond that Episode One of the Domianria story specifies that Needle (the agent who brought the Blackblade in) was infiltrating New Argive, not Tolaria West.
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    posted a message on Detailed Dominaria Map
    Quote from Kman »
    I think this map is a little more high res because you can actually read the small print boxes. Might want to work off that.

    "At Madara the Elder Dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas dueled another Planeswalker, a demonic leviathan, to the death"

    "In the years following the destruction of the original Tolarian Academy, the students and professors dispersed and founded new academies across Dominaria"

    "Shiv is a large island isolated by a vast ocean. The calderas and vents of large submerged volcanoes have formed a ring of smaller islands around it"

    "---?--- was stripped here to fuel the machines of the brothers war, and Urza's Golgothian Sylex was detonated here"

    Fairly certain on these changes.^^

    No clue on the last one, but it starts with a T (compare to Tolaria). Tavidor? Teridour? I'm not that familiar with the specifics of the Dominaria storyline as I started playing with OG Mirrodin.
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