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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    I mean this plane does have lots of demons and devils so he fit right in.
    What colors is he suppose to be I assume Black at minimum? Although he is not really Red which doesn't really fit Rakdos I guess its fine if he is monoblack. Maybe a devil and demon tribal like sarkhan fireblood.

    I bet they push his card considering who wrote him. Card wise.

    He was a fun character though although I am still tired of so many Humans. I hope he the last one for awhile.
    Sanderson said he originally pitched Davriel as a monoblack heroic character, but he thinks that Dimir or Esper also fit, depending on the needs of the set. (He's a black character who utilizes blue means and has some (more minor) white (orderly) characteristics.)
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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Trailer
    I mean the problem with say Koth showing up is why would he care about Ravnica. I mean Phyrexia is a threat on the level of Bolas and no one is helping him. Karn will come back eventually but I don't see why Koth would give an ef about Ravnica.

    I would say legendary creature would be temp as trapping characters who don't care about Ravnica on Ravnica would be a waste of time.

    I don't think Koth would give a damn about Ravnica. There's nothing (to my knowledge) even saying that he knows about Ravnica, or that the beacon includes any sort of information at all.

    I think the reason he'd show up to investigate is because, ostensibly, in all the years he's been capable of traveling between planes, never once has he ever experienced and event where a signal or message of any kind has proved capable of breaching the barrier between worlds. NOT investigating would be as if humans were capable of interstellar travel, received what could be the first ever signal from another civilization, and then simply decided not to bother checking it out.
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  • posted a message on War of The Spark Trailer
    Quote from Leaf »
    Quote from Watchwolf »
    Quote from jshrwd »

    Or, at least, "lots of them lose their PW spark"
    Bolas stealing their sparks makes more sense to me.

    He promised to Ral, Vraska, Domri, Dovin, and Kaya positions of power over their guilds. It would make sense that Bolas would play the "guess you won't be needing this anymore" card and steal their sparks, trapping them permanently on Ravnica as legendary creatures.

    And then, of course, there's the fact that he plans to lure the Gatewatch to Ravnica too, probably to steal their sparks also.

    I am a bit confused about where the Immortal Sun and the Eternal army come into his plan, but whatever.

    Immortal Sun: Otherwise, they might figure out what's happening and escape. This way, they figure out what's happening, they're still stuck on Ravnica.

    Not sure what the Eternals are for though.
    If the assumption is correct that every walker gets their spark taken and becomes depowered, they are going to have to deal with Nicol Bolas's personal army of eternals and are more likely to die in their spark-less state.

    That makes sense, though Bolas already has what he wants.

    I'd caution I wouldn't take this too literally. One of those windows is Koth, why would he be on Ravnica again, other than "Everyone is here!"

    Ral modified Project Lightning Bug to function as a planeswalker beacon, depending on the details of that, it could be as simple as him seeing the batsignal and wondering what the heck is going on. He pops in to see what's happening and gets trapped because Bolas brought along the Immortal Sun. There really doesn't need to be a greater explanation than that.
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  • posted a message on Status of the guilds - pro or con Bolas?
    Quote from user-21171494 »
    Could you tell me where the information, that trostani is preparing for war comes from? Smile Would love to know ^^

    The three Dryads that make up Trostani are actually in disagreement on what they (and thus the guild) should be doing. Ses/Order favors working with the other Guilds, Oba/Life favors focusing on strengthening the Conclave from within, while Cim/Harmony has fallen silent. Their inability to agree on a course of action isn't really a pro-Bolas stance, but it does favor Bolas in that they're disorganized and unprepared to oppose him. With Trostani is disagreement, Emmara is the one stepping up to try and align the Concalve with the other Guilds. This information comes from the Guilds of Ravnica Art Book.

    It's similar to the situation with the Simic; Current prime speaker Vannifar (leader of the Adaptationist faction of the Combine) has directed the Guild's actions to prepare for conflict, where former prime speaker Zegana (who leads the Utopian faction of the Combine) favors an isolationist approach which would work in favor of Bolas even if not actually aligned with him, because the Simic are one of Ravnica's primary innovators (the other being Izzet), and WOULDN'T be prepared to fight him for control.

    All of the guilds have factions that favor Bolas - directly or indirectly - it's mostly just a matter of if those factions are currently in charge.

    Azorius - Is currently run by Dovin Baan, a Bolas agent, who's been expanding Azorius power and cracking down really harshly on several of the other guilds, sowing a LOT of resentment. Lavinia opposes him, but thus far it doesn't look like much of anyone else in the guild does. Looks more like she's on her own, or if there ARE other people within the Azorius who oppose the new Guildmaster, they seem to be very few.
    Boros - Aurelia is trying to cooperate with the other guilds, where Tajic is of the opinion that the Boros should only worry about protecting itself. (Almost a direct inversion of their viewpoints from the previous block, where Tajic was the one in favor of cooperation.) Tajic's stance obviously favors Bolas, since it would mean that the Guild wouldn't come to the aid of other Guilds in trouble when he takes over.
    Dimir - Lazav is still in charge, and it looks like he isn't happy that someone is trying to muscle in on his turf. Etrata isn't Bolas aligned, but she's in favor of getting rid of the old guard (such as Lazav) and making way for new people. The resulting power vacuum would likely throw the Dimir into chaos, making them a non-threat to Bolas.
    Golgari - Vraska is the current Guildmaster and is loyal to Bolas, until such a time as she gets her memories restored. Izoni is the current Matka (high priestess of the Devkarin elves), who while not-known if she's anti-Bolas IS apparently anti-Vraska. (The Devkarin lost a lot of influence within the Guild when Jarad was killed.)
    Gruul - These guys seem to be the outliers, in that there's really no anti-Bolas faction that we can see. They're pretty much all in on the end of days thing and both leaders that got a card in this set (Domri Rade and Nikya) are full steam ahead to just wreck the place. About the only indication that anyone opposes them is the fact that Ruric Thar flat out doesn't like Domri. That's not an indication that he opposes the end of days shtick, just that he's not a fan of Domri personally.
    Izzet - Niv went into seclusion to do some secret, personal research and left Ral Zerek in charge as a sort of temporary guildleader. We know that Ral is or was in Bolas' employ at the time of the Amonkhet storyline, but thus far there's been no real indication that he's actively working towards Bolas's goals. In fact, the information from the art book seems to indicate that Ral is actively working against Bolas (or the unknown threat that turns out to be Bolas). Who/What/Where/Why/How? None of that is explained. It kinda really just seems like Ral did a job for Bolas (because if Bolas wants to hire you for a job, you don't say no - if you value your life, that is), but has no idea what Bolas is doing/planning and is just being manipulated by him.
    Orzhov - Bolas hired Kaya to off the Ghost Council, then told her to take over. While she's in charge, she's been releasing all the bound spirits from guild control. She freed Teysa from Orzhov prison, and while we haven't seen much in the way of interation between the two, Teysa's been gunning for Guild leadership for a long time, and is just coming off a failed coup herself, so there's bound to be some resentment that Kaya beat her to it. Plus, by releasing the spirits, Kaya's directly undermining the Orzhov's power, and no doubt throwing Ravnica into economic disarray. (The Orzhov control the plane's economy, and contractual obligation and bound servitude are a key part of the Guild's strength.)
    Rakdos - Still lead by Rakdos, who would/will oppose Bolas, just because Ravnica is HIS. Opposed by Judith, who's not pro-Bolas, but is anti-Rakdos. She's flat out resentful and jealous of the reverence the Guild gives to the demon, who spends all his time sleeping and doing nothing worthy of their devotion. She's looking to steal the show from him.
    Selesnya - See above
    Simic - See Above

    A LOT of this is from the art book, since what few story articles we're getting for the Ravnica sets don't feature any of the actual relevant plotlines in the slightest, which irks me to no end.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Final Day: Maelstrom Nexus
    Quote from tstorm823 »
    Oros, the Avenger

    I'm happy we haven't done this one before, just so I get to type Oros, the Avenger. Of the hit and they do something dragons, I think this one suffers least or close to least from the "no, don't die from commander damage, I want to keep hitting you!" effect.

    I've been thinking about doing a Commander deck for him for a long time. Mostly just for Nostalgia's sake.

    I used to have just a jank kitchen table deck based around him, where all my creatures were multi-/hybrid- with white, so his ability was always one-sided (unless one of my friends was playing white).

    I also always tend to find myself gravitating towards Mardu/Boros/Monowhite anyway, even though I know red and white aren't in a great place in the format.
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  • posted a message on Weekly MTG previews
    Quote from fleshrum »
    is this the first reference to "monocolored" on a card? Or is there a card from dissension that says it as well? Are these the only two?

    There are six cards previously to reference monocolored:
    Awe for the Guilds
    Defiler of Souls
    Govern the Guildless
    Guardian of the Guildpact
    Sultai Charm
    Ultimate Price
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  • posted a message on Weekly MTG previews
    Quote from Gutterstorm »
    *sniffle* What a good boy. T__T

    No kidding, right? I legit teared up reading the flavor text. We don't deserve dogs.
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  • posted a message on Reddit Preview? Sphinx of New Prahv
    Anyone remember the days when a 4/3 flying, vigilance, pseudo-hexproof for 4 mana wasn't ridiculed for being too weak/plain/boring/underpowered? At uncommon, even.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Art Book -Spoilers
    Quote from The Fluff »
    Quote from 5colors »
    Got my art and have been skimming through still but I figured I'd put the plot point the books spills. I will say a bunch of us figured out several things what happened. For the Bolas plot is groups it by the walkers;


    Thanks for sharing your art book contents 5colors. Smile

    Niv trying to power himself up. He knows a threat is coming. Can a powered up Niv-Mizzet fight Bolas 1 vs 1?
    Also thinking it would be an swesome sight if Bolas arrives with his army of Eternals.

    Why is Jace missing? He did not come home to Ravnica after the Ixalan adventure?

    Dovin making spy thopters for the Azorious. The police would surely be glad to have robot drones in their arsenal. XD

    Kaya freeing people and ghosts from the loan sharks. She is a good person in the story?

    The timline is a bit wonky, really. This part of the Ravnica story is supposed to overlap with Ixalan, so Jace isn't there because he's marooned off-plane. All of Kaya's, Domri's, Dovin's, Niv-Mizzet's and Ral's actions primarily take place while Jace is missing, and Vraska becomes the new Golgari guildmaster when she gets back.

    The pacing is odd, because we know from the Golgari short story that Vraska's been back for weeks now, but there's been no mention of Jace, so either Creative is just really bad at timelines, or he got back, quickly saw how bad things are, and went into hiding, only letting key people know that he had returned.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Art Book -Spoilers
    Quote from Goryo »
    I'm mildly annoyed that they didn't kill Borborygmos. His fall has already been foreshadowed, and yet they still can't seem to bring themselves to kill off a popular legend.

    Then again, the body count in the next set will probably be insane, so they could just be pacing themselves.

    I'm still a little confused as to what Bolas' plans are for taking over the guilds. No word yet at all on what he expects Ral to do? Or what he wants Vraska to do? Or Domri, or Kaya? What is he trying to achieve with these takeovers?

    Indeed, everything in the art book indicates that Ral is actively working against Bolas, and yet we know that he's under Bolas' influence. Unless he's very deep cover...

    But then... if Ral's deep cover for Bolas, why would Dovin have to sabotage the empowerment device? Why wouldn't Dovin/Ral/Bolas have just flipped it to empower Bolas even further, instead of Niv?

    I have so many unanswered questions... and knowing that we're probably going to have to wait for that stupid book to be released before we get any answers is really annoying me.
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  • posted a message on Smothering Tithe
    Thinking about it, this might be a way to make main-phasing Emergency Powers seem less risky. You're likely to get enough treasure tokens out of it to still have mana for a response if needed (in a multiplayer game you might even get enough to play out your hand, and still hold up a counter).
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  • posted a message on Smothering Tithe
    "I get mana when you draw cards."

    Certainly interesting for white.
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  • posted a message on Judith, the Scourge Diva, Bankrupt in Blood (artworks only)
    Ok, Judith looks awesome, even though I normally hate the Rakdos aesthetic (horns and spikes and chains and skulls AND HORNED SKULLS ON SPIKED CHAINS!!!!11RAWR).

    Bankrupt in Blood makes me think it'll be this set's Exsanguinate/Debt to the Deathless variant.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    It's also possible that the new Simic leader isn't part of the "Bolas aligned" faction, rather that Zegana is.

    There's no reason to assume that the pro-Bolas factions KNOW that they're advancing Bolas' agenda, and it's possible that Zegana's more passive, non-interventionist/confrontational ways suit Bolas just fine. The other Simic faction seems to think that a battle is coming and want to prepare for that, where as Zegana isn't a proponent for the effectual "arms race" meaning that her faction could in fact be the one that benefits Bolas the most, given that Simic isn't a Bolas aligned Guild.

    Inaction on the part of the Simic benefits Bolas, in that they're not prepared to oppose him.

    From the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica:
    The Holdfast encourages the Simic to promote nature; the Upwelling urges them to perfect nature. The end result is the same: a hastened system of evolution that brings out the best in every creature's nature. But different factions within the Simic Combine interpret these
    principles in their own ways.
    The leadership of the Simic Combine represents the traditional philosophy of the Utopians. Their vision is of an ideal world in which nature and civilization exist in balance, in which natural life adapts to life in the midst of modern civilization and the civilized world adapts
    to accommodate these creatures. Utopians generally interpret the Holdfast principle as being about staying rooted in nature, and the Upwelling as concerned with slow, predictable, cyclical improvement. So they remain hidden in their subaquatic laboratories, pursuing their research while isolated from the volatile interrelationships among the other guilds. Prime Speaker Zegana encourages that isolationist attitude.
    At the same time, a growing faction within the Simic believes that an a ll-out war among the guilds is inevitable, given the growing unrest in the city. These members, the Adaptationists, believe that the guilds exist in a fragile ecosystem in which the slightest imbalance can have cascading effects. With an absent Living Guildpact failing to maintain the balance, only catastrophe can result. The Simic must change in order to survive, and slow, small steps in pursuit of an ideal vision aren't enough. The future of the guild is in imminent danger,
    and the Simic need to focus on survival. Adaptationists tend to interpret the Holdfast as being about defensa and security, and the Upwelling as a call for sudden, disruptive
    As befits members of a guild of scientists, the Adaptationists' preparations for war include the creation of soldiers that are magically and biologically adapted.
    The Guardian Project has yielded hybrids that combine human, elf, or vedalken stock with the characteristics of crabs, fish, jellyfish, and a variety of other creatures to give them natural armor and weapons, gills, venomous stings, and other combat-focused adaptations.
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    Quote from OathboundOne »
    Kaya, there's simply no room for one of them to be a red herring.

    Given that the Ozbedat aren't exactly good guys and there was already a plan in the works to overthrow them, Kaya being a Bolas Agent could be a false assumption, not expecting it but it wouldn't kill WOTC to subvert our expectations once in a blue moon.
    But that would mean only 2 Bolas planeswalkers.

    We've specifically been told that there are three Bolas aligned Guilds. That each of those Guilds is lead by a planeswalker that matches the Guild's colors, and that RNA will have three planeswalkers.

    The only way that Kaya, Domri, or Dovin could be a red herring is if WotC has been outright lying to us. Not being vague. Not obfuscating. Out and out lying.

    *cough cough the Simic have a new leader too cough cough*

    Which isn't a planeswalker. Because that would mean RNA had FOUR, not three*. And since she's not a planeswalker, that means that she doesn't fit the requirements for Simic being a Bolas aligned Guild.

    *Because we have no reason to believe that one of Dovin, Domri or Kaya doesn't have a card in RNA.
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