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  • posted a message on B&M stores selling FTV:Exiled above MSRP
    I like how most people have no qualms about buying booster boxes 60-70% of retail off of sites like eBay, but then whine about enforcing MSRP on other products. You can't have it both ways, buddy. This is how the B&Ms can recoup some losses that eBay takes from them.
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  • posted a message on [M10] running tally of highest priced cards (updated post 810)
    Quote from rancored_elf
    Since eBay is largely an American company and trends there usually reflect American trends, the slight cooling of prices tells me that American suppliers have received and distributed the second wave of boxes. It looks like the third wave, due out mid September, will be highly anticipated by Canadian, European, and other overseas regions.

    I would actually attribute the drop in prices to the end of the PTQ season and a correction from the overreaction to Nationals top 8's. They are directly related to cards like Elvish Archdruid - it only reached a high $$ value because it was in a couple of the first big tourney results after M10 came out. This caused people to overreact, the deck got hated out, and the price goes down.

    Same with the PTQ season. Many players pay a high premium to get playsets of the hottest cards to PTQ with, but once that rush and urgency goes away, there is no legitimate reason to have 4x of the new hot card IMMEDIATELY.
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  • posted a message on Looking for Van Lunen's list from nationals
    Quote from twowheelsup
    I was thinking about this but is it worth losing the turn 1 path, lightning bolt or turn 1 wild?

    I have zero knowledge about this deck so Im not to sure how important a turn 1 wild is. But have the turn 1 bolt or path seems decent to me.

    Turn 1 Path? Why would you do that?

    Terramorphics seem amazing to set up the Grove/Crags.
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  • posted a message on Open the Vaults Combo wins Finnish Nationals
    Quote from Galspanic
    Bad. I have come ridiculously close to decking myself before and that would just make it happen faster.

    1 Font is fine. Howling Mine effects are really good in this deck, and the Font lets you Time Sieve with 6 artifacts out without wrecking your draw engine. Its not an optimal turn 4 play, but isn't the worst thing in the world.

    The only way you can deck yourself with this deck is by not paying attention. Count your library, and sac away the required number of Howling Mine effects so you don't have to keep drawing.
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  • posted a message on Users here overcharging for shipping
    If you don't like the terms of the sale, don't complete the sale.

    Its very simple. If I don't like the food from a restaurant, I don't eat there. If you don't like the shipping costs from an online seller, don't buy from them.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#4] Billy Goat Mafia - Game Over!
    Quote from ced395
    SoP's dismissive attitude towards the case on him, and his continued failure to answer Goat's original point should be pretty telling.

    I'm being dismissive because its a pile of garbage. Opportunistic Goat is jumping on whatever fancies himself at the moment and uses his "clout" to push around the newer players in the game. Look at how preachy his posts are. I have responded to his main point, you and him are just choosing to reject it.

    Rejecting rational explanations for behavior - not very constructive behavior, is it?

    Quote from goatrevolt
    Spot is scum. He sees that Alpha is being wagoned and will likely end up being lynched. He makes up a statement about how Alpha is showing an organic townie thought process. At this point, Spot's motivation is so he looks good when Alpha gets lynched and isn't scum. The Alpha wagon stalls. Spot comes in and votes him citing a neutral read on Alpha. At this point, Spot's motivation is to ensure that Alpha is lynched. Most likely, he simply forgot that he had declared Alpha as a townie earlier.

    My comment about Alpha's thought process happened soon after I replaced in. Quit trying to make it seem that I had a "reversal" of opinion within a couple of hours.

    You are correct, my motivation was to see Alpha lynched. The deadline was approaching, with a couple of fresh replacements in the middle of a reread and some other players firmly entrenched in whatever random case they had constructed. Day 1 no lynch after a Day 1 of this length is just terrible. Could I have said this when I voted? Yes, but in my experience, using established mafia tactics and paradigms in a newb game usually results in the players not used to that paradigm leads to that players being strung up. Hell, look at pretty much everything I did in the first couple of days after replacing in. A couple of people kept calling my normally accepted Mafia practices scummy behavior, where in a normal game they would be fine.

    Could I have waited to cast my vote on Alpha? Probably. But with my own sporadic posting (usually due to lack of time) and the really weird replacement pattern of the game, I didn't want to leave it to chance.

    I also know you wouldn't admit this, but there quite a few reaches in your post. Why are you weaving such tales? Why not leave it to the facts instead of sugar coating everything so that the other players are not manipulated?

    You see, as scum, you don't actually believe your suspicions. So you have to be constantly mindful of what you have prevoiusly said or what stances you have previously taken on players. Spot got careless, and either forgot, or willfully ignored that he had previously taken the stance that Alpha was town. He proved the pure insincerity of his suspicions on Alpha when he voted him and said he was neutral on him, after he had previously declared that Alpha was displaying a townie thought process.

    More reaching.

    If spot was a townie, there would be a reason for him to change his mind on Alpha. There would have had to be something that Alpha did between the post where Spot said he was displaying an organic townie thought process and the post where he listed him as a neutral and voted him. What took place during that period to change spot's mind? Alpha created a case on WoD. Aha! But spot agreed with that case.

    There was nothing to change his mind. Town players don't change their mind for no reason. Scum players can change their mind based on their own goals. For example, spot could easily have changed his mind because his motivation changed from wanting to look good when Alpha was lynched to wanting to ensure that Alpha actually was lynched.

    He should claim. He should be lynched before deadline.

    The entire sequence where Alpha basically gave up and resigned himself to being lynched didn't sit well with me. Stuff like that is really powerful with less experienced players because it seems genuine when it usually isn't. Only bad players or bored players give up as town - Alpha doesn't strike me as either. This alone wasn't enough to vote him. The possibility of a no lynch drove me to vote him.

    Quote from goatrevolt
    But anyway, let's stick to deciding our lynch. Has anyone spotted someone scummy enough for us to prey on?

    I really hope that last part is sarcasm. If it isn't - LOL

    Quote from ced395
    Apparently SoP can't post when it's near the deadline and he's under pressure.

    Mod, could we have a prod on SoP please? It's been 3 days since his last post and we're kinda waiting for him.

    I'm really not trying to be flip about it or anything, but I haven't posted much for the past 4 weeks. This is nothing new. But since you asked so nicely, I'll claim here so you don't have to wait another 3 days. I am an Irish Goat, and besides being very tasty to trolls and humans, I have no abilities.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#4] Billy Goat Mafia - Game Over!
    Quote from ced395
    Ok, finished my reread on SoP.

    Needless to say, Roger was very scummy, being very critical of Drakno in an attack that came after what was basically a quick hunt for angles.
    When SOP replaced in, he was immediately under pressure, and posted a fair bit, including a beginning of him applying pressure to MoW, which eventually ended in a vote.
    However, after that vote, SoP basically all but left pressuring MoW. His only other mention of MoW was here, in post 267, where he said this:

    in a passing mention, which is hugely understated if he was a townie who had been legimately suspicious on MoW.
    From basically that point, the spotlight moves off SoP, and he responds by lurking. In the second half of May, there’s 12 days between actual content provided by him.
    I also agree that the read switch on Alpha is very telling, and smells of him taking the read that’s convenient to either look better after lynching Alpha, or get Alpha lynched when it isn’t happening.

    Vote spotofprey

    First, you need to learn the definition between lurking and inactivity. I was genuinely busy - its not like I was constantly reading the thread and refused to post.

    I backed off on MoW because no one shared my suspicions. This gives me 2 outcomes - either I'm wrong and no one else sees him as scummy, or everyone is too focused on their own pet targets that they don't care. I'm not as arrogant as some players seem to be - I could always be wrong on my reads. I don't think they are wrong, but I also don't think they are 100% mortal locks. I'm not the type of player to throw a temper tantrum and refuse to come out of the sandbox because the other players won't play with me.

    I have a similar conundrum with Alpha. I saw many town reads from him in the early game, but haven't seen any recently (pretty much since he's been under real pressure). I'm not saying that my read is 100% accurate - it may not be. We gain nothing by me stubbornly keeping my vote on MoW as the game grinds to a Day 1 no lynch. I'm only being attacked because some people can't remember who they actually find scummy so they jump at shadows.

    Quote from goatrevolt
    I think an awesome plan would be to lynch spotofprey, who is almost certainly scum. Afterward, Alpha can shoot WoD, who looks quite a bit like a scum buddy. He's done typical scum buddy things like, agree with the case on RW but not vote him, followed by suspiciously declaring spot town with no underlying rationale. Perhaps a more recent example would be the time he tried to get a wagon on Toastboy rolling while also completely ignoring spot.

    Upon completion of the above objective, we would then seek to examine players like Andelijah. He replaced Tolor, the player who didn't really take a solid stance on spot and instead pushed a MoW case when the spot wagon was at it's highest point. Or perhaps a better suspect would be Slio9, who repeatedly asserted that the case on spot was good, but was just so hesitant to actually place a vote on him, opting instead to jump right onto the MoW wagon that sprung up.

    Anyone else game for lynching some scum? Spot into WoD into Slio9 for the triple play?

    Quote from goatrevolt
    Which can be roughly translated into:

    "Let's lynch Toastboy. He'll end up being town. Tonight we will roleblock/no-kill to frame Alpha, and then we can follow the Toastboy mislynch with an Alpha mislynch"

    Usually posts this hypocritical are separated by more time and posts.

    For goatrevolt's initial outrage, andelijah stole most of my thunder. The only thing I would add would be what I wrote above to ced.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Tales of the Fantastic - Game Over
    Great game Kraj, I really enjoyed it. My thoughts:

    A scribe in this game is a natural fit for a game that revolves around names. But there were a TON of roadblocks - what if a player didn't know they had a true name? What if they didn't know their true name? What if they felt that if their true name was revealed bad stuff would happen? In a normal game, these factors wouldn't exist. I think you tried to balance it with multiple investigations or multiple faerie abilities, but they still existed. I guess they also prevent a scribe from "backing in" to the win.

    I really, really like the thinking that was involved in this game. Greymon was a good examples of this - he discovered his own true name by reviewing the flavor material for his character. Its nice that sort of reasoning and deduction was rewarded. By the end of the game, after my first list was incorrect, I was doing wikipedia searches for everything I could think of, even my own name.

    Big thanks to Azrael for coming out in Day 1 and saying he needed faerie points. Until that point, none of us favor point machines had no damn idea what a faerie was and what they could do with favor points. If that had not happened, I'm not sure I ever would have found a valid person to perform my investigations.

    Another tidbit - I accidentally learned Chris' true role name of DEATH through a mistake from Kraj. He told me I couldn't reveal it, which is fine, but something that blatant really affects your judgment Grin

    Its frustrating to investigate 3 people on Night 1 and have them all dead by Night 3 Frown
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#4] Billy Goat Mafia - Game Over!
    Unvote, Vote Alpha Werewolf

    He is a neutral read in my book, but finding support for another lynch this "late" in the day won't be easy. His PBPA on WoD was pretty good - his conclusions actually mirror most of what I've been saying to myself when seeing his posts. Might as well get on with the game at this point.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#4] Billy Goat Mafia - Game Over!
    Quote from Ged
    Holy freaking crap. Slio9 is being replaced, spotofprey should probably show up soon.

    I will be getting caught up tonight and will post when I wake up. Sorry Ged Frown
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Tales of the Fantastic - Game Over
    Vote KoD

    Pretty much a coinflip to me. I agree that there is likely only 1 scum left, either KoD or greymon.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Tales of the Fantastic - Game Over
    Quote from KeyofDestiny
    aren't you supposed tobe told you have a true name in your role pm?

    Quote from Kraj

    3. Some players may have a true role name that is different from the one received in their role PM. If you believe this is the case, you may PM me any time with a guess. Please do not spam me with guesses or I will get annoyed, ignore you, and then you will be S.O.L.; be reasonably certain before you guess. Guesses will be confirmed via PM; a correct guess must still follow the above rules in order to be "revealed". Players may not guess other players' role names unless their role PM specifically says they can.

    This is my interpretation of the above -

    Every player is sent a role name in their PM. For some players, this name is your true rule name. For some players, this name is NOT your true role name. Because of the nature of the rules about guessing your true name, you true name is not included in your PM if you received a "false" role name.

    This is how I've been operating all game...I assume everyone else thinks the same?
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Tales of the Fantastic - Game Over
    Quote from KeyofDestiny
    I don't have a true name. I don't know if that changes your list or not.

    You may not know your true name, but you do have a true name.

    Quote from Infinis
    Didnt you say you have several nights of information?

    And time to test the waters

    Unvote Vote KoD

    I do. But almost 2/3 of the players are dead. I have investigations on many of them, but they are pretty much worthless now.

    Quote from Azrael
    I'm pretty sure he was wrong about that. IIRC, the flavor I got was that I died bodyguarding Spot- not to a redirected kill. Remind to double-check that sometime.

    My ability says that ALL actions are switched to the faerie, including kills. I don't know the term for that, but redirect does imply a third party. My bad.

    Quote from Ged
    How do you know someone lied? A lot of us haven't claimed our true names, so unless you've investigated everyone who hasn't claimed their true name there's no way to have a complete list.

    With my investigations and the claimed names so far, I sent in my list. Kraj informed me it was wrong. My investigations weren't wrong (and if they are, then shame on Kraj Frown ) so a claim or claims have to be wrong.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Tales of the Fantastic - Game Over
    Quote from andelijah

    As for spotofprey's claim - I'm reading neutral, at best. The role reads as a way to counter a mass true name claim if it were to be proposed early. I don't see Kraj rewarding that type of behavior by letting the town win day 1 or 2 under the right, albeit rare, circumstances. The lack of votes (as pointed out by Infinis) and a self protection ability would support this theory.

    Since I've been thinking about the given name/true name phenomena the entire game, I have insight on this.

    I think its very balanced. Mass claims don't work because not everyone has their true name. There are also roles that punish true names being in the open, plus a hitlist SK, plus the normal Mafia paranoia of not wanting to claim their true name even if they knew it.

    If it was easy, we would have already won. Even only relying on 2 or 3 claims to send in my list, it was still wrong. Imagine trying to wrangle 22 different mafia players to go along with a Cunning Plan.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Tales of the Fantastic - Game Over
    Quote from Infinis
    So you can not help us confirm anyone else besides kpaca? which I repeat is MY TOWN MASON PARTNER.

    All I know is that some people didn't lie. Some other people could have, but I don't have mod-knowledge of their role names, so I can't know who. But someone did lie.
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