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  • posted a message on R/U : Masterpiece Theater
    Just played a couple quick games with it. I think you really want Fiery Tempers in the list. There's a lot of aggro out there - particularly RW decks running stuff like Smuggler's Copter. Maybe consider switching the numbers for the Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice - I ran into a few times where I couldn't afford to discard 2. Either I didn't have 2 in hand or really didn't want to pitch something important.

    Neat deck list - I'll keep trying to test it out!
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  • posted a message on Aetherworks Marvel Decks
    What about casting a Conduit of Ruin and using its ability in order to 'tutor' before activating Aetherworks Marvel? Could just be unnecessary if you're generating enough energy to activate the Marvel multiple times per game...
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Evolution. Please let's do something with this card in Standard.
    The problem with World Breaker and Bruna, the Fading Light in this kind of deck is that their abilities are on-cast triggers, not ETB triggers. Ulamog has the same problem, but I think he's much better here than Bruna and World Breaker since he presents a 2 to 3 turn clock and is indestructible which will protect him from "destroy" based removal spells.

    Quote from Ronnie328 »
    Madnessing the twins is a great idea. I looked at World Breaker, but his ability is when cast, so I didn't include him.

    Holy cow, I can't believe I forgot it was on cast Sweat
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Evolution. Please let's do something with this card in Standard.
    Just my two cents --

    In the last standard I tried to put together a deck that tried to cheat out Defiant Bloodlord and use Landfall with Retreat to Kazandu and Nissa's Renewal to drain out the opponent. It was a pretty janky list but the fastest way I found was:

    Turn 2: Noose Constrictor or Heir of Falkenrath
    Turn 3: Land, Discard to Constrictor or Heir to Madness out Twins of Maurer Estate
    Turn 4: Eldritch Evolution the Twins into Defiant Bloodlord

    It seemed to me that Madness was the best way to cheat on Eldritch Evolution value. Turn 4 7-drop was about the fastest I could work out but one person mentioned: "At that point you might as well play a Gx Ramp deck and get about the same value, but more permanently". I'm sure with Nissa's Pilgrimage and Explosive Vegetation leaving, things could possibly be a bit different now.

    I mostly agree with the people above -- things could very well go south for you if you put all this effort into cheating out a big creature, only to have it quickly removed. Your payoff creature needs to make a large enough impact for Eldritch Evolution to really shine.

    Another good EE target I haven't seen mentioned yet: World Breaker. He seems like he could make a comeback with all the artifacts running about in Kaladesh.
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  • posted a message on 40 Lands
    It seems like the deck relies more on Crawling Sensation than Molten Vortex. Vortex seems to be a way to get value from ditching the lands in your hand - especially on the opponents turn in order to create more insects. So, I think ultimately you want to go wide with Insects, ping with Vortex, and swing in with man-lands.

    I just got done playing a match against RB Vampires and winning 2-0. Both games I was able to have Crawling Sensation in my opening hand (maybe just pure luck). Game 1 I was able to drop a Fevered Visions on T3 before my Crawling Sensation on T4 so I could keep filling my hand. The insects you get each turn were enough to slow down the aggro before I drew into a Vortex to be able to ping his guys and produce more blockers on the opponent's turn. Eventually I had enough 1/1s to flip Westvale Abbey and just forget about holding up blockers and swing in for massive damage. Game 2 was a bit more of the same thing - get Crawling Sensation up for blockers and just take damage or chump until I could get Abbey flipped. Both were fairly easy wins.

    Luckily I didn't have to mulligan for my games but I imagine that you can't get too upset to see a land-heavy opener. I mean, its bound to happen when 2/3rds of the deck is Land. I think you just need to stay with a hand that gets you enough action to get going. I think in Game 2 my opening hand only had a Crawling Sensation and a Retreat to Kazandu (boarded in) as the only spells.

    Again, this was my only game I played with it so I'm sure "results may vary".
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  • posted a message on Lifegain Madness Turbo (WIP)! (Credits to Ronnie328 for the idea)
    Kind of sticking to the theme of the thread (with just a tad bit of Madness, Turbo, and Lifegain):

    I've always been a fan of Defiant Bloodlord (in the decklist you posted above) and was thinking of how to "turbo" him out (since he costs so much - 7 mana Uhh ). The best combo I could come up with is with Madnessing out Twins of Maurer Estate, then Eldritch Evolution on them to 'cheat' out the Bloodlord. Once he's out then we can use the Retreats' Landfall abilities as well as Nissa's Renewal for lots of drain. Heres a VERY rough list I put together:

    Again, it is a very rough draft of a possible Bloodlord list that I put together in a few minutes. It could potentially cheat out Bloodlord as quickly as turn 4 but contains other ways to get to him out fast with Explosive Vegetations. If worst comes to worst, then we can just use the Retreats to pump our smaller guys and use the lifegain to stay alive. I think the 'combo' is a bit weak if we can't find all the pieces -- Eldritch Evolution only really gets value if you can cast it on the Twins or a vampire token so I'd imagine it'd be a 'dead card' most of the time or you could discard it to the Heir or Call the Bloodline
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  • posted a message on Lifegain Madness Turbo (WIP)! (Credits to Ronnie328 for the idea)
    I liked the idea of the deck so I gave it a try last night. I only had time to get in one match though (against a sort of Mardu Control deck). Luckily, I ended up winning. Here's a few thoughts I had:

    Too many lands? -- At times I felt like I was getting flooded in my draws and seeing that the most mana-expensive card in the list is 3cmc, I'm not sure you need 24 lands. I think I cut a Plains while sideboarding and I think its possible to cut a few more. Like I said, I only got in one match so it could very well just have been "luck of the draw".

    Fragile/weak creatures -- Yes, I get the point of the deck is to turn Lone Rider into a 4/4 Trampler, but a few times I was stuck with it just as a 1/1. The First Strike helps but my opponent would sometimes just hold up a Shambling Vent or keep their 3/2 back to block so I couldn't even ping them for a tiny bit of damage. Anything 1/2 or stronger can just sit back and play defense against most our creatures and a Languish or Radiant Flames can undo everything. I was able to get Ayli onto the battlefield and even use her Exile ability once but she was easily Fiery Tempered shortly after. I think I only saw one Serene Steward and I think she would've helped a lot in pumping my guys a bit bigger if I could've gotten her going -- which leads me to..

    More instant-speed lifegain? -- At one point in the game I was sitting in a board stall where I couldn't really attack favorably unless I could get my Serene Steward to buff my 4/4. Unfortunately, the only type of lifegain I had was through my lifelink attacker -- but my opponent also had 4 first strike damage that would connect before I could get the buff. At times I was hoping that I had some sort of combat trick like Tandem Tactics in my hand. Maybe a good addition?

    More Madness -- I was very satisfied with Peace of Mind but I was hoping I could get more use out of it. I did include a Voldaren Pariah in my sideboard that I brought in. I think she is a good addition to the deck even though I didn't have a chance to transform her (she still holds that threat)

    Still, I really liked the direction of the deck and I know its still WIP. Here are a few cards that I used for sideboarding or I think could fit well in the deck going forward:

    Anguished Unmaking -- the life loss here doesn't really worry us too much.
    Grasp of Darkness -- Hopefully an obvious inclusion. The "go-to black removal" nowadays. For stuff we can't attack through
    Drana's Emissary -- Evasion and Lifegain
    Tandem Tactics -- Combat trick and lifegain
    Voldaren Pariah -- Evasion and a potential finisher
    Grotesque Mutation -- The Mardu deck played it against me. I think this could be a good combat trick with Lone Rider both before and after it flips
    Malakir Familiar -- Evasion and deathtouch if you need to really stop an attacker. Lone Rider's First Strike Lifelink can pump the Familiar every time they swing in together. If you add a Tandem Tactics on top, it'll hit as a 5/5 flying deathtouch-er Gaping

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  • posted a message on Featured Thread 9/16: Geralf's Zombies
    I could see you wanting to cast it T3 against something like White Weenies. Even if you plan on waiting on T7 to cast it, Karsten's math suggest 9 black sources. I just think if your trying to jam 4 Sunken Hollow/Choked Estuary, 4 Smoldering Marsh/Foreboding Ruins, and 1-4 Swamps you run the risk of slowing your whole deck down and missing your T2 Infiltrator or not having double red for a Lightning Axe/Fiery Temper combo

    You're more than welcome to try it out. I just think its a bit unnecessary since the deck is already fairly decent at controlling the board with burn.
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  • posted a message on Featured Thread 9/16: Geralf's Zombies
    I don't really think its a good idea to complicate the manabase just for 4 cards (we don't necessarily need black to play Amalgam). Using Karsten's Mana Guide you'd essentially need 12 black sources in the deck to reliably cast Prized Amalgams and/or Radiant Flames on turn 3.

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  • posted a message on Featured Thread 9/16: Geralf's Zombies
    Sure thing.

    Nahiri's Wrath (when I've used it) has been mostly good against taking out a big or well-defended Planeswalker or two 3,4,or 5 toughness creatures. Not sure if replacing it for Return would satisfy that need. I also haven't faced any match-ups (yet, at least) where I've needed/wanted a 2 damage sweeper. Hey, if it works for you then that's cool.

    I did think about Fevered Visions at one point. Maybe I could sideboard the Wraths to make room.

    I'd be curious to see how the original build fares against the top decks of the meta before I make too many changes. Its weird how I didn't play any Bant Company last night
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  • posted a message on Featured Thread 9/16: Geralf's Zombies
    Played against a few decks:

    GB Emerge/Zulaport Cutthroat deck -- Foul Emissary, Catacomb Sifter, Distended Mindbender, & various Scion producers. First game I just played 2 Stitchwings and kept attacking in the air. He couldn't draw any removal (used an earlier Ultimate Price on my Infiltrator) and they went unblocked the rest of the game. He was able to cast one Mindbender but all I had in hand was an Amalgam and a land. Game 2 I sided in a few more Galvanic Blasts and was able to keep his Zulaports and Emissaries off the board with burn and just kept swinging in with an Eldrazi Horror (I was able to get one hit in with Infiltrator before he was Ultimate Priced again) until he scooped.

    GB Delirium -- First game he conceded on turn three because he accidentally skipped through his first two turns Confused Game two I was able to burn his Grim Flayer and Tireless Tracker. He played a Liliana and before he passed to his end step, I brought back a Stitchwing and Amalgam to the battlefield and take her out. He Grasp of Darknessed and Dead Weight-ed both of them, played another Liliana and I just recurred my zombies once again. He ended up scooping. Not sure what was going on with my opponent, honestly.

    Mono R Burn -- I got a slow start Game 1 then I took a few burn spells to the face, 2 'bolts' from casting Lightning Axes on 2 Thunderbreaks, a couple other random damage, and an Exquisite Firecraft finisher. Game 2 I burned his first Thermo-Alchemist and Weaver of Lightning. He got stuck on 3 lands and I powered out a Chandra (sided in) and tried to race him. He scooped. Game 3 I burned his Neonate and Alchemist. He passed a few turns and played slow - wasn't sure if he flooded out or just was trying to think what to do next. He eventually played a Thunderbreak, I axed it and brought back a Stitchwing bringing 2 Amalgams back. He scooped and said "I'm too high for this". Laughing

    RB Vampires -- Game 1 I just got overwhelmed with creatures. Game 2 turned into topdeck wars. He had a Haunted Dead that he kept recurring but I had more power bringing back my Stitchwing and 2 Amalgams. Game 3 I was able to burn away his madness enabling creatures and eventually powered out a Geralf's Masterpiece. He didn't really have anything big enough to handle it and I ended up winning.

    I think that's it for now -- I may play a bit more later. All-in-all I think the deck does fairly well. I still don't really like Nahiri's Wrath - maybe I'm still using it wrong but I just find myself dumping my hand way too fast when I decide to play it.

    Unfortunately I didn't to bring in the Bedlam Reveler for these games. I really think it would've done well in the instances where I was empty-handed too quickly.
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  • posted a message on Featured Thread 9/16: Geralf's Zombies
    I didn't think of Bedlam Reveler -- could be a pretty good replacement for Jace to get that extra draw.

    I have, but only a few games with it. Obviously the best start you want is T2 Infiltrator, T3 attack then pitch an Amalgam for the 3/2 Eldrazi. The Infiltrator start can get stopped early if an opponent plays a T2 JVP or 1/x creature (but nowadays we usually only see T2 Sylvan Advocate/Duskwatch Recruiter/etc.) The 3/2 is great against holding off an early Advocate/Recruiter if it does come down and no skin off our back if it trades.

    A seemingly early mistake I think I made was pitching and playing Stitchwings into and from the graveyard too soon. I agree with you -- instead of trying to fill the board early, I should've tried to play the mid-game with this list.

    The only match-up I can really recall was against GB Delirium. Infiltrators can do well getting past their Grim Flayers and the 'pseudo-flash' of playing Stichwings from the grave helps get around Liliana's +1. Getting multiple Amalgams back into the game really weakens the effect of their 1-for-1 removal spells and Languish only takes them out temporarily. I believe I did get a bit stonewalled when I was up against a Game 2 Kalitas. Luckily I was able to get a Masterpiece online and could avoid the ground game.

    I do remember playing someone with a JVP (why I mentioned it above) - maybe a Sultai build - but not much else about that particular game. I haven't played against any of the more menacing decks like Bant Company, White Weenie, or Spirits yet. I could see Reflector Mage not being great against Amalgam - we just use it for discard fodder again. Spell Queller could be decent against us but I think we have a lot of removal and we kind of get around him sometimes by playing from the graveyard rather than 'casting' creatures. Still, they have a lot of good threats.

    I may dust this one off and try it a bit more. Hopefully I can give you a better rundown afterwards Smile
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  • posted a message on Featured Thread 9/16: Geralf's Zombies
    Just jumping into the conversation after seeing discussion around Wharf Infiltrator/Prized Amalgam so I apologize if the deck below is not the direction you're heading

    I was reading TCGPlayer the other day and spotted an article on the atypical decks to come from the new set. Here's Yoshio Miyake's "UR Madness" Zombie deck:

    It runs a playset of Prized Amalgam without any black sources. Its essentially just fuel for discard in this deck so you can usually have a decent card to pitch to Wharf Infiltrator or Tormenting Voice.

    I originally thought it was crazy to run 4-of a completely dead card in the deck but it runs pretty well. It can play at almost instant speed with all the back-from-the-graveyard Skaabs (though I found you usually want to play them at full cost early in the game so you aren't empty handed the rest of the matchup).

    I'm not sure I like Nahiri's Wrath (maybe I just haven't figured out how to play it properly) but it does give you a great way to take out multiple creatures/planeswalkers. The deck doesn't need too many lands in play so if we start to flood out we can just hold on to them and possibly pitch them all with a Geralf's Masterpiece for a big sweeper. Yes, its effective but I just feel like emptying my hand to clear the board just leaves me in a spot where I don't have a great follow-up play. Masterpiece benefits from us being Hellbent but if the opponent has a quick answer for it we can be left struggling.
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  • posted a message on G/B Aristocrat Indignation
    I agree, Liliana's Indignation is not exactly what you'd call a very reliable card. I guess I had been thinking that the mana cost won't be an issue if we can ultimately mill out a bunch of lands, play Splendid Reclamation, and basically ramp ourselves into a big enough Indignation in the next turn(s) where it will be hard to whiff badly.

    If we can connect with a Grim Flayer, we can even set up the top of the deck to produce a successful Indignation on our 2nd Main so we don't always have to be casting them 'blind' or only following a Gravepurge.

    Maybe 4 copies is too many - particularly if we run Den Protectors. Probably worth testing to know for sure. I just usually go with the rule of thumb of "you should run 1 copy of a card if its a situational/toolbox card or a pricey finisher, 2 copies if you wouldn't mind seeing it maybe once per game, 3 copies if you want to draw it about once per game but multiples are fine, and 4 copies if you'd like to be drawing into it multiple times a game". I could be totally wrong by that. How Suspicious...

    I think Dead Weight is a fine replacement for Crop Sigil. I skimped on removal with the thought that we'd try to go all-in on Indignation. I think Mindwrack Demon is a good creature but I wasn't set on this deck pulling off Delirium and not sure I want his downside.

    I think I ultimately viewed my list with a 'pseudo-burn' type playstyle - trying to chip in 2 or 4 or 6 damage a couple of times with Indignations and a few hits with a haste-y 3/2 rather than going for the '20-damage-at-once' combo or just another typical GB Delirium build.

    Just another thought -- if we can end up milling really deep into our deck, maybe Inverter of Truth could be a decent finishing creature while 'restocking' our deck.

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  • posted a message on G/B Aristocrat Indignation
    Quote from pyro1934 »
    As for this deck, I like it, however was working on brewing a bit of a more all in approach using splendid reclamation and self mill. Basically dump as much as ou can in GY, bring all lands back, then grave purge all creatures to top deck. You'll have the mana for a big X

    I think thats a good deck idea. Here's a list I threw together in a couple of minutes:

    Obviously this isn't an optimized decklist since I put it together on the spot. I think you'd probably want to run a bit more creatures than my 16 here in order to maximize your Indignation potential. I think this list could get the Delirium bonus a lot of the time but I don't think that should really be the goal -- Grim Flayer mainly for the self-mill, Mournwillow mainly for some haste-y damage that's on-color. I think a concern could be "what do I do if I accidentally mill all my Indignations/Gravepurges/Reclamations ?" (Edit: Maybe Den Protector? Adds to creature count and can get us back stuff we've milled.)

    Hopefully above is something that gets the brewing process started/flowing for this type of deck Grin
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